Celtic’s Fedur ready for Champions League challenge


If ever you needed a reason to convince you to ignore the vast majority of transfer speculation which inflicts football fans from May until 30 August, the signing of Miku Fedor is a gift.  Spanish football is suffering from the kind of economic wake-up call which makes it possible for aspirational Scottish clubs (I know there’s only one) to sign strikers first choice strikers.  Miku came through the scouting process last season and remained on the list but the deal had to be right.

25 goals in 85 games for a struggling team in the top league in the world (Exhibit A: Atletico) suggests we might have someone who will flourish on an acre of Glasgow and will bring experience and confidence onto the field when he faced Barcelona, Benfica and Spartak Moscow.  The deal has the hallmarks of Peter Lawwell’s try-before-you-buy policy.  Get them in on a loan with an option to buy.  If they are successful, do the deal, if not, you’re not stuck with Ulrik Laursen breezing into training asking the other players how they got on at the weekend.

Right now the most important question is, what shape of team does Neil Lennon have in mind?  Miku plays through the middle and on the right.  He’s fast and he’s 6’1”.  Have we bought a someone to play on the right of a front three?  Perhaps, but with circa 15 first-choice midfield players to accommodate the plan is surely more complex.

More on this when we have a quieter moment, I’m off to bed to forget all apache command line prompts until January.  We’ll talk goalkeepers over the weekend.

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  1. BBS Scotland understands that Celtic paid a net amount of sweet efe for the Efe fee after he offered Peter Lawwell a once in a lifetime opportunity to recoup the £1.5M we are rumoured to have paid.



    Apparently Efe’s great uncle’s brother’s ex-wife’s second cousin, the CEO of a huge Nigerian gold mining company, died in a horrific plane crash last week without having made a will. And because Efe was the first to put in a claim he stands to receive GBP150,000,000 (one hundred fifty million UK pounds). But he doesn’t have a bank account, because he doesn’t trust the bank to keep his money safe for him. So he gave Peter Lawwell the chance to process the cheque through Celtic’s bank account in return for a 1% commission, which has covered the transfer fee.



    It all seems above board to me, and represents a really good deal for Celtic. More to follow when we get it…

  2. where are the figures? is PL hiding them under his failure to deliver?



    NL delivered,, what did Lawell do?

  3. Paul67, Thank you for your patience.



    Your patience will be rewarded well.



    Repost from last article.





    Efe Ambrose



    This song is for you, you will appreciate it more than anyone else ever could.






    I sense you lifting Cups continuously, even down here on Earth. ;))))

  4. Perhaps Celtic should have come in with a cheeky wee bid to offer David Templeton the opportunity to play at a much higher level, in their development team, and poke a lovely wee GIRUY at their tax dodging neighbours in the process. I am sure Templeton’s experience would be a benefit to the young Celtic development players who would have been playing alongside him.




  5. Paul, if it’s right of a front 3 it should look



    Miku —– ————— Samaras


    ———-Hooper —–



    2 big fast powerful players either side of a goalscorer but at the expense of James Forrest. Or Miku through the middle like



    Forrest ————– Samaras


    ————- Miku ——-



    Interesting times ahead




  6. And on another subject…



    A measure of New Celtic‘s European pedigree



    In their last 12 games in UEFA competition, home and away, only Atletico Madrid have managed to beat Celtic. They did so by a combined margin of 3 goals over two games in last season’s Europa League, en route to winning the competition.



    Tonight Atletico thrashed the Champions of Europe, and current leaders of the self-proclaimed “best league in the world” by a 3 goal margin in the European Super Cup, easily winning 4-1 with a stunning hat-trick from Falcao. One can only surmise what the winning margin would have been had they not eased off in the last half hour, and if they’d got the chance to play a second leg too.



    Tonight’s result could suggest that Celtic will be far from out of their depth in the Champions League this season. Under-estimate us at your peril Spartak Moscow, Benfica and Barcelona.

  7. Interesting day. I have no idea what we have got, in terms of quality, not having seen any of these players. However, Neil seems quite happy.



    I think we’ll need to be patient with the new players, and we won’t see them for a couple of weeks, what with the international break.



    It has been a big week. Hellsingsborg, CL draw, Transfer deadline….and me heading home with a chance of getting to the Benfica game.



    Big week indeed……

  8. Seven Fishes Four Steaks



    Our team is now looking mouthwatering.



    I have bemoaned our lack of goals, privately, I’m reckoning we are going to be heavy goalscorers now.



    4 TOP $ kids coming through as well.

  9. Bigchips, do you think Templeton would have signed for us? I mean, lets face it, he IS a Tim. Coming here to play in The Champions League, and the SPL for the forseeable future, or playing in the backwater ploughfields for the next 3 yrs MINIMUM with a team you don`t like? The only thing he`ll understand if he signs for thems are the songs, he`s used to them with his `current currants`

  10. Out of contract striker, eligible for the CL, signed after the deadline?



    Must be del Piero, then

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    that would be the icing but, we’re told its a name from nowhere

  12. BigChipsUK – There’s only one (SPL) team in Glasgow


    00:48 on


    1 September, 2012



    Thank you, at last someone understands how football works.


    I laughed when I read the comments of the Spartak Moscow coach regarding the Cl draw.


    A fool who hasn’t a clue.


    On several occasions over the last 10 years we were a kick of a ball away from serious achievements.


    I see Neil Lennon building a team of champions. He is learning is learning fast, very fast.

  13. Petec, v frustrating few hours. Would have been as well going to the pub.



    CaltonTongues, hardly slaughtering Ulrik. It is a matter of fact that we paid Hibs £1.5m for him, gave him a long contract, and that he spent a great deal of time nowhere near the team.



    SffS, interesting indeed.

  14. When blog was down I watched SSN for emerging news. Not only did it bring details of the latest deals it also confirmed without a shadow of a doubt what a complete and total FUD Jim White is.



    Templeton is the biggest young prospect in Scottish football! FFS why doesn’t someone slap his coupon?

  15. I doubt we’ll see much of the big keeper but I have to say I’m delighted with Efe and Miku’s arrival. Particularly like the look of Ambrose, and Miku’s youtube clips speak for themselves. With at least one more by monday it’s looking pretty, pretty good.







  16. delighted with celtics dealing today….



    we wanted a centre half ? we got one who was touted by a top premiership side last season.



    we wanted a striker ….we got one…..one who has scoredagainst the likes of real madrid in spain……but! with an insurance policy.



    after effrain and bangura who have cost millions we got this boy and the keeper on loan but with a agreed fee and 1st option to buy!



    and! we are in advanced talks with a free agent striker? i BET hes a belter .



    i am pleased !



    £8m for rhodes? proven in the english second division on £35k pw



    or a international striker from a spanish club ..who had been their top scorer and has scored agaist the best teams in the world?


    oh and at international level ….10 goals in 40 games ….



    i reckon weve pulled a rabbit oot the hat! if not he goes back in the hutch!!!

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