Celtic will weep


There are probably a dozen important metrics to measure Celtic’s health: total revenue, commercial revenue, merchandising sales, trophies, European progress, but the most important long term indicator of the club’s health is the is demand for season tickets, which not only sold out this week, but did so in record time.

Three years ago, the upper tier of the Lisbon Lions stand was covered in advertising tarpaulin.  Brendan Rodgers’ arrival changed that, but his departure changed nothing. Now, the task for Celtic, is to keep the kettle boiling without the perma-tanned one.

My suspicion is, there is going to be an intensity about the next two seasons as Nine and Ten come into focus.  These will be leagues for the ages, we all want to be there.

But the football business is never simple, even if the next two seasons go to plan.  Football does not stop at Ten, but getting there changes everything.

Alexander the Great wept when there were no more worlds to conquer.   11, 12 or whatever-in-a-row would all be just another season for Celtic fans, what number do we chase with any conviction then?  This is very much a First World problem, can you imagine how losing the next two leagues to Celtic will affect our supposed rivals?

Celtic the Great will weep at having no more records to chase, but, goodness, the bitter realisation of historic and perhaps permanent failure – knowing the best you can hope for is second to Celtic – that will threaten the viability of some.

I’m enjoying these times.  Every minute of them.  You have a good weekend.

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  1. Knightswoodbhoy at 6:24.



    When Cowboy came back with the title, he bought a dairy (The Botany Dairy’) in Bantaskin Street just facing what used to be Skye Street. It was just in front of what my da called the ‘shovel betting’. Police would regularly organize a raid giving the proprietors of the illegal gambling den plenty of notice. Men from all over Butney would descend on the shop to be arrested, released and given 10 bob by the bookie.



    As for the Orange Walk, they never got as far as Whitelaw Street: they were stopped at the top of the Butney brae on Maryhill Road. By then they had been showered with ‘sausage rolls’ from the tenements on either side of Maryhill road and were a threat to public health.



    The Cowboy incident was notorious with us butny folk. I knew his mammy very well and played football with his brother Laurie.

  2. 26 home domestic defeats this millennium ….



    That’s roughly 1 and a bit domestic defeats at home a season.



    And remember the Morton was when we could qualify for last 16 of the CL



    But ….. never let the facts get on the way of your Celtic experience

  3. No more fkn about.



    NFL buried the old Rangers club, now smash the zombie identity also.



    We must stand beside our leader, the gallant NFL.



    Foza cynics – yous are either with us, or against us.



    HERE WE GO 10 IN A ROW. ?

  4. Looks like Ntcham is away. For the best i would think, hasn’t looked interested for a while.

  5. By the way am glad I spelt it wrong




    I won’t be writing it again




  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jobo @ 9:31pm – brilliant stats re European Cup finals.



    Juve, 2 wins from 9. Story I heard, was on a few occasions, the players eased off on their intake of “supplements” before finals.



    Bayern (5 from 10) a different story. They’ve chucked away four finals in my lifetime (Villa, Porto, Man U, Chelsea) having either led or totally dominated or both.



    Hail hail

  7. In fact am pretty sure a poster actually posted saying “am using that” I take it that poster doesn’t have children because to make fun of child abuse for a dig at Peter Lawell is disgusting



    Maybe I should “let it go” but how sad must be your life be after a treble treble to make fun of a Celtic employee in relation to children



    Hold your heads in shame ….




  8. Ah well … no response



    We have many enemies but at least we know who the Huns are….



    For those who mock child abuse I hope you can look yourself in a mirror, and I pray it never crosses your path ….



    Peter Lawell is more of a Celtic fan than you will ever be

  9. Francophile = a person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French.




    Pedrophile = a person who is fond of or greatly admires Peter Lawwell?




    Are we so scared of the Huns we have to watch what words we use?

  10. Celtic will need the help of the Almighty to get another 9 in a row Titles, for some reason I think getting the 9 will be harder than the 10.



    I’m annoyed that so many of our players are assaulted without the Health and Safety Officer not doing his job.




  11. EP



    Celtic have the most astonishing disciplinary record despite the most shocking of Allowed first,second,third fouls by the Health and Safety Officer against Celts (especially non televised games). And it goes back a long time.



    Celtic 8 in a Row Champions.



    Magical Celtic.

  12. Olivier – if the reports are true.



    How can you fake playing fitba?



    Wan thing that differentiates Celts from all the rest. If you are playing against Celtic you give your All and do your very best against the Best Team in the World.



    To play under par a whole Season takes some doing.



    Ryan Christie – my kind of Celt.

  13. Good morning from the Chilterns… very mild for summer but the forecast week’s rain has kept away, so far, so good.






    Great story on the train, the fash o’fools eh:)))



    The tattoo/ratio thing has inspired me to do something I should have done long ago… turn off predictive text.



    I’m not sure its diffinitive but Ive got a copy of your list, I’ll add Fess19 to republish at a later date… not everybody enjoys an early morning scroll on a Monday.



    Well done to the Scot’s NTs, hope once again, springs eternal…



    Hail Hail

  14. GFTB on 9TH JUNE 2019 10:54 PM



    16 Roads 10.51pm





    Am with you :-)





    Neil is Celtic






    Apologies for the delayed response GFTB, posted when drunk… very drunk, although the sentiment remains the same.



    Think a must have spent about £190 on alcohol yesterday – it’s very easily done. Ah well at least it’s better than handing it to the online bookies.



    Kango hammer headache now. ?



    Drunk as a monkey CSC. ?



    HH. ?

  15. 16 roads 8.02am



    Wee granddaughter gets dropped off here at 7.30am on a Monday and now school run beckons



    Monday mornings aren’t what they used to be :-)

  16. Good morning, friends from a gloriously sunny and bright East Kilbride. Just 1 more sleep until the Scottish transfer window opens.

  17. Sun splitting the trees in ML5 have we not signed Turnbull yet ? Surely Peter doesn’t have to adhere to transfer windae rules

  18. GFTB on 10TH JUNE 2019 8:20 AM






    Nice one GFTB.



    We nail those zombies for good next season.



    Don’t know where all this negativity is coming from, possibly the SMSM influence – some of our support is mental – the Tr3ble Tr3ble is being air brushed from history – it never happened.



    I reckon Celtic Park is going to be jumpin’ :






    The place to be CSC. ?

  19. DJ Fenian McTaigy O’Tarrier in the house.



    The narrative in Scotland isn’t reality… Tr3ble Tr3ble is the truth, it’s written and cannot be erased.



    Bucket zombies :






    Ain’t that the truth….



    HH. ?

  20. 16 roads



    I “think” the negative stuff is mainly online, every Celtic fan I know in real life are pretty content, probably most didn’t have Neil as their first choice candidate … but he’s got the gig so 100% backing should be a given, at least judge him when it’s his team

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I think all Rock belongs to Blackpool… and/or Embra ?



  22. True enough GFTB.



    BAMBOO on 10TH JUNE 2019 9:16 AM



    Is Rockall Irish…………or Scottish???






    United Kingdom according to the “Scottish”.



    I read a lot, history, Scotland etcetera.






    It isn’t good reading.



    HH. ? ?

  23. traditionalist88 on

    BAMBOO on 10TH JUNE 2019 9:16 AM


    Is Rockall Irish…………or Scottish???





    Well the Irish have a song about it which must count for something…




  24. Just reading a wee bit about rakeem harper . Seems to have ability , but his attitude is not to good and is reported to be lazy and uninterested . Just what we need , as if we don’t have a few like that already

  25. Rockall could slightly closer to Ireland but some say its closer to Scotland.


    Perhaps there’s some oil there?

  26. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Had a look at Rockall on google maps, and a couple of wags have left some witty comments…


    “Great views, can get windy” and “Cool vibe, nightlife only so-so”


    A third comment says, “Nice visit to Ireland’s most isolated territory”. I don’t know if Mike Cahill is any kind of authority on Sovereign Territories though.



  27. John McGinn and Steven Fletcher will forever be written into the CQN Lore



    Always forgetting the fact that Fletcher is actually a bit rubbish.



    McGinn is more highly thought over but watching him in the flesh for Scotland was a disappointment.

  28. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I read that in some fans forum. Reminded me of the comments Frank de Bear made when we had signed Boeriggter (sp). Here’s hoping that we are not saddled with another wage thief on a long contract.





    If we had signed John McGinn, I think he would have spent a large chunk of the season suspended. His… er… all action, committed style of play, if playing for us, would have had the mibs dealing out cards like a Vegas Croupier.



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