Celtic’s headwinds


Let’s be honest, you and I were never completely comfortable facing Newco, or even old Rangers, with the wind at our backs and all indicators pointing green.  Celtic are at their best when they have the odds to fight against.  It has always been the case: Inter, not so much Feyenoord, Barca but not Molde.

When Neil Lennon eventually addresses his depleted squad after the Covid diagnoses of Odsonne Edouard, Nir Bitton and Hatem Elhamed, the enforced absence of Ryan Christie, the injury to James Forrest and who knows what after the remaining international fixtures and travel, he will not have a moment’s doubt.

Celtic are the champions because they flourish in headwinds.  Neil Lennon has now run out of fingers to count his league title wins, whereas others have no idea what it is like to win a league.  Despite being affected by Covid like no other club, there will not be a moment’ self-pity as the players prepare for Saturday.

There is frustration at the club that their safety protocols have not been matched by travel arrangements of various international teams, but that is a matter for official channels.  This is a confident squad of players who have what it takes to build league-winning campaigns.  I’m feeling OK about Saturday.

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    Associate – ally



    Fool- Wally



    Cardinal – Wiseman!!

  2. Hot Smoked – I have worked with elite level cyclists for many years. The article is correct in as much as that when they are doing intensive blocks of training and racing their muscles get fatigued. So if you take a few days off you can get a bounce effect and perform at a higher level as you are fresher.


    Hence the reason endurance athletes will build fitness and then taper off before a big event.



    It is different, of course, if you are coming back from sickness or injury where your body has to have to readjust to the stresses of physical exertion.


    You know that feeling when you have had the flu and feel fatigued for days after the other symptoms have gone. Sweating walking up a flight of stairs.



    The other point is that physical fitness and match sharpness are not the same, as Lenny likes to remind us quite often.


    My observation was pre-covid positive, Edouard did not look particularly lively in the games he played. On top of that, he is now missing approx two weeks of training and 2-3 games of football with France. He us due back on Friday. The game is on Saturday.


    Feels like too big a gamble to me – for him and the team.



    Having said all that, he’ll probably play and score the winner. 😀

  3. Deniabhoy



    I probably agree with you re Edouard but I`m sure the expertise at Celtic Park is sufficient to determine Odsonne`s readiness or otherwise.


    I definitely agree that coming back from sickness puts a completely different compexion on the whole issue.



    PS Out on the bike today and I felt like I was coming back after a long illness! Not a particularly nice cycling day and I was knackered from the start !!


    All the best and


    Cheerio for now.

  4. Timaloy29 – thanks for your response. Some good points, just my opinion and I’m more likely to be wrong than right if history and my wife are to be believed.

  5. GARNGAD TO CROY @ 2-42, excuse me pal just interested on your moniker, my late father and his family all came from croy, have you any relatives in croy,H,H,

  6. Hot Smoked – enjoy the journey! There are “good legs” and “bad legs” days.


    We are spoiled here as it is almost always sunny and the roads are quiet. 26 degrees today. Makes it a lit easier to go outside and exercise.

  7. In this covid crisis – we’re debating a 5 letter crossword solution – only on CQN – long may it continue.



    I’m a Pally not a Wally – some may disagree.

  8. We spend to much time trying to play nice football againt sevco and they benefit from our self inflicted mistakes I.e trying to play expansive football.



    A change of style is needed and warranted.



    Saturday we should play a 433 and put the ball up the pitch to a narrow front 3 asap. Give sevco a choice to make about how to defend i.e. play 2 against 3, drop a midfielder back or restricted a fullback going forward to cover our 3. All options benefit celtic.



    Our fullbacks can offer width as but can tuck in whenever not attacking to close space.



    No interest in any of our centrebacks running up the pitch (corners only)



    Dont want to be watching the midfielder and centrebacks bouncing the ball about the middle of the pitch.



    Let the forwards do their job and allow everyone else to smoother out the pitch and to restrict space.



    Do that, play to a good level and we win the game.




  9. The hand of God on

    Guess Neil’s team may pick itself on Saturday the way things are going…it may still work out well for us…if it does it will be all the sweeter.

  10. Utterly disgusted by the fact that due to European football we are without four players for the Derby Game, I sat down today and wrote a letter to President Ceferin, head of UEFA, In it I point out that UEFA’s website informs us that it does everything to maintain Social Responsibility. I quoted the piece that states “UEFA is committed to the needs and viewpoints of supporters..” Therefore I suggested that they listen to what is being said about UEFA’s stance at present and that they pay heed to UEFA’s own statement about the Health and Wellbeing of all associated with football.



    I did ask if the payments of the television companies were what kept UEFA from bringing this fiasco to an abrupt end. I further suggested that they should consider the danger that footballers are in when they are expected to travel to countries with high incidence of Covid19.



    Not expecting a reply.

  11. The hand of God on

    Barkas……Julien Ajer..Duffy….Laxait…McGregor.Brown Ntcham Frimpong ..Eddy (Ajeti) Griffiths …not too shabby.

  12. The hand of God on

    Would have Klimala Turnbull Rogic Taylor Ajeti (Eddy) Bain and Welsh or Dembele on the bench.

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