Celtic with a an outlet for frustration


Current form is not required to provide a bit of nervousness for visits to the Tony Macaroni.  Our three visits since 2007 have returned two draws and a defeat to Livingston, Callum McGregor and Tom Rogic’s goals on our last visit are the only times we have scored in that period.

Having watched Livingston and Hibs face an equally depleted Celtic in recent days, it was clear which team is stronger, although my interpretation is not supported by the bookies odds on which of them is more likely to lift the League Cup.  Livingston failed to win their first game in nine against Celtic, for any team, they are remarkably strong.

Plastic has not been our friend in West Lothian or Ayrshire, while indiscipline, in the form of a red card-inducing lunge by Ryan Christie last season didn’t help either.  Both factors can be mitigated.

Our recent visits to Livingston and their current form have no relevance for Celtic tonight.  We have a significantly stronger squad who have a point to prove.  All that frustrated energy that was evident in Neil Lennon and no doubt exists with the players has an outlet.  No excuses tonight, Celtic, get the job done.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS on 20TH JANUARY 2021 5:19 PM



    Rock Tree bhoy – where in the Calton ?





    165 Moncur street, quite near the Barras, probably knocked down now..



    🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀

  2. All the politicos heading into the Whitehouse for a slap up lunch and a few jars, wonder what’s on the menue.

  3. Use the squad


























  4. When Joe Biden was reciting the oath and came to the ” I promise to execute.”….. Mrs Gene said Trump

  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 20th January 2021 5:56 pm










    Thanks for posting that link to Amanda Gorman.




    your welcome my freind …



    smiley we all need help climbing that hill thing






    smiley she is truly gifted in the wordwomanship thing

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good luck to Joe Biden (Celtic).



    Am actually feeling quite poignant about the mere fact that a sane human being is now the US President.



    Meanwhile back in this banana republic



    Without any embellishments … this is from official government data ….



    On average, over the last 24 hours, one person in the UK died of Covid-19 every 47½ seconds.



    As of today, 0.7% of the UK population (yes you read that correctly) is fully vaccinated.



    Stay safe.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. Toaty Trumper @ 4.14



    You really are showing your ignorance with tripe like that.


    For a start you do not know what monetarism was / is / where it will be in the future.



    How can you pass comment on any element of the political economy when you will not admit to having any politrical beliefs of your own?



    Consequently back underneath your bridge — oh empty one.



    You would have thought that fighting on the beach at Anzio would have allowed him to develop a well honed sense of collectivism / constructivism to deliver progressive politics.



    DH was a human being who became a polititian.


    Too many of today’s polititians do not have his same outlook.



    As noted growing up in the 30’s and WW2 generated a value for community that has been lost with the drift towards cod individualism and a desire to only hear what they want to hear.

  8. Adi



    If there is…you won’t find them in here.



    Everyone has gone; they’re either watching Man City…or looking at weather forecasts 😉




  9. B2B @ 6.19



    Your vax stat is tripe.


    It does not tell the full story.


    Please go back to where you found it and shout it loud that they are at it.



    The factoid is forced / partial; /slanted.


    It has all the hallmarks of facebook propaganda.

  10. MM


    Just because a politician grew up in the 30s does not mean that they have any sense of community. Thatcher was only a couple of years younger than Healy and we all know her views on society.

  11. C43 @ 6.55



    You make my argument for me.


    MT was an outlier regarding her viewpoints and attitudes.


    She became a useful idiot for the papers to bump up when KJ dabbled in eugenics.


    Never a real Tory or even a conservative — she was a mutant Victorian free trader.



    She did not volunteer for any war work / activities.


    She was self centred even then — she had to wait 30 nyears for people to forget.


    Plus a bit of bribery / “swamped” style racism / stupid Nats.



    She ruined ice cream and flung herself at a divorcee with a Jag.


    Classy burd.

  12. @CelticFC v Livingston line up …



    Barkas, Ajer, Bitton, Duffy, Taylor, Soro, McGregor, Christie Turnbull, Griffiths, Elyounousi

  13. CELTIC: Barkas, Taylor, Duffy, Bitton, Griffiths, Soro, Turnbull, Christie, Elyounoussi, Ajer, McGregor.


    Subs: Bain, Brown, Ajeti, Klimala, Rogic, Johnston, Frimpong, Welsh, Laxalt

  14. I cant believe i am typing this, but, what war service did you expect Thatcher to volunteer for when she was 19 when it ended ?






    Margaret Hilda Roberts was born on 13 October 1925, in Grantham, Lincolnshire.[5] Her parents were Alfred Roberts (1892–1970), from Northamptonshire, and Beatrice Ethel (née Stephenson, 1888–1960), from Lincolnshire.[5][6] Her father’s maternal grandmother, Catherine Sullivan, was born in County Kerry, Ireland.[7]

  15. glendalystonsils on




    OK I’ll kick off the live updates …….It’s effin freezin at the Antonio Macaronio .

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just watched the service for he reception of Archbishop Tartaglia in the cathedral . His brother Msr Gerry gave a lovely eulogy also


    God rest his soul and pray for his family and friends

  17. St2 @ 7.09



    You have outed yourself now — Maggie lover …



    Queenie made the papers with some nursing stuff.


    Lots of 18 year of women got involved or joined up.


    MR did neither — so stop the excuses.

  18. Team for tonight — more darts at the dartboard.



    NB should not be playing as a CB.


    Sweeper possibly but not a full on defender.



    Hopefully NL knows that things are coming to an end.

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