Celtic will weep


There are probably a dozen important metrics to measure Celtic’s health: total revenue, commercial revenue, merchandising sales, trophies, European progress, but the most important long term indicator of the club’s health is the is demand for season tickets, which not only sold out this week, but did so in record time.

Three years ago, the upper tier of the Lisbon Lions stand was covered in advertising tarpaulin.  Brendan Rodgers’ arrival changed that, but his departure changed nothing. Now, the task for Celtic, is to keep the kettle boiling without the perma-tanned one.

My suspicion is, there is going to be an intensity about the next two seasons as Nine and Ten come into focus.  These will be leagues for the ages, we all want to be there.

But the football business is never simple, even if the next two seasons go to plan.  Football does not stop at Ten, but getting there changes everything.

Alexander the Great wept when there were no more worlds to conquer.   11, 12 or whatever-in-a-row would all be just another season for Celtic fans, what number do we chase with any conviction then?  This is very much a First World problem, can you imagine how losing the next two leagues to Celtic will affect our supposed rivals?

Celtic the Great will weep at having no more records to chase, but, goodness, the bitter realisation of historic and perhaps permanent failure – knowing the best you can hope for is second to Celtic – that will threaten the viability of some.

I’m enjoying these times.  Every minute of them.  You have a good weekend.

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  1. BTW fholks click on BSR’s link to see Murdy as a young lad in Kirkwood st Ruglen at side of St Columbkilles.

  2. glendalystonsils on




    Dallass….6 pens in two huns games . He’s set the benchmark for the other MIB’s ;-))

  3. 1 more sleep till the men play. 2 more till the Ladies. Although I’ll watch both with hope in my heart it’s the latter that I’m most looking forward to. Zzzzzzzzz….

  4. TLT – it’s cqn golf at gmail dot com but with no spaces, a @ for ‘at’ and a . for ‘dot!


    Looking forward to my Saturday breakfast scroll back already!

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the star bar. I’m having a treble treble. And may not be allowed back in the hoose. ?

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just read the latest on the ECA meeting.



    For some reason this popped into my head.



    Current format



    32 teams in Champs League groups, 8×4


    48 teams in Europa League groups,12×4


    80 in total.






    40 teams in CL groups, 8×5


    40 teams in EL groups, 10×4


    80 teams in total.



    CL groups


    – 8 matches played instead of 6


    – Top 2 go through same as now


    – Third falls into Europa same as now


    – 8 fourth place teams play a head to head for 4 further places in EL.



    Europa League groups provide 20 teams into the knockout stages (currently 24).



    Champions League provide 12 teams dropping into Europa (currently 8)



    Pros ……



    More access to CL



    Two more games in CL for greedy clubs



    Something to play for in 5 team mini league for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th – no increase in dead rubbers



    5 team league means two free midweeks for each team in CL during a busy period.



    Integrity of 32 team knock out phase in Europa League preserved.






    Hail hail

  7. The Hour is late.



    Ephesians 6:12,



    Matthew 7:1.



    Come on the Celtic, lets go get another Honest 9 Titles.



    It is gonnae be really hard to get this Title. It’s Gods story. Magical no matter what way it goes.



    I Hope Neil disnae feel the need to win the domestic cups (another delicious irony from his first stint) as all that is Important noooo is the League over the next 2+ Seasons.



    Neil is a Genius, he played the game very well always.



    Celtic overpowered them

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VOGUEPUNTER on7TH JUNE 2019 10:42 PM












    Cheers mucker…..Rutherglen legend.


    So is Bobby M….:))

  9. This World is going CRAZY.



    Please Celebrate Good things.



    Jerusalem is coming into focus (A Cup of Trembling).



    Please for petes sake NJOI Celtic Creating History.




  10. Good morning – chilly and fresh in the Chilterns.






    That’s interesting, I think this maybe key to the current thinking at Celtic Park. Do you have a link?




    AULDHEID @ 6:51 PM,



    That’s a great piece, it’s been long known that forgiveness is such an important part of mental wellbeing.



    “If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive ~ Mother Theresa



    It is interesting how over millennium great religious leaders and thinkers as well as philosophers have espoused the importance of forgiveness.



    With psychotherapists understanding how key forgiveness was from it’s inception and development in the 20th Century, we really now have a clear understanding of its importance.



    Forgiveness was of course a key tenent in the teaching of Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sin, forgiveness of others and of course most importantly to forgive ourselves.



    It’s obviously a lot easier said than done and the different processes and approaches raises scepticism however with psychiatry giving structure and a clear pathway, the importance and methodology can be given even greater gravitas.



    For me the holistic interaction of mind, body and soul is fundemental for clarity and wellbeing. Forgiveness plays a huge part in that.



    As Christians promote the importance of love in forgiveness, and rightly so, a Buddadist approach of being non-judgemental can assist in lack of resentment in the first place and assist with the “letting go”. It is used extensively in psycotheraphy.



    Like many tenents of Buddhism it’s not always easy to understand and very difficult to implement but I like like story…






    Hail Hail

  11. Morning Mick,



    Hope all is good on Oz this evening Mick…



    Have A Champion weekend.



    I’ll be supporting Scotland’s lads and lassies this weekend.



    Hail Hail

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    Don’t know how that got separated from my entry statement.


    So start again. G’day all you fine tims from a beautiful sunny winters


    day in Melbourne.


    A warm 18 degs here and lovely Guinness supping weather.


    Had one of those days when you know the world is wonderful, i’ve


    given up looking for hurtin huns to wind up, now i just bask in treble


    rays of sunshine.


    Met a fine Celtic fan down my local pub today, he obviously spotted


    my rebel treble t shirt and just like bees we gather round the honeypot.


    A visitor over to see his family for a few weeks.


    He said ” What do you think of this? as he pulled up his shirt to reveal a


    Celtic crest tattooed on his chest.


    Wow! ” thats for me” i said to the princess.


    And you know i’ve always hankered for something like that before i go


    and meet Tommy, Bobby , et al.


    ” aye that’ll be right you’d end up getting pissed and get a bare naked


    wummin or something stupid”


    ” No darling i’d make sure she had a hoops top on”


    H.H Mick

  13. Melbourne Mick on




    All great here, as you’ll gather from my last post.


    I gave up on Scotland for obvious reasons but the new manager


    has piqued my interest again.


    Ladies football, well all i can say is we are getting more ghirls than


    bhoys wanting to learn sauccer, you can’t hold it back, it’s going to


    be massive, maybe why Barrowfield getting upgraded?


    I’d like to think our club are ahead of the chasing pack.


    Love your expert analysis and little debates with Bourne, Setting free,


    Madmitch etc.keep it going, i’ll just try and add the humour lol.


    H.H Mick

  14. Watched Socceroos last night. Does this sound familiar…. right back to centre half to left back to centre half to right back to midfield to right back to centre half to left back to midfield to left back to centre half to goalkeeper to right back….



    I’ve seen the same crap in the EPL, in the NFL here in Oz and it is at international level too. What is it with all these coaches? This crap has been sussed out and is very easy to play against, you know in advance where the next ball is going. It is also intensely dull.



    Is this what they teach coaches at FIFA schools?



    I then watched a rerun of the WC Final in ’70 and then our EC win. None of this back and forth crap. No players in a position to shoot deciding to play it backwards instead, then back again and again until your own goalie has the ball. The game was much more attractive back then. Can someone please send 10 million copies of these games to coaches of all professional clubs? Maybe the entertainment factor can be reintroduced to the game.


    Wouldn’t that be a great idea?

  15. Would love to see Henrik in the dugout .. would show all the greedy bassas who think they’re better than they really are, that a world class player used to ply his trade quite contently in paradise.. instead of using Celtic as a stepping stone to the EPL ..




  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Sutton had a nice tackle on Tugay in that Blackburn game Petec- great player sutton!

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    you are exactly correct in what you say, backwards, sideways back again ad infinitum.


    But just to put a bit of perspective on it, the modern day bhoys and ghirls wern’t brought


    up playing against ghuys coming out the pub at closing and playing between lamposts.


    Our coaches myself included are trying to teach kids the basics of ball retention, they have


    not learned the way Jinky , myself if you allow me to be included in such exalted company


    where the quick ball forward, or even over the top from a great passer i.e Bobby Murdoch,


    Bertie Auld was only learned in the back alleys, keepy uppy in the tenement closes etc.


    We live in an era where modern coaching is based on playing on good football parks


    whether plastic or grass, and kids who have never kicked a ball and wish to be like Lionel




    Just my opinion and i suppose it’s as relevant as yours.


    H.H Mick


    P.S do you live in Oz? and where.

  18. FRANNYB67 @ 7:48 AM,



    Rain forecast all week here, very rare in flaming June, makes me homesick;)



    The aul’ garden of God has gone quiet, Hope all’s good David66…






    Yes, most Celts have little time for the NT, who can blame them. I’ve always been a big Scotland fan, think it was intensified when I moved to England as a boy. Never missed a Wembley game… it is only down the road but I’d walk a million miles for one of King Kenny’s goals…



    The last manager had done it for me. Totally scunnered, first by the appointment then seeing my worst fears realised. In this occasion the SFA was (eventually;) decisive and got the right man… hoping we can get behind them.



    It’s interesting how woman’s football has grown; of course the Americans had soccer down as a women’s sport from the off, so thought it might be big in Oz.



    Think I’m right in saying Celtic have the first fully professional football team in Scotland. Will be interested to see how that goes. Good luck to the NT lassies, I saw there game against Jamaica, good crowd at Hampden, great character to come back and a stonking goal… as usual, they’ll be up against it but hope they do themselves proud.



    Yes the aul debates, think some get upset from time to time, we just want what’s right for the Club. Think BSR sees a band of renegades but coming from Rutherglen he can handle that…



    In reality, if I’m in good Celtic company, pint in hand watching, men, boys or wummin’ in the hoops I’m a happy (or demented) man.



    Your contributions are always A breath of fresh air, make sure you post a picture of that ratio…



    Hail Hail

  19. Melbourne Mick on




    Will we ever see a one club man again? all my faith is in


    Keiran, if he goes the games a bogey.


    H.H Mick

  20. Melbourne Mick on




    Wondered about that ratio, now tattoos they get me in bother.


    How about a wee story from my rig working days where i met up with


    such luminaries as , Pat McLuskey, Cowbhoy McCormack, Tommy


    Burns auld man, ach the list is endless.




    After a tiresome three week trip offshore and just dying to get home


    to settle into a peaceful and loving family life again, a few wee snifters


    on the train from Eberdeen, solved all the problems in the world, after


    about two cans, and then the inevitable.


    Hallo…hallo.. we are the…feck


    A numbskull comes barging through the carriages, ” come on sing ”


    Obviously Doesn’t recognise the company in this carriage.


    Now i think in one of my rare moments of clarity , humour is the way to


    deal with this.


    Love your tattooes big man!


    Standing there with his biceps bulging, why don’t you sing a beatles song?


    ” a fecking hate the beatles ”


    ” Well why have you got Paul McCartney tattooed on your arm?


    ” Thats no McCartney ya fuggin eejit, thats Rabbie Burns ”


    ” Well it looks like McCartney to me, what do you bhoys think?


    as he walked along the carriage arms bared, and to a man they all said


    ” yup McCartney ”


    ” Feckin wankers” as he disappeared into the next carriage.


    Suppose it saved him from a sore face.


    Memories eh?


    H.H Mick

  21. Hi Mick



    Just read your post there and Cowboy Mc Cormack is a name from my childhood. My dad and him were good pals and cowboy was often in our house for his Sunday dinner after a small libation in either the ROOTS CLUB (CHRYSLER CAR PLANT IN LINWOOD) or the BURGH CLUB ( Johnstone Burgh F.C. social club). Hope you are well have you ever came across any tims down there with the surnames Rock or Mullen?




  22. Melbourne Mick on

    Hi Tony



    Yes , a couple of our younger members are Mullins and just recently


    introduced a new baby to the Celtic family.


    Hope you are well Tony, we all miss days gone bye but hope our kids


    carry on the good fight.


    H.H Mick

  23. Melbourne Mick on




    Uncanny likeness to Paul and i suppose Rabbie but even i looked like


    that in those days, or so my wee princess told me.




    H.H Mick

  24. David Turnbull (19) 18/19 season



    Birthplace – Carluke


    Height – 1.85M


    Apps – 34


    Starts – 31


    Mins – 2,804 (31.1 games)


    Full 90s – 23


    Goals – 16


    Assists – 8


    G+A – 24


    Mins/goal – 175.25 (1.9 games)


    Mins/assist – 350.5 (3.8 games)


    Mins/G+A – 116.8 (1.2 games)


    Current transfer value on the dot.com xfer site £90K



    NotTheDailyRecord CSC

  25. Melbourne Mick on




    You missed the most important info.


    Tim or not.


    Does it matter? well maybe.


    But i’d just luv to know lol.


    H.H Mick

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Chairbhoy – Cheers.



    But I don’t have an “in” as they say.



    Just struck me that



    a) the big clubs always want more (the crash will come one day). AND



    b) each year at least eight big clubs don’t make it to the CL group stage for whatever reason.



    BTW – re Ntcham, I don’t understand the rush to cash in on this young man.



    There is a superb player in there.



    This season he had to contend with



    – a series of injuries


    – a serious car crash


    – his best pal leaving suddenly (he is a 23 year old living in a foreign country)


    – the manager who courted him departing equally abruptly.



    Tough set of events for any human to deal with?



    Hail hail

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