Celtic’s difficulty retaining possession


Celtic played well to a point yesterday. We dominated the opening period but Hearts steadied and worked their way into the game. The old adage proved true; when you’re on top, you need to score. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the early pressure count.

I think it was coincidental that our period of domination ended around the time Stuart Armstrong was taken off injured. Stuart was not having such an overarching impact on the game, and James Forrest was an able replacement.

The goals eventually came from midfield, leaving us to defend a lead for the last 20 minutes. There’s not much you can do about Hearts added-time equaliser, which soared into the top corner, but our play in the final 10 minutes of the game was inviting the sucker punch. We couldn’t retain possession, often clearing the ball long, which allowed Hearts to launch forward again.

I wasn’t too concerned about the equaliser but we we’re going to lose late goals if we cannot retain possession.

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  1. Before some people get all excited about the new Galacticos down Govan way,can anyone tell me how their


    recent record is against big teams.


    Hibs and Falkirk will run them close for the 2nd tier league they are currently in

  2. People going over the top regarding the zombies in my opinion. They beat a poor Hibs team and only last week got well beat off the mighty Falkirk. St Johnstone gubbed them in the league cup and Morton held them at home.We have our own problems to solve no doubts about that but I won’t be losing any sleep over that mob.




    Yeah….and we are brilliant….right.


    If we cant beat a recently promoted Hearts after leading twice, or Motherwell recently for that matter.


    Do you really think we are so much better than Sevco or Hibs…..from what ive seen in the last few months, there isnt much in it.


    At present, we are not superior to any Scottish team, otherwise we would be romping the league….would we not?


    Dont get complacent.




  4. Attendances are dropping due to apathy. Unfortunately there are a number of reasons for this.


    The football has been poor for a number of years. This is why I gave my season ticket up a few years ago. The reduction in season tickets was an effort by the club at getting some interest back, but IMO even that was too much for the standard.


    Behind the scenes we are a bit of a mess. I was disappointed with the club stance on the Huns. They cheated for years and we let the Huns, organising bodies and media away with the biggest scand in British football.


    The club PR is strange. We trear our own fans worse than we treat other teams. Lawwell, Bankier and Livingstone aren’t who I want rune the club.



    The last three managerial appointments were wrong. RD is so far out of his depth I feel sorry for him. The signing policy of but cheap and sell as soon as we can doesn’t allow team building. We scout relatively poorly. Some of the recent players are making the worst in my lifetime. We have had four years without the Huns to build and start a legacy of quality, that’s not happened.


    Top to bottom we need change and a new direction.

  5. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    EBT´s, FPP tests, Face painters, BONUSES, heated driveways, Lords of Parkheads , Wage rises, TOBB, summits, fabric of society, EPL prices etc. are just soem of the reasons Scottish football is dying.



    What is interesting is that the Scottish punters (it would seem) do not want what the self serving cabal want.



    The question is can the cabal survive in exporting the new Old Firm to the rest of the world ?



    My answer is yes,




  6. Awenaw do’nt you worry i’ve got a pair but right on cue you prove my point Big-Cup Winners if I have to point them out to you well kind of proves my point, albeit IMHO H H Hebcelt

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I am not worried



    They must be microscopic



    havering sweetie wife tosh is all that you have ever offered




  8. SFTB,



    I was a bit young during the times you’re talking about, as much as I remember being crushed in on a few occasions, I can also remember games when the sparse bands of fans lit sporadic fires on the terracing to try and keep warm at some winter games, late 70’s if I remember correctly.

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut


    … there isnt such a great difference between the teams (Celtic and Sevco).



    That was Dalziel’s line on Clyde last year. Then we tortured them in the LC, then M’well took them apart home and away, then St Johnstone meted out a hammering.



    On another point, Celtic attendances did fall in the last three years of 9 in a row. Big Jock put it down to racing on TV.

  10. Antipodean Red



    I recall Easter Rd was particularly good for a wee fire.


    I dont think anybody actually toasted crumpets, but it kept you warmer:)


    There was a crazy amounts of booze in the grounds in those days….awash with it.


    Far off distant days eh:)





  11. Patrick Bamford cuts short ‘terrible’ loan spell at Crystal Palace


    A wee 6 months loan spell might be good business, Bamford scored 19 times in a similar arrangement at Middlesbrough last term and was voted the Championship’s player of the year.

  12. I buy a season ticket to go and see Celtic I also try and get to away games.I’m only interested in Celtic full stop.I’m lucky I can afford Sky Sports who are getting the bullet come next June. I have been with them for nearly 25 Yrs.but this while back they have been showing there true colours.and that I can’t take.also that BBC Scotland are another shower.who if I could I wouldn’t give them a thin dime.I’m thinking of getting BT sports or Virgin I’m a celtic man through and through. I couldn’t give to hoots about the cheats over in Govan so as far as I’m concerned this is a celtic forum.to talk up the huns on here is a crime.





    Good man. Sky can employ who they wish to say what they like.



    But there is no reason for a guid Tim to pay for that.








    Bamford has the makings of a right good player.



    I recall us taking a player on loan from an EPL club who had won Player of the Year in The Championship at his previous loanee club.



    Fraser Forster.



    Pardew didnae fancy him much either.

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Bedfellows …now that would make for honest advertising ;-)



    adversity and all that.








    Easter Road? Had some good days out there. Some in the Hibs end,too.



    Just as well,that time the CS canister got thrown,we could move upwards away from it.



    It was also the venue for the first time my Uncle Jim went to a match after the new drinking rules came in. He was based abroad.



    Wandering down to the turnstiles,kerry-oot in hand. Only to be stopped and told to put it in the skip.



    You can guess the reaction!



    We swiftly hammered what we could and opened the rest. No way the coppers were having a night out on our cargo.



    Worst though was the 4-1 hammering in Jock’s last season. For a lot of reasons.



    I find it amazing I watched the Rangers yesterday against Hibernian and if I am being truthful I think they would give us a tough game.Now consider the problems they have had over the past few years and folks telling us constantly they are going to go bust I think it shows to me anyway how poorly Celtic are run.We should be miles ahead of them and we are not we have paid a lot of money for our team the magic hat signed a lot of youngsters for free and on loan and yet there isnt such a great difference between the teams.Now in my opinion Bhoys you cant blame Ronny for that. H.H.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtics-difficulty-retaining-possession/comment-page-6/#comments



    Ok, name me two players from Sevco who could walk into the present Celtic team?


    I think you may struggle, but humour me.

  18. It’s not a secret that when Fergus McCann announced his plan for a 60,000 all seated stadium that there were some raised eyebrows even in Celtic quarters, as to whether Fergus was being optimistic. It turned out that having built it, the Celtic support did come, but its been posted many times here that Celtic v ( “SPL Crap © CQN ) “ was, and is unsustainable.



    The fact that Rangers happened on a journey to single handedly destroy themselves and drag Scottish football into the mire, hasn’t helped Celtic’s 60,000 seats one little bit, and has possibly permanently emptied some.



    I agree there will be some who’ll buy into the new club, sworn enemy routine, but I think there will also be others who’ll continue to drift away as thousands have done since the halcyon days of Henrik Larsson, there are a few on this very Blog.



    Who knows what the crowds will be with cheating laid bare, and partly condoned by our custodians? What will father say to boy when he asks “Can we go and see Celtic?” “No son, waste of time, Celtic play in a bent competition ”



    There are also of course many thousands of sabre rattling fireside fusilier Celtic fans in cyberspace who swear undying love and how they wish they were there. At the same time the current supporter is a mug for watching said crap, clearly contradicting their loyalty, or chance of any physical personal appearance inside the stadium, even if it was possible.



    Maybe they’re just not as great Celtic fans as they’d like us to think they are, and it’s all made up stuff from the internet, where the click of a button now brings Celtic to your living room on any given Saturday.








    Yep,I win today’s award for the obvious reply.



    Pwoud,vewy pwoud….

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    exactly what I said.



    The cabal knows that it can sell the Old Firm to armchair pundits.



    AND only they matter.



    When the day comes …. the fireside fusilier will have more spending power than the diehard away game fenians who will be shat on by their own ..when any glamour games ( a long time in coming) and not Sevco )


    come a calling …and for only ten bob more.



    So what´s new ?




  21. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    The sad truth is despite Huns being liquidated , poverty struck etc for 4 years they have reinvented a team that attracts same standard of player and number of supporters as Celtic.



    Celtic have failed miserably to take advantage of this. There is no clear green water between the clubs.



    I can’t bring myself to believe this is a wilful strategy and can only conclude it is a lesson in poor judgement .



    Lawwell and Desmond both carry the can for it. Sadly both are fireproof.



    The only way the fans can get to them would be via actions that would harm the club. That won’t happen.





    So what you are saying is that we have been let down by our ‘custodians’?



    Not much new there,old bean.



    Time was we thought that would never happen again though.

  23. Antipodean



    Sorry buddy just saw message



    Just started up at Wheatstone 2weeks ago with cb&i.



    No signal at all during day so 3hr window at night to get online… But usually try head gym dinner etc so not much time.. Especially to read these crappy ads.



    Hope you had good Christmas .. Scorcher it seems in Perth





    ‘The only way the fans can get to them would be via actions that would harm the club. That won’t happen.’



    Nor should it. But you are 100% correct. We must hang together,etc…

  25. BSR


    I am me one of those fans currently disillusioned in what I am seeing with Celtic


    I think over this past 3 years Celtic could have done much more to build better relationships with its fan base, and probably grow this


    The current direction, and a word used by Kev J and Doc, rudderless leadership, has me totally frustrated.


    I am one who calls for living within our means, sadly the current squad in my view is very poor, and I see no reason for this, other than some very very poor footballing decisions, on signings and Management team – as a. Few point out, I believe we should miles ahead of the rest in Scotland with our budget – sadly we are not.


    A major concern I have, our board to date have shown no appetite to challenge the Cheating our team has suffered for years, even with the evidence laid bare.


    I do not think I can accept a £50 price increase in my season tickets ( note tickets) if faced with blatant bigotry as a justification, Celtic can massage this anyway they like, but that will be the reason


    So to potentially expecting ( and this is conjecture) me to pay an extra £100 for 2 games I have no interest in attending will be a final straw for me.


    And I have been going to watch Celtic for over 40 yrs, out with my time spent in SA, you can count on 1 hand the number of home games I would miss per season


    Enough is enough for me


    Unless miracously Celtic find a voice and challenge the cheating and bigotry we face

  26. Sevco is nowhere near the standard of Celtic, a million miles from it. They are just a very good championship side. At full strength, we would wipe the floor with them. TD is right, name 2 of their players who would walk into the Celtic first team? We may not be producing our best at the moment, far from our best, but that still has us top of the league by 1 point with a game in hand and in the semis of the League Cup. Sevco a threat? dear oh dear por cierto.

  27. See Leeds have tried to ban Sky Sports from transmitting there live game against Derby this evening. but the big bad Football League has warned them about sanctions being used against them.go on leeds call there bluff.hopefully some big supporters clubs hear that they will come out and say something that will unite all supporters to get rid of Sky once and for all.

  28. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Falkirk and Hibs would beat Motherwell. We didn’t.

  29. Cowiebhoy –



    I’m a bit like that too (on the likelihood of increased season book prices). I’d still intend to be there to support my team at every game I could (except….) but I’d more than likely buy my tickets on a game by game basis.