Celtic well below peak condition, Hibs and Best of the Rest title


With one week before Champions League qualification gets underway, Celtic play their third and final warm-up game against Swiss’ St Gallen tonight.  Three games is not sufficient to get players anywhere near peak fitness, but next week’s opponents, Sarajevo, have played only twice since their season ended in May, their final game, a defeat on Sunday.

While we may be well below peak condition, at least we should be better prepared than the other guys.

There is always some trepidation when an unknown helicopters in to buy a football club, but most Hibs fans will be happy that Rod Petrie has been emptied out of the club today as he and Sir Tom Farmer sold their shares to a Peruvian – surely the only man from Peru called Ronald Gordon.

Hibs were the last club to win a trophy before the Celtic monopoly began.  They are now debt free, have a suitable stadium and competent backroom team.  They are also not Hearts, so have a great deal going for them.

What is not clear is why a Peruvian has bought into Scottish football or what he intends to do with Hibernian.  Putting a challenge into Celtic will be difficult, but if he can work the South American market successfully, Hibs could be in the mix for the celebrated Best of the Rest title.  Which would be fun to watch.

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  1. Shved has a bit of attitude took a bit of a dirty one but gave it back next opportunity he got.

  2. Mikey did very well there to set up Shved. I think Mikey is going to be an absolute star.

  3. O.G.Rafferty on

    Good to see a green and white fully hooped shirt on the pitch. Shame it’s not Celtic’s

  4. Celtic not gonna practice set pieces till next week according to Craig , mmmmmm

  5. Perhaps I am being harsh but that was a really dreadful 45 mins.


    I know its only a friendly but you could see plenty of effort but very little quality.

  6. Haven’t seen this level of diving and play acting in a friendly for a long time. No.9 is the main culprit but not alone. Shved did a couple in return (playing the red).



    Both our FBs look all over the place . CBs coveting well. Brown , McGregor and Edourd not at match fitness yet so I hope they stay on

  7. I hate pre-season friendlies….and this proves the case. We look Schiedt….



    Whurz Bayo?

  8. BIG WAVY on 2ND JULY 2019 7:32 PM



    I agree.


    However my big concern is that the game is meaty enough to be a ‘real’ fixture.


    Loads of effort.


    Usually the pre-season matches lack that.


    It is the quality that is surprisingly poor from us.

  9. TONTINE TIM on 2ND JULY 2019 5:57 PM


    KT made a massive contribution to Celtic’s success in securing 8-in-a-row. Over, at least, the last 3 seasons he has been Celtic’s best and Scotland’s best football player.


    When he played, Celtic played. Experts here attributed Celtic’s stodgy performances in the last months of last season to NL’s arrival. Nothing of the kind. It was all down to KT’s absences and injuries.

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