Celtic will win despite the First Minister


Let’s be clear on the rules, football has been granted special status and operate within different Covid guidelines to the rest of us.  This is why players could travel to and from the UK for international duty this month without having to isolate.   Players were permitted into Scotland this week who in the last two weeks have been to countries where they would normally have to isolate on landing here.

Nicola Sturgeon made a personal intervention into Celtic’s season when Boli Bolingoli broke isolation rules.  Celtic were not allowed to play for two weeks after this event.  I was so angry at Bolingoli I did not complain.  Rules were changed on the hoof to punish Celtic but there was culpability, so fair enough.

Ryan Christie is healthy.  He has been told to isolate at the whim of the same First Minister.  Kieran Tierney, who is also healthy, is also subject to political whim.  But not by a government that has kettled Arsenal fans in the manner this government kettled Celtic fans.

I grew out of political fantasies years ago.  Politicians are not your friend, they are not even good friends to those they share a rosette with.  My colours are green and white only, and we will win tomorrow despite the whim of the First Minister.

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  1. FRITZSONG on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 8:45 PM


    TONTINE TIM on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 5:01 PM



    Thank you so much for a quite excellent post. I remember a lot of it. I think you mentioned the 0-4 defeat to the foe malign in a Cup replay of 1961?? It was played on a Wednesday afternoon.



    *naw it was back in 1955 and the reason I mentioned it was tae indicate how fickle the game used tae be.



    The one you’re talking about I was still in primary at the time, it was the semis of the SC and you’re correct we had a credible 1-1 draw on the Saturday where we led for a huge portion of the game after a Stevie header which from photies posted at the time he was on the edge of the penalty box, shades of James Edward.



    In the replay we went in at the interval 1-1 but seemingly collapsed in the 2nd half even though deidco were down tae 10 men for the last quarter of an hour. The Jinky game your thinking of was in 1963, same scenario though, commendable first game with a humiliation in the replay.



    That Wednesday evening I was playing fitba and after the game was in the church hall getting changed when we heard the score, obviously we were all downbeat until our wee curate in an effort tae console us suggested that in a couple of years when that wee bhoy Johnstone is a bit older we will win trophies again.



    Before coming down tae Balloch he been at St Michael’s in Parkhead, his name was Father Francis O’Rourke and he originally hail hailed fae Dalmuir.



    I wasn’t at the St Mirren game either as I was playing in a 2nd replay at the neutral venue of St Patrick’s in Dumbarton, my high school at the time.



    On the Monday night we had gone tae Love Street winning 5-0, a few class mates were at the game and raving about it on the Tuesday morning.



    So come Saturday and we were “up for the cup”, in fact the smsm that morning predicted a Celtic/Motherwell Final as this was the best 2 footballing sides in the country. Unfortunately it would be a Buddies/Deidco one.



    This being March our replay had a 2:00 ko, it had all the elements tae, 4 seasons in one, sunshine, hail, sleet and back tae sunshine, we lost aet.



    Walking down Cardross Road tae Dalreoch Station a lhad I knew came walking up complete with Celtic scarf. This was indeed a WTF moment especially when he told us he had left at 0-3 when the game had been stopped as our support once more disgraced the club.



    My da was livid when I got home; not just at losing but at the “mugs” on the terracing trying tae get the game stopped. That he said is why I don’t let you go tae games yourself.



    It’s been mentioned on here that there were players in the black and white that should have been wearing the hoops, Gerry Baker (who like Bruce Springsteen was “born in the USA”), Tommy Bryceland (whose older brother was on our books) and the Juggler Willie Fernie who scored the opener come tae mind.



    St Mirren also had a player that afternoon who had also wore the hoops but only as an amateur in the reserves. His name was Tommy Henderson and we had got him from Leeds who let him go due to being homesick.



    This was during the 1959/60 season and I had a family member who preferred Jock’s reserves at that time, and he raved about him.



    Unfortunately he widnae sign full time for us, mibbees coming fae larkhaw coupled with Jock leaving for East End Park might have something tae dae with it, and eventually went tae tynecastle only lasting one season before signing for the Buddies. He was quite successful there with Don Revie bringing him back tae Elland Road.



  2. In terms of the lead article I simply can’t believe the number of Celtic fans who think Sturgeon and the SNP can do no wrong. Sleepwalking into a nightmare always springs to mind.

  3. Goodnight fellow Tims



    Whatever happens tomorrow we will wake up on Sunday and still be handsome winners one and all.



    Just better feck these cnuts right enough.






    D :)

  4. Schlaf tief und fest …..morgen Gewinnen der Celtic …komfortable ….



    smiley You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your father was thing




  5. We have got It hard the last couple of weeks with injury’s and covid , too bad it has coincided with meeting them , It’s going to be tough but if everyone who pulls on the hoops tomorrow are up for it ,and no hiders we will win , but as we have done in our last two meetings against them , we have played them with to many passengers in our side . Get into them and draw 5 points clear HH

  6. Lets do this.



    Likely to be 0-0.



    Lenny is Awesome when backs against The Wall..



    This could be a really Special Davie Hay.



    How are the angst levels , troops?


    I can see a lot of huns losing money to the bookies tomorrow.



    X X X X X X X X X X



    touch wood. /nock nock nock



    one mans meat is another mans poison



    If lightning strikes twice a few juicy fixtures up north for the brave at heart. that likes a juicy multi_bet.



    DISCLAIMER: punting is for the really really foolish( me/hands upthingy) :O) the less you bet the more you win.


    ( my grannie has won a sh#t load of Melbourne Cups but she has a lot of cats lol)



    Angst levels:



    Shee_ ell be rioght m8, no wukking furries HH



    beautiful sunny morning here in west OZ, a 7PM KO today, My favourited time. Be well everyone, be safe.



    may you be blessed by your gods.






    its been a wonderful decade for Celticland and the league is never won in October. but a steak through the heart of the undead never gets old




  8. And Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.



    Cheating Beaton.



    Do yer worst.



    Simply the






    Lenny do it. Just do it.




    Police Scotland have confirmed that the homes of two players from Celtic and Rangers were targeted by burglars on the eve if the big derby match.


    Scott Brown of Celtic had 7 League Cup Winners medals, 5 Scottish Cup Winners medals & 10 League Winners medals, a Young Scottish Players Player of the year award & 2 Scottish Players Player of the year awards stolen.


    Scott Arfield of Rangers had a a toaster & microwave stolen 🤪🤪








    Arfield’s toaster was on tick as well. Need to pawn the sash his father wore to get soldiers with the eggs.

  10. Awe mhan….given awe the pish….am st 3-1 ;-))



    Beaton’ll probs keep us to 1 ;-))




  11. Brendan didnae have the fortitude that you have. That disnae mean to say that Brendan is weak.



    Showtime Lenny Bhoy.



    I wouldnae have Any other Manager.

  12. Arfield’s toaster was on tick as well. Need to pawn the sash his father wore to get soldiers with the eggs…belter..:)




  13. Given past controversies around Beaton, I’m not expecting any obvious cheatin fae Beaton today. He knows only too well how much scrutiny he’ll be under during this game.







    Subtle, I expect. ‘Accidentally’ getting in the way of our attacks etc. Feeling confident about the game, looking forward to it. Will be interesting to see how we line up, few spots up for grabs.




  15. HH BDHOY :O)



    ah wee sing song



    nae bother


    HUNTERS and Collectors





    ” woke up this mornin, from the strangest dream. I was in the largest army the world has ever seen


    we were marching as one, on the road to the holy grail ”





    ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten



  16. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    C’mon you Bhoys and Ghirls in the green, lets rise and shine.


    This is hun humpin day.


    Get the drink out the cupboard, beachballs, rubber ducks, sombreros,


    just to make sure they’re really buried this time plenty of pails and




    I see the rest of the Aussie rebels have started partying, Dbhoy, Badger


    and PETEC is still up?


    It’s going to be a day to remember.


    H.H. Mick

  17. Nothing pleases me more on the morning of a big game than seeing almost every pundit/hack going against us. It will make the win even sweeter knowing that the butthurt levels will be off the scale! Win the first ten minutes and not only does it set the tone for the rest of the game it minimises the non neutral affect Brother Beaton can have on the game.