Celtic’s £10m game


Win tonight and Celtic are guaranteed European group stage football of some description this season, which will be worth in the region of £10m, with the possibility of this rising significantly, should they subsequently beat Slavia Prague.

Around 50% of our income is determined this month; we are either a £100m club, or a £50m club.  How best to mitigate the downside of these variables is open to debate, but it is clear our competitive environment involves significant risk.  Group stage participation of any sort, with the added benefits of more testing games and Uefa coefficient points is crucial to the club.

Cluj manager, Dan Petrescu, will be inspired by the goal his team scored against Celtic six days ago, when they counter-attacked from a Celtic corner.  Playing on the break is a default position for many away from home in Europe, but Neil Lennon can be sure this what to expect tonight.

Celtic will have a more recognisable shape if Mikey Johnston and Hatem Abd Elhamed are fit.  Elhamed will liberate Kris Ajer for central defensive duties, while we might see (fully fit) Jozo Simunovic replace (still getting fit) Christopher Jullien.

Johnston is an absolute handful at the moment and could be crucial to the outcome.  Defenders often double up on him, creating space and opportunity elsewhere.  Boli Bolingoli also carries a particular burden, being the only left back at the club right now and on a yellow card.  We can scarcely afford to lose him ahead of next week’s playoff round.

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  1. TIMALOY29 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 3:20 PM


    RON67 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 3:19 PM



    we already have our marquee signing for this window julien



    He hasn’t been poor. He was poor for the 2nd Motherwell goal but otherwise has been solid.



    have to disagree a £7m centre back marquee signing should be able to step up to the plate and command the penalty box with his ability/positional sense/tackling , don’t see it in him.

  2. FRANKTERRY on 13TH AUGUST 2019 11:25 AM





    ‘Are brexiteers welcome on here – didn’t realise I am a racist.’







    Can you explain why you want to make myself and the vast majority of people in the uk financially worse off?






    Guys apologies for getting into a previous debate, but it cannot go unanswered.



    If Brexit is bad for Scotland , then Scottish ” independence ” is a basket case with economic catrosphopy.



    Not to mention, if Brexiteers are deemed racist, they what of the anglophopbic Scots nats.



    Racists are racists no matter the nationality, let’s call it out.



    Anyway guys rant over.






    I genuinely don’t understand your point. Are you agreeing that Brexit is going to make the majority in the Uk poorer but so is an independent Scotland thus they are both bad ideas? Or Brexit is good and and an independent Scotland bad? Or that they are both good?



    FWIW I didn’t vote SNP in the last election.



    Re Racism, I totally agree. As i made clear in a later post I don’t think all Brexiters are racist (although there are undoubtedly many who are). I am sure that there are some anti-English idiots in the SNP and are due the contempt that all racists deserve.

  3. Support Boli,a guy called van Dijk had a few ropey games after he signed, some hysterical criticism on here,similar to what Lustig got on here last season.

  4. JamesForrestsLeftFoot on

    Boli was intentionally targeted by Motherwell from the start of that game. Just watch the footage again.


    Perhaps not surprisingly, some of his passing was loose but on at least 2 occasions it seemed to be due to misundestandings between him and the recipient. But he never gave up and worked his way back into the game, improving as the half wore on.


    He then set up the James Forrest goal and had a solid 2nd half.



    Is it just possible that by targeting Boli the way they did, that Motherwell allowed Ajer the freedom to control his side of the field to such great effect?


    When James Forrest is double manned we all believe that that leaves gaps/less coverage elsewhere in the opposition – so why not when our defender is double marked/targeted?



    It’ll be sacrilege to say this on here, but KT was not immune from errors of position or judgement.


    Neither was Izzaguire or Mahe or McKinlay or whoever else played at full back.



    How much of this moaning about a new player is really about grieving over the loss of another player?




  5. Mike in Toronto on

    Burnley @ 3:16



    I am going to make a request…..



    I get that people are allowed to post opinions on here, but frankly your post should have no place on the blog, and it should be removed.



    I wont get into rebutting each point. But,



    Frankly, posts like yours are one of the reasons I dont engage much on here these days. And I know I am not the only one. So, calling for unity while driving posters away doesn’t seem like such a good strategy.



    But, more importantly, what I will say is that labeling those who have a different view point on a football club as suffering from mental illness is highly offensive, and hurtful.



    Recent studies show that 1 in 3 GP appointments in Scotland relate to mental health problems, and 12% of all Scots take anti-depressants. And 58% of those who suffer from mental health issues have been targeted or stigmatized as a result.






    We all know some great posters on here who have bravely and publicly discussed their problems. But, given the numbers, there likely are a whole lot more who, if we dont ourselves struggle with mental health issues, we have someone in our lives that does, and comments like yours, which stigmatize those with mental health problems, will do nothing to encourage people who maybe want/need a friend to talk to (on CQN or elsewhere) to reach out.



    And if you are suggesting that you didnt really mean that posters suffer from mental health issues, then using this as an insult is not acceptable.



    If you want to make your point about supporting the club, I and others would be happy to debate /discuss them with you. But, equating dissent with mental health issues is not right.



    please ask the mods to remove that post. If you dont, I will.



    And, mods, if you are looking in, I would ask that any post that, gratuitously slags off someone by suggesting that they have a mental disease or defect, should not be tolerated on CQN.

  6. Bada Bing well said


    One Boli Boli



    Burnley 78 well said


    One Celtic





    Hard night of working for each other and supporting each other against a well rested Romanian side.Go to work Celtic.do your best.


    Heading off to game now





  7. Roly Boli Roly Boli Roly Boli Boli


    Roly Boli Roly Boli Roli Boli Man




  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    Chicken Balmoral feed and done with half bottle of red, bus in 27 minutes, time for another glass?

  9. RON67 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 3:27 PM



    have to disagree a £7m centre back marquee signing should be able to step up to the plate and command the penalty box with his ability/positional sense/tackling , don’t see it in him.





    Is this all based off one header he lost? His record for winning aerial duels was the highest in the French league.



    He’s a class act. Don’t worry you can pretend you never said any of this when he becomes a key player.

  10. TIMALOY29 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 4:44 PM


    Is this all based off one header he lost?






    He’s a class act. Don’t worry you can pretend you never said any of this when he becomes a key player.

  11. BURNLEY78


    I think there is the makings of a special team that we will enjoy


    and will do us proud.


    The future looks bright




    I saw none of what you read


    but then I have real damage to the heid.


    Brownie MOM

  12. MIT



    With greatest of respect I do not agree.


    Removing would do what?


    Imo at least if post is there it can be discussed.whether pro or anti your point.



    It has like you posted already,opened up and shone a light on how we talk of mental health that’s good.


    I dint think b78 was a slate on those troubled by mental health problems I think it was more a general go at the irrationality of what we demand of Celtic.maybe clumsily put,its aff the scale at times.but imo no need for debate close down.


    Hope your well.



  13. First pint finished in my local before heading into town. Simple phrase I can’t get out my head.


    Get intae thum!



  14. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ AN TEARMANN on 13TH AUGUST 2019 5:04 PM



    I think it’s hard to say that people are irrational with their demands; we are very conservative in the transfer market, people just want to see a bit more ambition shown.



    I would also argue that we are not necessarily a “very well run club”. While the last 3 years have produced fantastic results and by all accounts Lenny has had a very encouraging start, history did not start with the arrival of Brendan.



    We had Ronny and that period of time and his tenure was unsuccessful both on and off the field (in relative terms); it would be difficult to argue we were well run during that period; if we were, we wouldn’t have had a half empty stadium at home matches.

  15. Good evening friends.


    Tonight’s preparation for the biggest game of the season so far involves a money saving tip. Why spend £2.40 on a half time Scotch Pie when you can have 2 for £1 before the game. Hopefully I’ll still be able to jump about. And hopefully there will be plenty of reasons for doing just that.


    8400 seconds till kick off….

  16. Mike in Toronto



    Mike, I doubt very much if Burnley 78 was questioning the mental stability of some on here


    more that he was questioning their credulity.




  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Basically what it all boils down to is that Celtic supporters just love a right good moan, we all know enough of them to verify that, it’s in our DNA, complain, complain, complain, and then complain some more. If it wasn’t Boli getting it it would be someone else, anyone else in fact, we just love to complain. I think we are quite unique in that respect, look at the success we have had over the last 3 seasons yet the complaints tally has just gone up and up and up. Heaven help us if sevco ever did get back on top.

  18. THCH



    The unsuccessful Ronny Deila never lost the SPL and signed.

















    Roberts 👍

  19. ‘mon The Hoops beats……..”Moan The Hoops” everytime.










    BURNLEY78 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 3:16 PM


    One of the biggest nights in our season and still we have the unfortunates who want to sow seeds of disharmony rather than align behind our common cause….







    So many on here seem so keen to see us lose in order they can say ‘I told you so’ blame the board or PL or whoever else might make us feel better….







    Some serious and enlightening psychological studies could be made of some of the posters here and their problems.







    Celtic have won 8 leagues and 3 trebles in a row…..they are an incredibly well run club in a riged global sporting marketplace.







    Celtic has a fantastic fanbase which when it aligns with the team as it did on Saturday can be hugely powerful.







    With those players who had limited game time last season and a few new guys yet to show their full potential, added to our core special players such as Calu, James, Eddie and Broony and who knows maybe Dan Petrescu might be right …. We could have a special season…







    Lets focus on what we have tonight.

  20. On the Gumny,thing.Has anyonevever seen him play.I bet not too many,but he would be a “Brilliant”signing.Based on what.Would not class the Polish league as a top league..


    The guy from Rosenborg.Yes he had a couple of good games against us,but reports from Rosenborg fans say,thats the best he has played.No great demand for his services from anywhere else with a year left on his contract.How many on here have seen him play regularly..


    This is the problem.I see the idiots on Twitter,who would not know Gumny,from a Gummy Bear,are rating him “A dream signing”.


    If he costs money,he must be good seems to be the mantra.Forgetting of course,our £7 million rated RB on loan from Dortmund last season..


    Anyway,play well tonight,we will win,of this I have no doubts.

  21. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Man City escape transfer ban even though, both them & PSG, were guilty of fraud.



    Meanwhile Chelsea are sinking to oblivion due to their imposed transfer ban.



    Not that I have any sympathy for Chelsea or their Russian Oligarch but this is another example of UEFA’s Anti-Eastern Europe Racism.



    Whsts good for 1….



    What a bent organization UEFA have become.



    Thats enough of that rabble rousing.We will have none of that here.


    You do know PL,has a Shhh,”Heated driveway”.Keep that to yourself.Dont want that getting out.The natives will get restless,demanding all sorts of what have you.You do know we have around 2 Squillion£ in the bank.


    You will be demanding “Disco lights”next.Upon my Soul.

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