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  1. Valencia play a game that we should be playing in Europe. Get everyone switched on defensively and look to counter.



    Overall we are a last 32 Europa team and getting out of the group was an achievement.



    Valencia were far better, easily contained us and played the ultimate away game. I’ve no complaints.



    All about Sunday now.

  2. I thought it was interesting last night to see Jeremy Toljan face every time he took a throw in the lack of movement and options seem to baffle him:((



    There’s a lot of talk about systems and coaching etc etc in the modern game but one thing that never changes and Valencia’s two goals proved that without doubt:



    Let the ball do the work…



    If you can’t pass the ball football becomes a very difficult game..

  3. Interesting that the overall performance was very reminiscent of the TFOD2.1 failure in December — there is a huge gulf in the quality of the two opposing teams but our overall performance was very similar.



    People just not getting into the game, scared of their own shadow never mind the opposition.


    Hiding / staring at their boots — no-one wanted to help a team-mate who had made a mistake.



    Something very wrong.




    One of my all time favourite tunes if memory serves right I bought it for 50 p in Virgin Glasgow.



    My poor neighbours.



    Cooncilhoose CSC




    50 p -you were done . My one has a 49p sticker from Virgin Oxford St and a Virgin – Endorsed by Johnny Rotten Sticker — I wouldn’t have bought it without that !







    Those Frontline comps were a great introduction into roots rock reggae for me as a young punk:))



    That and John Lydon section on Capital Radio.



    Doctor Alimantado CSC

  7. Blood letting again when we lose to a better team and posts ‘that everyone and everything connected with the club is a disgrace is so last year. The monikers never change they don’t post when we win in Scotland but as soon as we play a side that everybody and their dog, know before the game starts are better than us, the post rate goes off the radar.



    Maybe these are the ‘European Celts’ who like to warn us that Hamilton St Mirren et al are dross, and we are wasting our money and there is no glory in following Celtic maybe they just like to whinge, who knows. Sure, Celtic have beaten them all, at Celtic Park, last night was disappointing but as long as we have ‘inferior’ players BR’s attacking system and playing on the deck is likely to come up short.



    A different manager would have a different strategy but would we swap ‘Strachan Strachan GTF’ for St Brendan today? – I think not. If we did not a single one of his players outwith injured Keiran Tierney could get a start in the Valencia side and they play in a rich league where sides like Villareal (remember them) are todays cannon fodder, last night was a training game with atmosphere and trying to pass your way around Celtic Park against lesser sides than Valencia would be difficult as we’ve already witnessed.



    If you didn’t even half expect Celtic would toil against Valencia you simply weren’t paying attention, they rested their captain at the break after he dominated the first half, and one of their subs cost £40M. The excellent Rodgers and all the players pilloried on the internet before and after they signed up for Celtic will be in Kilmarnock on Sunday along with better supporters than you and I.

  8. Starry Plough …. Let the ball do the work.



    Very true.



    On that note…. 2 guys that ran probably about 11km each, yet never effected the ball or the game in the slightest… Burke and Christie. Sometimes it isn’t effective to run about so much.



    Surely someone needs to address this from the coaching side. How can you have guys who run about to that degree, yet have zero, and I mean zero contact with the football




    His selection was to help shape my musical taste for a lifetime.



    Hats off to John he had good taste in music..



    I was inspired to go see The Captain in ’78 after hearing Big Eyed Beans, he didn’t disappoint:))



    Tim Buckley CSC

  10. See to the un-educated footballing eye… I hear lots of people moan about the predictable side to side and backwards passing.



    This is true… but why does it happen? Why was Callum McGregor so in-effective last night (gave ball away at 1st goal)



    Well, I may be wrong… but I have a theory.



    Chris Sutton was exactly correct in his comments last night. The problem being our striker position.



    A lot of our problems last night, start and end with Burke (that’s not to factor in poor individual displays from Izzy, Boyata and the likes). But fundamentally from a footballing perspective. McGregor and the likes get trapped in to playing square or playing back the way. Or even giving the ball away. They are trapped in to it… because fundamentally there is never a forward option on. There isn’t a target to hit.


    A centre forward, standing their ground, back to opposition goal. Willing to take the ball in, lay it off to the advanced midfield runners, like Christie etc.



    Therefore, for me, the poor games of Christie and McGregor can partially be attributed to not having that proper striker / target to build the play off of.




    Christie had his worst game in a Celtic shirt, to be expected tho’ his inexperience at this level really showed. Burke started I’m guessing because French Eddie was not 100%. Eddie is a much better bet in Europe to lead the line and it’s not his best position, you saw what he can do when he runs at defences.



    Let’s hope Bayo can step up to Celtic level and bring some Boom Boom. Our lack of a real centre forward last night showed all the way through the game..



    Ntcham is either going to be our midfield general or he’s not if he’s not we need one, we had no midfield to speak of last night and as we discussed last night although maybe not the best Spanish team, how Valencia played their system was an education to watch.



    When they scored we were all over the place all over the pitch, Brendan will not be happy with that and it’s up to him to correct that.



    Better quality players needed for sure but also with the knowledge that playing in a football backwater where we’re losing almost a player a week to the cluggers is not for everyone.



    As football continues to be a multi franchise multi sponsor multi gangster billionaire sport the chances of teams like Celtic getting to the trough are lessening.



    I don’t think that the solution of just throwing money at it is fully the answer, I think what Brendan is trying to do is to raise standards of teamwork and coaching throughout the club and that’s what we see when we play teams like Valencia, boys who have always been coached to a better level in better leagues from childhood.



    No easy answers for a club like Celtic..



    I wonder how we would have got on last night with KT and Benkovic in the defence??




  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on




    European nights and the big games attract more interest and, consequently, more comments. These are the games where Celtic players and coaching staff earn their money.



    There is no doubting that Valencia have a better team man for man and have a bigger budget; although they are not one of the continent’s “super clubs”. Their 2016/17 revenue was €102m (excluding player sales). Higher than ours, but not by an order of many times, unlike Barca/Real/English teams.



    Last night Malmo lost 2-1 to Chelsea at home, BATE defeated Arsenal 1-0 at home and Brugge defeated RB Salzburg 2-1 at home. All better results than Celtic’s against better or equivalent opposition and, arguably, achieved by inferior or smaller teams than Celtic.



    It shouldn’t be as binary as to say, more money equates to automatic result; in that case why have each of Hearts, Kilmarnock and Hibs proved such thorns in our side this season?



    Celtic should be doing better with their transfer policy off the field. However, BR has to take a lot of responsibility for his inability to set up a team in Europe to be difficult to beat. On the balance of probabilities, you would expect us to get at least one result at home against Salzburg, Anderlecht and Valencia.



    Naive strategy is costing us at a European level and, notwithstanding domestic exploits, it’s still acceptable to criticise.

  13. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 23 results (Jan 26th)






    Gweedore Celt (Kildisart) @9/2


    Rockon (Joegogo) @3/1


    voguepunter (Paisley Park) @10/3


    green T (Frodon) @9/4






    16 roads (The Church Gate)


    21-5-79 (Keyboard Gangster)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Bull67 (Terrefort)


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  16. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : Week 25 standings (Feb 9th)



    Well done to those with winners over the last 3 weeks – the equine flu bug certainly seemed to help a few narrow down their selections last week to find a winner… but it’s a one-man show at the top at the moment, with twists n turns nearly a double-carpet winner ahead of the chasing pack!!!



    Soon we’ll be looking for 50/1 chances just to stay in contention!






    Naps Table – Week 25:



    +37.38 > twists n turns (7)


    +8.50 > Rockon (6)


    +7.50 > Som mes que un club (4)



    -0.30 > fleagle1888 (4)


    -4.00 > Cathal (2)


    -5.00 > Zihuatanejo (2)


    -5.88 > green T (5)


    -6.50 > Gweedore Celt (3)


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    -7.30 > Fastbhoy (5)


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    -25.00 > Cosy Corner Bhoy (0)


    -25.00 > GFTB (0)



    Cheers, fleagle1888

  17. Ascot320 GetawayTrump


    Good luck everyone HH



    Ps I’m looking for 2 tickets for Valencia away next week. If anyone can help greatly appreciated