Celtic well below peak condition, Hibs and Best of the Rest title


With one week before Champions League qualification gets underway, Celtic play their third and final warm-up game against Swiss’ St Gallen tonight.  Three games is not sufficient to get players anywhere near peak fitness, but next week’s opponents, Sarajevo, have played only twice since their season ended in May, their final game, a defeat on Sunday.

While we may be well below peak condition, at least we should be better prepared than the other guys.

There is always some trepidation when an unknown helicopters in to buy a football club, but most Hibs fans will be happy that Rod Petrie has been emptied out of the club today as he and Sir Tom Farmer sold their shares to a Peruvian – surely the only man from Peru called Ronald Gordon.

Hibs were the last club to win a trophy before the Celtic monopoly began.  They are now debt free, have a suitable stadium and competent backroom team.  They are also not Hearts, so have a great deal going for them.

What is not clear is why a Peruvian has bought into Scottish football or what he intends to do with Hibernian.  Putting a challenge into Celtic will be difficult, but if he can work the South American market successfully, Hibs could be in the mix for the celebrated Best of the Rest title.  Which would be fun to watch.

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  1. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    I’m liking this window. A lot. At last we’re getting stuff done that has needed to be done for years.



    There seems to be a proper sense of direction to what we’re doing at the minute – reducing the size of a bloated squad, paying out for our top targets and getting the deals done without the usual thrawn, penny-pinching agonies.



    Please God, let it continue.



    Meanwhile Arsenal continue to look cheap and unprofessional – two bids for KT that range from risible to unacceptable, throwing in a junk bond called Jenkinson as an alleged ‘sweetener’, and now they have mightily pissed off Crystal Palace by offering £40 million for Zaha, when the asking price is £80 million.



    Get them chased, Celtic. They are loaded – the £45 million ceiling on their transfer spend is self-imposed, as they have just proved by breaking it with two offers, to us and Palace, totalling £60 million. They are also in for some guy from Benfica where bids start at £30 mill.



    If they want KT, tell them to pay the market value or piss off, and stop treating us like village idiots.

  2. TIMALOY29 on 2ND JULY 2019 5:38 PM




    Kouassi was a 19 year old project. Mbombo is 24 and already a first team player.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    DENA29 on 2ND JULY 2019 5:11 PM


    MSV Duisburg. taking Comperr would make you wonder about their scouting abilitites



    About the same as ours , I would say;-))

  4. The way the English Market is going and had already gone it may actually be that Scottish teams are in quite a good position to become quite profitable from developing young talent.



    You can’t buy a good young player in England for under £10m today… And by good I mean one semi promising year under their belt.



    We won’t get the same money but £3-5m transfers with good sell on clauses will likely become the norm from clubs like Hibs. It only looks like increasing in the years ahead and a model of loaning out your best players for a year looks like it could pay massive financial dividends if things go well.

  5. Maybe we’re getting the deals done quicker due to the fact we’ve reduced our outgoings…



    It’s called balancing the books.



    Mbombo and even Perraud does not mean KT is going.



    I still believe KT will stay.



    Mon the Hoops HH??

  6. All those fretting about the possibility of losing KT because we signed a LB, I believe that Lenny intimated playing further up on the left, however, should we sign another LB and he does leave, don’t forget that in the history making rebel treble and 8 in a row season he only contributed 24 domestic games and 4 assists, in other words we got by without him for a huge chunk of the campaign.

  7. Timaloy29


    The £3 million fee aside… that wasn’t really the point I was making.


    Dependant whether we sell K.T or if he stays, the left back position will need further attention if he leaves.


    Also, the value : 3 million… I said would indicate the signing of a starter. Whether its Kouassi or anyone else, there’s never any guarantee’s of becoming a sure fired starter every week.



    On your point about Kouassi, I don’t really agree with the simplistic comparison you make.


    We signed Kouassi as an 18 year old, believing he was someone of high potential, as a centre mid. Central Midfield an area of the park, that has vast numbers : McGregor, Brown, Ntcham, Rogic, Armstrong at the time of signing Kouassi.


    Left back, is a more specialist position, and naturally there are less numbers competing for a start.



    But I know how you like to jump in and disagree, for the sake of disagreeing…. so batter on

  8. Don’t really know why yous are happy cause marv is gone , I thought he was great in the car insurance advert,


    Wee bit over weight ( even for the spfl ) but he was a great chanter…??

  9. See little value in this lot so would still like to think we’re trimming the following:



    Ralston, Miller, Benyu, Hendry, Aitchinson, Morgan and Hayes.



    Bulky loans for Johnston & Okoflex and maybe Dembele….

  10. The squad badly needed to be tidied up, and by jove so far we have played a blinder. If you look through the squad now picking out who shouldn’t be there you might pick 4 with question marks maybe Hendry, Kouassi, Morgan & Miller, Even after saying that I’m not writing any of those 4 off and if any of them were going you would be expecting a reasonable fee.


    Great work on clearing the decks so far 2 promising signings in, unlucky with Turnbull, not the Club’s fault.,


    In with a good shout for Mbombo& Rakeem Harper plus a couple of others. Only cloud on horizon is the threat that we will lose KT but so far it’s only a threat he is still our player and I’m still hopeful he will stay.

  11. Big Wavy, Aitchison is not listed in first team squad, Benyu s out on loan so is not bothering anyone, I disagree with you re Jonny Hayes, wouldn’t have him in my first team but a good squad player. You need guys like him who won’t take the hump when he is left out but when needed will break a gut for you.











  13. St Gallen look a much stronger unit then what we have met up to this and look up for the game.

  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @CORKCELT on 2ND JULY 2019 6:22 PM



    We have done a good job so far in cutting out the deadwood. However, there is a lot of work to be done in getting bodies in.



    Jullien looks a good buy and fits the mould as to type of player we need, but we need to get the full back positions sorted asap. As things stand its Hayes and Ralston for our first qualifier- that’s a bit scary.

  15. The Hands agreed we need full backs urgently, Reckon if we don’t have one in place for first game we will go 3 at the back.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    St Gallen playing a rather….ahem….Scoddish type of fitba . Hope we don’t pick up any injuries.

  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Is Bayo injured? No place in either squad today.

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