Celtic’s perils on show again


So are we surprised at last nights’ defeat?  There’s some surprise that we scored three goals away from home, which if we count Moscow, is becoming a habit, if an incredibly lax one, but I’m less surprised we shipped four, again.    Even at full strength, we are several players short of being able to play Ronny Deila’s high-energy pressing game, so when the squad is further depleted by rest, injury and the like, we cannot expect to play an expansive game and come away with a result.

Fortunately the outcome didn’t matter, but it will next time out in this competition.  I’m very supportive of Ronny and think we have not even begun to see the real benefits of his work, but he got it wrong when he opened up a game which did matter in Warsaw.  We’ll need to see if he decides to play this way, with many of these players, in the Round of 32.  For then we either need to add appropriate players or change tactics.

There’s been a bit of chat on how attendance figures are reported.  Football clubs report paid seat sales, which baselines attendance at season ticket sales, but the ‘bums on seats’ figure is usually far lower.

The showbiz side of the game will always want to report the higher figure: see – our fans are faithful through and through, and all that.  Only Manchester United and Arsenal report higher average league attendance figures than Celtic in British football.  This claim maybe reliant on ticket sales, but it is an important indicator of the size, and therefore potential of our club in the right environment.  Not to mention the efforts many thousands go to in order to financially support the club, in sunshine or in shadow.

It was still somewhat refreshing to hear the new newco director inform the media that his club attracted less than 16,000 people for a recent home game.  The cynic would point out that if newco fall into insolvency, the excuses are already established – fans are not as loyal as they claim, blame then, not their unfortunate execs.

Many thanks for all the feedback on the 2015 CQN Annual.  You can order yours here, or get a special Annual-DVD bundle here.

As a special offer, everyone who buys an Annual, or bundle, before Christmas will be entered into a prize draw for a VIP Meal of 4 at a Celtic Park restaurant on a match day.  One entry for each Annual bought; pile in.

Our friends Magners, who I increasingly think get what this club is all about, have offered us another pair of Premium Tickets for the Jock Stein Stand on Sunday.  It’s a great way to watch football, especially on a winter’s day.  To enter the competition, email me celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the team Celtic play on Sunday in the subject line of your message.  Competition closes at 22:00 tonight, winners will be informed by email tomorrow, so check your inbox!

The deal I have with Magners is that when we make this offer, we ask you to consider making a £1 (or more) donation to our Mary’s Meals Appeal.  We are working towards building a kitchen at Chibwata Priimary School in Dowa, Malawi, which has 909 pupils and does not have food preparation facilities.

With a kitchen – and Mary’s Meals providing food – they will be able to provide primary school kids with what is often their only square meal of the day.  This work cuts infant mortality, improves school attendance by an average of 30%, and increases life chances exponentially.

No matter what you do today, this £1 will do things you cannot imagine.  It will make your day worthwhile.

I’ll be out with my boys on the bucket collection for the Foundation before kick off on Sunday.  If I’ve not coaxed your last £1 out of you, bring another one along to the game.  The spirit of Celtic needs to take care of those in our own community, as well as in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Sorry for all the calls to action todaym in summary:

The Annual, with a VIP Meal for 4 competition.
The Magners’ competition, email celticquicknews@gmail.com
The Mary’s Meals £1.
See you at the bucket collection on Sunday!

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    My memory is a bit hazy on Greenshoesgate, but I do recall Butcher admitting that he bought in the hun culture, song book an’ all.



    However, his wife took him to one side and pointed out to him what he had become.



    That is why I question whether he would accept the poison chalice



    On the matter of someone resigning from their job.



    Do they not lose any entitlements, re contract settlement, etc.



    Unless, of course, their was the threat of Cause from the bosses.

  2. Andy Goram on Sky Sports News.



    What a handsome fella. He reminds me of that movie star of the late 80s.



    John Merrick, I think he was called; can’t recall his stage name…

  3. livibhoy



    16:13 on 12 December, 2014



    Ah, now here’s an interesting development… BBC Sport understands Rangers will reject Ally McCoist’s letter of resignation. Most of the board are in London for the next 48 hours and no talks are planned.



    It just occured to me that the board are probably having their Christmas party.








    Spearmint Rhino will be a rowdy place this afternoon.

  4. I just do not get this notion of a 1 horse league that is being peddled.



    I can understand why the MSM AND HUNS try to diminish anything we do but Celtic fans doing the same thing vexes me.



    We can only beat whoever is in our league.


    The worst teams get relegated.


    No Hearts or Hibs?


    Relegated because they were the worst teams in the league.


    Its the way it works….gash?


    Down ya go whether you are a team that that standard was unthinkable of.




    In Liquidation and no longer with us.


    IF they were with us yet no better than Motherwell, Aberdeen, St. Jonstone, Dundee Utd, Inverness, etc. and as bad as we were in the 90s when we were finishing 3rd 4th and 5th, how would that make winning the league any more creditable?



    These seasons things were meaningful though eh?





    We lost 11 games out of 36 to finish 3rd.





    We only managed to win 10 games out of 36, losing 12 and drawing 14 to finish 5th.





    We managed to lose 12 games again out of 36 to finish 3rd.





    We ONLY lost 8 out of 44 to finish 3rd.





    Same as previous season.





    We only won 15 of 44 to finish 4th, drawing 20 and losing 9


    The huns even managed to only win 22 of 44 but still won the league.





    We only won 11 games of 36, lost 7 and drew 18 to finish 4th.





    We began to get our act together and Tommy only lost 1 game of 36 but drew 11.


    However we finish 2nd for the 1st time in 8 seasons.





    2nd again losing 7 of 36



    When we won the league in 12/13 Motherwell and Ross County lost 11 out of 38 while finishing 2nd and 5th respectively, while St. Johnstone and Inverness lost 10 each while finishing 3rd and 4th.


    The surrounding seasons are the similar.



    Tell me why none of the Huns 9 in a row were meaningless when we were no better than the teams that finish below us now?



    What we do is meaningful and should be enjoyed and savoured for what it is.



    Glasgow Celtic Champions.

  5. mike in toronto on

    just got an email from Paolo Nutini’s website … a new video for ‘Let Me Down Easy’….



    think he might have just heard about Sally walking away?

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    thomthethim- as poisoned chalices go it’s probably a new world record for toxicity.



    It’s like findin’ an ole box jellyfish in your pina coloda.

  7. Emmmmm cough! Cough!




    Dec 12, 2014 15:37 By Gary Ralston


    GARY RALSTON exclusively reveals why the manager felt it was time to call it a day at the club he has served as a player and manager for 20 years.













    SNS Group”I know Ally will be devastated. Rangers are as much a part of his life as he is of its history.”


    ALLY McCOIST quit as Rangers boss to return the focus of attention to the scandal of the mismanagement of the Ibrox club.



    McCoist tendered his resignation to football board chairman Sandy Easdale because recent poor performances of his side were beginning to take centre stage.



    The timing of McCoist’s resignation, which was announced just hours before the game against Queen of the South, has surprised many.



    However, it’s believed McCoist has been considering his future for several weeks as savage cost cutting and redundancies to long serving staff eventually took their toll.



    Rangers manager Ally McCoist casts a glare at the Queen of the South bench





    One source said: “A lot of good people have been leaving Ibrox recently – most of them not by choice.



    “I know Ally will be devastated. Rangers are as much a part of his life as he is of its history.



    “There has been an increasing level of noise around his position recently and that has deflected attention from the real issues.



    “He’s putting Rangers and the supporters first and by stepping back maybe the spotlight might shine on the club and its future – as well as those responsible for its future.





    Steve welshAlly McCoist is believed to have grown tired of working under Sandy Easdale, David Somers, and Derek Llambias


    “Everyone knows significant funding is required and they will have to provide answers to shareholders at the forthcoming agm.



    “The club has been ravaged in recent months. Many people with Rangers at their core have been paid off, as if the wages of a maintenance man or admin woman can even remotely make up for the vast sums of money that have been haemmorhaged from the place these last few years.



    “McCoist has been dealing in the tears and heartache of good, honest people, as well as trying to keep a team on track for successive promotions.



    “I’m sure he’s aware his side could be better – and losing the recent cup tie to Alloa in the way they did recently was painful.



    “However, it can be argued very easily he has been more to keep that club together than anyone else.



    09/08/83 GLASGOW CUP


    CLYDE v RANGERS (0-1)




    Ally McCoist in action for Rangers.





    “How many managers could cope with administration, liquidation, Whyte, Green, Ahmad and all the rest of them while ensuring the team progresses through the divisions?”



    McCoist will spend the festive season and beyond recharging his batteries after the most draining and emotionally bruising period of his life.



    The source added: “He is taking a rest and recharging after the most physically and emotionally draining period of his life and career – almost four years.



    “However, the club is too big a part of him. He’ll always support them and stand with the fans.



    “He believes in them and will continue to do his best by them. It’s important to remember McCoist’s career has been marked by a determination to succeed and win.”

  8. I don’t think this part of the BBC article is right:



    “McCoist has a 12-month rolling contract with the Glasgow club, who are refusing to comment officially at present.



    So either the club pays his salary of £400,000 per year up in full, come to a settlement, or keep him in place for the next 12 months.”



    I would be very surprised if the notice period was 12 months, or it an employee resigning would invoke a termination payment from the employer. Then again my background is in commercial contracts, not football or employment contracts, so could be totally wrong.

  9. tonydonnelly,



    I think we can assume that is a party political broadcast by the Ally McCoist Party.



    Ally is distraught that his rubbish team is deflecting anger away from the Spivs, so he resigns to, erm… focus anger on the board?




  10. Sleekit DOES walking away


    Celtic fans Gutted :)))) and zombies delighted


    says it all:)))



    There must be some very bad news on the horizon for sleekit to walk away Insidious doesn’t begin to cover that yin .



    HAW(Shooders) Wullie Aye yeezdo, do walking away


    just look at yer boss sleeking away



  11. Davidopoulos


    16:37 on


    12 December, 2014



    I think it depends on your understanding of ‘rolling’ either it’s a constant 12 month notice period or it annually rolls into the next contract with any notice period being the length of time to the end of the current contract.



    Popular understanding seems to be the former version.

  12. As with every thing in this train crash toxic club nothing is simple, as usual it’s the old smoke and mirrors game, the shell and pearl game, the one trick pony, now you see it now you don’t, he has left


    , Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no he hasent…..


    Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes he has ……..


    Well it is pantomime season right?

  13. I don’t think Ally would be fond of the term ‘gardening leave’ or anything connected to gardeners in fact.

  14. Sorry, haven’t read back all the posts.


    Has fat Sally quit today or has he given 12 months notice of his intention to quit?

  15. Syd Negakev


    16:44 on


    12 December, 2014


    I don’t think Ally would be fond of the term ‘gardening leave’ or anything connected to gardeners in fact.






    Perhaps, he is a manager but only from the waist down.

  16. Auldheid


    16:46 on


    12 December, 2014



    The unseen Fenian hand lifted the receiver the second he saw the first tweet “Ashley, tell him naw”.

  17. Woah, The Coisty Coisty


    Woah, The Coisty Coisty.



    Do The Coisty Coisty- released just in time for The Pensioners Christmas Party market .Out now on Plumduff Records.

  18. googybhoy ♥ celtic


    16:48 on


    12 December, 2014



    Ally will settle for six months baking leave.





    Maybe he kneads the dough?



    Coat, hat etc.

  19. weeminger




    16:42 on 12 December, 2014






    16:37 on


    12 December, 2014



    I think it depends on your understanding of ‘rolling’ either it’s a constant 12 month notice period or it annually rolls into the next contract with any notice period being the length of time to the end of the current contract.



    Popular understanding seems to be the former version.






    Yeah I know the interpretations, however, despite being a contracts manager, the notice period parts befuddle me, but hey that’s football!…and maybe i’m not that bright ;)

  20. mike in toronto on

    I suspect that this is Sally playing to the audience ….. he knows that many players (about 1/2 the first team) will soon be told (if they haven’t been told already) that their contracts will not be renewed at the end of the season, and they should start to look for other teams ASAP, with a view to some leaving in the January window…



    Sally can now say that the Board are gutting the team, and as a fan, he cannot sit by and watch that happen ….



    Not having seen Sally’s contract, I suspect that he does not get paid if he resigns, so he has given them notice ….. He is forcing the board to pay him off and is playing to the fans …’see, I’m one of you, really … they (the big, bad Board, are selling all my players … that is the problem, not my piss poor management)….

  21. Sally has obviously had that meeting with Doug and Dinsdale Piranha. Told you that polythene sheeting would come in handy!



    Walking away with sphincter tightly closed!




  22. Saw set up for the ex motherwell manager or that guy who is at Aberdeen at the moment -at least I think that’s what the gameplan is.


    You can never tell with a new start company.


    So many of them fail.


    Anyway we’ve got enough to worry about.


    Let’s get this league won.

  23. Ally’s playing hard ball here wi a guy who will chew him up and fart him up after breakfast, it could get very interesting, wonder if the Stoke Exchange had to be notified?

  24. LiviBhoy


    16:33 on


    12 December, 2014


    Hope Jonathon Watson hasn;t recorded Only an Excuse yet.




    “Hope Jonathon Watson isn’t recording Only an Excuse ever again.”



    Fixed it for you …… well, certainly, for me.

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