Celtic’s long developmental problem


Lewis Morgan was an unlikely stand-in for injured Odsonne Edouard in last night’s Europa League game against Rennes, but he fulfilled his role of striker perfectly by putting the ball in the net.  We have seen a few iterations of players who make a relatively slow start to their Celtic careers before a spectacular lift-off.

Edouard is a notable example, but Morgan’s earlier form at Celtic is more reminiscent of Ryan Christie, who struggled to look the part, making only a handful of appearances during loan spells in his first three years as a Celtic player.  Ryan and Odsonne are now contenders for this season’s Player of the Year.

It would be ridiculous to suggest Lewis is on a similar trajectory but something has changed at Celtic in recent years.  We have rediscovered how to make European-class football players.  The three decades of failure in this respect was never about the lack of raw talent, it was a developmental problem.

Mikey Johnston showed enough last night to remind us of his prodigious talent.  Like Morgan, he did a stint as stand-in striker, although not as successfully.  I often think that Christie needs a player who can think and move in the same way he does to be most effective.  Johnston is the nearest fit we have.

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  1. Paul67 et al



    Almost exactly eight years ago Neil Lennon’s Celtic beat Rennes 3-1 at Parkhead, our first win in our EL group. We didn’t qualify that year but for me it was the first time I thought Neil was learning lessons in European Football. Young James Forrest was playing that night, as was a certain Fraser Forster , both of whom played a big part then and now in those victories. We went on to win the League that season, the first in a few, and the first of eight in a row, won’t be the last either. You can that to the bank. Year later we were beating Barcelona at Celtic Park on our 125th. Where will we be a year from now? Ongoing boardroom letdowns or no, I’m keen to find out.

  2. Celtic always comfortable last night and Neil now has a special squad of players and hopefully he can retain the majority of them for the forseeable future. Young lewis Morgan impressed last night his ball control in particular was excellent with most passes going to his feet crowned with a fabulous strike just inside the post. Neil must be happy with the return he got from his squad players none of them let him down. Duffer i believe is working with young Morgan and Mikey Johnson and both excelled last night. Lazio will probably make second spot although I wouldn’t mind them out of the way.

  3. Good evening, friends. Now that the dust has settled on last night’s performance it’s time for you to finally decide your 3 best performers. Have your say and join the 40-odd folk that have voted by sending a short email to cqnpoty@gmail.com before 10pm tonight please. And as this was the last game in the month of November your votes will also count towards the Player of the Month. Who will follow on from James Forrest and Scott Brown. Hmmmmmmm…..

  4. Bamboo…………I’ve noticed in these European games the ultra fans – is that the correct word – are all positioned directly behind the goals at one end of the pitch with banners etc and is very effective. That’s where our Green Brigade should be.

  5. THE_HUDDLE on 29TH NOVEMBER 2019 4:11 PM


    I’d be surprised even if Res12 is successful that it would result in any changes with the current SFA setup.



    We’ve more chance of radical changes the longer the national team underperforms.



    Celtic have a batch of very good Scots (3 scored last night, all under 24), Robertson won the CL, others play in the EPL, the national team woefully underperforms and eventually the buck will stop with the blazers and change will hopefully follow.





    How long is much longer ? They have been under performing for years and years and years ….still no change



  6. Looks like Brendan Fraudgers is at it again.



    “Arsenal are a great club”



    Not ruling himself out. Leaving his hat in the ring. But aye… he left Celtic cause the board wouldn’t back him eh?

  7. TIMALOY29 on 29TH NOVEMBER 2019 2:17 PM



    Absolutely correct.


    I’ve heard it time and again. Christie, McGregor and Forrest all – at one time – bad-mouthed as ‘Not Celtic Class.’

  8. I think the real exciting thing about last night was the display of our strength in depth.


    We had first team quality players like Jozo, Hayes, Bolli, Elyounoussi, & French Eddie out injured & Frimpong not registered, plus Griff just playing his way back & even a top player like Rogic unable to get game time off the bench,


    Of the 14 who did get game time there were no real failures, McGregor maybe not at his best but then he has set the bar high for himself & maybe for me anyway I had hoped for a bit more from Taylor but in fairness he needs games under his belt & I think he may well become our first choice left back.


    I loved N’tcham last night, he can be an infuriating player, he has it all and he is still only 23.


    Still feel we haven’t seen the very best from him, I have a sad feeling he will jump ship and become a super star elsewhere and end up being worth a small fortune.

  9. RE: PLC divide et impera



    It’s as old as the hills. PLC hink wir aw stupit.



    It would be wise to remember that the same people who would stop you from singing Rebel and flying pro-Irish banners may be back next year to complain about a book, or even a t-shirt.


    If you can be told what you can sing or say, then it follows, that you can be told what to think!


    Defend your constitutionally protected EC Human Rights – no one else will do it for you.






    ‘The rangers’ are being ACTUAL Nazis, just like oor board aspire to be?


    Control, divide, conquer.






    From 2017 Celtic have been hit with a 12th UEFA fine in the space of six years with the total bill up to about £170,000. (+ the last two years fines) Some of which the support paid for themselves!? https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/sport/soccer/celtics-history-of-uefa-fines-810987.html



    Lawwell & press saying £500,000+ HE IS A LYING. He will lie to throw, all of us, under the bus if we don’t think like he does. We could have bought a player with that money! Where fae? Morton?



    Take him and arms dealer Desmond oot. FASCISTS.



    Furthermore, the reason there is no movement on Resolution 12?



    One Word: Juninho


    They messed up with an EBT and never paid the tax, PAYE, at the time (paid too late for it to be within the rules)


    WE would lose 0-3 for every game he played in too. If the rules were followed. Not as bad as the decades the HUN has being doing it for.


    Nevertheless, we would be dragged in too.


    If you want an open and honest, beautiful game then PLC need to step up. Alternatively, there will remain a disconnection between most of the support and PLC.



    That is your primary weapon to fight them. Maladministration, get them out.



    Their reasons for for the attack on the Green Brigade?



    Quite simple.


    PLC are scared of the GB. Too Powerful. They get the blame for every ill. There are only 70+ of the GB in the ‘Section’. Out of 3,000. Yet, it’s aw their fault?


    How many clubs in Europe ban its own fans, without disciplinary influence from UEFA?


    Oooooh, calling Fascists FASCISTS is a crime now! That’s because they are authoritarian Fascists.




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