Celtic’s difficulty retaining possession


Celtic played well to a point yesterday. We dominated the opening period but Hearts steadied and worked their way into the game. The old adage proved true; when you’re on top, you need to score. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the early pressure count.

I think it was coincidental that our period of domination ended around the time Stuart Armstrong was taken off injured. Stuart was not having such an overarching impact on the game, and James Forrest was an able replacement.

The goals eventually came from midfield, leaving us to defend a lead for the last 20 minutes. There’s not much you can do about Hearts added-time equaliser, which soared into the top corner, but our play in the final 10 minutes of the game was inviting the sucker punch. We couldn’t retain possession, often clearing the ball long, which allowed Hearts to launch forward again.

I wasn’t too concerned about the equaliser but we we’re going to lose late goals if we cannot retain possession.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    I totally agree that we should not be concerned about the goings on across the city and that our only focus should be on our team. However the downsizing and lack of ambition of our present custodians should be causing concern and it appears that they are happy with the position we are in and indeed looking forward to the return of Sevco and the “old firm” brand.

  2. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Por Cierto


    I don’t watch the Huns enough to answer you question but on the basis of watching yesterday’s game the following Orcs would be contenders :













    That’s not bigging up the Huns but illustrating how keech many of our players are performing under Deila and Collins.

  3. Jobo – agreed, would attend on a game to game basis, without any season tickets, and I know my mhate and his Bhoy are exactly the same.


    It is conjecture on season Ticket increase for next season, but I would envisage the price will go back to pre liquidation days, and to me this shows us accepting the same team are back – they are not, this is a team started in 2012, who should not have got into the league, as they had no justification or accounts to show worthiness

  4. On Sevco players good enough to play for us…



    On yesterday’s evidence possibly McKay and Holt. Tavenier will be exposed by better teams and Waghorn looks a stone overweight.



    Danny Wilson is truly hopeless.



    However, what they have is a decent unit – they fight hard, play the ball quickly and largely on the deck… We’d beat them 9 times out of ten, but they could conceivably cause us problems in a cup tie.

  5. I see no one has named two Huns from Sevco who would walk into our team at this present time?


    And we are no better than them?


    Strange I find it funny that these educated Celtic supporters on our rotten players, and the globe trotting Sevco team players, can’t name any?


    Scared to show your hand or what?


    Cmon get your Sevco players in my Celtic team, you know you want to?


    But you can’t, cause they’r farking rotten.


    I rest my case.

  6. proudbhoy,



    Good to hear that your working, I started here in Darwin on Christmas Eve, will be here for New Year as well, hasn’t stopped raining since I arrived. At least the lunch on Christmas Day was good!

  7. Cultsbhoy,I still think Celtic will finish above Motherwell,


    12.45 are you saying on the strength of watching a game yesterday,you would have 5 players in contention


    for a game with Celtic?


    wow.. is it the record or evening times you work for?

  8. lennon's passion on

    Are Celtic fans more interested than hating Sevco than supporting Celtic. I know many Tim’s that I thought were die hards walk away in the last 4 season for numerous flimsy excuses. You go on Celtic forum’s and pages and pages are dedicated to them. Is it part of our DNA that sevco are our rivals and when they’re are gone we don’t know how to react. We need the buzz of the rivalry ?


    Rangers fans are just the same except they feel they have a mission to get back on top. Which stirs the blood enough to keep going.

  9. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Nobody on here will argue that Rangers were liquidated but the same mob have reinvented a team that looks the same, wears the same strip , plays in the same ground , carries the same support and to all intents and purposes provides the same rivalry as previously.


    Our Board will believe them to be the same team even if most of our fans don’t. That said I feel the same repugnance towards the tribute act as I did the original team so the Board are probably on to something.


    I just find it sad that we have not put clear green water between us and them.


    I don’t believe as it stands we are set up for years of trouncing them.


    We should as of next year be budgeting for ECL every 5 years. We should have been budgeting for 2 out of 3.


    Major financial implications.


    Major lost opportunity to attract players who would accept pish SPFL to get a chance of European football.


    All in all a shocker by our Board over the past 4 years. The last 2 have been unbelievably poor.


    If no change is made the next 5 will see 15000 as a big crowd.

  10. That’s not bigging up the Huns but illustrating how keech many of our players are performing under Deila and Collins. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtics-difficulty-retaining-possession/comment-page-7/#comment-2745106


    That’s what’s called an oxymoron, you did just big them, and it’s just your hatred for RD that drives you, honest to god, Celtic supporters, telling us/me that Sevco have a better team / players than us, you be farking ashamed of yourself, awayyyyyyy an watch Sevco.

  11. TD



    Scott Allan would be a first pick for the Govan based galaticos ….. That sort of sums up the overall status of the two squads.



    Looks like the towel chuckers are out , still the potential extra parking spaces will be taken up by our fellow supporters who wil return when the galaticos squeak back to the top division

  12. Ffs, next time they’ll be joining in with the hymn sheet while watching them, all because of the hatred for the board and RD,


    Did you sign the petition to get Ronny out?


    Shocking, absolutely shocking.

  13. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Feck sake, I find myself agreeing with TD67. Anyone who thinks the huns are a threat to us needs their head examined. They are rank rotten.

  14. butsybhoy on 29th December 2015 1:06 pm………



    Read back and saw your comment from last night. Cheers pal was up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire by then J….. Appreciated, and V says Hi BTW.


    See you in January all being well. Should be home long enough to sell off remaining assets, etc.,



    God Bless you and yours.


    Regards & Hail Hail










    We don’t need to worry about them.



    We need to worry about their cohorts in power.



    That’s why MON made his comment about us needing to be miles better than them,they only need to be able be point to the good.



    Or even one goal.

  16. eddieinkirkmichael I agree I hear enough from the rotten mob ,,,that we are scared as they will soon be back,I can handle that as the vast majority of them are huns for a reason.. however what rips my kntting is Celtic fans believing this and trying to tell me what a good team they have.. I agree with some the gap should be bigger,however there is a significant gap.


    They have taken 4 points from their last 3 league games.





    Felicitations to V too.



    HH,and enjoy the trip.

  18. It’s the mindset and hatred that’s driving these people, I’v just proved it, to put a Sevco player in front of ant Celtic player present time, is ludicrous, oh and the recent…I fear for the club…….statements, well so do I, with supporters like this,? I find very, very, strange indeed.


    It’s gone to far, and way over the top.

  19. Big Cup Winners



    over 50,00 with the seats of shame still covered? was at the game and disagree there was over 50,000 bums on actual seats.

  20. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Let me make it easier for you…



    Ask yourself this question:



    On current form and taking account of injury history who in the Celtic squad is above question?



    For me…








  21. Eddieinkirkmichael 1.11



    Well I think anybody who doesn’t see them as a threat is blinded by bias.



    The team that they are currently fielding will be greatly improved upon if they are in the SPFL.


    They will play to bigger audiences ,with a frenzied support fully behind them.



    They will have more money than Aberdeen ,and let’s face it .


    We are struggling to shake them off this season.



    We have wasted the opportunity of over £80 million of CL income to separate us from them .


    When they’re Huns hordes eventually return to the SPFL they will be buoyed by hatred ,revenge ,fervour ,and excitement.



    We as a club and a support have become complacent,negligent ,and over privileged.




    Those with your and TD 67’s mentality are about to get a stomach wrenching kick in the bawls.


    Metaphorically speaking.




  22. Daily Pentangle



    Last night , under- fire Celtic manager , Deila , brushed away accusations that his team were not up to the task of reaching a CL semi-final having only scored 3 with no reply against an out-of-sorts Bayern Munich , in a less than full Celtic Park.



    The first goal arrived against the run of play with a defensive blunder whilst 2 Celtic forwards were clearly offside. Minutes later the Glasgow team couldn’t believe their luck when after a 25 passing move ., a speculative 30 yard strike from young Nesbitt nestled into the corner of the net.



    After some trouble on the terracing , play restarted but Bayern inexplicably could not convert their obvious superiority into goals.



    The second half started to a chorus of discriminatory chanting from the home support , which surely UEFA , must severely punish the club with ground closures , and it was during this distasteful period that the Bayern defence were frozen and allowed young Nesbitt to walk past 4,defenders and send the keeper the wrong way with a finish from 12 yards.



    On to Munich now where the unde-fire Glasgow team and their inexperienced Norwegian manager will be sorely put to the test.



    …… Wake up and smell the coffee …… Desist the towel chucking …….

  23. I had previously said i thought Warburton is a good manager and they were a decent side.



    Having seen them more often now and the opposition had time to consider their own tactics I think they are a good bit away from us.



    Bear in mind that yesterday the crowd played a big part – it was a Champions League atmosphere effectively.



    Also bear in mind that Hibs are well behind us in terms of quality.



    Sevco overload players, everyone bombs forward. Clubs in the Championship now know to limit the space they offer. As a result Sevco have lots of possession and it goes back and forward across the pitch. They have no real shape so if the lose possession (and the opposition have some quality) they will succumb to the counter attack.



    They have no presence in the box either.



    I think we’d beat them comfortably as they would try and attack us therefore being a very different proposition to the norm.



    As for players – Wallace may get in our team. Waghorn is probably on a par with Ciftci, but then Ciftci isn’t a first choice for us.



    Nobody else would be guaranteed to get on our bench.





    I do mate, they are just about to re-emerge and the SFA will be intent on ensuring they get every favour that is going.

  25. Back onto football



    Patrick Bamford – can a player just pull out/cancel a loan deal ?


    I seen his name mentioned last season as a loan target for us, he did do very well at Middlesborough

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    To name two the Rangers players who would get in our team in my opinion is not the point. The night we beat Barcelona at Parkhead I dont believe one Celtic player would have got into that Barcelona team.The point I am making is we are not as far in front of the Ibrokes mob as we should be or indeed some on CQN think we are.Now that for me is a sign that we as a club have to up our game we have failed in my opinion to make real head way in the past three or four seasons. We need to get rid of much of the dead wood at our club as they are drawing wages and unlikely to ever be first team regulars as this is taking funds out of the club that could be used to bring in new players.However,firstly we need to improve our scouting network as they are bringing to many poor players to our club to mention only two of many GMS and Cifti but there have been many others.While we pursue young players we hope to sell on the club needs two or three senior players to help the younger first team players.I support Ronny but understand the doubt many Celtic fans have about our manager but any decision should be left until the end of the season when we can see the full result of our current season.H.H.





    That’s ok, we’re all entitled to our opinion, even if your’s is wrong.





    ps I know for a fact there was just over 50,000 that day.

  28. Those with your and TD 67’s mentality are about to get a stomach wrenching kick in the bawls. Metaphorically speaking. TT – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtics-difficulty-retaining-possession/comment-page-8/#comment-2745127



    Like most posts, you also posted that one as if you just can’t wait for it? As I said, very strange,it’s hatred against the club that drives you, and no one will be kicking my Bawz, metaphorically, or physically, .

  29. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Q) Name any Celtic player who will ever be given the benefit of the doubt over any Sevco player by anyone who wears a suit and tie within Scottish football ?



    A) That´s what your paying for.




  30. The ONLY threat the hun poses to Celtic will come from their knuckle dragging supporters.




  31. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Sevcos´knuckle dragging supporters in order of importance



    The SFA


    Scottish Referees


    The SPFL


    Mike Ashley


    Celtic PLC


    The Scottish Polis


    The Scottish Judiciary System


    The Scottish Government


    The Three bears


    Tinfoil heid


    The Celtic faithful through and through brigade (The 11 plus failures)




  32. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Got to be a new article coming up soon about …eeerrrrmmmmm…. time wasting in the last three minutes and how we need to improve on it..serious … finger on the pulse stuff





  33. TD67



    Yeah ,I just I can’t wait for the Hun hordes to hump us.



    If you really believe that,then you are ill informed ,and ignorant as to my love of The Glasgow Celtic.



    I’ll continue to support them with my presence ,until it is physically or financially impossible.



    You and those like you will continue to wear your blinkers ,but the harsh reality won’t change.



    The Hun and their hordes never died.


    They will be our mortal enemy forever.