Celtic will need to work for whatever they get against Dundee


Going three goals up at halftime allowed Celtic to play the second half against Motherwell at walking pace.  A repeat performance tomorrow against Dundee would be ideal, but games cannot be scripted.  You need to work for whatever you get first.

I would play the strongest available team from the start tomorrow and press Dundee as thoroughly as possible.  Dundee are bottom of the league, while this means they are deficient in many areas, they are fighting for their livelihoods in a way few at Celtic will understand.

I know we all have a soft spot for our former player, Kenny Miller, who celebrates his 39th birthday on Sunday.  You will remember the way he pounded the Celtic crest on his chest after scoring against Rangers 12 years ago – how proud he was to score his first goal for Celtic.  The thrill of scoring for Dundee against Newco two weeks ago was evidently less exciting.  Let’s hope he has a better birthday than Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Good Afternoon All… Great to see Callum signing a new contract, we need to keep our performing Celts and build the team around them. Cohesion is hugely important now.



    AULDHEID on20TH DECEMBER 2018 11:49 AM,



    “The point of the SFM blog is that to let the JPDT ” drift” when there is no reason to based on facts brings in a term sometimes used by Paul ie “moral hazard”. Surprised it has not come up.



    I think that far outweighs any technical or legal points that might have caused a referall outside the JPDT.



    The SFA have all the information required to come to a conclusion, as have Celtic.



    The SFA had it at 25th June and barely a fortnight later they jumped the CAS ship. Celtic got their copy later that week.



    I reckon they have employed an Actuary to estimate how long the Res12 guys might live and are hoping the grim reaper will rescue them from their cowardice.



    For whatever reason society finds itself governed at all levels by folk who lost their moral compass in search for God knows what, certainly not salvation.



    Well that’s an intriguing and informative post. I was unaware that the SFA had “jumped the CSA ship”.



    Now the CSA thing, in this regard, was always an enigma for me…



    Arbitration could only come from a certain series of events…



    The SFA find Rangers guilty and determine sanctions accordingly, to be imposed on Sevco Rangers presumably.



    Sevco Rangers don’t agree, so want to take the determination to the CSA…



    But we were informed that it was the SFA that had to appeal to the CSA. Why!? What were THEY appealing?



    Now you inform me they dropped it two weeks after the JPDT..:(



    So what about the facts you furnished them with, did they respond? Is this still live?



    What of Celtic in all of this. It was hardly satisfactory but this was the bone Stewart Regan tossed when he refused Celtic and the SPL’s call for a thorough review. Are Celtic ok with this been swept under the carpet..? They were promised this would be investigated, they know the evidence is damning!!



    Sorry, so many questions, but you are right, if the JPDT does not carry out its duty in a thorough, open and transparent way, further moral hazard, will continue to contaminate Scottish Football.



    I see Aberdeen and Hearts are leading the way in reviewing and changing match officiating in Scotland… not before time, yet once again we ask, where is Celtic? Where is the “dossier”?



    Its great you continue with this, remember longevity beats resistance;)



    On your last paragraph, what can I say? It is a truly shocking state of affairs… Corporate, political and state governance is endemically perfidious. A sad state of affairs…



    As a Buddhist it is believed we are in the latter day of the law and unfortunately this is what this era manifests… We need Bodhisattvas of the Earth to counter this…



    I’m not sure how you see your role but you are definitely a true voice for good…



    Hail Hail

  2. Dad- Garry thanks, funny enough my grandson says 5-0 Celtic.


    Hail Hail



    You have a good Christmas too.



    D. :)

  3. Perhaps if the Board’s KPIs for bonus included making progress on res 12 we might have seen some action?




  4. I read the other day that Lenny thought his players were tired after their exertions against us and found it difficult to have the same intensity against them.


    How many games have we played?

  5. We can’t be complacent on Saturday.



    With Aberdeen away and Sevco away on the near horizon it would be easy to take our eye off the ball.



    Dundee will be well drilled. And with Miller, there will always be a threat.



    Lets get the job done and move on.

  6. Bada!


    Just took delivery of the Double Treble whisky from Eden Mill you mentioned the other day. Looks impressive but I haven`t had a dram yet.


    Is the Eden Vale fella a Tim? A CQNer?




  7. Guys,



    We can’t have it both ways. Quoting the press when it suits and castigating them when it doesn’t.



    The boards renumeration was declared before the AGM.


    The MSSM have raised it at this time for what purpose?



    HH to all.

  8. Hot Smoked


    Wish I got the chance to find out how difficult, or not, it is to play for Celtic. ?

  9. traditionalist88



    We are most definitely on the same wavelength on this one.


    One day one game and three points at a time.

  10. So he could have just said thigh strain?



    The abductor muscle group is located on the lateral side of the thigh and moves the thigh away from the body’s midline. These muscles include the piriformis, superior gemellus, inferior gemellus, tensor fasciae latae, sartorius, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles.



    latin. csc

  11. Ruggygman


    I fancy a comprehensive victory tomorrow. Goals from all angles and players.


    Set the marker for our two difficult away games to end the year.



  12. My team for tomorrow:




    Ralston/Hendry , Simunovic, Benkovic, Izagurre.


    Forrest Brown, Mcgregor,Ntcham, Sinclair.




    Bench: Gordon;Mulumbu,Christie,Hayes, Morgan,Boyatta and Ajer.

  13. The accidental omission of the comma suggests we have just signed a Blues singer by the name of Forrest Brown!




  14. BSR


    I am happy with either but I felt a wee refresher before the Dons and Sevco games might be beneficial for Gordon.

  15. The success of Resolution 12, will only be realized when it is accompanied by 000’s of empty seats inside Celtic Park, that is because, a complicit, Old Firm orientated Celtic PLC board, will not back the Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebels, because the game in Scotland could be closed down, and put into cold storage whilst under investigation, which would mean the loss of a lot of money and jobs.


    But, if the purpose of Celtic PLC is, to make already ridiculously rich men, even richer, whilst asking innocent supporters to suck up the consequences of a ‘rigged’ game, then you have to wonder when the penny will drop with these innocent supporters, and that they will maybe question the validity of the PLC board, and if they want to keep sucking up a ‘rigged’ game ?


    It might be OK just now, skelping a conveyor belt of skint Scottish pub teams and, hoovering up all the trophies in what could be described as a, one horse competition, but, how would Celtic PLC respond if, someone like Ashley just dropped in from a parachute, and returned us to the bad old days, were a pumped up to the gunnels Rangers team, backed by mibbery like never before, and swept Celtic away ?


    Who’s fault would it be, for swimming in their green-hun gravy, getting fat on pub team skelping jelly and ice cream, as the ship of justice, “The Resolution 12 steps to freedom!”, sails to the land of freedom, beyond the waves, who would put their hand up to their grand children and tell them,…



    “I was one of those, self indulgent basturts, who didny leave their seat empty, to get rid of the, complicit PLC board, who refused to back those selfless heroes, The Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebel’s. As a result of my self indulgent, green-hun greed, I got fatt, as the good ship, “The Resolution 12 steps to freedom!”, it sailed away into the freedom beyond the waves, and my gift to you, is a Celtic FC, chained to the back of the west of Scoatlind bus, in a country polluted by the returning, dangerous Ulster-Scots, who couldn’t reconcile with a united Ireland, the new land of, love, hope, peace and freedom. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m too far up myself for that nonsense, so, as a parting gift when I fall into eternal sleep, I leave you my self indulgent, green-hun shame. I hope you’ll find it ‘in your heart to forgive me, for not having a heart, or a backbone. Merry Christmas.”



    …..it’ll make good bedtime reading to the grand children, eh ?



    Do the right thing CSC




  16. BSR


    …..and would you go with Ralston before Hendry? I felt that players often do better against their ex-team mates as they know their individual games so well. Also, I am not one of those who has written Hendry off. I quite rate him and think he will make it.



  17. So what are you saying, Kev? That only a boycott of Celtic Park and the abolition of the Old Firm phenomenon would entice you back to Celtic Park? That`s a novel idea. Why haven`t you suggested it before?




  18. HS



    Anthony Ralston is a curious one, I read or heard somewhere that his last goal was two years ago before Wednesday, and of course he’s been injured and at Dundee Utd in between.



    He got a hard time on Tayside in a struggling Utd side, and we won’t know his full potential ( see Ryan Christie ) for some time yet.



    Jack Henry is just another ‘maligned by the expert Celtic fan’ young player with tons of potential IMHO and he didn’t cost us a Piccini price.

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