Celtic will need to work for whatever they get against Dundee


Going three goals up at halftime allowed Celtic to play the second half against Motherwell at walking pace.  A repeat performance tomorrow against Dundee would be ideal, but games cannot be scripted.  You need to work for whatever you get first.

I would play the strongest available team from the start tomorrow and press Dundee as thoroughly as possible.  Dundee are bottom of the league, while this means they are deficient in many areas, they are fighting for their livelihoods in a way few at Celtic will understand.

I know we all have a soft spot for our former player, Kenny Miller, who celebrates his 39th birthday on Sunday.  You will remember the way he pounded the Celtic crest on his chest after scoring against Rangers 12 years ago – how proud he was to score his first goal for Celtic.  The thrill of scoring for Dundee against Newco two weeks ago was evidently less exciting.  Let’s hope he has a better birthday than Saturday afternoon.

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  1. 50 shades of green on



    Do the dobber sites have a number they are fixated on, whats their equivalent of 49?






    55, ?.

  2. 50 shades of green on







    After I wrote that I thought to myself im getting chinned for that one.




    Ye olde darts I ment of course.




  3. jobo baldie



    Do not think Kenny went out on loan after he made made his debut, but rather the other way round.


    That’s how I remember it anyhow.

  4. These ads are a pain – wait a minute there’s a beautiful young divorcee in my area dying to meet me. ?

  5. Gene


    I do not want to buy a watch.


    I may like to hook up with a gorgeous female in my area however. ??

  6. Macjay @ 8.54 –


    But as the player has only made 3 appearances for them so far then, as you indicate, it’s only a case of ‘every little bit helps’

  7. Just listened to the Christmas number 1 – we built this city on sausage rolls


    I expect a counter roll’ n sausage next year

  8. Pete


    Going to Amsterdam in 4 weeks wi Ryan to see Gerry Cinnamon perform in the World Famous Melk Weg Amsterdam.


    Gonnae be mental. ?????

  9. I really want Tony to succeed and make real moves towards getting in the Celtic team. A right back with muscle would be good.



    He made a challenge second half that had me saying YES after Motherwell being allowed to try and hurt our skilled players with impunity. He had the chance to really attack the ball with force.



    He is a unit and if he has been selected, he is definitely on the right track. Stay with it Tony Bhoy.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    As usual.




    The comments ref. Graham Arnold particularly interesting for Ozzie Tims.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JOBO BALDIE on 21ST DECEMBER 2018 9:00 PM


    Macjay @ 8.54 –





    But as the player has only made 3 appearances for them so far then, as you indicate, it’s only a case of ‘every little bit helps’








    Its just that if Barca want him at that kind of money , then he`s no mug.



    Hope springs eternal.








  12. G-Thang,



    I’ve not really heard Gerry a lot but Aidan says he is TOP QUALITY.



    The tracks the wee mans played have been very good….. just recently though.



    The tracks he has played have been most excellent.



    I think Aidan says it is impossible to see Gerry Live in Scotland. The demand is so high.



    Good Stuff.



    NJOI The Concert in Amsterdam with young Ryan.



    And more Good News…



    Ryan Christie is available for Tomorrow. :))

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GENE on 21ST DECEMBER 2018 9:24 PM







    Has she got a sister






    Don`t fancy the one you`re gettin` .

  14. Big Virgil gets his first league goal for Liverpool to put them 2 up and 4 points clear at the top.


    #As it stands ;-)

  15. Gene


    I think I have just met a Ukranian Supermodel to date on CQN. Not what I signed up for. Will take her though. ??

  16. BGFC



    Canny believe you had the cajones to post 2112. It’s flippin magic. I was introduced to it by a friend around 78/79. He was a music freak and introduced me to real music and not radio 1. His favourite band was emerson,lake and palmer. Unfortunately he was murdered. Stabbed in the street by a wee boy who didn’t even know him. God rest you Jim and BGFC thanks for the memories.



    ELP – Pirates







  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GENE on 21ST DECEMBER 2018 9:39 PM







    Story of my life






    Love it , mate.



    Lads chat from my era.

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