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  1. Eboue Kouassi song 2 The Lion Sleeps Tonight


    (Song by The Tokens ) , We’re the Jungle the noisy jungle , and the lion plays tonight , we’re the jungle the noisy jungle, the lion in green n white . oooohh Eboue Kouassi the lion plays tonight , oooohh Eboue Kouassi the lion in green n white , We’ll win away ,We’ll win away ,We’ll win away ,We’ll win away……….

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Let the Hampden boycotts begin and no mealy mouthed excuses.



    Good luck tonight Celtic.

  3. De Vries; Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer; Forrest, Kouassi, Brown, Ntcham, Tierney; McGregor; Dembele.


    Subs: Bain, Miller, Hendry, Rogic, Sinclair, Musonda, Edouard

  4. Dexter P. Bampot on

    What you think of line-up? No SS. No Charly. No Hendry.



    Personally I think it looks a wee bit conservative (albeit hard to argue with demotion for SS given his form) and perhaps demonstrates a manager keen not to lose the tie tonight rather than trying to get a few goals.



    Hopefully I’m wrong and we knock 5 past this lot!

  5. frannyb67 No they will appoint some patsy celt as no2 , the timing of this appointment on a euro night at celtic park speaks volumes .

  6. Hopefully Brendan gets to choose who and when to substitute tonight and not have selections forced upon him.


    A lot of talent on the bench despite the horrendous injury list.


    Would take any win at all right now ( for us, obviously ).Think we’ll score over there next week.







    ZBYSZEK on 15TH FEBRUARY 2018 6:55 PM









    Jenkooya .Naz drovia.

  8. Sinky to come on second half and score the winner , its written in the stars , well on cqn but near enough :)

  9. cant believe no place on the bench for gamboa, just for his pace alone, as regards lustig been a good servant but has lost a lot of pace.hh.

  10. Alex McLeeeeeshhhh, gonna need a translator appointed anaw noo :-)



    Sounds like he’s talking whilst chewing cardboard.



    Who made the appointment? Hmmmm..



    Anyhoo that can wait.



    It’s Celtic time.



    Show us why we love you!

  11. Can we please honor the 67th min , don’t know why we’ve dropped this , its the best thing to happen since the huddle IMO .

  12. Song for Broonie ( Golden Brown , The Stranglers ) Captain Brown , skelper of Huns , laden down with medals that he’s won , oh what a sight, up for the fight, never backs down our Captain Brown , Doodoodoodoo , Doodoodoodoo , Doodoodoodoo , Doo Doo Doo

  13. Presume all the regular posters are at the game , or in the pub :) Sighing off to watch the game COYBIG :)

  14. The Good Ship Celtica on

    Team is probably the best we can go for in the circumstances. Looking forward to a decent contest and hopefully we raise our performance level from the last few weeks.



    Oh and FTSFA.





    Sailing On….

  15. FRANNYB67 on 15TH FEBRUARY 2018 7:06 PM



    Big eck new scots manager booo my money on the fat gardener as his no2 HH



    *if they were playing oot the front I would sit roon the back.

  16. Cmon the Hoooooooooooops


    Hard game but magical things happen at Celtic park.


    Who appointed McCleish hunfest at Hamdump continues

  17. dont know whether to laugh or cry ,but do we give credit to mcleish for taking on the poisoned chalice, feel so sad as someone who grew up watching us regularly beat england and beyond.hh.

  18. so on the night when scotland’s only european representative plays a huge game the sfa leak the mcleish sh*t



    hurting huns

  19. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Sutton thinks defensive set up tonight. Thinks Charly should’ve started.



    Think Lenny understands why BR has selected as he has.



    For me, it’s a big night for Ntcham. Has disappointed in some Euro games but I think there’s a player there. Bench could be massive tonight.



    Personally think we need 2 ahead heading over there. Tho maybe 1-0 would do.

  20. Early goal…to settle our nerves and rattle theirs.lets get physical too..c’mon the tic!!!



    Boycott McLeish

  21. glendalystonsils on

    AMazzzzzzinggggggg! The ol’ conveyor belt of huns going into top posts just goes on and on and on and on





    A never ending supply. Amaaaaaaaaaazing!



    Anyway……it’s all about the Bhoys………3-1!

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