Celtic v Sydney, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 8.45.

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  1. Our energy levels are good ( Despite 22 hr travel ) , our play is generally good, mega amount of chances, but lacking Predator scoring boots.



    IT. 5mins.

  2. IMHO, Celtic had a duty to put on a decent show for our Aussie fans.



    For whatever reasons they didn’t do that.



    Very disappointing.

  3. Famous scalp for Sydney, stuttering in their domestic season.


    Only the 3rd time they’ve taken a victory against a marquee side.


    They came at us, then sat in deep when they got their noses ahead.


    Strategically worked.

  4. Like most sorry for our fans over there, they would have been looking forward to this do much,


    Thought it was enjoyable game apart from result.


    Not sure what we learned from it,

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Bit if a brass neck. Seems we can’t beat anyone outside of Scotland.



    Taylor looked jet lagged. Sold the goal and nearly fell asleep taking a throw in.



    Robertson will never make it at Celtic. Too slow in thought. Abildgaard and Ideguche won’t make it either. Sell/ return. I’d also cash in on Welsh with the new Japanese centre half coming. He’s just not quite at the standard we need.



    Good to see young Vata breaking through, though did nothing of note. Big Lawal looks a really good prospect. Impressed with his strength,,pace and passing.



    Well done Sydney FC,

  6. as poor a display from us as I can remember , same old failings create numerous chances but poor finishing or decision making around the box cost us dearly. Ralston and Welsh you came make up your own minds but not for me, don’t some realise that its easier to pass or shoot around players other than fire the ball straight at them trying find a team mate , lets just blame jet lag.

  7. First 20 minutes 2nd half looked like we’d blow them away, if not for missed chances, blasting over the bar etc. Then with their first attack in 2nd half they score. From then on we huffed and puffed.



    Very disappointing. We really need to bring in a top striker in January.

  8. Poor result obviously, but fair play to Sydney FC who played well, and defended well, and who also rode their luck a few times especially during the 2nd half.


    Feel for the Celtic supporters in OZ who may well having been expecting a WIN for Celtic, like I did ?


    Onwards to the game against Everton, and hopefully the Hoops will give us all a VICTORY…..and a good performance.



  9. Guys,



    Respectfully disagree. We put on a good second half show.


    Our lack of goals is a reoccurring factor. We are not taking a decent ratio of chances.


    We must address this, and anyone who can score a goal like Burgess did must be equated.



    Our fans look anything but disappointed, I really wanted a couple of goals for them. Loved the amount of beer being consumed by both male and female supporters, a great memorable occasion for many I’m sure despite the score.



    On a personal level Celtic @ 08.45 hrs refreshes the parts that morning tv cannot reach.



    HH, our journey continues down under.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    The way our defenders stood off them at the second goal was in stark contrast to the way we pressed them at the other end of the pitch .



    Celtic tv terrible




    I watched on Hesgoal and it was Celtic TV, and it was fine, with only Two or Three brief interruptions.



  12. Jetlag excuses aside, this performance confirms too many of our 2nd choices need a fresh challenge to free up some space to restock our roster, ie:


    Apart from the usual I’m unconvinced Seigrist offers more than Bainy does, either.


    65% of possession and 30 shots to their 9.


    Ange quietly seething in interview w Oz TV, snapping impatiently at the interviewer. A bit affronted methinks.

  13. My friends in Celtic,



    Our next game is @ 03.45 hrs against Everton. This is what many of our overseas fans deal with throughout the season. They deserve immense praise and Celtic must find room for tours. We must sail the salt seas over.and then return to shore.


    In no small way our support throughout the world is what makes Celtic a huge club.



    I will set my clock and hopefully get up, but I would wager many more of us would set our clocks if it were the huns we were playing.



    HH. Despondent but never down.

  14. me thinks some of our players need to take a step back from the film star superstar thinking and get back to what they do best.

  15. That was a poor performance ,during the game we were in the similar positions to there second goal ,bit to many touches was taken . And our passing to a hooped jersey is poor at times ,we definately need some better quality .HH

  16. Wasted 1st half with Forrest of course


    Only Winger in Celtic history who can’t go past a player


    Would struggle in oz 3rd tier



    Ange there was 20k fans tonight here


    To put in youngsters in 2nd half against a team that st mirren would beat is not good




    Sunday v the worst manager in England Come on Ange. Best 11

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Bizarre to think we’re running about down under having played in Parkhead just the other day.



    Knockabout or Champions league full or fringe team, same pattern , similar outcome. Totally dominated a game of football, and get beaten on the break.



    Like others feel for our supporters. Team lacks penetration, never mind clinical finishing there’s a pattern here now.




    Ho Hum Csc

  18. apart from a 10-15 period at the start of second half Sydney FC were the better team making more of their attacking chances and defended their box superior to ours when needed.

  19. SYDNEYTIM on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:08 AM


    Wasted 1st half with Forrest of course


    Only Winger in Celtic history who can’t go past a player



    I thought everyone and their granny new that JF was never a outside left.

  20. Sevco FC now frantically looking for a Sydney White Pages to find Steve Corica’s number.


    True story ;)

  21. I hope and trust Ange has got this on his radar.



    “At the Celtic FC Academy, our objective is to create a world class academy which produces the next generation of Champions League players ”



    The contradiction to our core Academy aspiration must be a cause for concern for all Celtic supporters.



    HH to all.

  22. Whilst, obviously, a victory would have been a much happier outcome, I am sure the Aussie Tims still enjoyed the experience tremendously. If we beat Everton , all will be joyous again.

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