Celtic’s heroes wanted home and fit 8 days from Champions League


Delighted as we all are for the success of the Scotland team, flush with six Celtic players in Friday’s starting line-up, Brendan Rodgers will primarily be hoping they, and our many other players on international duty, come through the remaining World Cup qualifiers unscathed.

On Friday we are at Hamilton, but one week tomorrow we face PSG at Celtic Park, against a team who have scored 14 goals in four league games last month – then signed striker, Kylian Mbappe from Monaco.

The one player who could have done with some international game time is Jozo Simunovic, but he managed only the bench as Bosnia easy past Gibraltar. Hamilton’s artificial surface is not the place Brendan would want to give his central defender a run out, after being rested for visit to similar surfaces at Kilmarnock at Astana.  Jozo is fit, so could go straight into the team for Tuesday, but I’m sure the manager would prefer him to have an outing first.

Not that I’m nervous about Tuesday, of course.


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  1. Logged on to find out Twists has high blood pressure. What does he expect after watching Celtic? Tai Chi is a very good approach to HBP. Gentle exercise and mental concentration.


    However, I noticed someone had written about the song ON The One Road, where they stated the chorus was always Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Donegal. Not so. It was a Free State Army marching song, hence Donegal being the end of the chorus “Comerades all, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Donegal” The clue is in the geography—East “Dublin” West “Galway” South “Cork” North “Galway”.


    The North was t

  2. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2017 1:12 PM


    JC2- another mouth to feed…



    Jeeves! ……. Bring another silver spoon!





    I’ve been in the Red Lion. With my Dad and,erm,others in the early 90s.



    Jee-Zoh,you could smell the power,and feel the entitlement.



    It wasn’t for me,and to be fair,my Dad made his excuses as soon as he could.

  4. Gordon Parks:-)



    Ye kin feel the pain:-))))))))))))))



    Roon ye!



    And not a single original thought in the article, everything innit is plagiarised.



    So if Paul can shift a game from Glasgow to Paris surely he can move it to London?!!!?


    That way I’d get to go? Any spares for the Celtic v PSG game at Wembley?








    Guid to hear from you,old bean.



    May well be looking for a musical interlude on 4 Nov,my sisters are seemingly hellbent on dragging me across to Belfast for the weekend.



    And I’m dead looking forward to it!




    How do you pronounce Mbappe?




    Ha! Making like you don’t have the classic Hanson LP “Middle of Nowhere”!



    Mind you, they were a bit too young for the Aul Burns Howfff…



    They’ll need it now there’ll be three mouths to feed.Things’ll be tight i’d imagine.


    And we have to assume Granny will be skint after she pays her bedroom tax so she’ll be no use (no change there then). ;)

  8. Bmcuw–get across on November 3 and you,ll hear one of of the finest Blues players ever ,Rab McCullough. If it,s the 4th then I,ll check out gigs. Probably won,t be playing as I,m rationing enjoying myself. I hate this iPad. On a secondary note a lot of the guys in the Kesh were taught guitar and mandolin by Rab.

  9. 3rd child? Now, to continue on state benefits, she has to go through the rape test. Isn’t that right Ruth? Por cierto.

  10. Nervous about PSG, Paul?






    Nothing for us to sweat; They are the ones expected to win well.



    Any positive result for Celtic will be rightly lauded.



    My hope is they have an off-night, finding it difficult to gel, their new superstars’ telepathy failing against the frenzy of Celtic Park. And we are at our CL best, having a right go at them, 90 minutes of total concentration and effort.



    Their skill and ability is in no doubt. Mentally, however, we can disturb their rythm, and maybe even sneak a win.



    Right now, I’d take a draw and Neymar greetin’ as he leaves the pitch with Broon’s boot wedged right up his submariner’s arse.

  11. Kirsty Gallagher must like a swally, equivalent of six pints down her at 11:00AM from the night before before going to pick up her kids for a day out? Bloody hell!

  12. Team for Friday ( Taking recent Internationals into account) :




    Ralston Bitton Ajer Tierney


    Roberts Brown Ntcham Mcgregor Sinclair





    I don`t expect Brendan to listen to me but I would be quite interested in how the above selection would perform






  13. Good afternoon Fellow Celts .


    I was wondering if there are any folk here interested in doing an exchange for tickets .I am pretty certain of getting 2 tickets for the Bayern v Celtic game on the 18th Oct .And am looking for 2 tickets for the return game at Celtic Park on the 31st Oct . For whatever the face value of the tickets cost .HH

  14. Twists and Turns,


    No problem. Thank you for considering me though, and hope to show my appreciation with a beverage of your own choosing at some point in the near future.



  15. Gordon Parks.


    Ive just watched the Daily rectum “Podcast” ( I know !)



    Parks was asked by Keech about his comments about paddy Roberts etc. Parks sticking to his guns, and also adding ” Roberts should have went to Nice for example and learned his defensive duties” !



    Keech Jackshun then gave Scott Sinclair as an example of a player improving by coming to Celtic, and asked Parks ” Did Sinclair lack ambition in coming to Celtic” /



    Parks replies ” No…..but there’s more chance of HIM ( PARKS), getting into the England team than Scott Sinclair” !



    What a feckin CHUMP !




  16. Big Jimmy


    It’s a click bait story – they will be thrilled that it’s grown legs and so many are talking about it

  17. Wicklowbhoy@3.57


    No matter what happens.


    Keep eyes, ears et al to the ground for tickets for Munchen game in Germany.


    Proving impossible to get your mits on over here.



  18. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Bloody hell jamesgang




    Bendigo ‘s link was a lot more entertaining than yours



    Mibbes no sa much cider

  19. Raymac@2.29


    Rab unbelievable guitar player. Excellent with Baraka.


    Sad that Eamon, Malachy have since passed.


    Rab still plays in Casement.


    Micky Lawless who played wth Rab also learned his guitar skills in the Kesh. Suppose wasnt much else to do in the Cages.



  20. Christ, WW3 abou tto kick-off and my telly’s oozing with ‘Royal corresponant’ (get a real f###ing job) Nicholas Witchell sliming all over the shop about royal parasite on the way.



    Paddy Power – odds please on this one being a ginger girl, and called ‘Harriet’…

  21. Gearoid 1998



    Have asked for 4-6 tickets , have 2 sourced already but will only know for certain on the rest a week or so before the game . Have been out of the loop for over years since coming here .So finding it difficult to source 2 for Celtic park but am travelling over regardless . HH

  22. weebobbycollins on

    Jamesgang @ 4.45…I doubt the accuracy of that test…It is a very, very rough estimate…I would imagine only a thorough examination could give a true result. However, I think it is possibly more about raising awareness of heart disease and that is no bad thing…


    btw…I am almost 70 and according to this test my heart is 75…longevity seems to run in my family. My dad recently passed away at 92 and my old ma was 99 last week…I wonder how old her heart is?



    Just checked it for my wee mammy…she can expect to live until she’s 95 lol… the dates only go back to 1925 :-)



  23. MMPD



    I’m sure you’re claiming cider as fruit!



    Even bigger smiley thing.



    HH jamesgang

  24. Bsr@12.55


    Post of the day my immaculately coiffured friend (unless Wicklowbhoy sorts me out for those away tickets).


    Karma certainly is a biiitttccchhhh.




    Parks of the nomark article infamy. Someone said he used to be a Tim.????As much of a Tim as Parks of bus company fame. As in the case of Andy Walker, Neil Mc Cann Tec I blame the schools -)