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  1. Good enough performance and result, with an important clean sheet. Disappointed in Cifti’ s heading, and with the penalty miss. Di Canio always waited until the keeper committed himself and then picked his spot. Can’t remember him missing any. HH

  2. My man of the match, Broonie. Armstrong good as well. Delighted Boyata has continued the debutante-center-half-from-Man-City-scores-a-goal tradition. CIfti did OK.



    Some good stuff on the night and a place in the next round assured.



    And the view from the BiscuitTim’s new seat at the front of 404 – FAB!!

  3. bigshuggy,


    I’m sure you could dummy the keeper in them days, that’s changed, you can’t stop once the run up has started now.

  4. ….pfayr supports weeoscar



    23:05 on 15 July, 2015





    Think you could hit him with a cup of pish ??






    We use toilets here you uncouth scoundrel!

  5. TBB



    As she’s likely to be reading this in a Bristol hotel room I’d really rather you hadn’t posted that :-)

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Griffiths was the designated penalty taker tonight. Johansen would have known that and may or may not have put Griff off. Ronny should fine him so that there is no repeat.


    It won’t have any bearing on us getting through.

  7. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Thought it was a decent performance. Some of the play in their final third lacked sharpness, the first touch in these areas is all important but I’m not concerned with that, it will come.



    More concerning is we seemed to lose our way for 10 min at the start of the second half and could have paid dearly for it. Imho those weren’t half chances, better teams in the qualifiers punish you for these.



    2-0 to the hoops in the 2nd leg as well. And then we’ll see. One round at a time!!

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    22:10 on


    15 July, 2015





    By the sounds of it, they parked the bus.





    We might find ourselves doing that in the second leg.


    I hate cliches,but “banana skin” springs to mind.

  9. A rusty performance was the agreed conclusion of my son and I as he drove me home.



    I see others saying the same thus disproving my aside to my lad that some CQN bloggers know effall about football.



    My apologies.

  10. Macjay



    The second leg will be like the first with Celtic dominating.




  11. Best laugh of the night.


    Macjay1 – “I’m an optimist!” :-)



    2-0 at home is fine. Not sparkling, but fine.



    Izzy put in the best cross of the night…..



    ….to the opposition!



    Rusty, aye. Most where. But it’s Europe. We won. We move on to the next challenge away. We walk and then (hopefully) we go on a run.



    Enjoy a Celtic victory in Europe…I did.