Celtic will need to work for whatever they get against Dundee


Going three goals up at halftime allowed Celtic to play the second half against Motherwell at walking pace.  A repeat performance tomorrow against Dundee would be ideal, but games cannot be scripted.  You need to work for whatever you get first.

I would play the strongest available team from the start tomorrow and press Dundee as thoroughly as possible.  Dundee are bottom of the league, while this means they are deficient in many areas, they are fighting for their livelihoods in a way few at Celtic will understand.

I know we all have a soft spot for our former player, Kenny Miller, who celebrates his 39th birthday on Sunday.  You will remember the way he pounded the Celtic crest on his chest after scoring against Rangers 12 years ago – how proud he was to score his first goal for Celtic.  The thrill of scoring for Dundee against Newco two weeks ago was evidently less exciting.  Let’s hope he has a better birthday than Saturday afternoon.

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  1. MacJay


    And mine – however mrs gene definetly got the ugly brother



    Time for bedtime story with the grandaughter – wonder what she’ll read me tonight



    Sweet dreams everybody

  2. D17 8.51pm



    I found that a strange post… but at least Instagram is around to help with the knowledge & the memory …



    My first “memory” without any knowledge whatsoever was Celtic v SSW Innsbruck and for some reason I can only remember the 10p programme win the prize “win a ball” it’s strange our memories for the same team we love

  3. It was interesting Broonie playing in front of Callum most times.



    The Truth is Broonie is mangled – Scottish fitba has mangled him.



    BroWINe ;) is the most knowledgable player on the pitch.



    First name on the teamsheet for the hate factory game.

  4. 21st December



    Every mid-winter’s night, and especially this year on the 30th anniversary of the Lockerby tragedy, I think about this YouTube comment by Anthony Booth which always gets to me:



    “The first time I heard this beautiful hymn was on Jan 21st, 1989 at Our Lady’s RC church near Manchester UK. I was at a requiem mass for my best schoolfriend and his family who died in the Lockerbie Air Disaster. There were 2000 people in the church. It was a lovely sunny day and as John and his wife Geraldine and their two young daughters Hannah and Rachel were brought into to church they were met with this lovely meaningful and beautiful hymn on a day for 2000 people had no meaning. I will always remember that day until I die and this beautiful hymn that accompanied it”



    I Watch the Sunrise is sung here by Kathryn Crosweller:




  5. Hi Bhoys just got out of hospital tonight after nearly 2 weeks with sepsis on my foot,glad to say it’s improving though



    Got home & there was a card from fourgreenfiels, Ritchie,Angelgabriel ,praecepta ,BRTH , Lennybhoy plus an other



    Thanks guys that was class & very welcome

  6. A Note to the very skilled Olivier.



    Go oot and make it happen Olivier.



    Make it happen.



    Forget what anyone else says.



    Make it Happen.

  7. Delighted to see Callum will be with us for the next five years. His comments about the club in his interview indicate how truly he is one of us, someone who wants to be part of the Celtic set up. Incidentally, have some not noticed he spells his Christian name…CALLUM? Easy for me to note this as a member of my family is also a CALLUM

  8. Welcome home stevie bhoy.



    Sepsis jeese oh.



    My most recent stay I got “hospital pneumonia”. At home but slow slow recovery.



    Despite all the staffs hard work them wards and visitors. And patients. It’s full of sick people.



    Enjoy your home comforts.

  9. Liverpool making the EPL more of a race this season, BTW didnae know Stephen Fletcher was the Wolves manager.

  10. If we are 5 points ahead theoretically going into the 29th game they know they have nothing to lose.



    The SFA might go all in.



    I know Jim will want his team to win against us the morra, he is a proper dude, he is a Manager and has to do what he can to get a point or a win.



    Quite rightly.



    The ABC will hold Scotland back.

  11. DD



    I know heehaw about music but the “ole sunshine on leith” is pretty special one of my many cousins is part of the twins tours… the day the Hibees won the “big cup” at Hampden was funny as the two proclaimers were watching on a “portable” telly many miles away on tour, but admittedly going aff their heids …. like many of us Celtic fans :-)

  12. CBN,



    My Auld Fella he always gives credit. He wisnae a fan of Callum for so long, like most of us, If we are all honest.



    Magical to see proper development of fitba players rather than just buying.



    Magical Celts incoming.

  13. CHAIRBHOY on 21ST DECEMBER 2018 3:06 PM



    Good Afternoon All… Great to see Callum signing a new contract, we need to keep our performing Celts and build the team around them. Cohesion is hugely important now.



    AULDHEID on20TH DECEMBER 2018 11:49 AM,



    “The point of the SFM blog is that to let the JPDT ” drift” when there is no reason to based on facts brings in a term sometimes used by Paul ie “moral hazard”. Surprised it has not come up.



    I think that far outweighs any technical or legal points that might have caused a referall outside the JPDT.



    The SFA have all the information required to come to a conclusion, as have Celtic.



    The SFA had it at 25th June and barely a fortnight later they jumped the CAS ship. Celtic got their copy later that week.



    I reckon they have employed an Actuary to estimate how long the Res12 guys might live and are hoping the grim reaper will rescue them from their cowardice.




    For whatever reason society finds itself governed at all levels by folk who lost their moral compass in search for God knows what, certainly not salvation.



    Well that’s an intriguing and informative post. I was unaware that the SFA had “jumped the CSA ship”.



    Now the CSA thing, in this regard, was always an enigma for me…



    Arbitration could only come from a certain series of events…



    The SFA find Rangers guilty and determine sanctions accordingly, to be imposed on Sevco Rangers presumably.



    Sevco Rangers don’t agree, so want to take the determination to the CSA…



    But we were informed that it was the SFA that had to appeal to the CSA. Why!? What were THEY appealing?



    Now you inform me they dropped it two weeks after the JPDT..:(



    So what about the facts you furnished them with, did they respond? Is this still live?



    What of Celtic in all of this. It was hardly satisfactory but this was the bone Stewart Regan tossed when he refused Celtic and the SPL’s call for a thorough review. Are Celtic ok with this been swept under the carpet..? They were promised this would be investigated, they know the evidence is damning!!



    Sorry, so many questions, but you are right, if the JPDT does not carry out its duty in a thorough, open and transparent way, further moral hazard, will continue to contaminate Scottish Football.



    I see Aberdeen and Hearts are leading the way in reviewing and changing match officiating in Scotland… not before time, yet once again we ask, where is Celtic? Where is the “dossier”?



    Its great you continue with this, remember longevity beats resistance;)



    On your last paragraph, what can I say? It is a truly shocking state of affairs… Corporate, political and state governance is endemically perfidious. A sad state of affairs…



    As a Buddhist it is believed we are in the latter day of the law and unfortunately this is what this era manifests… We need Bodhisattvas of the Earth to counter this…



    I’m not sure how you see your role but you are definitely a true voice for good…



    Hail Hail





    The questions you ask are similar to those posed at the AGM below. No answers as yet but with the bold Canalamar back in town I’m hoping that will be put right in the next two weeks. I have my own theory about what happened but I’ll test it out in same time frame before I volunteer it. As ever there an unknown might emerge that would change it.




    Questions Regarding The Handling of Resolution 12 to 2013 Celtic AGM Put to the top table at the 2018 AGM on 21st November 2018.



    Lets see if I have this right.



    Fourteen months after instigating an investigation the SFA are assuring Celtic shareholders via the club that something, but we don’t know what, will be referred to CAS but we don’t know why nor do we know when.


    (A nod to Brendan for The League Cup final: The grass at Hampden will be longer than the grass at Tynecastle)



    The assurances that something unclear will happen comes four months after that CAS referral decision was made and there still has been no referral.



    It has been five months since June when the shareholders lawyer (at a cost of £2.5k on top of earlier bills amounting to £7.5k) put a series of questions along with supporting evidence to the SFA copied to Celtic to which no answers have as yet been given.



    So the questions I have for The Celtic Board are:



    1. Are Celtic actually bound by the SFA JPDT Decision to refer something to CAS and if so on what basis given that Andrea Traverso Head of UEFA Club Licensing in his letter of 8th June to Celtic shareholders said and I quote.



    “It is not the general policy of UEFA to write directly to lawyers representing unidentified clients and if this is a matter a member club of the Scottish Football Association ( IE CELTIC ) wishes to take up with UEFA then the club should do so directly.”



    Further: can it be explained to shareholders here in the room and at large why Celtic are not asking UEFA CFCB to investigate given:



    1. Fundamentally it is a breach of UEFA rules that is under investigation, which is a job for UEFA – and what Res12 requested.






    2. UEFA’s recent statement of 12 November (and again I quote)



    “Should new information suggest that previously concluded cases have been abused, those cases may be capable of being re-opened as determined on a case-by-case basis.”



    In summary:


    • Why have Celtic from the beginning chosen to eschew direct UEFA involvement?


    • Why are they not now taking the new information into account in respect of that choice and reviewing it?


    • Given the time it has taken the SFA to decide that CAS should be involved (for unclear reasons) are Celtic willing to wait an undetermined period until the SFA are able to progress the matter or will it be all over by ST Renewal time next April?


    • Would it be possible for shareholders representatives to meet the SFA Compliance Officer and CEO before Christmas to ascertain progress, to be able to provide assurances based on clarity to those they represent?


    • Can we have answers to those questions confirmed in writing please to send to signatories of Resolution 12?

  14. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    I’ve got a new song






    This is based on a photograph taken by Don McCullin, who was a famous war photographer back in the day, of young Palestinian women shot by Christian Maronite forces in Beirut – covered in part of the article below. The juxtaposition of the killing and the mandolin player is stark for some reason, which I still can’t fully work out.






    Its simply about compassion .



    I’ve got a new song



    Lovely ,haunting stuff…



    Nice to see your still playing and posting your stuff for people to listen to .




  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Motherwell the previous year and Hibs that year.



    For me the highlights of those two seasons.




    `Fraid those seasons with Deila did not meet with my approval.


    As you know , Gerry .



  17. In ither news……….



    “Celtic are angry abooot summit an sumbdy fae rainjurz is happy tae be a hun…”




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