Celtic’s Europe-UK transfer dilemma


If right back, Aurelio Buta, completes his proposed move from Royal Antwerp, added to Carl Starflet and Christopher Jullien, who will return later this year, we have the beginnings of a stable defensive structure.

Not that Aurelio would be of any immediate benefit, as travelling here from Belgium would require him to isolate until after the first legs of the third qualifying rounds of the Champions and Europa Leagues.  If we want a right back to play against PSV or Jablonec he has to already be in the UK.  This is a dilemma.

I have zero expectations we will reach the Champions League group stage.  PSV look too strong, with or without a new right back.  A win tomorrow night will secure at least Europa League group stage qualification.  Lose tomorrow, and overcoming Jablonec in the next round of the Europa becomes vitally important.  The latter outcome makes a UK-based signing more likely, the former points to Buta getting the nod.


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  1. celticforever on

    God knows what has happened with Barkas because when we signed him


    I looked into him and he came with a really good reputation



    As far as a small full back is concerned I cannot remember Danny Alves


    or Roberto Carlos being very tall



    Just as long as we have decent centre halves who can head out a ball


    this would be fine



    Hope the new guy is the answer and Julian if he ever recovers from injury

  2. IniquitousIV on

    Legia Warsaw, Malmo, Dinamo Zagreb and Ferencvaros all through to second round after all scoring three or four goals over 2 legs. ( Ferencvaros game not over yet ).

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Keeping an open mind on Dom, but seeing few signs of positive change. We still sell our best players early and are as slow as a week in the jail replacing them. We won’t buy before we sell because our financial risk approach is zero. Even where sales are 99.9% certain (Ajer/Starfelt as a case in poin).




    Didn’t we sign Starfelt before we sold Ajer?

  5. Tom McLaughlin on




    There are two separate ballots for friendly and competitive games, so only those who got tickets for the home game v Midtjylland are excluded from the ballot for the Dundee game.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tom McL – thanks for clarifying.






    So … possible scenario exists that – after the Dundee game – some season ticket holders will have attended 2 games …



    … while others will have attended zero.






    I wonder who thought that one up?



    Hopefully Dom’s review is broad.

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  8. Saint Stivs on 27th July 2021 3:19 pm



    Many thanks for all the archive photographs. They are history in pictures.


    You mention Des Bonnar. I wonder if that’s the Des I knew. Tall, thin, Italian in appearance. I saw him feature on the TV news years ago. Thought he was involved in town planning.

  9. McPhail Bhoy on

    If people are ‘keeping an open mind’ on Dom but have more or less confirmed that he’s the same as went before then I thank my lucky stars that I was never employed by them! All my jobs have included a probation period of usually 6 months. As Celtic CEO you have days or if you’re lucky you get a few months to prove categorically that you are so different from previous CEO. Im not sure, being in a ‘hurry to sell our star players’ but ‘dragging our feet’ when it comes to buying players proves anything other than we have players who other clubs want to buy, easy isn’t it? Ask Sevco’s CEO how easy it is to sell players! Trying to ‘sell’ Celtic to prospective players is probably not too difficult, but getting increasingly difficult as our European pedigree wanes. Selling the SPFL not so much or going to play on a plastic pitch in Livingston etc. will require quite a lot of stars aligning and let’s be honest no one in the premiership or 10-12 clubs from the championship wants them either, if they do we’ve no chance. Lastly players will hold out also to see if they’ll be playing in the Champions League or Europa league etc. Now not even ‘dyed in the wool’ Celtic supporters hang around these days, our last one in this category now plays for Arsenal, not a criticism of him, just the reality, all players are mercenaries. If they sometimes forget this and it looks like their heart is ruling their head then their agents are on hand to remind otherwise!

  10. It strikes me as rather odd that we would lower our sights on signings if we don’t go through tomorrow evening.



    Of course it would be another huge indication of the Board’s inabilities in footballing terms if we didn’t get in to the Europa League – we are after all by size and history a UCL Club.



    Yet consider this, Newco Rangers have went head to head with a number of decent Europa League teams in the last two seasons and have done very well.



    Have they strengthened enough to be a UCL teir three side? Well that remains to be seen. What we can say is they are a proven UEL teir two team.



    So in other words, if we aren’t going to strengthen the team to be competitive with this level of Europa clubs, then we are not looking at challenging for the SPL.



    With Rangers already on that standard last season and looking to strengthen for their UCL challenge and Aberdeen striving to be a Europa League team, big Pedro’s strategy of resting on one’s Laurels is not an option for Dom.



    Dom like his predecessors Allan Macdonald and Ian McLeod will have to perform at a much higher level than has been the case in recent seasons.



    Hail Hail

  11. Pleasant suprise there on the Pride of Scotland awards.



    Gerry Morrison, 72, big hoops man from Port Glasgow, saved a ladies life in a horrible Incident in the Housing office.



    Kirsty Gallagher hosting, BBJ and Paul Lambert giving the award.



    Worth a catch up. I dont know the fella but I know who he is if you know what I mean.



    The juniors have a wee catchy motto now “its a Port Thing”




  12. Just found some newspaper cuttings inside an old book . From 1939 ??



    Spotted the football results – Third Lanark 4 Celtic 2 & Rangers 7 Morton 0



    English first division was split into two leagues North and South.




    As far as a small full back is concerned I cannot remember Danny Alves



    or Roberto Carlos being very tall





    We haven’t signed Alves or Carlos!



    We’ve signed a wee guy from Belgium for 3 million.

  14. CELTIC40ME on 27TH JULY 2021 4:47 PM


    CORNELIUS on 27TH JULY 2021 4:37 PM


    Did you mean we have little chance of progressing to the CL group stages? I certainly wouldn’t write off the Europa yet





    I expect us to play well enough tomorrow but not to win the tie.


    The statos will keep me right, but if it’s a draw tomorrow after 90 minutes it’ll be 30 mins ET I think.


    That means we’d face a Jablonec side who this month have drawn 1-1 with Sparta Prague & beaten Dynamo Moscow 2-0.


    I have very little confidence that we’d win that tie. so reluctantly, I am suggesting that our hopes of playing Europa League group stage are as much wishful thinking as anything else.


    I hope I’m wrong but….

  15. TURKEYBHOY on 27TH JULY 2021 4:53 PM






    My point was about the appointment of a manager & not the recruitment of players.


    If we’d appointed Ange or anyone much earlier in the 105 day gap then the new manager would have been able to assess the needs of the team earlier instead of having to wait until he arrived to do this.


    The delay in appointing a successor to NFL in a timely manner has left us where we are today.




  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Chairbhoy- the squad building for next season’s qualifiers starts now IMO,so what’s the point of going for a cheaper option if we lose tomorrow? HH

  17. CORNELIUS on 27TH JULY 2021 8:41 PM



    They beat Dynamo and Sparta’s B team in friendlies, but won their first league game at the weekend against a team who finished 8th last season so maybe not as much to worry about as first feared



    But I know what you mean, the two Czech teams we watched against us and them were much better than both of us.

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I watched Moneyball,……and it’s absolutely true….Brad Pitt is a double for me…👍

  19. MCPHAIL BHOY,at 8.15 pm,good post to many numb nuts on here just waiting for Dom to in there eyes to makea mistake.

  20. !!BADA BING!! @ 8:49 PM,






    We have a rebuilding job to do and signing the right players, bedding them in to Celtic and getting the squad to play as a quality team is at least a one season, three window job.



    There is no longer a gap between being competitive domestically and in Europe.



    Before I’d argue we should aim to be competitive in Europe and that would guarantee European success.



    Now if we are good enough to win the SPL we will be good enough to challenge in Europe.



    Hail Hail

  21. STEBHOY on 27TH JULY 2021 5:00 PM


    Cornelius – great post



    Listening to Dom M , he did say they are evaluating the entire structure of the club from 1st team, academy, signing process, revenue and media operations.








    I would like to believe that the “entire structure” of the club includes the moribund board, but I suspect it’ll be like yon old Chinese Cultural Revolution from the 60s. Rehashing everyone/thing below that level so that the board remains in office intact.



    My fear is also that Desmond delegates much of this to others & they have proven in the past to be self serving & shown not the slightest notion of what needs to be done. Across the river, a wonky board & dodgy finance has been saved by someone making the decision to allow qualified people to run the football department.


    I still feel that we’re appointing folk & waiting for a fairy to sprinkle some magic dust on it all.



    Hope I’m wrong but…




  22. CORNELIUS on 27TH JULY 2021 8:56 PM



    “My fear is also that Desmond delegates much of this to others & they have proven in the past to be self serving & shown not the slightest notion of what needs to be done”



    *walks into boardroom, looks at 4 trebles in a row in the trophy cabinet, scratches head*

  23. I too resemble Brad Pitt but am 2 feet taller than him.



    Apart from that…………………



    Or mibbe it was Tom Cruise.



    Am 3 feet taller than him.



    Jack Reacher my arse.

  24. Ooops, That…



    Before I’d argue we should aim to be competitive in Europe and that would guarantee European success.



    Should have been that…



    Before I’d argue we should aim to be competitive in Europe and that would guarantee domestic success.



    Hail Hail

  25. SQUIRE DANAHER on 27TH JULY 2021 5:25 PM






    CHAIRBHOY on 27TH JULY 2021 8:50 PM







  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    As a reminder we won the square root of fa, last season.



    As for Dom, I think most people are looking for shoots of recovery, most dissenters that is. He’s got a big job to learn about the whole club and company but a successful team should be the fulcrum of all activities, after all if we see an improved team taking shape it will buy him much needed breathing space.



    Similarly once we’ve gotten to the end of the window, id then expect big Ange to look at other areas of the football club

  27. Starfelt only won 57% of his headed challenges last season .



    He is a ball playing defender .


    He is not dominant in the air.




  28. “.. the considered view…” that Celtic are aiming/hoping for 2nd place in the league.?


    What a load of pash.


    The sevs on here aren’t even trying now.


    I don’t know a (real life) Celtic fan who thinks that.



    Slippy n Park n co are under immense financial pressure to qualify for the CL.


    We all know their running costs are about £2m a month over what they can afford and that’s why they have to beg n borrow every month but the debt to King n Ashley and their vat debt must/will be over £25m by now so the CL is their only chance.


    They cannot sell a single player over £1m despite desperately trying every window.


    Their best 4 players are refusing new contracts and want away but they’ll know by now nobody is buying them so they’re stuck.



    So my question is, does anyone expect the guy from radio Clyde or Sky to ask slippy about the wantaway players or even the financial pressure of qualifying for the CL or is that Celtic managers they ask questions like that?

  29. Go tell the Spartim on

    Ange expects his team to have most of the ball and be on the front foot, he likes his defenders to be pacey and good one on one, this is particularly good at combatting quick counter attacks that’s why we’re going for these types of players let’s give it a go before wetting the bed

  30. Go tell the Spartim on

    And before anyone says it, I know we’ll play against route one teams, but he’s got to learn that for himself, I’m sure he’s been warned or at least watched all our games from last season