Celtic will prevail, no matter which scenario plays out


The Scotsman did an interesting article today on the fact that recent attendances at Celtic Park have fallen well short of the circa 46,000 paid for tickets, the majority of which are season tickets.  It touches on several issues.

Suggestions that a league in which Celtic inevitably process to the title is less attractive to the spectating public than a league with a competitive challenge is not a surprise.  It would be bizarre otherwise.

Still, many Celtic fans continue to support the club for a whole variety of reasons: we want to see it prosper, we enjoy going to games with our family and friends, and, unsurprisingly, we enjoy watching football.

Anyone who doubted that attendances would soften after Rangers were liquidated should have widened their survey sample.  For most of us, this was a welcome change.  The joys of beating Rangers were undeniable, but most of us have a deeper relationship with Celtic.

The Scotsman predict that in the event there was never a “team called Rangers in the top flight” Celtic would endure some serious downsizing.  If we remained within the confines of Scottish league football this is undeniably true.  So what?  There would be little competition, less income, fewer signings and more promotion from the youth team.

In this scenario there would inevitably be fewer Champions League nights too, but in the big scheme of things, would we want it any other way?  Of course not.  Celtic will be there, in sunshine or in shadow, playing football and paying their bills.  I’d sign up for this right now.

There is, of course, the question of how welcome our continued presence in Scottish football would be with the prospect of not just winning 10-in-a-row, which I hear our favourite Sevconian, Ally McCoist, is now discussing as a possibility, but the realisation that 10 would soon become 20, or 30-in-a-row.

All Celtic can do is continue to win football matches, pay their bills and see off all challengers.  The game here is irrevocably broken; the consequences of this will continue to emerge in the months and years to come.  All we know for sure is that Celtic will prevail, no matter which scenario plays out.
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  1. I asked the other day



    Tony Watt, not getting a regular game or start with Lierse ?


    Yet he will walk into the Celtic team ?

  2. I am of the opinion that Paul67 and Phil have done wonders in confirming outwith Scotland the rampant cheating and corruption within Scottish football and the preponderance of succulent lambness for hunnery in Scotland that ended in the ultimate corporate demise of Glasgow rangers PLC. However, as I say to my son continuously its always about FINISHING.



    One has to FINISH as any striker will tell you and hunnery is not FINISHED in Scotland. So as all you good Tims sit back on your laurels having a few guffaws about Murray mints implosion and Zombies, hunnery is not FINISHED in Scotland. In fact, the Glasgow rangers football club could be on the rebound thanks to the many corrupt institutions in Scotland. I throw in Glasgow Celtic in this mix. Lets see what happens. What irks me here is Paul67 and Phil’s silence on Celtic’s silence on this debacle. We’ll find out soon enough.


    Guilty or not guilty that is the question.

  3. BigChipsUK



    Someone a year or so back ventured the same sort of idea, and not a hope the club would go for it, they would never turn their back on a full price ticket, they have already been paid for the season book, and if a punter wants to see the game, they pay full price, end of.




  4. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    Sannabhoy, likewise will be in touch.



    BT no bother anytime.



    BigChips good points has to be more thinking outside the box. Barcelona offer socios money back, the ticket prices are too dear at £26/29 for the fare on offer! They have contracted out the catering so peripheral spend will be less on windfall, gambling, merchandise etc

  5. Bigchips



    I like your idea. Organised properly, it could work. A similar smaller scheme operates in my area. CSC’s and ‘Celtic’ pubs operate it.

  6. Awe Naw, not overtly, not yet they haven’t, nothing officially from Celtic for the youth game, although they didn’t refute it either, and they should have.


    I mean there has been no acceptance publicly by Celtic they are the same club, and that won’t come until we play Sevco. DD in an interview doesn’t talk on behalf of Celtic, even if he is the major shareholder, it’s not a motion passed by the board or at an AGM it’s just an individuals opinion.


    I can see it coming though, and it’s a worry.

  7. bigchipsuk-the ticket prices over the festive period inc PT game has been ridiculous IMO.Attendances traditionally down,money needed for Christmas etc.

  8. Magnificentseven supporting Oscar all the way on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/





    23:39 on



    30 December, 2013








    Saw Mrs Brown twice in the Pavilion in Glasgow and never lafft as much in all my life. Doesnt seem to come across the same on T V.



    But if you like it enjoy!!!




    condescending or what???

  9. Tet,



    When their fans! Come to our stadium, I would like to think it will be well documented by CCTV.


    No point expecting our police to do anything, as the past has shown…I won’t be at the game but my kids will.


    Celtic bus there and back home.


    That mob blame us rather than opening their eyes to the real cause…Sir David Murray…wtf.

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo



    23:32 on 30 December, 2013






    They already have. Youth games. PL offering the respect to Dave King off not standing in the way. Anything to save,Sevco.



    I reckon DD’s idea of society differs from most of us. Our ideas and ideals are being ignored. Anyone who thinks beyond sport and charity in relation to the CFC family is being ostracized. It can’t be good. Dumbing down and privatisation and cost cutting works but not on the football field or as a badge of honour or reflection of your identity. Unless your an accountant or are more interested in our share price over EVERYTHING.



    The Aberdeen fans can see it.



    Old Firm








    Are you like me?



    Wanting a reinvigorated Scottish Game?



    The Huns are NOTHING, let us take it from there?






    I love football but after the Juve game at CP, I knew it isnae a sport any more.




    Let us Build frae the Kids. FIRE in the Bellies.



  11. Marrakesh Express on

    As one example, take the Dougiegate fiasco. Here we had a ref, on his bosses orders, lying to NFL. What was the outcome?


    A brief statement from John Reid saying we wont be treated as second class citizens ( or words to that effect). This in turn led to a media driven frenzy against CFC which culminated in a referees strike and more death threats and acts of violence to the lied to manager. We went from victim to perpetrator in a very short space of time. Thats what we’re up against in this socially backward midden.


    Many would want to be rid of us, others happy to see us at the back of the bus.

  12. Mags hatred drives the zombies, they are mad at the best of times, but they are on a mission. It was easy for them to rekindle their support.



    Guess what rivalry will see the return of Celtic’s supporters.

  13. Bigchips



    Your idea may work with the help of those season ticket holders who know well in advance their intentions of wether they are going to attend a match or not. However it’s my experience that a lot of season ticket holders are leaving it until the very last minute to decide to grace us with their presence

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    I think ur missing the point. We brot in players we nerr herd of and they were Ulysess (u started it) Sign May and young Armstrong from D U. Thatll do me!!

  15. marrakesh express-don’t forget the lies Dallas told on SSB to back up McDonald.Still in positions of power,says it all really and will be worse when The Bastard Offspring are back with us.

  16. magnificentseven supporting oscar all the way



    23:43 on 30 December, 2013



    I have no issue with Jude2005 response, we blogged earlier on the programme



    hail hail and night night bhoys

  17. Jude…



    Only kidding mate haven’t seen the kid Armstrong.



    Have heard he’s very good.



    Have seen the two strikers though and they’re pash in my humble opinion.

  18. The only SPFL player who would threaten to be a first team regular for us just now is Stuart Armstrong. All others would be squad players (which we don’t need) or projects (which would be pointless).

  19. Bigchips



    I believe that Manchester United operate a similar scheme but they charge non season ticket holders to purchase the available tickets and they also charge to register for the scheme

  20. Ok just one before I go



    How about the Bhoy Danny Wilson from Hearts as opposed to Glen Loovens ?


    Enjoy the debate now Bhoys



    Off oot as Kev Jungle would say

  21. Magnificentseven supporting Oscar all the way on






    23:51 on



    30 December, 2013





    magnificentseven supporting oscar all the way



    23:43 on 30 December, 2013



    I have no issue with Jude2005 response, we blogged earlier on the programme



    hail hail and night night bhoys




    fair play Cowiebhoy, didn’t know it was part of an ongoing discussion, apologies for butting in

  22. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on





    Daz on SSB says he is the one Celtic shld sign. Says it every night he’s on. Maybe he’s his agent??

  23. Could someone please explain why, if Neil Lennon hates Tony Watt so much, was Tony Watt played in that famous win against Barcelona?



    Not knowing the full facts about what happened with him I have no opinion on why he was put out on loan. What I will say is that my default position is not to automatically blame Celtic, Neil Lennon or Peter Lawwell for any given event.



    As an aside I cannot understand why everyone seems so down on PL. If this guy is such an evil mastermind bent on world domination and squeezing every last penny from the Celtic support whilst fast tracking Sevco into SPFL Premiership, to suit his “Old Firmist” agenda, he is obviously not very good at it, not one of the hysterical predictions about his collusion with Sevco have actually happened but hey ho throw enough mud and by the law of averages some of it is bound to stick.

  24. Magnificentseven supporting Oscar all the way on

    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/





    23:52 on



    30 December, 2013








    Condescending? Is that same as thawn condensed milk? lol




    aye, exactly the same

  25. I hope ALL who have opened up doors in their mind by taking drugs and drinking to excess, have a good nights Sleep.



    Sleep paralysis is ridiculed.

  26. Announcement from Celtic FC:



    “In the current tough economic times it is imperative that all businesses operate within their financial means. With attendances at home matches continuing to decline, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Celtic to attract the type and quality of players that our supporters would like to see gracing the famous green and white hoops.



    The club’s board of directors has therefore come to the conclusion that unless attendances at Celtic Park increase to at least 50,000 per game, the club will have no alternative than to lobby the Scottish football authorities to permit The Rangers Football Club to join the Scottish Premiership with effect from the 2014-2015 season.



    The directors are of the opinion that such a move would increase competition with in the Scottish Premiership and give rise to two premium matches per season, thus enabling the club to sustain a level of income that would support quality player acquisitions and the consistent high standard of on field performances demanded by our supporters.”

  27. paolosboots FC before PLC on

    Doc, Petec, not since the sack the old board have i seen such a disconnect between the fans & the current custodians. Do they not realize how unhappy the support is on a number of different levels where we are disagreeing on many levels & areas however a wrong move in recognizing them as the same club etc for commercial gain will too much for some! We are in the position where we are treated as customers, yet we are fans the difference is that fans are for life, customers go elsewhere.



    However where the situation is heading imo is that many of the “cash cows” will no longer attend if many of the disconnects are not addressed. There is a serious lack of trust in the board at present & fans feel they are being taken for granted. Thats ok if your club’s in the EPL where tv cash is king but we as celtic supporters can choose how we spend our money. I feel sometimes their marketing is clueless, eg a season book holder can get 2 free tickets, great but if you don’t know a season ticket holder then it costs £26 for Partick game go figure! No imagination in the marketing dept in my opinion.

  28. BigChips



    Good idea btw, no putting it down, just remember the outcome of the debate a while back, and it seemed then it was a no go,maybe the winds have shifted the goal posts, anything must be worth a try, times have changed, big time.




  29. sipsini



    We had footage of a polis trashing the bogs one of the last times they were there, still in a job I believe. only in scotland mi amigo.



    The list in endless, and as you say, it’s all Timmy’s fault.




  30. BigChipsUK – There are only two SPL teams in Glasgow… Celtic and Partick Thistle



    23:57 on 30 December, 2013



    naw they didny

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