Celtic will win despite the First Minister


Let’s be clear on the rules, football has been granted special status and operate within different Covid guidelines to the rest of us.  This is why players could travel to and from the UK for international duty this month without having to isolate.   Players were permitted into Scotland this week who in the last two weeks have been to countries where they would normally have to isolate on landing here.

Nicola Sturgeon made a personal intervention into Celtic’s season when Boli Bolingoli broke isolation rules.  Celtic were not allowed to play for two weeks after this event.  I was so angry at Bolingoli I did not complain.  Rules were changed on the hoof to punish Celtic but there was culpability, so fair enough.

Ryan Christie is healthy.  He has been told to isolate at the whim of the same First Minister.  Kieran Tierney, who is also healthy, is also subject to political whim.  But not by a government that has kettled Arsenal fans in the manner this government kettled Celtic fans.

I grew out of political fantasies years ago.  Politicians are not your friend, they are not even good friends to those they share a rosette with.  My colours are green and white only, and we will win tomorrow despite the whim of the First Minister.

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  1. Thanks Adi – I will see Martin on Tuesday and thank him😁



    2/1 worth 10 of my English pounds me thinks and 3-1 to the Bhoys.



    D :)

  2. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 4:46 PM




    Cheers mate








    No worries mate, that saying probably was around long before I heard it in the late 1960’s, as a young teenager.


    HH Mate.



    Just BATTER, GUB and MURDER Them in the Feckin Tunnel……and then MOLLYKATE/Moilcate Them even further…


    Just Dae it Celtic !



  4. I wonder/hope that Diego is fit to play tomorrow and mete out some South American MOLLYKATING on that Columbian ugly, cheating Bassa !


    Whats Uruguayian for MOLLYKATE/Molicate ?






  5. we are living through troubled times…..but we are Celtic …we have always lived through troubled times….but we are good at the struggle…(some say too good)



    smiley Martin42 ,s Green and White ….awfy braw thing






    wee Mrs Murrel is going doon the well……she has caught the oldest virus of all…



    Saor Alba

  6. My colours are green and white only, and we will win tomorrow despite the whim of the First Minister.



    get in there , love it.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bit simplistic but here goes …



    Celtic are playing a league match tomorrow under the auspices of the SPFL and in accordance with laws of the game as overseen by the SFA as a member of FIFA who “own” the rules.



    Why don’t we just play Christie?

  8. I was driving across the burning desert


    When I spotted six jet planes


    Leaving six white vapor trails across the bleak terrain


    It was the hexagram of the heavens


    It was the strings of my guitar


    Amelia, it was just a false alarm

  9. and there is more …



    People will tell you where they’ve gone


    They’ll tell you where to go


    But ’til you get there yourself


    You never really know


    Where some have found their paradise


    Others just come to harm


    Oh, Amelia, it was just a false alarm



    smiley BSR has class thing




  10. adi dassler



    plausibly justify decisions that disadvantage Celtic – she & her party’s higher echelon really doesn’t care what we think.


    Sorry. Disagree.





    Respect your view but I touched on the evidence for my comment in my earlier post.


    Just my ramblings of course.



    MacAskill knowingly lied to the media in his comments after the Ibrox shame game such that it gave “them” a pass at Celtic’s expense – purely for his party’s political advantage.


    The OB Act had to be seen to be “necessary” & after talks with the Justice Minister, Strathclyde police chose a small group of Celtic teenagers to show how much Scotland needed this Act. It was a political stunt & Celtic were a collateral irrelevance in the farce. NOT choosing the fans of the other club that weekend was significant – but not choosing them at all was politically blatant.


    The faux outrage over Bolingoli AND the alleged misdemeanours of 8 Aberdeen players was in sharp contrast to the Scottish Govt’s indifference when other clubs including “them” – failed in their duty over tests for their players & so exposed other clubs’ players to risk.



    I can’t forget hearing Salmond say in 2012 that a particular Glasgow club in financial trouble was “part of the fabric of the Scottish nation” before saying that Celtic couldn’t survive without them.



    I see that KT has been given the nod to play by the Minister for Culture Media & Sports & as Neil said in his presser Celtic are talking with the Scottish Govt looking for a consistent approach with Ryan Christie.


    Ryan has twice tested negative since being quarantined.



    Pressure is now on Sturgeon – will she be so determined to be seen to act differently to Westminster that she’ll obstruct Christie being treated the same as KT with all the baggage that will go with it.


    NFL implied that even if Ryan is given the nod to be available, he’s likely to be on the bench.




  11. Just reading back after a few days away.


    Well said Paul.



    So the SNP Govt. reject the Christie request,who made the decision, so we can make the right decision,when the time comes.

  12. Candidate for the most myopic naive post ever.


    The FM did interfere in the Boli situation, that’s clear. KT will play this weekend and RC won’t. Why? Government interference in sport and for no scientific reason.



    B2K on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 12:52 PM


    What a depressing article. It makes grand inferences that the players of Celtic are being treated differently and that the First Minister is taking a personal interest in damaging Celtic. I grew up in the 50s when we believed with good evidence that the establishment in Scotland was anti Catholic/Celtic. I see no evidence of that now. Politicians and police don’t always get things right and I’m fairly sure that at the lowest level there are many who would abuse their power but it is nonsense to suggest that the FM and the government are actively using the pandemic to attack Celtic.

  13. BSR & Big Wavy



    If we win – naw I don’t think we’ll miss him.



    But if we don’t….



    If not for the pandemic stuff – I think he’d have started.


    I’d prefer him to Ntcham…

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    STV “news” – Old Firm, Rangers V Celtic, Celtic under strength, Rangers at full strength, Rangers top of the league…….and big bawheed Rahman…..

  15. B2K, that’s not meant as a personal dig, but take another look. Far too many instances suit the dark side, or disfavour us. Do you really think the establishment in Scotland has moved on since the synod suggested we go home? Or twenty years later told us to take down our flag, or allowed one club to perpetuate a sectarian signing policy, or turned a blind eye to tax evasion, Salmonds “bone of our bone” speech! Right up to Kettering kids for wearing green, til today. Nah mhate, they hate you and me.


    I want Scottish independence, but those charlatans are nothing more than a means to an end.



    Rant over, now Celtic, smash these DOB’s

  16. AN DÚN on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 1:00 PM


    Staying clear of Scottish politics but I will say that Nicola Sturgeon’s reference to the “ Rangers – Celtic match” was telling.





    Absolutely correct. It is a huge indicator of which side you favour.

  17. CORNELIUS @ 6.29



    Yip, he’d have started he’s NFL’s ‘go to guy’ .



    Ntcham needs to step up and fulfil his ‘potentially the classiest midfielder in Scotland





    No time like now.

  18. cornelius



    Just out of curiosity, when was this “Ibrox shame game” of which you speak?

  19. If the Scottish government is treating Celtic unfairly, then what are the custodians of our club doing about it.


    It is not like we are a minor concern. We are world famous and a major cog in Scottish tourism.We have influence and if our board doesn’t take advantage of that then they are sorely lacking.


    So if you think we are getting a raw deal or being singled out, then take it up with our board

  20. CELTIC MAC on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 6:50 PM









    Just out of curiosity, when was this “Ibrox shame game” of which you speak?



    I think it started in 1874 and died in 2012