Celtic’s history: we appoint managers late


Lou Macari was the permanent managerial appointment Celtic made mid-season.  Since then we have appointed 11 managers.  Three in July, six in June and two in May.  The only appointment made as early in the year as today’s date (24 May) was that of Brendan Rodgers, on 20 May 2016.

Neil Lennon’s second permanent spell started on 25 May 2019 but apart from those two we had to wait until June or July.  Celtic vacillated around the Roy Keane plughole in the spring of 2014 before appointing Ronny Deila on 6 June.  It took until 16 June 2009 before Tony Mowbray started his 9 months of misadventure.

Martin O’Neill (2000) and his successor, Gordon Strachan (2005), both took up their positions on 1 June in what was choreographed with contractual arrangements, and for some reason it took until 8 June 1999 to secure John Barnes’ services.

Those fretting most right now were probably not around in the 90s.  Tommy Burns appointment happened on 11 July 1994.  Wim Jansen short and successful stay started on 3 July 1997, whereas Fergus McCann took until the Fair Fortnight, 17 July 1998, to be precise, to secure Jo Venglos.  Can you imagine waiting until July?  17 JULY?  Let’s not.

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  1. Well done Drew1967 , I had my first podium last week and spent the whole day on cloud nine in a row … I felt my contributions that day were even better than normal

  2. Gene



    1. Happy anniversary to you and your wonderful Wife


    2. Agree totally with your comments above


    3. P67 – did any of these previous examples of ‘in the door at the last minute’ appointments face the 2021 level of challenge in terms of squad rebuild and impending euro qualifiers?


    4. Perhaps those fretting most right now are precisely those whose remember the 90s? We worry because we care. And because there is much to be concerned about!



    HH jg

  3. 18 YARD MAN on 24TH MAY 2021 11:49 AM



    To Hot Smoked…



    P67 passed your email address to me on Friday. There should be an email in your inbox

  4. Belfastbhoy0 on

    Although, how many of those managers faced a fairly major rebuild, with important Europe qualifiers early on, with a major international tournament running, with a global pandemic likely to affect player travel / quarantine etc

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    I don’t think it’s something to crow about, neither is buying players too late to make a difference in qualifiers.



    Well run club you say ?????????

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not a great example, Paul – seasons began much later in the 90s.


    Although it’s not so much the calendar that is worrying me as the cluelessness of the people doing the appointing.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Good article by Hugh MacDonald in the Herald at the weekend re the huns…….with a disclaimer from the Herald at the end of it…..reprehensible rag

  8. Unless I missed it, Celtic have not confirmed anything on the identity of a new manager, No reasons have been given for the time taken since the last manager left the club.



    Myself as a Shareholder and season ticket holder has been left awaiting information, I have been reduced to rumours from journalists newspapers and internet clickbait sites who I would not trust.



    i see that we dont appoint manager to late in the day but i would have thought that given the issues this season that we would have been better informed.



    I would not be surprised if the whole exercises results in matters collapsing around our ears



    Not happy with the Club on this

  9. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Tomorrow it will be 19,742 days since we won the Lisbon cup.And Celtic fc are 62 years older than I,so says my grandson.To all those celebrating a wedding anniversary,birthday or remembering someone that was close I will light a candle in Clonard Monastery Belfast.

  10. How many f those occasions in appointing a new manager, have we managed t negotiate Champions league qualifiers ? Or Europa League one


    How many of those named, have required to rebuild a brand new squad to achieve those goals



    And being pendantic,


    yes Neil and fficiqlly appointed as permanent manager 25th May 2019


    He was in a place on a temporary basis though from Feb 19

  11. squire danaher on

    Those fretting most right now were probably not around in the 90s. Tommy Burns appointment happened on 11 July 1994. Wim Jansen short and successfully stay started on 3 July 1997, whereas Fergus McCann took until the Fair Fortnight, 17 July 1998, to be precise, to secure Jo Venglos.






    Naaah, not having this.



    It’s not comparing like with like.



    Burns got the job when the ‘only way was up’ and there was an air of optimism about the place in terms of making some progress.



    Jansen or Venglos did not face the rebuilding task required on this occasion.



    If you are seriously suggesting that there will be no manager in place until June-early July, then none of the three above were required to play UEFA ties within such a short time of getting the job. Our first CL tie will be w/b 19/7.



    For a club for whom UEFA money is supposedly the icing on the cake, we’re condemning ourselves to stale bread for a few years by this criminal lack of preparation.



    What seasoned Kerrydale St observers can take from this is that there is an increasing acceptance behind the scenes that Howe is giving us a dizzy and they need time to find a Plan B.



    They better be quick.

  12. Paul 67,



    What dithering we have endured in the past doesn’t make it the slightest bit acceptable now.



    We do not know what our team will look like and we have known we would need a new manager since 2020.




  13. Paul 67


    Perhaps that’s why P L has cost the club over £100.000000 PLUS in lost champions league revenue? clue there for someone who got paid quite a substantial wage (and of course the new CEO). Fail to prepare Prepare to FAIL !!!

  14. So Paul67, because we have always been reactive that is ok then?


    Your list is pointless because it has no context.



    For example, we have had no manager for months and will have hardly any squad come the 1st July.



    I do remember the 1990s and I do remember the frustration at waiting until the 17th July for a modest appointment such as Dr Jo. You also fail to mention the fact rangers won the treble that season.



    I could go on but I’m sure others will picked this dreadful piece apart.

  15. I have noticed after the comments made by pundits and politicians on the Rangers riots that there has a return to normal business and the narrative has been taken on again by Rangers and their supporters. Journalists are back on message. Police Scotland have reverted to type



    No mention on the Arson attack on Peter Lawwell, No further comment on Anti catholic and anti irish racism. Rangers taking legal actions against as yet unspecified critics.



    Anyone with balls prepared to take them on?

  16. Park Road 67 on



    Happy Anniversary and congratulations to you and your good lady 🍾🎉

  17. FAO Anyone who MAY be remotely interested, here is My REPLY Email to my MSP Mr Mason in relation to his Email of response to myself a few days ago…



    Dear Mr Mason,


    Thank you for your swift response by Email.



    Sadly, I believe that your response raises more questions than providing any answers ?


    Re your Email…



    1st Paragraph.


    You state that Football teams ARE allowed to train, travel and play together in a ” Bubble” of sorts, and to possibly socialise and drink together, but you are NOT sure ?


    May I point out that Celtic FC WERE indeed heavily punished by the Scottish Government DESPITE being in a ” Club Bubble” after their Government Approved Trip to Dubai in Early January ? Video footage showed Celtic Players Training etc, and Socialising and having some Beers by the Pool Side in Dubai….IN that ” Club Bubble”, so WHY were Celtic Punished on their return to Scotland ? The Scottish Government ( Nicola Sturgeon in particular), was very quick to announce that Players of Celtic and Aberdeen FC should NOT EXPECT to play any games in the next couple of weeks, and subsequently BOTH Clubs had matches Postponed.


    This punishment placed Celtic FC into a situation of ” Playing Catch Up” in the race to the SPL Title against their biggest rivals, who were already the leaders in the race for the SPL Title.


    Therefore, someone in the Scottish Government MUST have been SURE that Celtic FC did indeed break Covid Rules in Dubai…Hence the subsequent Punishment inflicted on the Club ?


    Can you have someone from The Scottish Government Finally CONFIRM that Celtic FC DID indeed Breach Covid Restrictions while in another country, and if so, to CLARIFY in what manner did Celtic FC Break any Covid Rules ?



    2nd/3rd Paragraphs.



    In relation to Celtic and Rangers supporters ” Gathering” ( obviously on separate occasions etc), I am very disappointed to read that you appear to take the view that the ” Gatherings” by Celtic supporters and Rangers fans are somehow COMPARABLE ? Whilst there were ” Minor” Incidents in relation to a VERY small minority of Celtic Fans, taking part in a demonstration against the Celtic board and/or Neil Lennon, which were sad to see.


    The So Called ” CELEBRATIONS” by Rangers Fans on TWO Occasions when there was extreme Violence on display, Anti Catholic Bigotry and Racism Singalongs and Chanting in their Bigoted and Racist behaviour, can NOT …and SHOULD NOT ever be COMPARABLE by anyone. How many Police Reports were there in relation to a very small minority of Celtic fans, attacking Police, Innocent Bystanders and Each Other while having their “Demo” against the Celtic Board/Mr Lennon, in comparison to what the decent Law-Abiding citizens of Glasgow have had to suffer, whenever Rangers fans decide to ” celebrate” and go on a Wrecking Spree on the streets of Glasgow and George Square ?



    Why is that Police Scotland decided to HALT the Celtic FC Bus Parade in 2019, whilst ” Citing” that some fans were on the Road ( NOTE. NO reports from the Police of Celtic fans causing violence or vandalism etc), but Police Scotland WERE able to CONTROL many Thousands of Celtic supporters, but can NOT do the same when it comes to CONTROLLING Rangers fans, because of the Numbers ?


    I would strongly argue that the Police had MANY more Thousands of Celtic fans to control in 2019, than the ” Estimated” 15,000 Rangers Fans who went on their Wrecking Spree on Saturday 15th May, and the time before that, a few Weeks earlier ?


    Surely, you and The Scottish Government would agree that it was/is even MORE IMPORTANT for Police Scotland to control Crowd Gatherings during these COVID Times, than it was back in 2019 ?





    The most VITAL Questions that MUST be asked of Police Scotland are thus..


    1) Why did Police Scotland FAIL to Disperse the Rangers Fans who gathered outside Ibrox on TWO Occasions recently, and to then provide Police ” ESCORTS” along the streets of Glasgow to George Square ?


    2) In relation to the Video Footage that emerged of Rangers Players and Staff Drinking Alcohol and Singing and Chanting racist and bigoted songs and chants INSIDE a Function Suite/Bar INSIDE Ibrox Stadium, when the Police ” Findings” being of ” NO Criminality” were known, WHY have the Police FAILED to Confirm whether the Video was/is Genuine or Faked ? This is MOST Vital.


    IF the Video was somehow ” Doctored/Faked”, are the Police Investigations ongoing to discover the Culprit(s) …and IF not…why not ?



    IF the Video from INSIDE Ibrox was GENUINE, then how can Police Scotland say that there was ” NO Criminality” ? Rangers Players and Staff are CLEARLY seen Breaking The Scottish Governments LAWS on Covid Restrictions, why were these Law Breakers NOT FINED ? Why hasnt The Scottish Government taken Rangers FC to TASK, over their own Employees, clearly Breaking Covid Regulations….When The same Scottish Government were VERY Quick to Punish Celtic FC , who were in a DIFFERENT country than Scotland…in Dubai ?



    I would be happy to have a Pint or Two with you and discus matters, and hopefully you will agree to Meet in my Local Pub ( When it is allowed to reopen ?), as its only 15/20 yards from my home and its very much a Family Pub.


    On the other hand Mr Mason, IF you wish to meet sooner for a Pint, maybe we could arrange to Meet in a Function Suite/Bar INSIDE Ibrox and have a Beer or Two, as it appears that Covid Restrictions do NOT Apply to Rangers FC ?



    Thank You,


    Kind Regards,


    NAME and Address Provided.

  18. So , don’t be expecting a new manager anytime soon . Total farce


    At what point do we say , thanks , but no thanks Eddie .


    A Howe KB will be another almighty embarrassment for the club .

  19. It’s easy to forget that every Celtic manager since Gordon Strachan has had to face European qualifiers as early as our next boss will have to. Ronnie Deila’s was earlier



    It’s also easy to panic and assume that our squad will be decimated by players leaving, but I reckon every one of the wantaways will either still be at the club or be replaced by the time the games start. None are out of contract, we do have done control over when they leave. We do, of course, need to replace the Kenny, Laxalt and Duffy. I’m not sure a manager coming in in March moves players in or out any quicker, so little meaningful transfer business gets done by mid July.

  20. Talking about decimated squads – Port Vale have only retained 12 players and 3 off them have been transfer listed. At least the manager is in position.

  21. It has to be said, even with all that dithering, it’s generally worked out ok, no?

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’m kinda with Gene @ 12:19 on this one Pablo.



    As an exercise in expectation setting your leader is fine.



    But, from a fan’s “looking in” perspective?



    Club’s approach – particularly in the European pre-qualification from July era – isn’t great.



    GTTS – from last thread – yes Dundee (grass) are lesser of two evils.

  23. All eyes on the final fixtures in the Danish Superliga this afternoon, KO 4pm.



    What we probably don’t want is Copenhagen finishing second as this makes them the Danish team in our branch of the CL qualifying, and as they have a higher UEFA coefficient it potentially kicks us down to un-seeded in 3rd qualifying round if both clubs progress past the 2nd round. Would also have an effect on our potential 2nd round opponents, would we rather face Sparta Prague or Brondby/Midtyjlland?



    Both Brondby and Midtjylland have lower coefficients, which guarantees us seeding in 3rd round (if we get there). Both only need to draw at home to secure top two. Watch out for a Midtjylland loss and Copenhagen win, which is Copenhagen’s best chance of 2nd.



    If Copenhagen win the league it puts them as a seeded team in the champions play-off round, opposite (probably) unseeded rangers. This could knock a potentially more testing opponent (eg. Olympiakos) to unseeded. They need to win away at Randers (6th) and hope for losses at both other games while also overhauling a goal difference deficit of 9, so highly unlikely.



    The press have a Copenhagen league win pushing rangers down to un-seeded for the 3rd qualifying round, I don’t see this as the Danish champions only enter at the play-off round.



    A lot of moving parts still, as the later rounds are largely based on the most likely teams qualifying at each stage as per –




  24. From previous Thread, as MAYBE others may also wish to donate old clothing….?



    BIG JIMMY on 24TH MAY 2021 10:36 AM


    CELTICFOREVER on 24TH MAY 2021 7:39 AM




















    i am sure there are ”CLOTHES BINS” outside or near Celtic Park











    which I would mean the clothes go to the rigt homes










    Ive just Phoned The KANO Foundation this Morning and they DO have Bins etc outside Celtic Park to Collect old clothes etc…but because of Covid it is CLOSED for now.





    Hopefully, collections will be open in a couple of Weeks ?






  25. GENE on 24TH MAY 2021 1:33 PM



    While we have a bigger job on our hands than a lot of teams, Celtic are far from alone in having a big summer of sales and recruitment ahead



    We’re more fortunate than most in that our hand isn’t being forced by existential matters.

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s all about ambition, standards.



    it’ll be alright on the night, honest ………. is that the message?

  27. Celtic40me


    In reality the Vale squad was overdue a clear out. Filled with poor signings from previous managers.

  28. Big Jimmy – You could also ask him how much these 2 KKK meetings/marches cost to police and is the tax payer expected to foot the bill.



    If so do we get a reduction in our council tax/Income tax for the incompetence of Strathclydes Police.



    D :)

  29. timmy7_noted on

    So the message is that we are shite at hiring managers and always make an arse of it so don’t worry its business as usual.


    I’m really motivated to buy a season ticket now.




    We’ve been playing qualifiers in July since WGS’s first season in charge

  31. Hugh MacDonald: George Square was a howl of rage but it may also be a cry for help



    IT was instructive to be an unwitting attender at the Rangers celebrations last week. Heading for the Clyde tunnel on the way home after a holiday on Arran, my car gently eased its way among supporters at Ibrox more than two hours after the match and presentation of the Scottish Premiership trophy.



    My passenger, who knows as much about football as I do about astrophysics, asked for an explanation of the scenes. Her reply was pointed. “If they are celebrating, why does everyone seem so angry?”



    Why, indeed.



    I have watched Scottish football in eight different decades. The biggest most dramatic switch in this time has been the role and perception of Rangers in the national game.



    Once it was an institution viewed, with resentment or awe, as the establishment club. Once, with varying degrees of accuracy, it was viewed as the second club for those fans of Falkirk, Kilmarnock, Hearts or whoever. A friend once opined to me many decades ago: “There are two supports in Scotland: the Celtic support and the anti-Celtic support.”



    No more. Rangers have become isolated. The club and the fans have become the targets of contempt, vilification and wounding humour. This all coalesced around the liquidation of the Rangers Football Club plc which was started in 2012.



    The anger of the Rangers fans, though, has deeper causes than the economic meltdown of their club and the perceived injustices that ensued.



    There is disillusion even disenfranchisement at the heart of a substantial section of the Ibrox support. It is ironically expressed in the slogan that is plastered on club property and routinely expressed by the support. It proclaims: We Are The People. Except, of course, they are not. They are some of The People but increasingly at odds with a changing Scotland.



    There were once certainties in Scotland. I lived through them as a child of the sixties. It was a country of largely full-employment. What was dubbed the white, Protestant working-class were ensured a job, perhaps even a trade. There was a simple monoculture, Scottish nationalism was largely a fringe belief that flared up occasionally at by-elections.



    The routine question of what school you attended, asked in interviews and placed on forms, served as protection to the Protestant, or more accurately non-Catholic, status quo,



    No more. Scotland is a multi-cultural society, however fragile and incomplete that state may be. Scotland is a country where the Union is under threat. Scotland is no longer a country of full employment. Scotland is a country where the working-class can now be crudely lumped as the non-working class.



    This has all impacted heavily on a constituency who believed they were The People. Historic certainties have disappeared. They have been replaced by a reality that is unpalatable. Once seemingly in tune with prevailing orthodoxy, they are now loudlu discordant as the world moves on and they are marooned in a present and future that offers only a threat to beliefs they hold but cannot fully articulate.



    Human beings crave certainty. The first reaction to change is often to stimulate our fight or flight response. There can be an added layer of resentment that those who were once viewed as intrinsically and irredeemably inferior are now patently in positions of power and influence. There can be a feeling that one is cast aside, forgotten, no longer part of the imperatives or drift of society at large.



    All this was reflected in the chants and songs over last week. But it was most obviously demonstrated in behaviour. The violence was explained by some as a “football thing”. It was labelled by others as a “drink thing”. But other football fans do not “celebrate” this way. When Rangers fans discovered there was no one to fight with, they fought with Rangers fans.



    Celtic won 12 consecutive, domestic trophies – the last just before Christmas – without the need to call in police in riot gear. St Johnstone won the league cup this season and the idea of fan disorder in Perth is absurd to the point of producing a guffaw.



    This is a Rangers problem. This is a problem that permeates the Rangers support. It flared up gaudily and violently last week. It occurred in March after the league was won. It happened in Manchester at the UEFA Cup final in 2008. It happens with a weary regularity.



    There is deep, unaddressed anger in all of this. The events at George Square can be described as a howl of rage.



    But it may also be a cry for help.

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