Celtic work remains below-radar


I like the below-radar way Celtic have operated this transfer window.  Mikael Lustig arrived early without much of a murmur and Rabiu Ibrahim’s trial and signing went through with casual understatement, while Jaroslaw Fojut completed a pre-contract agreement before many of us had even reached his Wikipedia page.

Most of the headlines surrounding Celtic have been in connection with English clubs wanting our players, closely followed by public declarations of ‘I’m going nowhere’ from the players in question.

Compare and contrast with the situation over the city.  Almost daily Nikica Jelavic has to deal with a completely different scenario his club have placed him in, today telling STV, “The manager appreciates me and likes me, but I know the club are in a difficult financial situation and if they decided they needed to sell me, I would accept it.”

If you bump into Nikica tell him he’s talking rubbish.  His club were recently bought by a billionaire, they have no financial difficulties and they are reliably informed they are going to win their tax case.  Rangers players telling the media that their club are in a “difficult financial situation” are miles off-message.

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  1. @SaintStivs



    I too watched with incredulity as Paxman interviewed Salmond. Jeremy Clarkson could have done it better.



    The best/worst bit was the logic


    A) Salmond had used the phrase ‘beacon of progress’


    B) something a bit like this had been used by Mugabe to describe Zimbabwe.


    C) Zimbabwe was a one-party state


    D) Did Salmond want Scotland to be a one party state?



    My brain did a flip…



    Someone actually needs to have a word with Paxman as he frequently turns his boorish condescension up to 11 when he is dealing with ‘foreigners’. There is a distinct whiff of xenophobia.

  2. If you can read the last paragraph without laughing, you are a better man than me…




    Frankfurt/Main – The 36 clubs and capital companies of the League Association achieved during the 2010-11 season their seventh straight revenue record. Despite a difficult economic environment, the clubs generated a total of 2.23 billion euro last season (nearly 2 billion euro from the Bundesliga).



    Within the past four years, revenue has increased 18.9 percent (24 percent in the Bundesliga). The DFL League Association announced the figures today during the presentation of the Bundesliga Report in Frankfurt am Main.



    “The measures for an improved cost control approved by the clubs in August 2010 have borne fruit. With that, professional football continues to have a strong outlook of remaining a success story, also because the Bundesliga is as popular as never before with fans, sponsors and media partners,” said Christian Seifert, Chief Executive Officer of the DFL executive board.



    Professional football recorded growth in all central income categories (revenues from advertising, media and professional football). After a loss last year (minus 78 million euro) the Bundesliga turned things around and achieved a profit of 52.5 million euro after taxes. In addition, the liabilities of the Bundesliga clubs in the core business dropped about 50 million euro from 644 million euro the year before to about 594 million euro. The 2. Bundesliga lowered its losses about one-quarter to 18.9 million euro (previous year: 25.3 million euro).



    Just as in previous years, professional football remained a prominent taxpayer in Germany. The clubs and capital companies paid 719 million euro (previous year: 700 million euro) in taxes and duties – more than ever before in professional football s history. And for the first time, more than 14,000 people are employed directly by the clubs or their subsidiaries.

  3. Bourne



    I’m confused again – what happens if I get a text from a taxi driver AND to make it worse he’s off duty – is that a text or info from a taxi driver or is it… A Taxi Driver Text!!!!




  4. fritzagrandold



    Only if his previous club release his registration and he has International clearance…

  5. bournesouprecipe on




    Ha – What if the taxi driver, that sends you the text on his day off is a Coyle?



    *shakes sore head*

  6. So that game yesterday that Director of Football Smith watched expecting to see Jaager play in, except he’d already turned tail and headed home to Tallinn…



    ….is that what is known as a flounce game?

  7. James Forrest is Lennon on

    My favourite bit of the whole transfer window so far has been reading Gordon Smith’s comments. These are they, and please, feel free to share. This is not a joke. He actually said this.



    “Muslimovic left yesterday after one training session. He could be at Sunderland but I don’t know for sure. All I know is he had a talk with Ally and was told we had set up a trial game for him … He made it cle…ar he didn’t want to play and said he had other options. We were not going to do anything without watching him in action … I watched the game and I thought Jaager was meant to be playing. But he wasn’t there and I don’t know where he’s gone. You’d better ask Ally about that.”



    This is their Director of Football. Clueless. And admits it. Lmao. Does it get – CAN IT GET – better than this? Oh I think maybe it can ….

  8. ASonOfDan says:


    25 January, 2012 at 14:32



    !!Bada Bing!!



    12/1 you are getting on him leaving…. :)



    I posted this yesterday.



    For those who like a bet.


    I have just had a look at the oddschecker site and 2 bets jumped out at me.


    Hibs to finish bottom at 7/2


    Mccoist 1st to leave, 12/1.


    Incredibly good prices on both, i think

  9. Few weeks ago I told that the place where I saw Jelavic going this transfer window was Russia.



    I see it’s happening now.

  10. bournesouprecipe says:


    25 January, 2012 at 14:47



    Gers ‘playing hard ball’ over Celik and his sister called Mona.



    And his poor mother, Upra, doesn’t know what to think.

  11. Snake Plissken on




    I saw that interview



    With a few more of those Independence is a cert. A thoroughly unprofessional childish performance from Paxman.



    The Mugabe stuff was disgraceful, Scotland has problems but nothing like Zimbabwe.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    A Son of Dan- If the price drops you can be sure Whytemare and his shyster pals will be on it.HH.

  13. starry plough



    Likely to CSKA Moscow.


    Would prefer to leave more work for best journalists in the work. Let’s see how long it will take them to find the news and use google translator.

  14. QuadBhoy says:


    25 January, 2012 at 13:41



    Is that your own work or did you copy and paste from RTC?

  15. James Forrest is Lennon



    Director of Football!



    “Ehhh…Whose he? Where is that one? Whit team is this?”




  16. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    Mr Z



    Thought you were going to tell us there that playing for West Ham was the equivalent of Siberian Salt Mines in football terms.




  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    25 January, 2012 at 13:44



    “, due in no small part to the unhelpful intervention of deranged dictator A.Hitler. ”






    I thought Big John Mc.Phail ( Big Hookey) scored the winner!!!

  18. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    St Martin’s Bhoy says:


    25 January, 2012 at 14:12






    A heartfelt comic epic about two simpletons hapless rise to become successive heads of a country’s largest institution of risible inbred bigots…



    ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

  19. Is that your own work or did you copy and paste from RTC?



    Poor show on my part – I should have said that it was an email from a mate. No idea if he wrote it or where he got it from though I’ve emailed him links to this site and RTC so he probably lifted it from RTC.




  20. The Battered Bunnet on




    It is remarkable how Smith refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever. He is a consummate buck passer.



    What happened with Muslimovic?: I don’t get involved in player evaluations, you’ll need to ask Ally McCoist



    What happened with Jaager’s contract?: I don’t deal with contracts. You’ll need to ask Ali Russell.



    Will Ally McCoist get any transfer money to spend?: I don’t get involved in that side of the business. You’ll need to speak with Craig Whyte.



    Will Jelavic still be here in February?: I don’t know the answer to that. You’ll need to ask his agent.



    What’s your job Gordon? I thought you were Director of Football: Well yes, I am. To an extent. But I don’t get involved in decision making on transfers, or player contracts, or scouting, or development. These things are someone else’s responsibility. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

  21. row z



    You are probably not far from the truth. What about :playing against Celtic hero Aiden McGeady in derby game?

  22. Algarvian says:



    25 January, 2012 at 14:52


    bournesouprecipe says:



    25 January, 2012 at 14:47


    Gers ‘playing hard ball’ over Celik and his sister called Mona.


    And his poor mother, Upra, doesn’t know what to think.






    Mervin Celik’s father has just commented.


    “We have told Rangers we will pay the 250k ourselves to get him to Gladgow. Range


    rs have asked us for 50k” says Luvra Celik

  23. The Battered Bunnet says:


    25 January, 2012 at 15:08



    Give the wigmeister a brekk,he’s looking after his sick maw n paw.

  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Seen this as more me,



    I’ve got the moves like J̶a̶g̶g̶e̶r̶ Sergeant



    I’ve got the moves like J̶a̶g̶g̶e̶r̶ Sergeant

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