Celtic will weep


There are probably a dozen important metrics to measure Celtic’s health: total revenue, commercial revenue, merchandising sales, trophies, European progress, but the most important long term indicator of the club’s health is the is demand for season tickets, which not only sold out this week, but did so in record time.

Three years ago, the upper tier of the Lisbon Lions stand was covered in advertising tarpaulin.  Brendan Rodgers’ arrival changed that, but his departure changed nothing. Now, the task for Celtic, is to keep the kettle boiling without the perma-tanned one.

My suspicion is, there is going to be an intensity about the next two seasons as Nine and Ten come into focus.  These will be leagues for the ages, we all want to be there.

But the football business is never simple, even if the next two seasons go to plan.  Football does not stop at Ten, but getting there changes everything.

Alexander the Great wept when there were no more worlds to conquer.   11, 12 or whatever-in-a-row would all be just another season for Celtic fans, what number do we chase with any conviction then?  This is very much a First World problem, can you imagine how losing the next two leagues to Celtic will affect our supposed rivals?

Celtic the Great will weep at having no more records to chase, but, goodness, the bitter realisation of historic and perhaps permanent failure – knowing the best you can hope for is second to Celtic – that will threaten the viability of some.

I’m enjoying these times.  Every minute of them.  You have a good weekend.

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  1. Bada 10.20pm



    I was just posting that Andrew Robertson thinks the fairytale stuff is shoite …



    Not getting at you just reiterating what the bhoy said … hard work got him to the CL final and captaining his country, not fairytale stuff … personally I think KT is a better left back and am quite happy Kieran staying where he is and not proving me correct :-)

  2. Petec



    Where art thou ?



    Olly Burke CSC



    That Scotland mob had a fair Tic influence tonight ….



    Good always overcomes evil



    8 n counting



    Bankiebhoy is a better at counting than me he’s about 20@row :-)

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GFTB- No problem HH,IMO Robertson is ahead of KT,he is training and playing against far superior players.

  4. weebawbabitty on

    Jinkyredstar! Well said. Hope we sign DT from MotherwellFC. A good Wishaw lad !

  5. Bada 11.24pm



    Andrew is a terrific left back and maybe in some eyes better than Kieran .. but with my Paul McStay glasses on … I would have Kieran every day of the week …



    I saw your post the other week having a shandy with the Maestro … jealous as flip … my all time Celtic hero :-)



    (Paul not Bada :-)

  6. When it comes to Celtic kt is under a lot of pressure as regard to Celtic , the pressure he’s put himself under to be mr Celtic can’t be managed, bids will come in for him , and he will be sold , and good luck to him

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GFTB- A nicer guy than Paul McStay,you couldnt meet,they say never meet your heroes as you will be disappointed….i was nervous when i met him…a absolute gent from a great family. A True Celt.HH

  8. Big G 11.41pm



    I don’t think KT has made him self Mr Celtic … he is 22 with a stack of medals and loves playing for Celtic … every single fan resonates with him … if Kieran does move on one day, I think it will be with every Celtic fans best wishes …. I read the article on CQN the other day when Kieran signed as a wee youngster obviously his mum & dad were by his side … looking over him was Billy McNeill …. who knows maybe Kieran might fancy matching big Billy’s tenure ????

  9. Bada 11.53pm



    When I read your post I was both jealous and excited :-)



    I remember once in sauchiehall street across from the garage Henrik was at the RBS cashline with his parents I wanted to go over and speak but totally awestruck … and didn’t want to annoy him… the Maestro is my favourite ever Celt …. loved reading your post MaestroCSC

  10. Gftb . It’s a pressure that’s come from us the fans a young lad who’s under pressure from his own supporters,


    That’s why I’m thinking he should take a step back

  11. weebawbabitty on

    Big G. Dont think KT has made himself mr Celtic! Know for A fact his father and family are Celtic daft ! So he would obviously be Celtic daft himself! MickthemillerCFC !! Ps wee mick was a Tim legend before his Bhoy! FACT

  12. Big G 12.08am



    There should be no pressure from the fans … the wee Mhan has just turned 22 … trophies & medals already in the cabinet …



    Let’s enjoy KT … in recent times the Maestro is my favourite (still jealous about Bada) then we have Broony… a d hopefully KT for years to come



    That’s my Celtic ?

  13. Sorry our support has made kt mr Celtic, whichs makes it harder for the lad to leave, I don’t want another Paul mcstay situation to happen, if Celtic had ambition by all means I would love him to stay

  14. I do want a Paul McStay situation



    Paul stayed when we were winning fcuk all



    Kieran has his Celtic life in his own hands …



    By the way if Kieran did leave I think every fan would wish him well …. but if he stays he could be the inspiration fir every wee guy who wants to din the hoops … how many left backs are adored ???



    See the video of Kieran with Naka



    That’s what you want kids to aim for

  15. Gftb I was under the impression you were older than twenty, Paul mcstay for me was the greatest celt of my generation, and I wish he would have left Celtic to fulfill his career which his talents deserved

  16. Big G 12.52pm



    Am a bit older than i type



    The Maestro was me going to games home n away …



    That’s my Celtic … when we actually didn’t win all the time . A wee twitter feed mentioned that we have had. 26 home domestic defeats since Martin took over in 2000…. fling in a Morton league cup defeat when Neil bloodied some Australian bam called … ah you know who, then fling in Morton when we were going for that CL knockout stages …. sometimes some Celtic fans will never know they are living … I wish the ones who aren’t here could walk in their shoes …. ?

  17. Gftb , fair enough I think we just miss the days when football was more simple, and our heroes were easier to understand, hail hail

  18. Big G 1.07am



    We always miss the simple days, treble trebles ?? Growing up 3wins on the trot was a treble ;-)



    Stuart Slater CSC

  19. Gftb don’t nock Stuart he was a keepy upy champion , a the good old days, when at the start of every season with a Stuart slater sighning we thought this was it

  20. Big G 1.26am



    I was a massive Stuart Slater fan, he had a brilliant game at Celtic Park against the original Huns … Andy Goram had yet another game of his shoiter life …



    Celtic should have suited wee Slater but we were chasing our tails then

  21. Gftb strange how things work out, going back to Paul mcstay would have loved him to be captain during this period, one guy who truly deserved it, for me a true Celtic legend

  22. Big G,



    Wow – I remember Stuart as the keepy uppy legend. A pity he wisnae the Mae West as a footballer.






    I hope Celtic go big in First Team ready players this Summer. I’d be happy with 2 and delighted with 3 or more.



    We need to move on those that urnae contributing at all, even if it means giving them a negotiated payoff.




  23. big g on 9th June 2019 1:44 am



    Gftb strange how things work out, going back to Paul mcstay would have loved him to be captain during this period, one guy who truly deserved it, for me a true Celtic legend.






    It is the Celtic Way.



    Paul is the Greatest in my view and it is true he deserved so much more, as Gerry says it isnae always about winning.



    Truly Magical Player.



    The 888 Day was very Special.

  24. Celtic will weep.



    I was just a wee boy when it was all happening.



    We are All so Very lucky to have what we all have right here right now.



    This Video had me crying. Those 2 Sons.








    Celtic Champs Elect on 7th June 2019 10:00 pm



    Hymn number 4




  25. Tony Rome .was lurking and engrossed with our raconteur Melbourne Mick.You asked if he knew ROCK. I happen to be a friend of John Rock.He now lives over in Perth West Australia.I don’t know if its the same person.Please let me know. As for Mick I’ll be catching up with him next week at one our Sunday sessions.Looking forward to his patter and got a doctor on standby when he has to buy a round. HAIL HAIL.

  26. Neil, go and do a Beachball @ Ibrox.






    Neil got kicked by Shearer. F All…..



    C’mon Celtic.



    Neil Lennon is a different Animal. Core Celtic.



    It is the Almightys Story.



    I Hope Celtic do it.



    Prophecy – Pauls article way Bach said that Neil (when) he was more rounded would be Bach. I’ll let the statos go H A R D C O R E on that.



    Jamesgang is Right.



    We need the Big Guy mair than ever if we are thinking of getting 9 in a row.

  27. Come on Celtic lets get it on again in Europe.



    I love Efe as he gave it his all.



    Efe shouldnae have played against Juve (mega cheats) but it was what it was.



    Celtic getting to that stage was Good.



    Horrendous Refereeing transpired @ Celtic Park.



    The fact that Neil took on Board all the knowledge Gordon Strachan impacted on him about set play goals in the Champions League (no laughing at the back) . And it to be taken away by a Bent Official (sorry – as bent as I’ve ever seen).



    The game was a bogey when little Celtic were handicapped by Big Juventus @ home courtesy of a Cheat Referee.










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