Celtic’s Europe-UK transfer dilemma


If right back, Aurelio Buta, completes his proposed move from Royal Antwerp, added to Carl Starflet and Christopher Jullien, who will return later this year, we have the beginnings of a stable defensive structure.

Not that Aurelio would be of any immediate benefit, as travelling here from Belgium would require him to isolate until after the first legs of the third qualifying rounds of the Champions and Europa Leagues.  If we want a right back to play against PSV or Jablonec he has to already be in the UK.  This is a dilemma.

I have zero expectations we will reach the Champions League group stage.  PSV look too strong, with or without a new right back.  A win tomorrow night will secure at least Europa League group stage qualification.  Lose tomorrow, and overcoming Jablonec in the next round of the Europa becomes vitally important.  The latter outcome makes a UK-based signing more likely, the former points to Buta getting the nod.


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  1. Barkas, Bain, Ralston, Taylor, Welsh, Jullien, Bitton, Soro, Turnbull, McGregor, Shaw, Urhoghide, Montgomery, Forrest, Rogic & Dembele.



    at least 6 possibly more of that squad should be moved on .

  2. RC @ 1.46pm. “Julienne is a big girl’s blouse”.



    That’s a really well thought out remark to make, adds a great deal to the blog (not).



    Very poor from you, referring in such terms to a current player. Genuine question, if you are so sure about that would you say it to his face?



    Ave Ave

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Not a case of disliking – just don’t really rate him. Good in the air but positionally suspect for me.


    Would rather see Welsh or one of the other young defenders develop alongside Starfelt.


    Jullien just looks over-confident in himself instead of doing the boring stuff well – a bit of the Amorusos about him.


    Oh, and I don’t consider Sevco to be a big game.

  4. So Dom is just continuing from where Peter left.


    No changes to our strategy.


    We are a very poorly run football club.

  5. Today is a historic day for St Mirren FC…SMISA has now completed the purchase of Gordon Scott’s remaining shares, taking our stake in the club to 51%. For the first time our club is majority owned by its supporters /1

  6. Years Team Apps (Gls)


    2016–2018 Benfica B 29 (2)


    2017–2018 → Antwerp (loan) 15 (0)


    2018– Antwerp 56 (2)



    National team


    2013 Portugal U16 11 (2)


    2013–2014 Portugal U17 18 (2)


    2015 Portugal U18 7 (0)


    2015–2016 Portugal U19 16 (6)


    2016– Portugal U20 5 (0)

  7. RC on 27TH JULY 2021 1:48 PM



    at least 6 possibly more of that squad should be moved on .




    In an ideal world maybe we would move more – however financing replacements has to considered – we need to keep adequate numbers in the squad – there has to be clubs who want our ‘cast-offs’ and finally the players and their agents must agree.



    So those variables dictate that we will have an Ange evolution as opposed to a revolution.

  8. vinniethedog on

    I can assure you not one celtuc fan in Rome thought julien was…a big girls blouse, unless, over rated, or any other bull shit he was treated shamefully by lenny after Duffy was signed….we missed him hugely last season….has been terrific against the huns ( my main benchmark) …..Welsh better??…deary deary me

  9. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 27TH JULY 2021 2:03 PM


    RC @ 1.46pm. “Julienne is a big girl’s blouse”.



    yip , he is a woose.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Another day, more doom and gloom from Paul – if only we had a decent board eh?

  11. Good afternoon yall from a muggy day in Springburn (work)



    Are we not bothering about winning our League this year, all this talk about Europe and whether we will qualify.



    We play the mini’s on Saturday at their dump and well just and.




    D :)

  12. RC….”Julianne is a big girls blouse”



    Provides great cover for a couple of tits?







    Genuine question, if you are so sure about that would you say it to his face?




    Good shout!



    If ‘saying it face to face’ was a prerequisite to posting on CQN, we would have a plethora of regulars ‘heading for the hills’😂.

  14. Celtic should never settle for second, giving up the league before it starts is stupid. Yes we were poor last season and slow of the make this season but let’s judge how things are after a few competitive games.



    Ange is clearly looking to push high and press high. The most important aspect of players under that plan, beyond the actual technical ability is stamana, energy and pace. If we play as planned there will be lots of footraces towards opposition goals and our goal. The players brought in my Ange fit that plan. That is a good sign.

  15. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 27TH JULY 2021 2:14 PM


    Another day, more doom and gloom from Paul – if only we had a decent board eh?




    One person’s “doom & gloom”, is another’s honest appraisal.

  16. Julien had a mystery injury after the arrival of Duffy on large wages. This mystery illness could not be identified by Celtic medical staff and we had to wait on a french physio to arrive to identify a bad back.



    Neil Lennon implied that Julien was one of the French speaking “want aways”, He wished to get Duffy style wages.



    Julien only started 9 league games last season and is still injured after colliding with a post in a goal line clearance,



    I feel he is not one for the future

  17. FC Barcelona is owned by its club members



    The FC Barcelona is one of the few clubs in the world to be owned by the club members themselves. Together these members form the governing body of the club and in 2016 there were an estimated 140,000 socis or members in Catalan. Not a bad club to be part of when you consider that Barca was recently ranked second most valuable club in the world by Forbes magazine.



    Then again consider:



    In 2020, Barcelona still had the biggest wage bill in world football – their €443million wage bill was €42million more than Manchester City, who were second.



    The Catalan club had been justifying this with their revenue being the highest globally in 2019/20 with their €715million meaning they topped the Deloitte Money League.



    That revenue dried up when Covid struck – with the club reporting losses in 2020 of €203million due to no matchday revenue or stadium tours, whilst this figure is likely to have increased further this year after a full season without fans.



    Other revenue streams have been falling too – they have not won the Champions League in six years while their keynote partnership with Rakuten has fallen from €55million to €30million.



    Real Madrid posted a profit of €2million in 2020 while Barca recorded a €128million pre-tax loss and indeed, Barca have been a total of €203million worse off than their El Clasico rivals in this regard over the past three years.



    Sorry for the old cut and paste.

  18. Barcelona find themselves in dire straits as they search rapidly for solutions and beg Lionel Messi for patience.



    This time last year, Messi was demanding an exit from Barcelona amid a broken relationship with the board.



    A year later, and after the return of former president Joan Laporta, that desire to depart dwindled.



    But to say everything has changed would be an overstep, instead, it’s just the perception that has been altered at Camp Nou, and that’s because of nothing more than consequences.



    Amid years of overspending, of paying over the odds for the likes of Ousmane Dembélé and Philippe Coutinho, Barcelona racked up a sizable debt with alarm bells ringing as they did it.



    During the Super League saga, they would blame coronavirus for peaking above the €1billion debt figure, but the excuse didn’t wash.



    Barcelona, the club with the biggest income in world football – more than €4billion per year – lost more money during the pandemic than half of La Liga combined.



    For the longest time, that wouldn’t have mattered – debt is just a number for many of the biggest clubs in world football, and even in La Liga.



    At latest estimate, Atletico Madrid are more than €1bn in debt and Real Madrid more than €900million.



    It’s just a number until the debt begins to have consequences, and that’s where we see the shift in perception.



    There was seldom a care in the world when Barca were splashing out more than £100million on more than one signing, paying through the nose to top up Lionel Messi’s contract along the way.



    But now they find themselves more than 40% over the wage cap and only able to reinvest 25% of what they earn.



    That means they are unable to sign Messi to his new contract, praying that he hangs on long enough for Joan Laporta to clear the wage bill sufficiently.



    It means they are unable to register their four new signings, too, despite landing three of them in Eric Garcia, Sergio Aguero and Memphis Depay for free.



    And now Barca find themselves setting up meetings with Javier Tebas, asking for an understanding of their situation having gained an advantage over the rest of the league through overspending.



    That’s not going to wash with Tebas, who has vowed to ‘protect’ the rest of the teams in the league by enforcing the salary cap rules.



    He has already revealed how he warned Barcelona against their rising debt more than once, and now he has made it perfectly clear that there will be no special dispensation given for the contract of Lionel Messi, nor anyone else.



    Nor should there be.



    The consequences have to be met and have to be enforced to ensure a fair competition, to ensure that those clubs who make financial errors by spending beyond their means have a reason not to do it again.



    And sure it was fun along the way for Barcelona, winning six of the last 11 La Liga titles, but what is to come, whether it be the departure of Lionel Messi or the departures of several others to make room for the Argentine at Camp Nou, is a lesson that debt is not just a number, and not every £100million signing is good for your club, either.



    Bottles of champagne aplenty will have been popped when such signings took place at Camp Nou, regardless of the salary cap being breached and the debt figure rising, but that leads us to now when a trip to FC Barcelona’s La Rambla store might offer up the opportunity of bargains galore.



    ‘Clearance sale’, the banner would read, Antoine Griezmann sat in the window, waiting to be sold so that one of his teammates can sign a bumper new contract.



    Those are the consequences, and while it may not be the present Barcelona regime that got the club into this mess, it is they, and indeed the club as a whole, who must learn from the chaotic spending and where it has led them.

  19. Christie has to be offered a new contract, with a new manager in charge he can be a key player this season.


    Europe is a write off this season, we have got to get ourselves sorted for the league campaign with the carrot of the automatic champion league group stage the reward.


    Give Ange and Dom at least six months before judging them one way or the other but this board should be ashamed of themselves, talk about being asleep at the wheel. The Celtic support will be watching them closely this season and won’t put up with being treated like fools again by the board.

  20. JHB on 27TH JULY 2021 2:27 PM



    “One person’s “doom & gloom”, is another’s honest appraisal.”



    Says he/she who talks about Celtic securing second place and usually not having European football after Christmas

  21. Go tell the Spartim on




    It’s the rumoured, often used for LG, calf injury, one he’s forever picking up.



    Just how did our amazing PLC board let it come to this, tbh I thought they’d have been headhunted, Sam for PL, years ago 🤔

  22. We wont be treated like fools ever again by this board.



    SB Renewals 53,000.



    Access to stadium, 1 in 3 games drawn from a ballot.



    Value add – the celtic pass to paradise.

  23. CQN has been around long enough to have seen all the basic internet strategies a million times.



    It’s not like we’re exceptional, it’s the same as any other place in the virtual world

  24. I don’t think, even if we had 4 or 5 first team starters in in time for next round we would beat PSV.



    I keep reading that this is a pivotal transfer window. My honest appraisal is that if we are to turn things round it’s vital that we get the best we can for our money, not rush into players who can play in qualifying rounds. Eyes on the prize – securing second place in the spl.



    If anyone disagrees I will meet you face to face and fight you till you hurt me