Celtic will win despite the First Minister


Let’s be clear on the rules, football has been granted special status and operate within different Covid guidelines to the rest of us.  This is why players could travel to and from the UK for international duty this month without having to isolate.   Players were permitted into Scotland this week who in the last two weeks have been to countries where they would normally have to isolate on landing here.

Nicola Sturgeon made a personal intervention into Celtic’s season when Boli Bolingoli broke isolation rules.  Celtic were not allowed to play for two weeks after this event.  I was so angry at Bolingoli I did not complain.  Rules were changed on the hoof to punish Celtic but there was culpability, so fair enough.

Ryan Christie is healthy.  He has been told to isolate at the whim of the same First Minister.  Kieran Tierney, who is also healthy, is also subject to political whim.  But not by a government that has kettled Arsenal fans in the manner this government kettled Celtic fans.

I grew out of political fantasies years ago.  Politicians are not your friend, they are not even good friends to those they share a rosette with.  My colours are green and white only, and we will win tomorrow despite the whim of the First Minister.

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    Good morning Michael.


    The Huns may well have improved this season, but they havent faced a good passing team like Celtic so far ( when we are ON our game ?)



    I am hoping that we play TWO upfront and give their defence something to really worry about. Ive went radio rental whenever Ive seen ONE Celtic striker up against FOUR Defenders, running about mad just to try and get a kick of the ball…it drives me Nuts !



    Those Four Defenders usually end up looking like world beaters knocking the ball across their back line with only ONE Celtic man chasing everywhere….


    So Neil, please play with Two Strikers ?



  2. Its days like this that I wish I was 35/40 years younger and polishing my Boots to get into the Hun ( IF Selected ? ) LOL.


    Mon the auld ‘Tic…Mollykate this Scum mob.



  3. Melbourne Mick on




    I’ve never seen onyhing of the jackboot jokers, but just like we


    all know if our Bhoys turn up it’s game over.


    C’mon David , up you get, boots to dubbin lol.


    H.H. Mick

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Wee shout out to EMERALD BEE, think I was too


    pashed to answer your post on the last blog 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  5. Good article Paul this week very much reminded me of that fixture last year. I prefer being the slight underdog or our side written off before a derby.



    C’mon Bhoys let’s do it.



    I hope Celtic Park is as loud as possible with the PA booming out Celtic songs from a couple of hours time.



    I think we will get a positive result go top and go marching onto the the 10. 💚🤍💛




  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Can’t do it myself Bhoys, how about somebody puts on


    that wee video of the Celtic family and Rod singing


    HOLD THE LINE, now that will get us all going.


    H.H. Mick

  7. Public information film:



    Good morning CQN from an overcast Forres and the first sevco game of the season.


    The following video may be of interest to those who may have difficulty in watching the game today. I have tried it and the quality is reasonably good.






    Remember stay at home and stay safe.



    Off to Wolverhampton after the game for the next 3 months if they don’t close the border. 😉

  8. Gooooooooooo morning all from the Garden of God






    Big Jimmy – my knee is still decked, eventually got an xray on Wednesday night.


    It did ease off a bit but today OMG the pain.


    The only pain killer today is a Tic win and loads of T Lager.



    I hope you are well, remember if you need anything gee me a shout.






    D :)

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Thank you so much GREENPINATA, that’s me off again, princess


    said ” why are you greeting Mick, yir a big saftie ”


    Just seeing that wee girl dancing about with the pink Celtic scarf


    does that to me.


    H.H. Mick




    Fr O’Rourke is back staying in St Michael’s in his retirement. On his 60th anniversary of Ordination, Celtic presented him with a picture of himself with Jinky in the background. He gave a copy of it to my Dad, whom he had known since he was a young curate.

  11. Morning Mick get the Rebs on and Rid biddy uncorked and bring on the huns !! 🇮🇪🍀💚🍷🍷🍷😎

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    Already done mate, worried now I’ll run out before the gemme.


    Love that video with wee Port bhoy Martin Compston holding


    the Line of Duty at the end lol.


    H.H. Mick

  13. Good Morning Tims



    This is the day…



    I’m with BRRB: Gerrintaethum Celts. COYBIG.







  14. Lots of rumours online that Welsh is starting in defence.


    As far as playing against them goes, Hibs have shown this season that if you get into them they retreat. Kent and Hagi can’t be allowed space to run.

  15. weebobbycollins on

    Of course, the Evening Times has to show a smiling Seethin’ Gerrard and a scowling Neil Lennon on their front page…we’ll see who’s smiling this afternoon!

  16. The possibility of the league being called early has increased the pressure to not lose today. In a normal season you’d be confident that even a defeat wouldn’t stop eventually winning the title, but this isn’t a normal season.



    Win today and the huns will likely fold, they are running on fumes as it is.

  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    Just been sent a screenshot of a team taken from Celtic Star site. Says Welsh playing.


    Don’t know if it is genuine. However I do wonder about a Celtic supporteror employee thinks it is a good idea to leak a team more than three hours before a vital game.

  18. James Tavernier March 2020,



    “Whenever anybody puts a bit of pressure on us in Scotland or gets in our face it seems to affect us too much. At the start of the season teams dropped off us and we were scoring four or five goals, but now they smell blood straight away and put us under pressure.



    “We are not good enough domestically to react to that.”



    That is your message today Neil. 2 strikers is a must.

  19. B2K on 16TH OCTOBER 2020 12:52 PM





    The other day Sturgeon referred to the Rangers v Celtic match. She might not be actively plotting against Celtic as you say, but the very fact she put Rangers first in so natural a manner shows that she buys into the underlying natural order as it is viewed in Scotland.



    In my view the SNP are not Celtic’s friend and never will be. Our club and its support does not a fair deal from the establishment in a devolved Scotland, and they certainly won’t get a fair deal in an Independent Scotland.



    When the UK has its first ever Catholic Prime Minster and Scotland has its first ever Catholic First Minister it will be a sign of genuine change. Don’t put your money on either happening any time soon.

  20. garygillespieshamstring on

    Up the hoops



    I also commented about that previously. I noticed yesterday that she was saying Celtic vRangers.


    She has obviously been told by someone.

  21. They reacted well to our win there early last season and obviously we went on a great run after the December defeat.


    Under normal circumstances a win today would be about bragging rights, but as others have said the possibility of a shortened season makes this game crucial.

  22. DAVID66 on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 8:45 AM



    Pity about your knee…maybe you can still make the Bench Today ?


    I am okay DAVID, and I finally got my replacement computer yesterday after taking delivery of a faulty one on Wednesday…I am on ” The Upgrade”…as I now have “Windows 10”.


    I like the number “10”