Celtic v the Dutch and innovative philosophies


The 4-0 defeat we received at the hands of Utrecht aside, Celtic’s form on Dutch soil has been decent.  Ajax recorded a narrow 1-0 win in the Champions League in 2013.  When the teams met in the following year’s Europa League, the home side scored late to secure a draw against 10-man Celtic.

Our two visits prior to that were historically famous wins.  Goals from Bobby Petta, Didier Agathe and Chris Sutton saw Celtic win 1-3; enough for them to reach the Champions League group stage for the first time in the club’s history.

A late goal from George McCluskey after a Charlie Nicholas opener saw Celtic win 1-2 and progress in the 1982-83 European Cup.  This game is historically famous because we had so few significant European wins in the 80s and 90s – if you lived through these times, you will still cherish that game.

Johan Cruyff was subbed late in that 1982 game, still masterful, if a few years past his prime.  He was in his full pomp when he led Ajax to a 3-0 quarterfinal victory on their way to winning their first European Cup in 1971.  That game came 10 months after Feyenoord became the first Dutch team to win the trophy, beating Celtic in the final.

Dutch football arrived with a bang in 1969.  Ajax lost the European Cup Final that year to Milan, the last time the trophy did not go to the Netherlands until 1974.  Just four years before that Ajax-Milan final, Celtic met Dutch opponents for the first time in competitive football.  Go Ahead Deventer lost 0-6 to Celtic in their Cup Winners’ Cup first leg.

The other two Dutch teams in European football also exited Europe in the first round, Utrecht losing 7-1 to Barcelona and Feyenoord losing 5-0 to Real Madrid.  This came two years after Luxembourg eliminated Netherlands from the European Championships.  Dutch football was a shambles in the mid-60s, but with an innovative philosophy, it ruled Europe within five years.  Everything we are seeing right now at Celtic is the result of an innovative philosophy, great things can be achieved by great coaches.

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  1. The SMSM are always telling us they have 2 teams that can win the league, shouldn’t be a problem for them

  2. P67



    Dutch innovation in late 60’s football …


    Swimming in caffeine might be a good place to start.



    They seem to have introduced the next level / new phase of “high intensity training out of a bottle” into EU football after all the WC shocks and shenanigans of the 50’s.



    Interweb chatter / tin foil hat optional had the Dutch as the innovators in a trend that went mainstream in the 70’s all across Europe and even into the WC in 1982.



    Closer to home we had JW and his Gullane Sands escapades making them ultra fit.


    And then you had the WJ episode showing that old habits may be hard to shift.



    Does the SPL still go on trust regarding drug testing?

  3. They’re now playing their Covid card, with full sympathy from the SFA no doubt,



    Double jabbed,



    Bit of isolation,



    Avoid uneccessary travel, ( Aggregate 1-0 )



    Declare negative results,



    Fit for Sunday.



    Brittania waives the rules CSC

  4. The Times saying that Kent does not have Covid.


    Seemingly while out in Glasgow at the weekend,someone “Banjoed”him.




    Deliverance CSC.

  5. Would I be correct in saying that the guys self isolating have not been double jabbed ? That’s a bit irresponsible from their gaffer…

  6. !BADA BING!! on 25TH AUGUST 2021 1:17 PM


    The SMSM are always telling us they have 2 teams that can win the league, shouldn’t be a problem for them



    In fairness,apart from the keeper,still a strong enough team.Wont change a thing about how Ange will line up on Sunday.

  7. a kin wit is braw….oor man from doon under…who sparked his compatriot into his latent brawness…and who brought a rising sun with him to paradise…his didgereedooda is thing of wonder..



    smiley smiley deep breathing thing




  8. McGregor, Tavernier and Kent are three starters but the rest, including Gerrard, are dispensable. They’re down to their third goalie for Sunday so let’s test him early and often.

  9. AN DUN,


    No.Even with Jabs you can test positive.Just not nearly as severe.Still have isolate.

  10. DAVIDOPOULOS on 25TH AUGUST 2021 1:03 PM






    You ain’t seen me, right!





    Good to see you post again Davidopoulos



    Welcome Back




  11. An Dun,



    Think Wright would have started on Sunday.Would have been delighted to see Aribo out.Very good player.

  12. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2021 1:25 PM


    AN DUN,



    No.Even with Jabs you can test positive.Just not nearly as severe.Still have isolate.






    Fair enough, mate. Over here if you’re double jabbed and receive a negative test you don’t have to self isolate. Obviously different in Scotland.

  13. SPFL confirm if Sunday’s game is cancelled, Celtic will be awarded a 3-1 victory which includes a statutory penalty to Rangers.

  14. Of those that didn’t travel I would expect only those that tested positive to miss our game at the weekend, those that were close contacts would be free to play if they have been double jabbed and return a negative pcr?

  15. Checked the odds for tomorrow night. PaddyPower have us as big favourites to go through at 1/10 while AZ are 9/2 to go through.



    Very tempted to back AZ to go through…every cloud etc

  16. Still no upfront information from Ibrox:



    “Those isolating will miss the two big upcoming matches but it’s not yet known how significant a blow the outbreak is, as the identities of the players involved haven’t been revealed”.



    Why no names, or, numbers revealed? Nothing straight comes out of Ibrox…..absolutely nothing, from serious finance issues to serious health issues – that’s a cinch!!!

  17. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Very good to see Snake back on yesterday, top guy!



    Someone mentioned a few other missing names.



    A name I remember from long ago was Serenity, I enjoyed his posts.



    Always produced a poem for whatever was going on at the time.



    Just disappeared.



    Watch out for false moustaches and beards on Sunday…




    Like a Monty Python,Life Of Brian,stoning.

  19. JHB on 25TH AUGUST 2021 1:58 PM


    Still no upfront information from Ibrox:,



    Pull yourself together Laddie.Try and keep up.

  20. 67 European Cup Winners on




    “Britannia waives the rules” very very clever




  21. glendalystonsils



    Hmm, I was thinking more “millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced”

  22. maccargo- remember, when they come back,they are steeped in the Dark Arts of the Belfast testing and the SFA/SPFL…..

  23. Leftfield question — would appreciate any relevant feedback.



    The blanket use of DNR forms when older people go into hospital.


    Older — not exactly sure that it is 75+ / 80+ / 85+ ?



    Just a case that there is a big push / concerted effort to get DNR forms signed for new patients.


    Very graphic language used to convince older patients to sign the DNR form.


    Heading towards propaganda and scare tactics.



    How widespread is this in the NHS at the moment?


    I have memories of this making the news in April / May 2020 after CoViD19 started to rip through the care homes — not Natland at its finest.



    Came across to me — as a NofK — as a very callous exercise looking to limit their responsibilities.


    Well out of order to scare vulnerable people into signing their lives away.



    Anybody else out there got any experience of this?


    Patient / NofK / medical involvement?



    My response was to invoke the Hippocratic oath and boot a few erses.


    That did not go down well in the Royal but needs must.



    Reminded of all this from over a month ago when the ambulance driver bringing the patient home mentioned that there was a red DNR letter in the patients belongings and that the journey home had been carried out under these conditions — cue dropped jaw on my part.

  24. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2021 2:06 PM



    So what is the definitive information out of Ibrox on names & numbers – not STV, Record, or, Sun?

  25. DAVIDOPOULOS on 25TH AUGUST 2021 2:12 PM


    An Tearmann







    I’m back, back with a…







    What’s the opposite of a bang?



    In my house,it’s a “Headache”




    Yep Nicola was sneaking into the wards and slipping,DNR instructions into their belongings.What the fek has this got to do with the Nats?Any credibility your stories carry goes out the window with crap like this.

  27. MADMITCH on 25TH AUGUST 2021 2:17 PM



    Very graphic language used to convince older patients to sign the DNR form.


    Heading towards propaganda and scare tactics.


    How widespread is this in the NHS at the moment?




    You raise a very serious and frightening problem. After the care – home “dumping” fiasco earlier in the pandemic, now this, some older folk must be scared out of their wits at this moment in time.



    VMy God what a prospect to have to face, or, even contemplate, so late in life. Most of us will grow old – it is in all our interests to embrace, enrich and promote a culture that safeguards the elderly.