Celtic’s heroes wanted home and fit 8 days from Champions League


Delighted as we all are for the success of the Scotland team, flush with six Celtic players in Friday’s starting line-up, Brendan Rodgers will primarily be hoping they, and our many other players on international duty, come through the remaining World Cup qualifiers unscathed.

On Friday we are at Hamilton, but one week tomorrow we face PSG at Celtic Park, against a team who have scored 14 goals in four league games last month – then signed striker, Kylian Mbappe from Monaco.

The one player who could have done with some international game time is Jozo Simunovic, but he managed only the bench as Bosnia easy past Gibraltar. Hamilton’s artificial surface is not the place Brendan would want to give his central defender a run out, after being rested for visit to similar surfaces at Kilmarnock at Astana.  Jozo is fit, so could go straight into the team for Tuesday, but I’m sure the manager would prefer him to have an outing first.

Not that I’m nervous about Tuesday, of course.


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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    Panic there as next week’s work schedule was almost dicarded in the wake of a short-notice trip to Paris…



    Fortunately, the Parc des Princes is temporarily relocating to Kerrydale St next Tuesday.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    That’s what happens when you’re in such a rush for a podium that you do’t read the article.

  3. Looking for a ticket for Ross County game on 16th.


    I’ve been trying to buy a ticket via Club website, but it won’t let me proceed to checkout ( very limited availability in lower deck areas 115 -118,and at the opposite end 123 – 141 ).


    Not really fussy where i sit, but having seen everyone vacating seats in lower Lions stand at the Hearts game when the skies opened, would prefer a bit further back, but happy to get a seat at all.


    No problems paying for the ticket, despite being from Aberdeen….. :-)




    Canada..the home of glamour -less and meaningless friendlies…




    Anything involving the hun is surely glamourless….and meaningless?? :-))

  5. This is the article referred to by The Clumpany @ 12:17:



    The great Jackie Chan takes the credit for the truism: “Great success comes only with great ambition.”



    Wise words in a week when Patrick Roberts opted to chop another year off his career by re-signing on loan with Celtic.



    An inconvenient truth it may be but he has chosen to step back into his comfort zone rather than showing a belief he can push himself to a higher level. The mutual affection is one thing but how does this benefit a 20-year-old who should be desperate for new challenges?



    Champions League games aside, the Englishman has sidestepped the prospect of going one on one with some of the best left-backs in Europe. The well established trend of talent flowing away from Scottish football has been bucked by Roberts and it raises a question mark.



    An assessment of his previous 18 months in Glasgow is of it being a slow burner, lightweight, in and out of the side before an impressive burst late on.



    But why turn down the chance to play a season in La Liga with Girona or head to France with Nice instead of plying his trade at Firhill, Dingwall and the plastic of Hamilton and Kilmarnock?



    Absence makes the heart grow fonder but the clamour from Celtic fans to get Roberts back said everything about their starvation of genuine star names being recruited.



    And this has been a week which couldn’t have highlighted better the climate change within football for speculating on young talent.



    Roberts will know Leroy Sane well from Manchester City and the 21-year-old’s development has set the bar for where his mate’s ambitions should lie.



    Bayern Munich’s £28m recruit Renato Sanches is younger than Roberts and has accepted the challenge of a season at Swansea while 20-year-old Ousmane Dembele has signed with Barcelona for £96m.




    These are the fees being paid for top young players – and they’re operating in a different footballing stratosphere.



    Bluntly, our game is where bigger names arrive for career rehabilitation or last resort.



    It is a better place with someone as good as Roberts but the suspicion remains that it’s a development stunter for a kid who should be


    showcasing his skills in football’s biggest arenas.



    As Paddy and his pal Kieran Tierney are about to discover, Paradise is no place to reach for the stars. ”



    The article says much more about Scottish Sports` Journalism than it does about Scottish Football. I have posted it here in an attempt to minimise hits on the original.




  6. these lines from parks –



    It is a better place with someone as good as Roberts but the suspicion remains that it’s a development stunter for a kid who should be showcasing his skills in football’s biggest arenas.


    As Paddy and his pal Kieran Tierney are about to discover, Paradise is no place to reach for the stars. ”



    are munich and paris not some of footballs biggesr arenas ?



    and celtic park for 23 games also ?



    the guy is really hurting with this crap. same guy who had a go at brendan for allowing his bhoy on tour

  7. Delighted , and thrilled backing our Celtic and BR in particular who’ve pulled off the signings of Jonny Hayes, Kundai Benyu, Olivier Ntcham, Paddy Roberts and Odsonne Edouard . Stuart Armstrong’s extension was also great business for us keeping together and enhancing the entirety of invincibility.



    Brendan Rodgers was a masterful stroke by our board , and the past decade and its events have shown that Celtic on a level playing field will dominate the game and punch way above Scotland’s weight in Europe.



    Celtic is the breeding ground for success and we now enjoy the fruits sewn by Fergus McCann and a Celtic that survived the extinction of our oldest rivals and we’re now enjoying life against the competition of all newcomers.



    No EBTS, no tax evasion, No Rainjurs lets all enjoy



    These are the first of the PAYBACK years CSC

  8. JJ


    No chance!! I’m always in calm mode these days:-)


    The alternative was killing me. High blood pressure, permarage, half empty glass etc. No way to live!



    I remember a turning point…. I walked into the club I used to drink in one Sunday. A guy who had been in there the night before ( as had I) was at the bar. He was ordering a drink, turned, saw me approaching the bar and said to the barmaid:



    ” oh, and give him a pint of ‘ who the ff are you looking at’



    I said to him, ” wasn’t that bad last night was I ?”



    ” oh yeah it WAS that bad twisty”



    Hmmm. I knew it was time for a paradigm shift! Nowadays? Happy go lucky type. Much better way to live, AND, much healthier.



    Added to that I had a conversation with a doctor who took my blood pressure one day and wouldn’t allow me to drive home. 200 and odd over 150. Told me I was a walking time bomb. Actually, he said to me;



    You think you’re invincible. I’m telling you now, You’re gonna have a stroke, and when you do, you better hope it kills you. !!



    I’d had warnings about my BP before but there was something about the way he put it that made me think. Anyhow, all good now, hopefully!!





    Kinda scared me

  9. St Stivs


    Posted a couple of responses to you yesterday re contact numbers for youth development. Not sure if you managed to get back on and see them. Anyhow if ya didn’t, they’re on the previous article.

  10. TnT


    Kinda scared me as well and it happened to you !


    Breathe easy.


    Cheerio for now,



  11. glendalystonsils on

    While we’re on the subject of desolate journalism, the DR have picked and printed verbatim an article by someone called Jack Rathborn.


    Apparently Man City have joined our champions league group according to Jack, who tells us that they may be investigated for FFP along with PSG!?


    Hope they’re replacing Bayern and not Anderlecht!

  12. Glad for the Bhoys who are playing for Scotland that they won at the weekend, never watched it and won’t watch the game tonight either, no interest in the Scotland team.



    As the article leader say, I am only interested in the Celtic boys being fit when they return to Celtic for training this week.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wow – a year ago that article would have been all about how Patrick Roberts was attracted to Celtic by the prospect of playing in the “old firm” games and how good it was to have players like him and Joey Barton up here.


    Looks like reality is beginning to bite with these guys. Not that they will admit it of course.

  14. Shocking



    an hour from BBC announcing a NEW Royal baby



    on the way and nobody has mentioned it on here.

  15. Clogher Celt.



    Thanks for your detailed reply yesterday. Sorry I couldn’t post sooner.



    I assumed the use of ‘non – communicable’ meant ‘non-infectious, unable to transfer to others’, so don’t have a problem with the term used in the definition. There is, however, no doubt about the harmful messages that can be communicated via both social and mainstream media to ED sufferers, if that’s what you’re referring to. Learning to deal with these is an important part of the recovery process, a full recovery being possible, though a hard, hard road, for sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa.

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