Celtic will need to work for whatever they get against Dundee


Going three goals up at halftime allowed Celtic to play the second half against Motherwell at walking pace.  A repeat performance tomorrow against Dundee would be ideal, but games cannot be scripted.  You need to work for whatever you get first.

I would play the strongest available team from the start tomorrow and press Dundee as thoroughly as possible.  Dundee are bottom of the league, while this means they are deficient in many areas, they are fighting for their livelihoods in a way few at Celtic will understand.

I know we all have a soft spot for our former player, Kenny Miller, who celebrates his 39th birthday on Sunday.  You will remember the way he pounded the Celtic crest on his chest after scoring against Rangers 12 years ago – how proud he was to score his first goal for Celtic.  The thrill of scoring for Dundee against Newco two weeks ago was evidently less exciting.  Let’s hope he has a better birthday than Saturday afternoon.

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    I feel for Hendry as he has been a victim of circumstance.


    And an easy scapegoat.


    I also think he can have a big future with us.


    Defensively i think he is superior to Ajer.


    He’s inexperienced at a big club and some of his naivety caught up with him in poor decision making.


    With the right coaching and a settled position he will prosper.

  2. “skelping a conveyor belt of skint Scottish pub teams and, hoovering up all the trophies…..in a one horse competition,”



    Remarkably this comment is from a CQN regular and not from follow follow….

  3. BSR


    My mate, a United supporter, rated Ralston quite highly at first but said that he went off the boil. He thought the general malaise of the team was an important factor in that decline.


    I, too, am undecided on Ralston but I do have good hopes for young Jack.


    Cheerio for now ,



  4. Fan-a-tic


    I think this is a good point:



    `He’s inexperienced at a big club and some of his naivety caught up with him in poor decision making.`and I agree with your conclusion that `With the right coaching and a settled position he will prosper.`


    Definitely off now.









    Anthony Ralston is a curious one, I read or heard somewhere that his last goal was two years ago before Wednesday, and of course he’s been injured and at Dundee Utd in between.




    He got a hard time on Tayside in a struggling Utd side, and we won’t know his full potential ( see Ryan Christie ) for some time yet.




    Jack Henry is just another ‘maligned by the expert Celtic fan’ young player with tons of potential IMHO and he didn’t cost us a Piccini price.






    Anthony Ralston scored against Kilmarnock in August 2017, he also scored one goal for Utd. He had serious issues with both knees.



    Hendry was brought in with a view to being developed, but was thrust into the limelight at the most crucial of times because of mismanagement. UCL qualification hopes should not hinge on ‘young players with tons of potential’. They should hang on established players such as Boyata and Piccini. You already know who i blame.

  6. I think Ajer is a fantastic young player and will become even better.


    I also think there is a player in Hendry and maybe he needs more game time management than others. I was a great believer in if you are a good player then you should be in the team, but with the amount of games we play and the physicality of our Scottish opponents then I think we have to manage our younger players time on the park, Only my opinion of course.



    DD – Garry, my dad would be so proud of his great grandson, with his love of the hoops and academically. Also with his love of playing the game.



    5-0 the morra COYBIG



    D. :)

  7. Deeelighted @ Celtic signing another cracking Scottish player long term. Callum was my MOTM Wednesday but sentimentality and all that I agreed with the award going to Brownie . ;)



    If we get a WWD in the next 3 games, we will be in a very good position to go and get 8 in a Row Titles. :))






    I cannae make the 27th – any other day is good for the Festival of erm … Snooker!!!!

  8. BSR


    Anthony scored for DUFC.


    He looks more like a middle weight boxer than a fitba player, but I like him.



  9. Of course Jeremy Corbyn’s in deserved trouble.



    He should have said, ‘Stupid transvestite witch’.




  10. GREENPINATA on 21ST DECEMBER 2018 6:12 PM



    Never go on to hun media, but I wonder if they have equivalents of our Kev ?






    Every. Single. One. Of. Them…

  11. BGFC


    Was listening to a lot of Neil Young and Rush as a wean from my big cousins. They liked Canadians. 2112 is an amazing album I love.



  12. Yehuvtaelaff………….



    A CQN hatin’ panto troll.



    A one trick phony!




  13. BSR @ 6.37 – the one consistent post that I look out for prior to every game, a link to Brendan’s full presser. Could listen to him all day. Loved his reaction about 11 minutes in when he was actually asked a non-cliched question!


    Hope that Brendan Rodgers is here for a very long time, whether that be 10-in–row or not!


    Almost time to watch his former team, away to Wolves as hey aim to stretch their lead at the top of the over hyped EPL.



  14. I may have unknowingly have tasted mortons well fired rolls, you paisley bhoys might know, when I was driving for a living had a drop about once every couple of months to a small industrial unit, now cant remember the street but it was on a slight hill and at the top was I think a car showroom either abbey motors or abbey cars, well at the bottom was a bakers called aulds remember parking outside going in and getting half a dozen wellfired rolls could they have been mortons rolls or was mortons a bakery in its own right.hh.

  15. Delaneys Dunky on 21st December 2018 6:39 pm






    Friday the 28th suits Joe, Gordy and I.



    Dumbarton Harp CSC






    Coolio – Thats not now a Provisional date, its confirmed.



    A warm up before the History Makers go to the factory of hate. I reckon we will have the 2 wins before we go there.



    Its gonnae be good.

  16. Pete


    3pm Gas Cooker kick off on Friday 28th December will be magic.


    Dumbarton Harp CSC.



  17. BP


    Mortons are fae Temple. Now along the road in Drumchapel making crackin well fired rolls.



  18. This Wolves v Liverpool game isn’t looking as it’ll be rushed out as a Christmas DVD. Just for an interest I put a couple of guinneas on a treble of 3 or more goals (none so far), 4 or more cards (none so far) and 10 or more corner (1 [ONE] so far}………

  19. Players who made their debut then went out on loan then came back to appear fairly regularly?


    Calum McGregor


    Ryan Christie


    ? Kenny Dalglish?



  20. Pete


    Magical Tiesto


    Adagio for Strings.


    Genius adaptation of classical music.



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