Celtic’s heroes wanted home and fit 8 days from Champions League


Delighted as we all are for the success of the Scotland team, flush with six Celtic players in Friday’s starting line-up, Brendan Rodgers will primarily be hoping they, and our many other players on international duty, come through the remaining World Cup qualifiers unscathed.

On Friday we are at Hamilton, but one week tomorrow we face PSG at Celtic Park, against a team who have scored 14 goals in four league games last month – then signed striker, Kylian Mbappe from Monaco.

The one player who could have done with some international game time is Jozo Simunovic, but he managed only the bench as Bosnia easy past Gibraltar. Hamilton’s artificial surface is not the place Brendan would want to give his central defender a run out, after being rested for visit to similar surfaces at Kilmarnock at Astana.  Jozo is fit, so could go straight into the team for Tuesday, but I’m sure the manager would prefer him to have an outing first.

Not that I’m nervous about Tuesday, of course.


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  1. Marrakesh Express on

    A wee discussion kicked off in the Brazen yesterday. What percentage of the Celtic support are RC and what percentage of those regularly attend mass?


    It’s a tough one and prompted different opinions.


    I went for 90 and 25.


    Interested in others take.



    Some time ago somebody on here suggested that The Freemen (one of whom I know well inserted Belfast instead of Galway. Totally untrue. In the 1930s, 40s 50s touring companies brought entertainment to towns and villages throughout Ireland. There were about 20 on the circuit. They would stay for a week putting on a different show each night. Some of them performed in Scotland as well. One was The Frank O’Donovan Show which included the 5 members of the family plus 5 or 6 others. Frank O’Donovan wrote songs. He penned many songs including “Sitting on the bridge below the Town”, “The Road by the River,” and “On the One Road.”


    The latter was written in early 1940s and was adopted by the Irish Army in 1943 and sung in Irish at campfires at night. The chorus


    North men, South men, comrades all


    Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Donegal


    We’re on the one road swinging along


    Singing a soldier’s song.


    Reflects that men have come from all parts and provinces of Ireland to join the army and to fight (and die) for their country. The words of the song also reflect that they come from various backgrounds with one aim – to serve their country. It’s not a “rebel” song.


    Incidentally the Free State ceased to exist in 1937 when a new constitution was drawn up and the country became known as Ireland.


    I knew quite a few men from the six counties who served in the Irish Army. I can recall two men who had served in the Irish army sing the song at local concerts, one in Irish and the other in English in the 1950s and Beal Feirsde (Belfast) was used. It was sung much slower then. Just last week the priomhoide ( principal) of our local Gaelscoil told me she has a copy of the song (in Irish) which her father has had from the 1950s and has promised me a copy.


    When the debate first arose here someone claimed to be offended by the song as sung at Celtic P ark. Anyone who feels hurt by the song or who feels there is an anti Protestant slant to it should wake up and smell the coffee.


    Whether it should be sung at football matches is another debate.

  3. TWISTS N TURNS on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:19 PM


    I didn’t know who Gordon Parks was until the reaction to his article on Paddy.



    Stop giving him the attention he craves.





    Spot on mate . .

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Looking on these ticket-tout sites – indicating very low availability for Munich.



    DD / Pog / anyone – is that likely to be the case – i.e., will we be able to pick up tickets OK?






  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Oh – and any news on when Celtic will confirm release their official allocation ?







  6. What is the Stars on

    Thomas Joseph Delaney just scored a wonderful goal for Denmark.


    Apparently his Great Grandfather emigrated from Ireland to America during the famine

  7. What is the Stars on



    We weren’t linked with Delaney


    His great grand father went to America during the famine. Now if only he had gone to Glasgow instead!!!

  8. Celtic By Numbers



    I love your work. It absolutely fascinates me.


    I’m a big fan of CG so it pains me to agree with your analysis that his error rate is creeping up, season by season.



    Where I will take issue with your conclusions from your damned lies and statistics is this….



    ‘Gordon is very secure on crosses into the box. Over the last 4 seasons, he fails to catch about 1 cross a season.’



    I don’t think he is very secure with the cross balls. I think that’s why he tends to stay on his line….hence not failing to catch them!



    Smiley ting and many thanks once again.



    HH jamesgang

  9. BGFC,


    I looked at ticket sites last week, and there was availability, but tickets were very expensive – starting at £130 each…….


    As i say this was last week. By now, they’ll be even harder to source. Like anything else, if you have the money, you’ll be able to get tickets.


    I won’t be paying touts prices though. Would like to think that, because of the numbers that look like going, there may be some sort of fan zone set up to watch the game.

  10. On another note, I managed to negotiate the minefield that is the flaky club website and purchase a ticket for the Ross County game, and i also had the dubious pleasure of paying £2.30 to print my ticket, using me electricity, wifi, printer and ink. An almost 10% charge on top of the ticket price.


    Wonderful PR again.



    Thanks again to Twists and Turns. Much appreciated, friend.

  11. WITS



    My grandfather was Thomas Delaney from Sligo. He emigrated to New York, but returned home and sailed to Glasgow. Met my grandmother and the rest is history.


    The Danish Delaney looks good.

  12. Evening all , a quick in and out to watch the Celts , my latest drivel …… Song for Odsonne Édouard ( He’s football crazy , he’s football mad – TUNE ) . With Odsonne at Celtic , and Ciftci out the door , it’s not P.S.G. but paradise that’s heaven when you score , As part of Brendan’s army , he’s sure to learn the game , in the green and white of Celtic soon the world will know your name . :) Griff hat trick in a 5-0 rout :)

  13. BGFC



    Tickets are in huge demand for Allianz Arena.


    My German friend says avoid touts. Could be a scam.

  14. Houl Yer Weesh–who did you know in the \freemen band? I can probably fill you in on a few facts. Very intrguing.

  15. JAMESGANG on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2017 7:10 P



    You make a good point. I’d capture that through a defensively error i.e. Should have come but didn’t. I think it is one of those things (crosses) where fans only remember the Horlicks!



    As mentioned the error rate increase may be by design. HH

  16. Hearts



    I don’t expect longitivity.



    My wee mammy had a heart attack at age 36 and due to crap post HA care a stroke a week later. Stroke more damaging than the HA. Lived with related problems until shortly after her 60th, God rest her soul. Her brothers passed away in their late 50’s early sixties and her sister was 70, all from heart related conditions. One brother had a pace maker since his early 30’s.



    I’ve already had a mild stroke and have high BP controlled by Losartan.



    So Celtic, gonny hurry up and win the CL before I cark it. Doubt I’ll see my pensionable years.