Celtic will prevail, no matter which scenario plays out


The Scotsman did an interesting article today on the fact that recent attendances at Celtic Park have fallen well short of the circa 46,000 paid for tickets, the majority of which are season tickets.  It touches on several issues.

Suggestions that a league in which Celtic inevitably process to the title is less attractive to the spectating public than a league with a competitive challenge is not a surprise.  It would be bizarre otherwise.

Still, many Celtic fans continue to support the club for a whole variety of reasons: we want to see it prosper, we enjoy going to games with our family and friends, and, unsurprisingly, we enjoy watching football.

Anyone who doubted that attendances would soften after Rangers were liquidated should have widened their survey sample.  For most of us, this was a welcome change.  The joys of beating Rangers were undeniable, but most of us have a deeper relationship with Celtic.

The Scotsman predict that in the event there was never a “team called Rangers in the top flight” Celtic would endure some serious downsizing.  If we remained within the confines of Scottish league football this is undeniably true.  So what?  There would be little competition, less income, fewer signings and more promotion from the youth team.

In this scenario there would inevitably be fewer Champions League nights too, but in the big scheme of things, would we want it any other way?  Of course not.  Celtic will be there, in sunshine or in shadow, playing football and paying their bills.  I’d sign up for this right now.

There is, of course, the question of how welcome our continued presence in Scottish football would be with the prospect of not just winning 10-in-a-row, which I hear our favourite Sevconian, Ally McCoist, is now discussing as a possibility, but the realisation that 10 would soon become 20, or 30-in-a-row.

All Celtic can do is continue to win football matches, pay their bills and see off all challengers.  The game here is irrevocably broken; the consequences of this will continue to emerge in the months and years to come.  All we know for sure is that Celtic will prevail, no matter which scenario plays out.
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  1. the glorious balance sheet



    20:27 on 30 December, 2013



    ‘ we should work with other clubs to demand a shake up the SFA so it is set up to benefit Scottish football as a whole rather than the narrow interests of Sevco. An overhaul of the refereeing system, none of the Lanarkshire mafia and its “Ah kent his faither” promotion system that has given us the likes of Euan Norris and Son of Dallas and their honest mistakes. ‘








    And the likelihood of any of that happening?

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    We budget for EL football. Read my correction. I.e the next post and we have successfully done so for ten consecutive years now. This is the reality.



    Now can you see why I dont want to debate with you ?




  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:24 on 30 December, 2013



    Away back oot, and gie us all peace..

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    I’m assuming , from your moniker, that you are one of the undead……get thee back to satan

  5. ger57



    20:29 on 30 December, 2013






    Genuine question. How can Celtic budget for the CL when the opposition pay zillions for players and millions in wages?


    Realistically, we can put a decent team on the park and, if they play above themselves, we could make last 16.


    This year was disappointing but we played as we were seeded. Get real.





    Totally agree with you!!!



    Thought also how many teams spent millions to buy players and did nothing.



    Realism, great word.

  6. the glorious balance sheet on




    We were indeed seeded fourth in our group and we finished fourth in our group.



    But in my opinion that is only part of the story.



    We completed less passes than any other team in the Champions League group stages.



    That includes teams such as Basel, Austria Vienna, Steaua Bucharest, Olympiacos, Ajax, Anderlecht, Viktoria Plzen, who probably have a playing budget that is less than ours.



    Last season we overachieved, aided with some luck that we don`t normally get in Europe. But this season we have definitely underachieved – not so much by coming fourth in the group but in the manner of it. We were outplayed by a Milan team that is 13th in Serie A and will not be playing CL football next season and we didn`t turn up in Amsterdam while 6-1 flattered us in Barcelona.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:32 on 30 December, 2013



    ..and did you notice how 1 minute extra time became 1.5 minutes because sevco were attacking

  8. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    For want of anything better to watch I’m watching sevco ….that and I’ve put a bet on a pen and Dunfermline red card



    The refereeing is disgraceful ….cheap free kicks …



    Sevco aren’t very good …they’re playing against weans and getting the run around at times

  9. TET



    Happy birthday!


    Excellent game management fae Mr Charleston. Honest Dougie will be pleased.

  10. Subterranean @ 16:30,



    Great Post.



    “Celtic need to remain focussed on a positive future and the very real prospect of being Scotland’s sole representative at the highest level of European football. Standing still or slipping backwards to meet and compete with a new Rangers entity in a backwater league is no strategy at all.”



    Totally agree, we need to forget about looking at Rangers as any viable competition, we should not flatter ourselves by churning out mediocre results against under resourced Scottish opposition.



    We must get away from using poor excuses to excuse poor performances.



    There are a Dozen Clubs in Europe not from top Leagues that are less resourced and supported than Celtic that face European Competition with fortitude and pride, why a Great Club like Celtic wouldn’t want to rise and meet that challenge is beyond me.



    Hail Hail

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the glorious balance sheet



    20:41 on 30 December, 2013



    Stats, stats, stats…….as for me, I just enjoyed watching my team competing with the elite in Europe……great….!!!!!

  12. Beeen out most of the day and just catching up…..


    Have to say…I read this and wondered……When did I write this…..?


    It says everything I would say…uncanny….well done Seville 67….


    You know your stuff…


    Hail hail





    16:07 on 30 December, 2013






    I don’t think that the fall in attendances has anything to do with the demise of Rangers. The press want this so badly that it hurts but I for one would like to never hear their bile again.



    The issue that we have is in my opinion quite simple. The style of football that we play is utterly boring and ultra conservative.



    We have not a single exciting midfielder or forward apart from Kris Commons. And zero prospect of turning up to see a youngster being given an opportunity. So week after week it is the same players way way too comfortable with their status.



    For example Darnell Fisher has been excellent. A youngster breaking through, enthusiastic playing for the right to play in the team. However as soon as the favourites are 70% fit out goes the excellent youngster and in comes Adam Matthews and James Forrest. Now I know neither are old, but the message is wrong. To Fisher – no matter what you do I won’t keep you in the team. For Forrest – no matter how inconsistent you are you will get in, and I will shuffle the pack to make it happen.



    Then there is Joe Ledley – almost certain to leave, playing like Casper and still in every week. We are 11 points clear with a game in hand. Time to find out how good the fringe players are – Rogic, Atajic, Balde to name 3 out of 10. If I heard that Atajic and Balde were stating upfront on Wednesday I would go. I am not interested in seeing Stokes up front on his own making daft runs to the left – if not offside trying to cut in and curl one in – ignoring the runs of other players.



    The way to get the fans back is to recognise that we have as good a won the league and blood some young players.



    All this talk of an influx is so predictable and boring. We won’t spend money, even if we did Lenny would stick by his favourites and the crowds will dwindle.



    It’s nothing to do with Sevco / Rangers etc . It’s just that one up front, 2 holding midfielders , no wide players and 8 favourites is not putting bums on seats.




  13. Murdoch McGrain Larsson on




    19:16 on 30 December, 2013


    On performances: 7-0 Hearts.


    5-0 Motherwell.


    1-0 Hibs


    1-0 St Johnstone


    1-0 ICT.



    The missing ingredient in last 3 games?



    A deeper lying Charle Mulgrew.




    Excellent comment. Charlie’s passes let us quickly turn defence into attack without taking 5 (any number from 3 – 10) passes to cross the half way line. He also lies deep enough to let the full backs bomb on. Mind you, would hate to think that we can only score more than 2 if CharlieBhoy is in the team.




    STOKES is a confidence player. It is clearly low right now. Solution is to drop him (not rest but drop). I would keep him as he is a fine player when on form.



    SAMARAS. Let him go. Young players need go pros to bring them on. He is too up and down to set an example.



    LEDLEY. Ask the opposition if he is invisible! Reads the game well defensively. Causes problems in their box, when allowed. Has scored in 3 finals, if memory serves.

  14. ryecatcher



    16:23 on 30 December, 2013



    Sorry for the tardy reply, might well be, it’s certainly interesting.

  15. Been lurking mostly now but even that has been thin, I do find this site has become too self deprecating a bit of lets search and see who we can blame for the demise of the quality or standard of football that is on display in Paradise, and everyone is on the list.


    The last game I attended was the Dundee Utd game at Parkhead we were 0-1 down until the last few minutes and then levelled it, how on earth we didn’t go 0-2 nil down just after half time beggars belief.


    I would love to go to more games at Celtic Park but I live too far away and I am not twenty one anymore although I do remember when I was and a constant visitor to Paradise, I did think that was a good game and D/U did come to play and were unlucky not to claim all the spoils on that occasion.


    The 6-1 defeat to Barca IMHO negated all the good work of the season before and we do appear to be back to where we began a few seasons ago.


    We are signing players more on hope than expectation willing them to produce the goods we know will not come, we blame NFL because in our heart of hearts we have the feeling he does not possess the characteristics that will bring us the success we crave, we feel the Board can manipulate him too easily and expect him to accept what they give to him which in the clear light of day is not good enough to compete with the higher echelons of the CL.


    The idea of Celtic playing anywhere else other than Scotland is fanciful and will not happen in the short to medium term, so where does that leave us? Are we in danger of becoming a chattering class that vents it’s venom on each other because no one else listens to a word we say or, do we do as many a generation has done before us and direct our support and energy in support of the team.


    I do remember the dark days of the late eighties and nineties and dark they were but the support then was still behind the club.


    It appears today that we are having a level of success but that is not enough for many of us, we feel we should be achieving more.


    In the clear light of day Celtic are in fine shape we are conquering all before us in the domestic game and IMHO just require a few subtle signings that could blend in and take us to the place we all want to go, but I feel that even if we get there it still will not be enough!!




  16. PfAyr-Quite clear that Sally was giving a wake up call to John Fleming’s cowboys about Celtic possibly winning 10+ IAR.They will struggle to come up next year if The Snowman is still there IMO,cue the MIB’s interaction.

  17. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Aye if we were competing



    Getting pumped isn’t competing …



    No clean sheet in six isn’t competing



    Scoring two goals ( one a pen the other a deflection) in six games isn’t competing

  18. balance sheet



    The chance has gone to improve Scottish Football There are too many vested interests against it. Most telling of all there is no consensus for change amongst clubs other than Celtic and demographics are against Celtic It’s flogging a dead horse I’m afraid.

  19. the glorious balance sheet on




    We competed in Matchday 1,2 and 3 and that was great. Ajax away, Milan, home and Barca away – that was not competing. We didn`t turn up in those games and got what we deserved.



    As for the elite in Europe – Barcelona no question, they are the elite and are on a different planet from us and most other teams in Europe. But I wouldn`t call those Milan or Ajax teams the elite. Great clubs yes, but not so great teams in 2013. Lets see how far they progress in the CL in Milan`s case and the Europa League in Ajax`s case. I expect them both to be put out at the first time of asking.

  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Bada bing



    Requiring dodgy refereeing decisions to overcome a team of kids is embarrassing ….almost as embarrassing as Sally’s OTT reaction to his side scoring …



    It’ll be interesting to see if they retain all their players after the Jan transfer window

  21. Fud Tanner “here at East End Park it’s Britain’s top scorers ahead…….” hurting hun….

  22. PfAyr-word is Shiels and Templeton been told to find new clubs,and new Chairman weilding the axe next week starting with the “coaching” staff…

  23. glendalystonsils on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    Don’t suppose Tanner also mentioned that they are also Britains top sporting cheats or Britains most bigoted club ?




  24. the glorious balance sheet




    We were indeed seeded fourth in our group and we finished fourth in our group.



    But in my opinion that is only part of the story.



    We completed less passes than any other team in the Champions League group stages.



    That includes teams such as Basel, Austria Vienna, Steaua Bucharest, Olympiacos, Ajax, Anderlecht, Viktoria Plzen, who probably have a playing budget that is less than ours.






    OLYMPIAKOS ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,



    Plays every year in CL since the UEFA made the group stage and only the second time reached last16.



    A type of team you must avoid.

  25. B110YS


    I saw that number plate in Belfast many years ago. Would I be right? Never been a fan of personalised plates but would make an exception in this case. Take a fortune though for the constant re spraying of the key scratches in Lisburn.



  26. Right, oota here. The “expert” football contributors do ma nut in. If only they sat back and actually read what they post. I repeat what I posted 3 month ago, this is not the CQN I signed up to 9+ years ago. So so sad.



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  27. Mike bhoyle



    Is that REALLY ur name!



    So theres two of us on this site?!



    Great name bud




  28. Mike Bhoyle,



    Agree with that ; don’t see the manager changing his approach as he chases a hollow unbeaten record with sterile performances.



    The fans are losing interest and it’s time Lenny realised that its meant to be entertaining. As someone posted earlier today there were 3 Celtic players who did not try Samaras, Forrest, Stokes on Sunday against Inverness. Those 3 need to be dropped as it’s difficult to be entertaining with 8 men on the park.



    I would have played Matthews on right midfield and kept fisher at Right back. Samaras to me should never play for Celtic again ; he actually slows play down as well as his lack of effort.

  29. glendalystonsils



    20:55 on 30 December, 2013!!Bada Bing!!Don’t suppose Tanner also mentioned that they are also Britains top sporting cheats or Britains most bigoted club ?No?


    Strangely enough….

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