Celtic: We don’t need no stinkin’ Rangers


I may have slightly embellished our chief exec with my headline but that’s about the measure of Peter Lawwell’s message this afternoon.  He told the BBC, “We don’t rely on any other club. We are in a decent position, we’re very strong.

“We have a stand-alone strategy, a stand-alone financial plan and a robustness hopefully that will take us through that.

“Times are pretty tough. I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to talk about any individual club, these things are hypothetical at the moment.

“I think we’ve a view, a very strong view on certain circumstances but we’ll only share that at the right time.”

He said, contemplating a plate of ice cream and jelly after lunch.  He really should order 60,000 small tubs of both for our last home game.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in the CQN Music Quiz in aid of the Vanessa Riddle Appeal on Saturday night.  The room was packed, not for the first time at a CQN Quiz, extra seats had to be commandeered from elsewhere, and a great night was had by all.

£492.53 was raised on the night on top of £800 from the purchase of online tickets and donations.  Special thanks to Frank O’Hagan – new album available here – who provided musical entertainment at the end of the quiz.  Thanks also to the Stornoway Celts, who provided prizes, as well as Celticrollercoaster and Tony Warrington, for selling badges and CQN Magazines respectively to aid funds.

The night would not have happened without the enormous preparation and work by Taggsybhoy, aided on the night by Mrs Taggsybhoy and young Joe – thank you.  This evening Taggsybhoy will put a signed Celtic top donated by Penfold onto eBay to bring the week’s efforts to a close.  I’ll let you know when it’s live.

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  1. I see Graham Spiers knows more about our finances than PL vis a vis our ability to survive without them.

  2. My reply to Spiers



    @GrahamSpiers And how gutted are you to hear him say it Graham!! #thetruthisoutthere






    @GrahamSpiers Are you saying this as a professional Graham or a fan?



    I do not expect an answer.




  3. Paul67 – Ah Paul, now that is a celluloid feast!



    I can soon imagine our beleaguered hero uttering the words “Mongo only pawn in game of life”

  4. RATM - A BAMPOT! on




    But traynor, keevins, speirs and co are all saying we DO need them. Who to believe…



    Again CQN comes up trumps, truly showing the Celtic family at its best. Over 1000 pounds raised, in these tough times is amazing.

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Newco is in a position to demand nothing.



    Newco does not exist except in the imaginations of those who will not/cannot contemplate the power of the HMRC and UEFA



    I asked last night what happens in Hearts go belly up this week ? I asked it in relation to Newco ? needles to say no takers. i think it is because it is too difficult to factor them in and removes the focus from the redundant Old Firm



    I just can´t see UEFA and HMRC standing idly back and allowing the SFA and the SPL to establish support and legitimise the perfect tax evasion system ?



    We are wildly speculating before all the facts come out ?



    What if …. everything comes out in the wash



    1) Hun players had two contracts



    2) SFA knew about hun players with two contracts



    3) Huns are in much more debt than is being portrayed due to dodgy accounting practices between Rangers and MIH



    4) That Lloyds sold to Craig Whyte to diminish their own failings with regards to their customer Rangers FC ?



    5) That the head of the SFA was indeed privy to the financial situation at both Hun FC and Baby hun FC



    6) That match officials were indeed asked to provide INCREASED favours to Hun FC and that the SFA hierarchy knew about it



    7) That David Murray employed Craig Whyte as a patsie to remove the heat from him and his former Rangers director



    9) The possibility of John Mc Lelland was involved in EBT´s considering that he is on the board and was one of the founding members of the ECA (European Club Association) . For anyone who doesn´t know they are the body that replaced the G18 and are an integral part of UEFA´s FFP policies. Which would be rendered useless. You guys really think that the whole of UEFA and the political lobby that are parked away from football due to these financial assurances are going to be ripped up for HUN FC ?



    10) Craig Whyte not being a fit and proper person but was easily accepted by Sir David Murray, Lloyds Bank, The old hun Board, the SFA and the SPL ? …… and eventually rubber stamped by the Celtic plc board ?



    11) The SFA were well aware of the Wee tax bill and its implications for European licenses but as they knew about two hun contracts for 10 years it is irrelevant



    12) That the SFA never got any compensation for cardihun



    13) That the SFA were complicit in clearing Bocanegra for European competition



    14) That the SFA refused to act as an intermediary at the request of the Swedish FA for the purchase of Mervan Celik



    15) That the SPL acted entirely differently with the baby huns and the huns although they were similarities



    16) That the SPL in fact extended the huns many graces that no other club was offered.



    17) That the shame game was a carve up and pre planned



    18) That the SFA is in effect paralysed and “not fit for purpose” due to the conflicts involved in handling Hun FC´s preferential status



    19) That the SFA turned a blind eye to Craig Whytes fit and proper person status .. even after being informed.



    I could go on and on and that is before those that can make some money from the media tell their own story.



    How I was kicked out of Rangers – by Rangers top goal scorer



    How we were asked to go easy on Rangers – by any bankrupt MIB



    Rangers offered as 60K for Lionel Messi – Pep Guardiola



    What hun tax money could have bought for you in your local community – Joe O ´Rourke






    Hail Hail



    p.s if the Huns, Baby huns and Ayrshire huns went bankrupt tomorrow I predict that Celtic Park will be a sell out next season.



    p.p.s I also predict that our retail business if they are aggressive enough can cash in on a Hun no more blitz



    A family friendly atmosphere throughout the season. Which should reduce policing and stewarding costs



    A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD ????? Not unless we stick to our principles …. we are about to find out if we are the permanently abused submissive Old Firm partner that likes the abuse or we are Celtic the greatest football club that has ever existed. I cant see the plc guys ever being that stupid.




    Hail Hail

  6. Paul67



    When will he just admit it?


    We are on a bare bones – £50mill – budget.


    How much lower can we go?



    Without the Sion mentalist we would have had to have sold EI / Ki / BK / AM / GH just to pay the bills.


    When is he going to unveil his growth strategy because we desperately need one.


    We need more than a “World Tour” every July.

  7. Now that I have read the statement again, I wonder how the laptop loyal will react as they were convinced Celtic would want a rangers in the League.



    Let them Flatline….




  8. MM



    “You make it too easy for me.”




    “Consequently all the points you raised show either individual circumstances or board money grabbing”



    Now, I’m confused!



    I interpreted your first response as indicating that we became a small club between 2006 and 2012 but your own lack of specificity in answering direct questions suggests that your aversion to clarity is not confined to acronymic discourse.



    Your subsequent response suggests we have always, at least since the late 20s, had Boards who saw us as a trading club, which you neatly slide onto indicating that we are a small club. Are you prepared to put a year on the time we became a small club? How about a decade? OK, is it a 19th, 20th or 21st century accomplishment?



    Were we a small club when we traded our first player?



    Or did it start with the Patsy Gallagher deal?



    What came first- The Great Depression or our Board’s alleged venality?



    Was selling PG (BTW we got no money) for him the reason we went downhill or was it the keeping of Jimmy McGrory that did it?



    My record book shows that we won 2 titles and 3 SCs in the 20s and 2 titles and 3 SCs in the 30s. That does not show any empirical evidence for any effect on football success.



    Now maybe our lack of success in the 40s and 50s was due to the heavy selling of stars we got rid of or maybe we were still paying for the electricity we wasted in keeping the lights on for the Luftwaffe?



    Are all those other clubs who trade players ( Ajax, Lyon, Porto, Benfica etc;) also just the same as DU Killie and well? What status do we have to reach in order to not be a small club?



    My lunch break is over and I have a pile of work to get back to. I will catch your reply this evening.



    Hope I managed to make it a little harder this time :-)

  9. Show we dont need them by getting rid of this joint sponsorship. It is an obvious contradiction for me

  10. I see the DR already headlines our financials as disastrous profit falls. Cue tomorrows headline about how much we rely on THEM.


    Thinking only of us of course.



    Throughout this whole farago strikes me as amazing that not ONE journo looks at this and comments on the sheer immorality of their past actions.


    Truly astonishing.

  11. obonfanti1888


    Noone likes a show off.. ;)



    Can any of the financial geniuses explain in simple terms what the FSA have said to Pritchards Stockbrokers?


    I am assuming that they have basically shut down? Is that correct?

  12. funny how speirs et al have been saying for ages that they couldn’t report the rangers tax case because they weren’t “financial experts” yet when the celtic CEO comes out and clearly states that “we do not need rangers financially” he all of a sudden knows better!



    just because you don’t want it to be true graham doesn’t make it not true :)




  13. Thindimebhoy – Nope they all jumped on the Murray private jet jolly go round and printed articles about how much money Rangers had to spend whilst telling the rest of us it would be good for Scottish football…….hypocrits



    Yes, and the Scottish press were prematurely dancing on Celtic’s grave in 1994. Forget ice cream and jelly, they went to the trouble of hiring a hearse.



    Now the shoe is on the other foot, we “need a strong Rangers”. (thumbsup)

  14. obonfanti1888 – YEEEEE HAAAAAA!! Top step on the podium, take that philvis! (is he even on today lol?)






    I demand a podium extension. (thumbsup)

  15. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    To hear some people talk you’d think it is Celtic who will be responsible for Rangers going to the wall. Their death, if it happens, will be entirely Rangers’ own fault,. Their owners, their players, and their fans all have been culpable. If it is bad for Scottish football, again Rangers’ fault with some blame spreading to the governing bodies. They have not reacted to the issues that we could reasonably expect them to know about. I can see this getting turned around to “Rangers died because it is what Celtic wanted.” Just imagine the concequences of that.

  16. MadMitch,



    I can’t recall agreeing with you too often, but, really I feel the same. The story for Celtic is not about Rangers embarrassing and farcical demise, it’s about our future.


    I agree we will survive, indeed that is to our credit. No doubt the point we diverge – I think the board deserve enormous credit for providing stability and a credible budget in difficult times. However times will only get harder if the 2nd and 3rd team in our league disappear, even if only temporarily.


    If we assume that’s inevitable or a given, then it begs the huge question of our board, what the dickens do we do now? Growth will be impossible within the league, and frankly winning the SPL is not enough to meet my aspirations for the club.


    After a year or two of boring dominance (of a kind we have never before witnessed) we’ll either be screaming for change or listening to the echo’s around CP whilst the fairweather fans get their jollies watching EPL on TV.



    Either way, let’s start being clear about our goals. What do we think we should be competing for? What should the standard of our league be? Once all the domestic shenanigans have lost humour we’ll be left with something very, very, unappealing – and that’s even if Rangers or Hearts are able to maintain their position within the SPL. Those clubs are on the brink of being gutted… other SPL clubs will follow suit. Celtic will be Scottish football.



    If I could have one wish, it would be that whilst we enjoy the joke at Ibrox, we resume our interest in Celtic. It feels like the apathy before the storm at the moment – just what we’re accusing them of.

  17. .






    More trouble for #Rangers chairman Craig Whyte, with a stockbroker where he’s board secretary banned from trading. Reporting Scotland @ 1330




  18. Well said that man.



    “I think we’ve a view, a very strong view on certain circumstances but we’ll only share that at the right time.”



    This could mean a few things but it does suggest that whatever the view is it will be forcefully advocated.



    EUFA need to be aware that there is potential for a new football club through no sporting means being injected into the top division of football in Scotland.



    The main reason being that the top clubs will benefit financially.



    I see it as simple as that. If that happens then that is a threat to EUFA directly.

  19. So how will the Scottish sports media spin it when it becomes clear that the huns cheated for years? That they avoided paying tax to secure players that they couldn’t otherwise afford? That they benefited from financial doping?



    How can anyone make a case that other clubs need them, and indeed that they are bigger than Scottish football? Because that is exactly what we are being asked to buy. Never mind what they did, they deserve special consideration, all rules to be ignored and sporting integrity to be binned because Scottish football could not survive without them.

  20. Sheik Yerbouti says: 13 February, 2012 at 13:19



    AGREE 100% M8





    Aye mate they (the media) said it would be good for Scottish Football but in reality it was all about being good for RFC



    Give them nothing and let the laptop loyal slink off to the lower divisions with their masters



    No stinkin Rangers hypocrits in any new structure until they do their penance



    Hail hail

  21. Paul 67 shun



    Im still very concerned that the correct punishment wont be passed regarding and breach of SPL and SFA rules



    When having a bit of banter with Stewart Regan on twitter jellynicecream he replied directly asking ‘is it really in the best interests of Scottish Football’, further adding #shortsighted



    I have no confidence whatsoever that the ‘right thing’ will be done







  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    If we had chosen to buy Mo Bangura in January rather than last summer then wouldn´t the financial results look a lot better ?



    Their has also been talk that teh second half of the season tends to be a downward curve there than the upward curve of the first half of the season …. due to our postcards coming in before Christmas … but would this be true .. with a possible treble coming up ?



    I know I would buy about 10 good quality official Celtic retail items declaring



    War is Over



    Celtic Biggest team in Scotland



    Celtic Biggest team in Strathclyde



    Celtic Biggest team in Glasgow






    etc ?



    HAil Hail

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