Celtic v the Dutch and innovative philosophies


The 4-0 defeat we received at the hands of Utrecht aside, Celtic’s form on Dutch soil has been decent.  Ajax recorded a narrow 1-0 win in the Champions League in 2013.  When the teams met in the following year’s Europa League, the home side scored late to secure a draw against 10-man Celtic.

Our two visits prior to that were historically famous wins.  Goals from Bobby Petta, Didier Agathe and Chris Sutton saw Celtic win 1-3; enough for them to reach the Champions League group stage for the first time in the club’s history.

A late goal from George McCluskey after a Charlie Nicholas opener saw Celtic win 1-2 and progress in the 1982-83 European Cup.  This game is historically famous because we had so few significant European wins in the 80s and 90s – if you lived through these times, you will still cherish that game.

Johan Cruyff was subbed late in that 1982 game, still masterful, if a few years past his prime.  He was in his full pomp when he led Ajax to a 3-0 quarterfinal victory on their way to winning their first European Cup in 1971.  That game came 10 months after Feyenoord became the first Dutch team to win the trophy, beating Celtic in the final.

Dutch football arrived with a bang in 1969.  Ajax lost the European Cup Final that year to Milan, the last time the trophy did not go to the Netherlands until 1974.  Just four years before that Ajax-Milan final, Celtic met Dutch opponents for the first time in competitive football.  Go Ahead Deventer lost 0-6 to Celtic in their Cup Winners’ Cup first leg.

The other two Dutch teams in European football also exited Europe in the first round, Utrecht losing 7-1 to Barcelona and Feyenoord losing 5-0 to Real Madrid.  This came two years after Luxembourg eliminated Netherlands from the European Championships.  Dutch football was a shambles in the mid-60s, but with an innovative philosophy, it ruled Europe within five years.  Everything we are seeing right now at Celtic is the result of an innovative philosophy, great things can be achieved by great coaches.

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  1. TB @ 2.26



    Please take your Expat Central / Poundshop Aristocrat attitude and and shove it up your erse.


    Failing that a period of reflective silence on your part would be appreciated.

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2021 2:26 PM



    The SNP run the NHS in Scotland – they are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in it. As Andrew Neil spelled out to Sturgeon in no uncertain terms – theirs is a record of failure under every and any measure. Without the UKGOV on Furlough, Vaccines and £billlions in fiscal transfer, where the Hell would Scotland be at this precise moment?



    I’ll tell you – not only the worst performing country of its size in Europe on Covid, but with far less people vaccinated, thousands of companies bust and over a million out of a job……de facto bankrupt & unable to borrow the kind of sums of money on the open market that the UK has provided.

  3. I live where my blog name suggests and I had a procedure ( not life threatening but under general anaesthetic ) two week ago ,at my pre assessment I was a asked if I wanted a dnr in place . So maybe it’s a general question these days ?

  4. Why when Sevco are in the news with any sort of “crisis”…do certain folk always try to change the narrative on the blog…

  5. AN DÚN on 25TH AUGUST 2021 1:37 PM


    TURKEYBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2021 1:25 PM



    AN DUN,



    No.Even with Jabs you can test positive.Just not nearly as severe.Still have isolate.



    ir enough, mate. Over here if you’re double jabbed and receive a negative test you don’t have to self isolate. Obviously different in Scotland.




    An Dun – No difference here in Scotland.



    2 Jabs and a negative PCR and you do not have to Isolate.



    These Huns might say they are waiting on test results which will come back tomorrow in time to play against us but not enough time to play in Europe.



    D ;0

  6. and they went through all of last season covid free



    who are they trying to kid



    wonder why they need to own up now to their squad


    filled with covid



    lying hun scum

  7. PO21 @ 2.48



    Thanks for the feedback.



    DNR forms — Scotland vs England is one angle.


    The UK vs other health services in the EU would be another.



    My concerns on this are based on the pressure that was being put on an older individual who was in hospital after a fall and a potential broken ankle.



    it seemed like a prepared script involving very aggressive resuscitation procedures / 48 volt jump leads / the potential for broken ribs — as the patient was trying to get used to a hospital spec zimmer.



    Overkill is an unfortunate term in these specific circumstances but that is how it sounded to me as I had a full and frank discussion with the ward sister.



    The whole topic has a poor history in recent times.



    Not expecting miracles but would like the patients to be treated as individuals rather that sheep.


    Looked very much like a medical establishment trying to escape their responsibilities.



    How the Treasury loves the NHS — Very efficient but not very flexible.

  8. Bankies rule ok …..



    smiley you too pal….keep those Dumbarton Drums in tune with the Didgereedooda thing




  9. TT @ 2.51



    Why is their a need for us to discuss TFOD2.1’s CoViD19 issues?



    If they really were the last major league team in Europe to have an outbreak then that is just another datapoint in the long list of them bending / breaking the rules to generate an unfair advantage.



    How can we take the topic forward?

  10. JHB on 25th August 2021 2:42 pm



    Creep back to his/her best, all this talk of football and bad news about the huns must have been driving him/her crazy.



    Completely obsessed weirdo.

  11. Davidopoulos



    Eh eh eh back with a big “puff” as in magic dragon


    Good to see you.its all I could think of :-)




  12. !!BADA BING!! on 25TH AUGUST 2021 3:14 PM


    …..knew it was too good to be true…





  13. Coneybhoy….



    here,s a curvy ba



    Sky Sports News understands clubs can request a postponement of league matches in the event of a major outbreak that leaves them without requisite players to fulfil the tie. However, there is nothing to suggest Rangers will do this.




    The SPFL reserves the right to launch an investigation around any postponement and clubs are all being encouraged to follow JRG guidelines.



    smiley will they go full Tonto? thing



    ps somebody should have got the face painter to do a Banksy DNR on the HunDome a while back thing




  14. Is it not the case that Holland did not select professional players for the national team until the late sixties?


    !!BADA BING!! on 25TH AUGUST 2021 3:14 PM


    …..knew it was too good to be true…



    I complained to PAUL about him and I thought he had been warned but he is back on BATHE RARRELS .whit a fud.

  16. squire danaher on

    I wouldn’t get too excited in assuming that Huns who either don’t travel to, or don’t play in Armenia will be enforced absentees on Sunday.



    I think some will make a recovery from ‘minor knocks’.



    I also think an issue is that, just maybe, they canny get the collusion/blind eye turning that the Belfast labs/SPFL let them away with.



    They will rock up Sunday as near as dammit full strength, revitalised and pumped up to be thinking that they’ve “got one over” us.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ah ….



    “Sly Sports understands”



    Out they come to do the bidding.



    The fact they’ve moved the narrative in this direction is telling – clearly a fear of more cases of Covid-19.



    With worrying infection rates, now is the time to get the measuring tapes out on that plane a la January.



    Public health imperative demands it.



    PS – in the highly improbable event of this match being postponed … no huge downside for Celtic.



    We are getting stronger while they weaken.



    And the stench of fear will be there for all others to sniff.

  18. Bada Bing



    OK, I thought it was that the huns were all fit and well!



    Neustadt Braw



    That is interesting. They could go on the lack of keepers angle maybe. Did St Mirren or Livi not already try this?



    Heard a rumour that Gov may cancel the game. If there was any truth in that, it would have to be on the back of the 5000 cases just reported, i.e., stop a super spreader event



    Doesn’t wash with me as they only have to ban the fans, not the game





    Ange refused to praise The Rangers in the presser and BBc reported that he did anyway!!


    hail hail

  19. Snake Plissken on

    Any player of theirs NOT on the park or the bench on Thursday should be nowhere near the match on Sunday.



    We do not want Covid back at Celtic Park in any shape or form.



    Arsenal played that mob preseason and announced covid cases afterwards.



    Remember that if any of them are not currently positive but have contracted it, they are on TWO five hour flights in the space of three days.

  20. PPS



    we, in Ireland, get in a panic if our stats go above 1000. 5000 in Scotland and level zero. Very conservative approach here



    Back in the local CSC on Sunday for first time since early 2020. Wife’s eyes went to the roof as i told her. Dispensing with the ‘i’ll be straight back after the game’ lies. Hoping to surprise herself and myself by actually getting back at a reasonable time

  21. squire danaher on

    YOGIHUGHES on 25TH AUGUST 2021 3:40 PM



    Follow links and it takes you a story from same writer observing A Brazil and A McCoist having a laugh over the pronunciation of the name of our new manager



    I don’t do any football radio but Brazil must be up there with the best of the Souptakers.



    Love Thy Neighbour Comedy Club indeed.

  22. squire danaher on

    There now seems to be a Sly Sports fuelled agenda building to have Sunday’s game cancelled.



    Two things



    1) Celtic were made to play a game v Hibs – televised live by Sky – on the back of the Dubai trip. We were not allowed a postponement.



    2) if the argument for the game being postponed is that it’s a potential spreader event, it can be played behind closed doors.



    All these bar stewards are up to no good; Huns, Sky, SPFL, media the whole lot of them.



    And we need to be up to them.

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    Squire…Brazil is a fat, ugly, racist barsteward…and McCoist is not much better. That clip is shameful. But they are two thickos…

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    JHB – agree with you re the ongoing presence of “R@ngersness” in Scottish football.



    Twas ever thus.



    And, IMHO, nothing will ever shake this free …



    even Scotland plummeting to 200 in football’s world rankings wouldn’t generate a ripple.

  25. An Tearmann on 25th August 2021 3:14 pm






    Eh eh eh back with a big “puff” as in magic dragon



    Good to see you.its all I could think of :-)









    You’d get fired for that…

  26. SAINT STIVS on 25TH AUGUST 2021 12:39 PM


    I am tracking their flight on one of those flight tracker things.




    it has to fly over hamburg, berlin, odessa and crimea and cross over the black sea.




    armenia is far far away,



    Or is it just small?

  27. The Greek Times story about Brazil and the Whisperer, was the first I’d heard of it, did anyone see it in any British media, any? If not, then it stinks! por cierto

  28. You make excuses for those two calling them thickos, they are from that, and that’s what makes this story so shocking, por cierto.

  29. I suspect there’ll be a ‘statement’ around 1800 hours as the official UEFA pre match press conference is at 1900 and there’s no way they will let Gary McAllister field questions on this.