Celtic will weep


There are probably a dozen important metrics to measure Celtic’s health: total revenue, commercial revenue, merchandising sales, trophies, European progress, but the most important long term indicator of the club’s health is the is demand for season tickets, which not only sold out this week, but did so in record time.

Three years ago, the upper tier of the Lisbon Lions stand was covered in advertising tarpaulin.  Brendan Rodgers’ arrival changed that, but his departure changed nothing. Now, the task for Celtic, is to keep the kettle boiling without the perma-tanned one.

My suspicion is, there is going to be an intensity about the next two seasons as Nine and Ten come into focus.  These will be leagues for the ages, we all want to be there.

But the football business is never simple, even if the next two seasons go to plan.  Football does not stop at Ten, but getting there changes everything.

Alexander the Great wept when there were no more worlds to conquer.   11, 12 or whatever-in-a-row would all be just another season for Celtic fans, what number do we chase with any conviction then?  This is very much a First World problem, can you imagine how losing the next two leagues to Celtic will affect our supposed rivals?

Celtic the Great will weep at having no more records to chase, but, goodness, the bitter realisation of historic and perhaps permanent failure – knowing the best you can hope for is second to Celtic – that will threaten the viability of some.

I’m enjoying these times.  Every minute of them.  You have a good weekend.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    One downside from my suggestion last night.



    In a 5 team league, all teams CANNOT finish their round of matches on the same night.



    There could be a question of sporting integrity at risk.



    Anyone old enough to remember the 1982 World Cup – Austria Vs West Germany?



    Hail hail

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Stay where you are Henrik, a couple of bad results, and the rags will be clamouring for him to get the job, which he is nowhere near good enough. This stinks of a Lawwell move,as he knows a lot of the support, are not enamored with Neil being appointed manager.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I see Mikael ‘legs have gone’ Lustig, played the full 90 minutes for Sweden last night.

  4. Celtic may bring in Henrik as a coach, it’s a squirrel. Celtic may bring in Gary Parker to assist Neil Lennon, club showing no ambition. Jeez oh, chastised if you do, chastised if you don’t! We are doing a really good job of creating this “negativity” around the club, I do despair sometimes, I really do. Por cierto.

  5. We still have so many players playing games, little wonder we run on fumes at times , but it’s the price of having better player in your team por cierto.

  6. Been mentioned by Phil that Neil has asked for 5 straight into the team players for the new season and CL qualifiers, that would be terrific por cierto

  7. Twitter rumour and photo (from behind) that Bahlul Mustafazada was met at airport by Celtic security.

  8. weebobbycollins on

    Neil must be allowed to choose his own lieutenant in the dugout…


    Another shot in the dark from Phil McG…trying hard to remain relevant…by the way :-)

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Ralston in the DR bummlng up the deadly bears again. This is their favourite times since there are no games to be played and therefore can not spoil their invincibility. Says that Steve G has taken them closer to us than at any time since their ,ahem, financial implosion, Nine points same as last year, he must think readers are incapable of looking these things up.

  10. Yer man Phil is full of old guff…..



    Living off past glories with a need to still feel he’s ITK….

  11. Melbourne Mick: I am in Perth and for my sins, I sat through 100s of Perth Glory games, in the searing heat, listening to a crowd of drunken POMs cheering on a lot of crap.


    Week in, week out, every team which came to Perth played better football that we did.



    Since my Father In Law passed away I haven’t been to any games, my heart was ever far away in Glasgow.

  12. AN TEARMANN on 8TH JUNE 2019 1:09 PM





    Well spelt lol




    Just wait till you hear the Green Brigade song?

  13. ziggydoc1 on 8th June 2019 1:01 pm



    Twitter rumour and photo (from behind) that Bahlul Mustafazada was met at airport by Celtic security.




    Dude doesn’t even have a wiki page (didn’t think that was possible these days) – how are we supposed to find out his height??? :O)

  14. All the negativity is so oldefirrum



    Paul 67 short term 9,med 10.long


    Term 55 goals domestically,titles titles titles winning winning winning.we work hard,it shows.but we can always get better.enjoyin passing everyone of the nonsmiling.


    Europe,hope for the best


    Ok Neil CL final,a treble,make our 2nd 9iar


    Why no ??


    Well try yir best.


    We are Celtic





  15. THE_HUDDLE on 8TH JUNE 2019 2:05 PM


    ziggydoc1 on 8th June 2019 1:01 pm



    Twitter rumour and photo (from behind) that Bahlul Mustafazada was met at airport by Celtic security.






    Dude doesn’t even have a wiki page (didn’t think that was possible these days) – how are we supposed to find out his height??? :O)




    His height is off the radar?

  16. Paul67 et al



    Just how drug addled do you have to be to become the leader of the Tory Party?


    Asking for a friend.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Superstore at Poundland has been dubbed up. Speculation that it has something to do with the judgement pending from the court case.

  18. weebobbycollins on

    Celtic Mac…”Just how drug addled do you have to be to become the leader of the Tory Party?”


    A wee bit of coke, a wee bit of dope and a wee bit of opium…


    …not much of a Party :-)

  19. BIGRAILROADBLUES on 7TH JUNE 2019 11:36 PM



    That wouldn’t be the Star Bar Port Glasgow? If so, drank there many times before the move to Germany!

  20. weebobbycollins on

    Michael Gove on coke…can you imagine the kind of rabbiting?…on and on and on and on!


    I’d love to spike the house of commons water supply with acid then sit and watch them on tv… lol

  21. Chairbhoy



    Pleased to hear and not surprised you liked the information on forgiveness.



    I would love to see it taught as a subject in Scottish schools. Indeed the founder of the IFI spent some time in Norther Irish schools helping to develop a programme for school kids affected by violence and few weren’t.



    I’ve punted it a few times with Scottish Govt but no luck so far, but I’ll persist as opportunity arises.



    Whilst not aware of Bhuddism in any depth I also came to conclusion that what separates us from the paradise of the Garden of Eden metaphor is judgement.



    If you go over Genesis you will see that the first ill informed judgement was not God’s but Adam and Eve’s who as a consequence hid from/separated from God. Surprised me when I had a look.



    If you suspend judgement on basis of not being informed enough to make any, then forgiveness is unnecessary because no judgement of right and wrong exists and with no wrong there is nothing to forgive.



    I see forgiveness as the antidote for wrong judgements , an antidote Christ didnt need because he was born without taking on judgement , the original sin.



    The last judgement imo will not be an act of God , it will be the act of the last men standing on themselves.



    If Ernie is looking in ;) that’s a clue to my thinking.


    Thinking that has served me extremely well.

  22. Meant to add but an antidote Christ was more than happy to disseminate because of his love for men.

  23. Very against the number of male managers leeching off the rise in women’s football. No doubt some guys have helped the women’s game along the way but it needs to evolve in its own feminine way, as it is a less lumberjack style and involves lots of skill. I believe this can best be done by lassies themselves as coaches and managers. I hope Celtic follow this policy at present.

  24. auldheid et al



    Forgive me for interrupting. Looking ahead to next season we find ourselves with an SP(F)L top division without a team from Tayside, or from Fife or even from Stirlingshire or Dumfries. We have three clubs in the league with plastic pitches, and a format under which we could play all of those teams four times in one season. Meantime, we could go a whole season without even visiting Dundee, never mind playing there , and as far the Kingdom is concerned our only trip will be to Aberdour for the annual CQN golf fest. At which point are we going to ditch the idea of a “Premier” league and recognise that the football geography of Scotland should be represented, not ignored or discarded, and that the best way to do that is via a league where Celtic and others play each other 2-3 times, and perhaps more importantly, play in a league more likely to progress more players than the present set-up.

  25. Go tell the Spartim on

    Henrik coming back sounds a little gimmicky


    Unless he’s gonna play. My reservations on Lenny were compounded when you look at some of the players he tried to sign first time round, it’s only the start of his second tenure so I’m not too concerned as we’ve already lost the close season to the mighty tribute act (how many ⭐️ Have they got now

  26. Celtic Mac



    Yer forgiven especially as you talk sense.



    I’d go further there should only be one senior team in Dundee and proximity to large centres of population should be criteria for a club wanting to play in the professional game.



    We need an entirely different model that requires setting aside tribal rivalries for a greater good.



    The game will not survive the insane hate based model.



    Womens football that is on the rise is not afflicted by it.



    Why is that? I might answer later from experience.

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