Celtic with points to prove


Back in the 80s, when Billy McNeill was in charge, you could relay in Celtic responding after a defeat by giving the next poor team to face them a pasting.  They played with urgency from the start, which they often only deployed in the closing minutes of games when they were chasing a winner.

Football then got a whole lot more methodical, especially since Martin O’Neill arrived and instilled a discipline unseen in my time watching Celtic.  Under O’Neill and Gordon Strachan, Celtic would open the next game on-plan, without giving the impression they had something to prove.  It might be different tonight.  Neil Lennon has made it clear that the 11 who take the field against St Johnstone have something to prove to him, as well as to the support.  I’m expecting a big result.

Blogging on the go today so not really got time to deal with Our Pal Charlie but I’ll catch up tomorrow.

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  1. Som mes que un club on

    Can anyone cut and paste the article from Spiers today please.



    I seem to have used up my 5 articles



    Thanks in advance.







    Posted a couple of weeks back a reliable source told me Sevco had run up a £200,000 unpaid electricity bill already.



    As far as I am aware ‘External Debt’ is a term used to define debt owed by a Country to creditors outside that country. Never seen it used for a business.

  3. Some rather twitchy older sevco followers at a meeting earlier,


    have they had sight of the FTT “report”?


    well they wouldny admit to it but methinks they have and its not gone as planned.



    If ony they were internet bampots rather than just ordinary bampots theyd know the full story

  4. 1st



    Well, Jungle Jim living in the same close (and possibly the same house) as James McGrory is the obvious choice but modesty forbids so,for involving both members of an amazing strike force, Chris Sutton and the King of Kings,the number one spot goes to…….

  5. Paul67



    Posted earlier that I am really looking forward to the game tonight. Mon The Hoops!

  6. From the very last post on the last blog







    15:08 on 30 October, 2012


    Have a great story about me and my bhoy when he was about 6 but it’s way to unbelievable to print and have me ever regarded as anything but a chuck green impersonator! Honest Guv



  7. Jungle Jim @ 14.58 (again). (Posted after new article).



    I’m an old Bar-m boy, and didn’t realise that Stevie Chalmers lived in our midst. Whereabouts, and where were you from?



    I lived in Ryemount Rd.




    junglejim.i have to object strongly or as MARTIN BAIN would say ROBUSTLY.but the again he always looses.where and when did you live in BARMULLOCH.

  9. Jonny


    Stevie lived in Lamont Road and Harry Hood lived two minutes from me as well! I lived in Bishopmill Road. In fact, I have the number 42 from our old house on a bench outside my current abode!

  10. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    I once sat in the same row as Stevie Chalmers at mass in St. Benedict’s. Always hoped to actually sit beside him but never managed it.

  11. kikinthenakas not the very last post, I replied to you. Go on tell us you have made me curious and I know you really do want to tell us anyway. Just like the guy in the pub who protests “He, can’t sing” but he is really bursting for someone to ask him all the same.

  12. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Reading Phil’s article he gives a lot of credit to Spiers – maybe we underestimate the threat under which some journos are working.


    Difficult to tell

  13. some of the players tonight will have a lot to make up for after Saturdays display but that must depend on who takes to the field I cant see the same eleven starting.




  14. @ rangerstaxcase


    New Sevco investors- you do realise that your money can (and almost certainly will) be syphoned off to repay debt to initial investors?



    Sevco’s new PR plan: include so much illogical nonsense & corrections to previous lies in one statement that it is hard to keep up.



    Actual quote: “The Rangers Football Club Ltd. is a company free of external debt”. EXTERNAL debt? Why the qualifier, Charlie?




    My heart sank as I watched last week’s Channel Four News item about critics of Rangers FC coming in for threats or menacing intimidation from either fans or rogue elements with links to the Ibrox club.


    I’ve been there, had the treatment, received such threats myself. It was all highly familiar, even if I’ve never written publicly about it until now.


    One of Channel 4’s interviewees was Gary Allan, the Scottish QC, who said that, after his involvement with an SFA panel which punished Rangers for bringing the game into disrepute, Strathclyde Police had summoned him to an urgent meeting due to threats being made against him.


    Allan spoke of the subsequent threats to himself and his family. It was obvious he regretted ever getting embroiled with Rangers in the first place.


    My own story of covering Rangers – and being critical of certain aspects of the club – has incurred similar menace. It all started around 10 years ago when, as chief sports writer on The Herald, I began focusing on the bigoted singing issue over which the club was then wearyingly engaged with its supporters.


    After a number of pieces highlighting this blight upon Rangers, the threatening letters, the phone calls and the internet poison on Rangers fans’ sites all began to build in momentum against me.


    Round about 2005, my then editor at The Herald phoned me and said: “How do you feel about this? We have a concern about it at the paper. We think we should speak to the police about your security.”


    I was pretty nonplussed to hear this, not least because, in truth, I had never been that bothered by it. “I don’t think we need to go that far,” I told my editor. “I really don’t think it’s that bad, is it?” In the end, we agreed to let it lie in terms of police involvement.


    Yet the threats towards me grew. It seemed to me they came from a kind of rogue, angry underclass which appeared to have attached itself to the club.


    Any sweeping generalisations about Rangers fans, however, were both futile and inaccurate. The fact was, whenever I engaged in pub debate with Rangers fans – which was often – the conversation was normally civil, if combative.


    But then came another incident, when the press bus stopped 200 yards short of the Villarreal stadium on a Champions League night with Rangers in 2006. I got fairly bumped around and was spat at as we made our way through the Rangers throngs to the arena.


    That was the night when the Villarreal team bus got pelted and suffered a smashed window, and just months before Uefa censured Rangers for bigoted chanting. On the latter, a few Rangers fans on the fervid message-boards blamed me for somehow “shopping” the club to Uefa via my critical editorials on the subject.


    Fast forward to 2011, by which time we’d had the disturbances in Manchester involving Rangers fans, and their offensive singing at the 2011 League Cup final, both of which caused the club further headaches.


    Again, I’d written critically on these topics, which only kept the poison flowing in my direction.


    Then, on the morning of April 21 last year, colleagues began texting me about a fresh alarm. The Daily Record had published a picture of me with an accompanying story, claiming I was one of a number of people being targeted by cranks, because of my criticisms of Rangers.


    That particular day I had other family concerns on my mind, and I more or less ignored the Record story. But the next day I received a phone call.


    “Graham, this is Detective Chief Superintendent [xxxxxxx] from the counter-terrorism unit at Strathclyde Police…”


    I was incredulous. “You’re kidding me, right?” I said. “You are kidding me on, surely?”


    “No, I’m not,” he said. “And we think we need to come and see you at home pretty soon.”


    I duly spent two hours listening to police security specialists explaining to me that they had information about threats being made against me, and that these threats were linked to my writing and broadcasting about Rangers.


    And so it has gone on, the threat of intimidation rising and falling in line with my writing about this football club.


    The context, I believe, is this. Rangers FC have had supporter issues to deal with over the years. Many of these issues have seen great improvement in fans’ behaviour.


    But among the Rangers hard core there is resentment. Their faux Protestant culture around Rangers is something many Ibrox fans want to bin but the “traditionalists” want to preserve.


    It often seems to me that a modern, liberal Scotland has abandoned this section of the Rangers support; left them behind, and even actually mocked them for their out-dated beliefs.


    Whatever the context, in my own experience, Channel 4 got it right. You sometimes mix with Rangers at your peril.

  16. Ach, why not?





    Lustig Efe Wilson Izzy


    Matthews Vic Charlie Paddy







    Best of everything bar the attack (Sammi being out of the running).



    Here’s hoping, as always, for a breathtaking display of unfathomable genius.




  17. I know that it is your blog, Paul, but was it not a bit insensitive to announce a new article just as Jungle Jim was reaching a climax with his tenuous links to Celtic Greats competition,


    The poor guy is shattered.




  18. Pretty obvious Sevco have debt to Zeus Capital, etc and this is regarded as internal and not EXTERNAL debt.


    A couple of interesting articles in the rags today. For a change……



    Firstly,the record finally reporting that Murray et al knew of Whyte’s background,as they had,erm,carried out due diligence on him.



    Strange that never occurred to anyone in the media before,and equally strange that it should be reported now. Minty no longer flavour of the month? I got that pun from a Christmas cracker,btw.



    Secondly,Spiers backing up Alex Thomson’s revelations about intimidation. So what,you might ask? It’s hardly news,etc.



    However,Spiers has conveniently forgotten the reason he left his post at The Herald first time round. He was hounded from his job for having the temerity to question the financial future of RFC.



    Those guilty of intimidating Spiers were encouraged to do so by Murray,and the rest of the media did eff all about it.



    There are more than simple knuckle-draggers to blame here.

  20. Paul 67



    Given the day that’s in it, can you please answer this to the best of your knowledge.



    When can we expect the Scottish football authorities to clarify their joint statement of July 27 and spell out which bits of Oldco have transmogrified into Sevco-Newco and which bits have not?



    I ask because there is a statement from Sevco-Newco today and they still don’t seem to know.

  21. Deffo not same 11, Big Vic will definitely play imo, my guess same defence as Barca, Vic, Ledley, Kayal, Brown if fit otherwise Commons, Watt & Hooper.

  22. That’s news to me, I lived there from 1970-1980, and wasn’t aware that either of them lived close by. I dont know your age, but do/did you know Maury Lone, Becky and the Thomsons, from Bishopmill?




  23. JJ,



    I humbly accept the award, many thanks.



    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for all their support over the years.



    My good wife for being drunk enough to go up and ask the king of kings for a dance ( and HK for accepting like the gent he is )



    Big Sutty for holeing the 20 yarder on the 18th.



    Right ghuys, any body want to buy my 1st prize (including any associated historic transgressions )



    Hail! Hail!

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