Celtic work remains below-radar


I like the below-radar way Celtic have operated this transfer window.  Mikael Lustig arrived early without much of a murmur and Rabiu Ibrahim’s trial and signing went through with casual understatement, while Jaroslaw Fojut completed a pre-contract agreement before many of us had even reached his Wikipedia page.

Most of the headlines surrounding Celtic have been in connection with English clubs wanting our players, closely followed by public declarations of ‘I’m going nowhere’ from the players in question.

Compare and contrast with the situation over the city.  Almost daily Nikica Jelavic has to deal with a completely different scenario his club have placed him in, today telling STV, “The manager appreciates me and likes me, but I know the club are in a difficult financial situation and if they decided they needed to sell me, I would accept it.”

If you bump into Nikica tell him he’s talking rubbish.  His club were recently bought by a billionaire, they have no financial difficulties and they are reliably informed they are going to win their tax case.  Rangers players telling the media that their club are in a “difficult financial situation” are miles off-message.

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  1. KJamBhoy says:


    26 January, 2012 at 11:11



    Amy at cincsentits raved about Tickets.


    I don’t think it is for me.


    i was not a fan under it’s previous chef same style/owner.


    I’m going for a carling and chips !

  2. Does anyone have any concrete info on Jelly legs contract status



    ie. have Rangers paid fully for him or is there installments still to be paid which they, ironically, can’t fund without selling him? Does his previous club have a sell on clause?



    Also, are there any other Rangers players where installments are due? Wallace?



    Part of me thinks that they need to sell jelly to survive the next couple of months, would be interesting if anyone had any concrete info on the subject?

  3. I hate the EPL with it’s low morales and dirty SKY money.



    Gary Megson


    “I took Bolton further in Europe than they’ve ever been, yet I was told by the chairman to get out of Europe because they don’t make any money in it and it was having an impact on the league position, and it was absolutely imperative to stay in the Premiership,” he added.



    “Well bearing in mind that was the worst start that’s ever been seen in the Premiership and still is, it was a huge ask to stay up, notwithstanding the fact we were in Europe.



    “We took the reserves to Bayern Munich and got a draw there, most people get beaten, and there’s a lot of British teams since then can’t get a result there.



    “We went to Red Star Belgrade, were the first team ever to have won there in over 100 years, managed to get through and we knocked out Atletico Madrid over two legs.



    “I do think that if it hadn’t had been as tenuous in the Premiership we could have got even further against Sporting Lisbon.



    “But we just had to make sure that the club stayed up, by hook or by crook, we managed to do that, and yet you’re still viewed as you were viewed.”

  4. Herodotus



    Took me a while to find you as you were misrepresented as”Herodutos”.



    I haven’t noticed your tag previously. I hope you enjoyed Aust Day in the Lockyer Valley and that it was dryer than last year at this time. Perchance you’ve had a drink or two in the CBD today after an early finish?

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Pedrocaravanachio67 Pedro I think yout man is very entertaining and unbelievable he would pass for my twin my wife was killing her self laughing. H.H.

  6. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    macanbheatha says:


    26 January, 2012 at 11:17



    Maybe……but i could think of a few other candidates.



    It’s definetely not me or my brother………honestly.




  7. Jellyfish : the stats, and some comparisons.



    Last season, 16 in 23 starts, a goal every 113 mins Conor Sammon 15 in 23 starts a goal every 119 mins.


    This season, 14 in 22 starts, a goal every 136 mins. Francis Sandaza 10 in 17 starts. a goal every 140 mins.



    This season 5 penalties in his 14 goals, and he still hasn’t managed to achieve the scoring ratio he achieved last season.



    To be fair the majority of his goals win them points that they otherwise would have dropped, and they will miss him if he goes, but the stats show he is only marginally better than Sammon and Sandaza, playing for a better team and getting penalties.



    £9m – aye right !

  8. If they (God forbid) seek access to SPL why would there be a points deduction? They would have no relationship with the club that went into liquidation.



    It would be like snobs paying extra to use a specific queue – it would not be a punishment just the price to be paid for not having to queue like everyone else.




  9. Vmhan Supporting Lenny! says:


    26 January, 2012 at 10:36



    You do yourself a dis-service there was very clever stuff there, rowing boat indeed…..

  10. whitedoghunch says:


    26 January, 2012 at 11:20



    I have heard mixed reports to be honest. Some people absolutely love it and others think its over rated.

  11. Funny stuff from FF:



    Re: Anyone else finding our current situation is starting to affect their lives ?






    Taking the bait not the Rangers way mate.





    When I heard we had sent Enar Jaager home without a deal I volleyed the Cat.





    I know mate, and I’m usually able to keep my counsel but just snapped today



    Walked away from a Motherwell fan who was trying to take to me about it yesterday as well. Not at the wind-up, just totally sickened to have to go over it again.





    Yes!! Im like a Bear after reading certain things everyday! Snapping at my Girlfriend for silly wee things just becuase the reported goings on at my club is killing me at the moment! Clarity and positivity moving forward is very much needed




    it just gets depressing. we need a lift….and selling Jelly is just gonna make it worse!!!





    Can’t concentrate at work snapped at my wife really bad last night.


    In general just losing my temper all the time.



    I am actually thinking about going to see a doctor tomorrow before I do something stupid.





    a Yid on the wind up, you should have gave him the fish hook



    yes, its affecting my life as well. Like all Bears I am worried sick.



    Just want this nightmare to end.





    It affects me when talking about football however, when I’m around scum fans I don’t bite even though inside I’m burning and cursing and raging!




    Feeling is akin to an animal in a trap, trying to gnaw its leg off these last few years. Even with title wins.

  12. Magnus says:


    26 January, 2012 at 11:21



    Magnus says:


    26 January, 2012 at 11:21



    What in the name of all that is sane are you on about. So you are Slan Abhaile, Edmond Dantes and all the other masks that you have been accused of. You once tried to mix it between me and kitalba but never once did we have a fallout though you tried hard to manufacture one. You are one sick puppy boy. I did not want it to be true but sadly with your infatuation and your ability to link obtuse and oblique posts months apart… you are just another sick reincarnation of that Neil Lennon and Away Celtic Support hater – Gold Coast Tom and all his vile hearted personas.



    How you make such quantum leaps is remarkable, nobody else can, but then you are not me and yet you can be ten different people on any given day. Maybe that kitalba post about narcissists was a wee bit too close to the bone. I noticed you never once answered a single question that he asked you and then you come on here again, no doubt after a few drinks and spread innuendo about me, that has always been your style, even back in the days of the old bbc and shamaratam or whatever you called youself back then. Oh how that blog, tim and hun alike, despised you. Are you really insane? Honestly Tom are you insane or just in need of a hug? Tom you seriously need proffessional help. Trust me.



    You out yourself every time you post because you simply ooze bile and there is just no disguising it. Well excuse me if I don’t wax and polish your vanity.



    I used to think kitalba went a wee bit overboard but now I know who the nutter is.

  13. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Haha,how do the huns think we felt when we were paying our taxes only to have them cheat their way to titles by paying players they couldn’t afford in the first place and for the national media to help them as best they can by trying their best to make sure they don’t suffer any punishment.



    Huns have a cheek.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    ASonof Dan



    Speaking of low morales in football:



    Bolivian President Evo Morales has been caught on camera apparently kneeing an opponent in the groin during a football game.



    The kick, which came after the president had been fouled, happened during a friendly match against a team led by the mayor of La Paz.



    The opposing player and one of Mr Morales’ bodyguards were both sent off.



    Reports say police tried to arrest the opposition player at the end of the match before the mayor intervened.



    Evo Morales led out a team of his governing Movement towards Socialism (Mas) party against the opposition Movement Without Fear (MSM) led by the mayor of La Paz, Luis Revilla.



    The match was a friendly to inaugurate a new football field in Pa Paz, Bolivia’s political capital.



    Bruising encounter



    But within five minutes, things turned nasty.



    Mr Morales was fouled by an opposition player, Daniel Gustavo Cartagena.



    In an apparent retaliation caught on video, he was seen kneeing Mr Cartagena in the genitals, sending him sprawling.



    “I passed the ball and, suddenly, I got hit, and not for the first time,” the president said later.



    After receiving treatment for injury, Mr Morales played on, and scored a goal.



    The match ended 4-4, with four players sent off, including Mr Cartagena and one of the president’s bodyguards.



    After the final whistle, police tried to arrest the opposition player, but were stopped by Mr Revilla, local media reported.



    “This was a football match, and on the pitch we are all players. It was just a clash. I am not moving while one of my players is in danger,” Bolivian newspaper La Razon quoted the mayor as saying.



    Doctors have advised Mr Morales to rest for several days to recover from bruising to his right leg.



    Mr Morales, 50, is a keen football fan and no stranger to controversy on and off the pitch.



    In 2007 he played a match at 6,000m (19,700 ft) above sea level in a protest against efforts to stop Bolivia playing its international fixtures at high altitude.



    And in 2006 he suffered a broken nose in a clash with a goalkeeper.

  15. Chatting with Ally – No 1 in a ocassional series



    The Absolute Not Man



    Ally McCoist is ‘absolutely not’ the type of man who would tell you something is not happening. It will always be ‘definitely’ or ‘absolutely’ not happening. He’s the sort of man who will ‘completely’ confirm or ‘totally’ deny any situation. Although he seems to have no concept of the term ‘redundancy’ or ‘superfluous’ in linguistics. I just wonder what it will take for him to understand the term ‘redundant’?



    Oh, wait a minute…




  16. Magnus:



    Tut! Tut! Another Gold Coast Tom mask… is what Herodotus claims for real. Now take your time we all know truth can be a bit of a challenge for you.



    1. the big owl says:



    11 November, 2010 at 01:52





    frank kafka


    f**k off


    your lot are lower than a rats bawbag



    2. thunder_tim says:



    10 November, 2010 at 21:58





    ‘The Trial’ of reading your stuff is getting me down; perhaps you should head off to ‘The Castle’ until you complete the ‘Metamorphisis’ into a Celtic fan.



    3. Castel Gandolfo says:



    10 November, 2010 at 21:47



    Kaffa … Scumbags ??? There is only one here tonight why don’t u sneak back to ff where u belong.


    Yea let’s not give the pro Celtic media any ammo….


    Football fans sing songs that people might be offended by get over yourself



    4. brinalackbhoy says:



    10 November, 2010 at 21:47



    Frank Kafka



    Now the boys who went to swinecastle are scum bags


    Well some of these bhoys were stabbed and glassed at the roseburn tonight


    Me thinks you would be better off in follow follow perhaps they would share your views on celtic supporters.



    That is you they are talking about magnus/tom.



    I have bundles more but I just can’t seem to get them organized. Lucky I was a wee bit of a squirrel before the archives went.



    That is some of the stuff people wrote about you Tom but they did not know it was you. I did. I do.

  17. Tom



    I set the trap and he took the bait. My intuition confirmed.



    Off to sleep the sleep of the just…..:-)



    Oiche Mhaith (as we say in Donegal)

  18. What is going on here?



    Why am I being dragged into this kitalba-herodotus-magnus business?



    What is it all about?



    I have not posted as anything other than Gold Coast Tom and Tom McLaughlin for God knows how long.



    Paul67 –



    If I have posted as anyone other than the 2 names I mention in the past year or whatever, especially in the last few days which seems to be the issue here, I hereby request that you publish the details forthwith, or alternatively, if you can, please confirm that I have not posted as herodotus or magnus or nyone else.



    This has gone on long enough. kitalba has been having a dig at me for weeks now with his obsession. I have hitherto ignored him, but tonight is the bottom of the barrell.



    Paul, please can you clear this up once and for all?



    Either clear me or shame me. Sorry to drag you into this, but I have to make a stand.




  19. The Men Who Stare at Ibrokes – by Ron Jonson



    In 1989 a secret unit was established by the most warped minds within the TFOD. Defying all known civilised practice – and indeed the laws of morality – they believed that an orc could adopt a cloak of dignity, walk upright, and, perhaps most chillingly, intimidate officials just by staring at them.