Celtic will weep


There are probably a dozen important metrics to measure Celtic’s health: total revenue, commercial revenue, merchandising sales, trophies, European progress, but the most important long term indicator of the club’s health is the is demand for season tickets, which not only sold out this week, but did so in record time.

Three years ago, the upper tier of the Lisbon Lions stand was covered in advertising tarpaulin.  Brendan Rodgers’ arrival changed that, but his departure changed nothing. Now, the task for Celtic, is to keep the kettle boiling without the perma-tanned one.

My suspicion is, there is going to be an intensity about the next two seasons as Nine and Ten come into focus.  These will be leagues for the ages, we all want to be there.

But the football business is never simple, even if the next two seasons go to plan.  Football does not stop at Ten, but getting there changes everything.

Alexander the Great wept when there were no more worlds to conquer.   11, 12 or whatever-in-a-row would all be just another season for Celtic fans, what number do we chase with any conviction then?  This is very much a First World problem, can you imagine how losing the next two leagues to Celtic will affect our supposed rivals?

Celtic the Great will weep at having no more records to chase, but, goodness, the bitter realisation of historic and perhaps permanent failure – knowing the best you can hope for is second to Celtic – that will threaten the viability of some.

I’m enjoying these times.  Every minute of them.  You have a good weekend.

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  1. T29 @ 4.57



    The upcoming DT saga.



    I would have some sympathy for M/Well — small club wanting to develop talent — apart from the fact that they will be paying him buttons while asking top dollar for him.



    One question would be whether they have a release figure in his current contract and if they don’t then it makes it difficult for him to move on as they could always say no — no matter the fee on offer. This issue is that if the fee goes up then his wages will go down and he will lose out.



    One idea to move things along — offer JH on loan for two years / or sell him as a makeweight with a buyback figure so that he would be available to us for a known amount.



    I actually rate him just a case that he is a bit raw and needs regular games.


    He is quick, has a lot of natural confidence / spirit but needs direction and on-field nous.



    Regarding DT he really has come to the fore over the space of a single season.



    Must be a lesson in there for us given the current wastage within our youth / reserve set up.


    Players who two years ago looked as if they had potential are now leaving to struggle in the Championship. Something badly wrong with our current set up — we either can’t pick them or we squeeze the desire out of them with too much adulation too soon.

  2. (3) Celtic FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals. The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out affair’ and ‘dicking about’ formerly dithering




  3. TheLurkinTim on

    Av got a bunch of carbon shaft golf clubs…free to a guid home…all irons ‘cept 5…or putter…u mibbe improve on Aberdour ?

  4. Sounds like shooting 15 on the 15th caused you to wrap the 5 iron around your caddie’s neck and decide darts was your game.



    (I fear how that might turn out!!!)



    HH jg

  5. (14) Clubs unwilling to lower their asking price to meet the derisory bid placed by Celtic FC must be warmly praised. All stories of this nature must include the words/terms ‘cut price’ ‘bargain’ ‘ meagre player demands ‘ and ‘Celtic low balling, smaller clubs’. The player involved in this deal must be referred to as ‘the reluctant star’ and it is imperative that any story fully informs the reader how the immoral stance of the buying club could ‘ force the unhappy star to move ’ for a player ‘whose heart is set on another part of Glasgow’

  6. David Turnbull is a very good 19 year old prospect. A £3M package ?



    Granted he hails from Wishaw, but well within our range of youth talent. This is exactly the type of player that should be coming through Lennoxtown.



    In my opinion we are not getting value for money from our world class facility. Draw a line under the historic treble treble and play our young players in the domestic cup competitions.



    Living in dread of the huns winning something is a negative. We must be positive.




  7. TheLurkinTim on

    Jamesgang…yer golf deficiencies are a source of wonder ?..but my offer stands….bunch of carbon shaft clubs…free to a good home

  8. Lurkin



    I wouldn’t know one end of a golf bat from the other my Fhriend!!



    HH jg

  9. Just to be clear


    We are not competing with any club in Scotland to achieve 55 league titles


    Those referring to the new club, any title they may ever win will be their first




    That club was liquidated


    You cannot then hand over titles from an extinct club



    Never let anyone tell you anything other than that fact

  10. TheLurkinTim on

    Who’s gonna question the integrity of a Celtic ghod…that’s wer u com in ;-))

  11. Good evening, friends.


    *** CQN OPEN – FRIDAY 21st JUNE ***


    On behalf of our very, very busy posters, John “Taggsybhoy” and Kevin “Blantyrekev” I’m happy to remind everyone of the headline details for this year’s golf day which is now only 14 sleeps away!!!


    As always, the day takes place in sunny Aberdour with the feature being a very pleasant round of golf on one of Scotland’s finest courses, Aberdour. This is followed by copious amounts of socialising with fellow CQNrs and friends culminating in an evening meal and more, ahem, socialising.


    This year’s guest speakers are Daniel Fergus McGrain (yes, you too can be in the company of THE greatest full back to ever don the Hoops), Willie McStay and, of course, Paul67. The costs are £45 if you only want to play golf, £45 if you only want to attend the evening event, or £80 if you want to do both.


    Traditionally and as an alternative to participating in the golf, Sir Oldtim67 is believed to be organising his usual daytime pub crawl which, of course, is absolutely free (unless you want to indulge in any drinking!).


    The proceeds from this year are going to both Alzheimer Scotland and Open Arms Malawi.


    If anyone’s interested just drop a short email to cqngolf@gmail.com and John or Kevin will get back to you.


    And if you really want to top the day off with an overnight stay at The Woodside Hotel, just call 01383 860328, mention CQN and someone will sort you out!


    A day and evening of great sport, laughter and company. Helping others too – the Celtic way.


    Oh, and wear green (lots of green) day and night!


    Hail Hail!

  12. TheLurkinTim on

    Jobo…am still trying to off-load a bunch of carbon shaft clubs…hope u can help me help them ;-))

  13. eddieinkirkmichael on



    Haha, there is one in Helensburgh, where I live but to be honest I’ve never shopped in it.


    I gothat price via google as I like red and was intrigued when I saw the post. Needless to say once I saw the price I instantly realised it would never be seeing the light of day in my house on a Friday night.

  14. fairhill bhoy on

    BADA- apparently the big square heed they have at the back could be worth more than vvd ?Well to Man U anyway ?

  15. GREENPINATA on 7TH JUNE 2019



    Our academy produced one of the best leftbacks in europe, by all acounts we have one of the most sought after kids in world football, dembele, and we have a clutch of quality kids coming throuth the ranks. The issue is not the ability of the players its opportunity, opportunity Our kids get less of



    We have a kid called church in Our academy, leftbacks and by all accounts a quality young players yet people screaming out for us to buy a backup leftback, we have dembele, oxo-flex, johnson and henderson, but supporters are screaming for new left winger and midfielders.



    Personally i reckon we should have a massive cull in squad players, have 18 good quality outfield players. Tgereafter it should be all about Our kids. Games world be easier to come by, then world be training with better quality and then will develop far quicker. Downside is the moaning cunts complaining about no backup up this and no backup up that!!!!

  16. ‘Celtic will weep’



    With Lustig and Brandon Barker on the flanks you better believe they will.

  17. MIT



    In the spirit of jock ularity and not to offend any Celtic fans of the Protestant persuasion…



    I have wondered about an aversion of the blue corner to admit to wrong doing and indeed to use literal interpretations of the rules to justify a wrong as being right. Knowing the rules but not the spirit behind them. Pharisees were good at it.



    Then you have the green corner who can find wrong in the way a worm emerges from an apple but direct said worm to confession to either stop it eating apples a mortal sin or at least emerge properly a venial sin.



    Is the green corner more able to admit to wrongdoing than the blue because of a belief confession keeps hellfire at bay whilst the blue corner, not having that escape route, is unable to accept a wrong took place at all because if he or she did they were doomed from the moment it was committed.



    I ask because of the twists and turns, non disclosures and literal justifications that show ignorance of an underlying truth or principle that saves having to face up to what Res12 might show – that a wrong took place.



    The thing about confession and forgiveness and the benefits of receiving it is that unless a wrong is admitted there can be nothing to forgive to set the wrongdoer free from his or her self imposed prison.



    I’m a big fan of forgiveness btw.

  18. Bournesouprecipe



    Standing up to the heat well thanks. Was looking at the ol Boydstone Rovers pic the other day.



    Got another one with the Walter Elliot Trophy guys.



    Heard a story that we got some of the NSB players like Tommy Yuil and Brian Ahern to play v Durham Savings Certs guys who in turn pulled in the Bishop Aukland lads. We lost 6 or was it 10 nil?



    Cheating Geordie bassas.



    Well seen it’s the close season eh?

  19. ( 28 ) All impending reported ‘bids’ for Alfredo Dimbilly will always be identical and never drop below Level 5 valuation, and any ‘bids’ from the English Championship will be referred to as coming from ‘top drawer English outfits’

  20. See there is reports that msp is to hold talks with scottish fa about celtic fc re: sexual abuse scandal and he is trying to force payouts and all manner of other stuff out of the clubs, before they get a chance to look into it all. In face he is saying dont look into it, simply accept and pay. He no understand that police investigations would have questioned everyone involved, that would include others who know etc..



    Problem is the abusers and the victims are not telling people What is happened, so its hard to pass blame to someone who does not know What is happened. This is a criminal manner. If my kid came home and said he was abuse i would be going to the police, i dont get it!



    What happened to those kids was so bad, as it is for all the kids from all the clubs were it took place, perhaps he wil be able to talk about the issue within football rather that the big bad clubs, celtic. Anything else is actually shameful

  21. In 2012 I finally came to my senses and stopped buying 2 “newspapers “a day – one a tabloid and 1 broadsheet-the Rangers narratives made me realise the press was bent and then i quickly realised that BBC Scotland was the same-it was like ripping out my life support of habits since i was 16-traumatic.


    A new realisation i have come to is the apparent lack of football ambition by the Celtic Board and Managerial staff.I think Celtic have been told to reign themselves in and keep it competative.

  22. Matt Stewart on

    Managers, coaches, full backs, centre forwards…..all pie in the sky and recognised at board level as the least of our issues.



    In a manoeuvre that has body-swerved the prying attention of the press weasels and whose heartbeat was missed by every blog stethoscope across the web, Celtic and PL have conjured up another magical master-stroke to once more lead football into a new world of opportunity and happiness.



    A big round of applause is due for this latest appointment….so all you doom mongers, out you go and buy and consume your bottomless pit of humble pie. NO ONE could see this coming….



    Welcome to Celtic Hailey!






    Hail Hail






  23. The wummins world cup kicked off 15 minutes ago and the France v South Korea game is a joy to watch. France 1 up.

  24. fergusslayedtheblues on

    I believe that Celtic had complete knowledge of what went on regards Res 12


    and their reluctance to deal with it confirms this .They will believe it,s not personal, it,s just business



    To the Res 12 guys ,you have my utmost respect for all your work and commitment to get to the truth .



    The question is …..


    If a similar situation arises regards Sevco 2012 needing European money to keep the blue pound lights on what would Celtic do this time .



    Thankfully Sevco is a well run club and we will never know the answer to that question




  25. JOBO BALDIE on 7TH JUNE 2019 8:19 PM



    It is. Commitment and competitiveness with no gamesmanship

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