Celtic work remains below-radar


I like the below-radar way Celtic have operated this transfer window.  Mikael Lustig arrived early without much of a murmur and Rabiu Ibrahim’s trial and signing went through with casual understatement, while Jaroslaw Fojut completed a pre-contract agreement before many of us had even reached his Wikipedia page.

Most of the headlines surrounding Celtic have been in connection with English clubs wanting our players, closely followed by public declarations of ‘I’m going nowhere’ from the players in question.

Compare and contrast with the situation over the city.  Almost daily Nikica Jelavic has to deal with a completely different scenario his club have placed him in, today telling STV, “The manager appreciates me and likes me, but I know the club are in a difficult financial situation and if they decided they needed to sell me, I would accept it.”

If you bump into Nikica tell him he’s talking rubbish.  His club were recently bought by a billionaire, they have no financial difficulties and they are reliably informed they are going to win their tax case.  Rangers players telling the media that their club are in a “difficult financial situation” are miles off-message.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    You`re a good man.


    I first heard that as a wee lad on the way back from Ibrox to the Govan ferry.


    Jock Stein`s reserves had just beaten the reserve huns 5-2.`59 or so.


    A solid phalanx of Tims marching their way thro` bandit territory.


    Thrilling stuff.



    Re. my performance.


    I`ll pass on the crit. notes from the Sydney Morning Herald.



  2. West Wales Celt on

    Catching up with Synde.


    The post mortem is starting already.


    Poor Swally, one hand behind his back, let down by his scouts, crippled by lack of finance, the club financially stretched for 11 years…


    Comedy gold.


    The squealing will get louder, the teeth gnashing more severe.



  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    West Wales Celt says:


    26 January, 2012 at 08:17


    Catching up with Synde.


    The post mortem is starting already.



    Maybe they should wait for the death.


    I`ll be taking nothing for granted.

  4. kitalba at 07:59



    In West Ham’s last 3 matches they have had at 4 penalties. They have scored 3 penalties in their last 2 games, but went out the cup earlier in the month with a penalty miss in a 1-0 defeat.



    So far this year all but one of their goals have been penalties!

  5. Morning all.



    I don’t know if anyone watched the “debate” on Independence last night. Personally, I was very disappointed by Nicola Sturgeon in particular. She seemed to reduce all her argument to populism and scaremongering.

  6. BJmac


    I hope you got a number one around yer jaw.


    Haunt a hoose wi that beard.




  7. re this from The Scotsman link at the top of page one of this article concerning El Agui, the Falkirk striker :



    “My manager saw me playing in a friendly and said I shouldn’t be a goalkeeper, I had to play as a striker. We didn’t have enough players so he told me to play up front. I said OK, and after just one game he thought I was good enough to stay there. It was an accident, just a friendly game. All the others players were on holiday so I had no choice.”



    So, the team turns up and are short. The manager either says ,” OK, `keeper, you play up front and we will play without a goalie.” or. “OK `keeper, you play up front and we will put an outfiled player in goal.” Am I missing something?




  8. Morning



    Some say that he once punched a Citroën Diane until it looked good


    and that when he was a contestant on the Price is Right they had to move filming to the London Eye.



    All we know is he’s Victor Wanyama






    Apprenticeship papers in the post

  9. nothing without fans says:


    26 January, 2012 at 08:47



    I’d be amazed if West Ham or anybody pays 7 million for Jello, the guy is not a bad player, if the truth be known, I think he is quite a good player in the right team. Maybe Celtic should offer 3 million for him. That, to my mind would be about all I would offer for a four cylinder player tarted up and rebadged by a salesman to look like a super V8.

  10. Morning All



    I have been out the loop for the last week or so, for numerous reasons that I will not bore you with.


    Would anybody be able to give a synopsis of events over the last week of what we have been up to and how the dark side doing?



    Thanks in advance

  11. RTC blog chaps are debating whether the integrity of their blog has been chopped somewhat by the popularity of the tax case. This is a debate we won’t be having any time soon what with Sydney Tim kicking around!



    We need a striker a little less than Rangers need a miracle.

  12. WWC



    and how i intent to enjoy it



    pain of the hun hoards is palpable ………some are even beginning to realise how perilous their position is …….



    great viewing

  13. kitalba at 09:07 said:



    ‘I’d be amazed if West Ham or anybody pays 7 million for Jello, the guy is not a bad player, if the truth be known, I think he is quite a good player in the right team. Maybe Celtic should offer 3 million for him.’



    Can’t agree with you, mate: we don’t get enough penalties to justify such an outlay.



    Although it would be a fantastic PR stunt ;-)




  14. SolentDave says:


    26 January, 2012 at 09:08



    quicky summary


    we are doing ok …Huns are fecked

  15. Mullet and Co said at 09:09



    Yeah, I saw that …



    I struck me that Paul could offer to lend RTC some of CQN’s excellent moderators … ?!

  16. SolentDave,



    Celtic 4 points clear at the top


    Rangers are trying desperately to flog Jelavic and keep telling big whoppers to anyone that will listen.


    The hardcopy press are now admitting that things look a tad bleak but don’t ask them to apologise to rangers fans for not telling the truth about Whyte way back in the due dilligence days.



    We could sign someone but the hardcopy press are not in the loop. Fraser Forster looks likely as does a striker on loan.

  17. Parkheadcumsalford



    G-day mate.


    I saw it the other way round .To me Wallace and the labour lady came across poorly . They seemed to be trying to muddy the waters with their nit-picking around the legality of a referendum. The big issues were getting ignored.

  18. Seeing as its Burns time of year.



    Wee sleekit creepy bhun beasty,


    soon tae hae 5 stars removed from yer breesty


    ye took yer chance and skipped yer taxes


    noo hmrc huv yer baws in vices


    yer gaffers skint, the larders bare


    theres hee haw in the bank onymare


    theres no point greetin or askin fur help


    as the tims will surely issue a skelp


    They big red waws ootside yer grund


    will soon get selt tae feed the fund


    soon hunners eh bhuns will hae nae team


    and the whole of glesga wull be green


    So when yer eatin yer haggis the night


    spare a thought fur the blues so shit….e



    An raise yer glass please everyone



    Fur the one and only Tommy BURNS!!!!!!!!!







  19. Folly Folly,



    Jelavic knows he can sit on this and become a free agent in perhaps a few months or weeks. Why move now for £30k per week when he could get 10 more at some point later?



    He has no emotional toe to Rangers. West Ham should know that and are crazy to bid.



    The end is nigh

  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    Is Jordan Rhodes still a possibility or has that one died a death?



    I think he’d be a brilliant signing if it can be done.

  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Alan Pattullo: Despite rumours, there’s no going back for David Murray



    Published on Thursday 26 January 2012 01:44



    IT MIGHT make for a good headline, but the notion that Sir David Murray could somehow end up back at Rangers is a fanciful one.



    His return to Murray Park, reported to have occurred on Tuesday, has caused a stir. Some Rangers supporters might have greeted the news with a groan, while others, having grown more and more dismayed with the slow-burning nature of Craig Whyte’s tenure, could easily be persuaded to welcome such an outcome.



    Murray, though, wouldn’t be one of them. He is surely relieved that the annual headache of finding a way to win a two-horse race is now someone else’s department. The current palaver of identifying targets from abroad and then actually managing to get them into a Rangers shirt is a reminder of the joys of owning a football club. Murray may miss the profile but much of the glamour has gone. Rangers move in shallower waters these days.



    Murray was described as looking on from the balcony of Ally McCoist’s office as a bounce-match took place below. It had been hoped that this game would allow McCoist the chance to run the rule over a number of trialists. However, by the time it had kicked off the most significant of these transfer targets had high-tailed it to Wearside, in a bid to win a move to Martin O’Neill’s Sunderland.



    The inference seemed clear. Rangers are in a chaotic state – the worst since pre-Graeme Souness days, according to former midfielder Jim Bett – and Murray could be the man to return, possibly while riding on a horse called hubris.



    Others interpreted Murray’s visit to mean that McCoist was consorting with the former chairman behind owner Craig Whyte’s back. It is a conclusion which is easier to arrive at if you also happen to believe that the Rangers manager is becoming ever more frustrated by an off-field situation at Ibrox, one which threatens to undermine his status as a club legend.



    All the ingredients of a great football drama were there. It included the added spice of a walk-on part from O’Neill, who stands accused of luring Zlatan Muslimovic from Rangers to Sunderland in a move which causes the Ibrox club fresh embarrassment. Football loves a narrative which involves the return of someone to a former life, and the thought that Murray might be looking out the candy-stripe tie again would turn the recent story of Rangers into an even bigger pantomime. Murray, newly remarried, is surely aware of that.



    He is known to be enjoying an existence which is not defined by his association with Rangers FC. He often complained that while the club amounts to only a small proportion of his business empire, it took up as much as 80 per cent of his time. It was a way of life for him for 23 years so it seems unrealistic to think that, just eight months on from selling the club, he should be completely divorced from it.



    However, he might now think twice about popping into Murray Park – he is reported to have attended a scheduled appointment with the club doctor – although it seems strange that he shouldn’t be permitted to visit a place which still bears his own name.



    There is a persistent rumour that Murray is set to reclaim possession of the club should Whyte fail to meet certain obligations. This appears to be a complete non-starter. If Whyte hasn’t agreed to take on the debts, and the tax case, then why else would Murray have agreed to sell the club for the token price of just a single pound? And why would he want Rangers back again if the club was proved to be in such a state that initiating its recovery proved beyond the current owner?



    It would seem far more likely although this is just fevered speculation that Sir David Murray paid Alistair Mc Coist a visit to convince him not to walk away from his position as the manager of Glasgow Rangers. Sir David will have a direct hotline to the machinations of the judicial process and may have made his courtesy call to inform Mc Coist what exactly the situation is with regards to the big tax appeal at the present moment which begs the question is Sir David Murray still really involved with Rangers using Craig Whyte as a cunning conduit to avoid the flack that will undoubtedly come his way should Rangers face an insolvency event.



    Whether it is or isn´t can only be speculated but for the moment it is now Whyte’s problem, although the result of the issue with HMRC – which relates to payments made on loans to players as long as a decade ago – is not certain to go against Rangers. The tribunal, held last week in Edinburgh, is believed to have gone as well as could be expected for the Ibrox club.



    But it is because of this case that Murray remains attached to Rangers, whether he likes it or not. While Murray isn’t straining to hear news of each new Rangers signing target it would be wrong to think he is not waiting rather anxiously to learn the outcome of this tax case, with the conclusion expected to be delivered within five weeks’ time.



    He knows if the finding goes against Rangers then the outlook does not look good for the club. Administration is viewed as being highly likely. It isn’t what he wanted for the club, clearly. He is also more qualified than anyone to know what it would mean for him in the rapacious world of business. Whyte would have no qualms about declaring they were left with no option by the excesses and mistakes of the previous regime. Murray sold to someone billed as the only serious player in town. It was the only way out at the time but it could have come at a cost.



    Now he must wait for the outcome of a tax tribunal to learn how history will judge him.



    It is not a prospect anyone would relish especially if it comes out in the wash that Craig Whyte is working to a Sir David Murray devised exit strategy and for David Murray.

  22. .



    If Jellylegs..is Worth 10M that is 1.11Million per Goal..as he has Only Scored 9 Goals from Open Play..



    Tho Using that Method Henrik Larsson should Have been the Worlds first 50 Million Player..



    Makes sense tae SydneyTim..




  23. Watching that Kris Commons video brings back good memories, lets hope he gets 90 mins on Sunday.