Celtic v Sydney, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 8.45.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Josip Juranovic was agitating for bigger better things, not long after he signed, adding doubt to the length of his Celtic career before the proverbial ink was dry. At age 27 his fee could max out at around £10M, but there has to be a buyer.



    Offered improved terms which he’s refused, Celtic are duty bound as a business to make the player available for sale. No running down of contracts and lost assets.



    Buy low sell high is for the Juranovic’s nobody gets Kieran Tierney’s Arsenal wage at Celtic.


    Would Jeremie Frimpong be in the Dutch World Cup squad had he not said yes to Leverkusen? ironic that his replacement made it.



    Now that we’re in a ‘new Ange / Nicholson era’ it’ll be interesting to see who we buy, to replace him and for how much. Two players for every position is the plan, Scottish International, who says our players don’t develop, Tony Ralston might need a new jousting partner.

  2. Celtic FC V Sydney


    I hope that ” SYDNEY” brings a few mates with him or he will find it hard to cope against an 11 man Celtic Team ?


    CEltic v Sydney…


    The match is listed on HESGOAL….but who knows how that will turn out ?


    8.45 am Kick Off….UK Time.




  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning



    Good to see CQN back up and running.



    I think mine was the last post on previous thread.



    Initially thought I’d broken the blog.



    Then I thought I’d been banned and blocked





    Were you on a long flight perchance Pablo?

  4. I am not too concerned if we lose Juranovic



    I agree when he plays well he is exceptional but since he


    has joined us I would guess only a few games has he played


    at the top of his game



    I agree his top level is higher than Antony Ralstons’ but the gap


    between Antony and Juranovic is a lot closer than many think and


    Antony always gives 100% and is more than capable especially


    for domestic games



    I wonder if the reason Juranovic hasnt performed at his top


    level more often is that he wants away and his heart isnt in it

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I’d imagine a couple of pubs who have an early license will show it Jimmy

  6. Just paid around 4 quid for 90 days local channel that’s showing WC. “Vidio”


    They’re also showing Celtic in OZ. Koff 40 mins.


    15:45 ko, nice time for a beer

  7. Celtic: Siegrist, Ralston, Welsh, Staffelt, Bernabei, Abildgaard, Ideguchi, Turnbull, Abada, Forrest, Kyogo Subs: Bain, Taylor, Haksabanovic, Jota, O’Riley, Robertson, Patate, Lawal, Vata.

  8. BIGJIMMY and all the



    Did anyone see Ange’s giving his answer in Oz, when asked to choose between Messi and Ronaldo?



    I am still smiling at his answer





    I’d imagine a couple of pubs who have an early license will show it Jimmy





    I am stuck in the hoose until maybe 10am, as I wait for my Tesco Home delivery.


    I MAY hit the Pub after Ive watched the Tory Budget ?


    i hope that you and the Family are all Fit and healthy .


    HH Mate.

  10. DALRIADABHOY on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 8:16 AM


    BIGJIMMY and all the







    Did anyone see Ange’s giving his answer in Oz, when asked to choose between Messi and Ronaldo?




    Meesi a great player, but I dont think that Ronaldo could lace PELE’s Boots.

  11. The moment you realise you’ve been talking to yourself – didn’t realise a new article had been posted DOH

  12. PARK ROAD 67 on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 8:24 AM


    Mon the Hoops Down Under 😎⚽️🍀





    What happened to CQN yesterday ?




    PAUL and The MOD were lying upside doon in a Pub….Drunk….along with BRRB.




    Only joking Bhoys.



  13. DALRIADABHOY on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 8:20 AM


    I hope that Robertson gets to play at some point in the Game




    I’ve not seen enough of him but in his few early games, I thought he looked decent and good enough for Scottish football. That he’s still there, maybe suggests Ange thinks he has potential. Time will tell.

  14. I you happen to be in Glasgow, Grace’s pub in the Merchant City is opening at 08.30hrs..



    Before you set off BRRB, it’s a coffee fix or breakie only




  15. BIG JIMMY 8-25am


    BRRB leading the Moderator astray whatever next ! Did you back that 100-1 shot at Plumpton on Tuesday btw ? 🐎

  16. BIGJIMMY about the king of kings



    My son is studying for his GCSEand one of his closest friends and him debate and have for years as to whither Celtic are any good.



    My son’s friend used to argue, that The King of Kings wasn’t very good till i sent the below link to my son to use.



    My sons friend is a Gooner as is one of his big cousins.



    My son has been known to tease his big cousin with the below as well as his friend.



    His friend now accepts that the King of Kings was a genius.



    Couple of minutes of The K of K’s coming of the bench in Barcelona’s European Cup final against Arsenal






    Mind you they still have long standing debate about who is the most evil Darth Vader or Voldermort, but not about Larsson




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