Celtic’s perils on show again


So are we surprised at last nights’ defeat?  There’s some surprise that we scored three goals away from home, which if we count Moscow, is becoming a habit, if an incredibly lax one, but I’m less surprised we shipped four, again.    Even at full strength, we are several players short of being able to play Ronny Deila’s high-energy pressing game, so when the squad is further depleted by rest, injury and the like, we cannot expect to play an expansive game and come away with a result.

Fortunately the outcome didn’t matter, but it will next time out in this competition.  I’m very supportive of Ronny and think we have not even begun to see the real benefits of his work, but he got it wrong when he opened up a game which did matter in Warsaw.  We’ll need to see if he decides to play this way, with many of these players, in the Round of 32.  For then we either need to add appropriate players or change tactics.

There’s been a bit of chat on how attendance figures are reported.  Football clubs report paid seat sales, which baselines attendance at season ticket sales, but the ‘bums on seats’ figure is usually far lower.

The showbiz side of the game will always want to report the higher figure: see – our fans are faithful through and through, and all that.  Only Manchester United and Arsenal report higher average league attendance figures than Celtic in British football.  This claim maybe reliant on ticket sales, but it is an important indicator of the size, and therefore potential of our club in the right environment.  Not to mention the efforts many thousands go to in order to financially support the club, in sunshine or in shadow.

It was still somewhat refreshing to hear the new newco director inform the media that his club attracted less than 16,000 people for a recent home game.  The cynic would point out that if newco fall into insolvency, the excuses are already established – fans are not as loyal as they claim, blame then, not their unfortunate execs.

Many thanks for all the feedback on the 2015 CQN Annual.  You can order yours here, or get a special Annual-DVD bundle here.

As a special offer, everyone who buys an Annual, or bundle, before Christmas will be entered into a prize draw for a VIP Meal of 4 at a Celtic Park restaurant on a match day.  One entry for each Annual bought; pile in.

Our friends Magners, who I increasingly think get what this club is all about, have offered us another pair of Premium Tickets for the Jock Stein Stand on Sunday.  It’s a great way to watch football, especially on a winter’s day.  To enter the competition, email me celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the team Celtic play on Sunday in the subject line of your message.  Competition closes at 22:00 tonight, winners will be informed by email tomorrow, so check your inbox!

The deal I have with Magners is that when we make this offer, we ask you to consider making a £1 (or more) donation to our Mary’s Meals Appeal.  We are working towards building a kitchen at Chibwata Priimary School in Dowa, Malawi, which has 909 pupils and does not have food preparation facilities.

With a kitchen – and Mary’s Meals providing food – they will be able to provide primary school kids with what is often their only square meal of the day.  This work cuts infant mortality, improves school attendance by an average of 30%, and increases life chances exponentially.

No matter what you do today, this £1 will do things you cannot imagine.  It will make your day worthwhile.

I’ll be out with my boys on the bucket collection for the Foundation before kick off on Sunday.  If I’ve not coaxed your last £1 out of you, bring another one along to the game.  The spirit of Celtic needs to take care of those in our own community, as well as in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Sorry for all the calls to action todaym in summary:

The Annual, with a VIP Meal for 4 competition.
The Magners’ competition, email celticquicknews@gmail.com
The Mary’s Meals £1.
See you at the bucket collection on Sunday!

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Albert Camu Camu, works wonders against la Peste



    Also gets rid of 99% of R#ngersitis.

  2. Snake but I thought you had confidence in the people of scotland? Or is it just yes voters you have confidence in? Should us no voters go back home (to England presumably)?

  3. All great crack on thems yesterday and last night, come in this morning? Usuall tactics some HUN basa doesent like his team or Fatso getting ripped to shreds, tosses in the old politics sheet, and Boom! It worked again, works all the time, some are easily lead in here. Nearly as gullible as THEMS, if the tables where turned and it was us in thems boots, I would bet you as sure as sheet sticks to a goats arse they wouldent be talking about, the SNP, and Labour, Always remember some in here get into thems blogs and bring us back some pearls of wisdom from thems, doesent mean that they can’t come in here and start talking politics.


    Lurking HUNS GIRFUYS

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger



    12:05 on 13 December, 2014



    Albert Camu Camu, works wonders against la Peste



    Also gets rid of 99% of R#ngersitis.





    The immune system is critical, especially when the antidote has been delivered.



    God Bless the Rascals.

  5. snake plissken



    11:57 on 13 December, 2014


    Italia Bhoy



    As I say – shame on all those who voted no. I will not let my disgust dissipate.






    What a terribly sad statement and a truly sad state of affairs.



    When did all that wonderful optimism we saw around the ‘festival of democracy’ turn to bitter, angry petulance and nasty sniping.



    Shame on those who voted no? Shame on you, more like.



    Bitter and shrill remarks like the one above make me glad there was a no vote.

  6. My friends in Celtic,



    Watching CS and CN on the Sky panel.



    I wonder if we are reigning champions for ex players in the media.






    PS : TD 67 You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be led.

  7. Mullet and co 2 where is this altruism that you speak of in Scotland? Was it the frozen council tax designed to bribe us but hurt the poor or that we didn’t raise income tax when we could have.



    Where is this magical fantasyland that you speak of. Scotland has had the chance for years to make a difference but the SNP certainly didn’t.



    They were too busy criminalising celtic fans.

  8. Neg Anon2



    Why would you go to England? Why would I want you to go there?



    I’ve said you personally should leave Scotland because it appears to make you very unhappy.



    I do believe in the ability of the people of Scotland. We’re not better than anyone else in the world but we are in no way any less than anyone else which is what some unionist like to believe and foster.



    On reflection it is fair to say people with ability can be stupid as well.



    Plenty of educated people I’ve met in my life are idiots, that’s not always an indicator of wisdom.



    Some people were frightened – they were stupid to be frightened but they still have ability.



    You think Scotland is institutionally sectarian, are those types of people stupid or not?

  9. Corkcelt I hope whenever xoerie ce what Ireland did but I. Suspect all it would take is an elongated economic crisis.sort of like we would have in the first two decades of independence.



    True colours would be shown and the cry would be the famine is over etc……



    It’s just beneath a very thin veneer here in Scotland. Wafer thin.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic v St Mirren



    Played on Celtic Park.



    Before 3,000 spectators.






    The Scotsman – Monday, 9th February 1891.



    Celtic v St. Mirren – This League match was played at Celtic Park. Both clubs were out in full force. Gaining the wind, the home club had the best of what was going, and Campbell and Dowds each scored ere twenty minutes had gone. The visitors showed smart play at times, and appeared in good condition for the fray. At half-time the score stood :- Celtic, three goals; St Mirren, nil. On resuming the Celts took up the running, but were forced back. The St Mirren took a long time to make any impression; but when Morrison did score they got along much better, Dunlop and Douglas bringing them along finely. Play was fought out most determinedly, Reynolds playing grandly at back. A hard game ended:- Celtic, three goals; St Mirren, two goals.







    Bell, Reynolds, McKeown, W Maley, P Gallagher, Kelly, Madden, Boyle, Dowds, Dunbar, Campbell.



    Goals:- Dowds, Campbell, Boyle.



    St Mirren:-



    Cameron, Tomlinson, A McBain, McCartney, Brown, D McBain, Morrison, McAulay, Wylie, Dunlop, Douglas.



    Goals:- Morrison 75, Morrison 80.



    Att:- 3,000.




  11. Tonyd – it could just be tims that want to discuss things. People have more time on hands at weekends… Hence the debates….



    Politics, laughing at sevco, praising or berating the board….. It’s all good….


    Room for all. Even lurking hurting bluenoses…..



    Have a nice day TD

  12. Snake



    I would move but my family and in particular my wife’s extended family are here and I would take that away from her or my children. So I a, stuck with scotland and scotland is stuck with me. I raise the question because several yes voters, including some on this site, told me they could wait to get rid of the likes of me or looked forward to the day when we left.



    Now if you want to talk about stupidity then I think that’s a fine example.



    I also believe, in the fullness of time, of course we would be fine. But in the fullness of time. That 20 or 30 years of start up would be horrific. Scotland is institutionally sectarian and I have provided plenty of evidence of moder day actions in Scotland to back that up. The worst of that would come out during thos early generations. That’s when my children will become adults and make their way in the world. Their chance would be ruined.



    Fear is our most base emotion, but it’s also the one that protects us (and it can of course hinder us). But we should never ignore it and we should seek answers to control that fear. The yes campaign failed to address those concerns and lost. Yet instead of now addressing those concerns and allaying those fears the yes campaign has chosen to belittle and ignore the majority.



    After a loss or a setback it’s understandable to be angry but we are at our best when self reflecting on the setback and learning from it. I hope the yes side eventually get to that space but at the moment the self serving bravado remains evident. Belittling your friends, colleagues and others is not a sensible way forward (a lesson I never really seem to learn properly I am sure many are saying reading this).



    As for those anti irish, anti catholic people in Scotland their sectarianism is also Bourne out of fear. But they have never learned to self reflect.

  13. Afternoon all



    Home for 6 hours after my trip to Zagreb so not up to speed with what is being said here.



    I thought the game was very poor – I know this was a dead rubber but our performance was atriciously bad. At this level we are going backwords and whilst this may be a one step back to take two forward afterwards strategy I for one dread the next round.



    The right hand side of our team was embarrasingly bad at this level and I am coming to the conclusion that those who think Kris Commons is finished are right. Big Virgil has obvious ability but is not as good as I thought he was. Wakaso is a supposedly speedy winger who a la Derk never even tries to beat his man. I was glad tk see Darnell Fisher and Liam Henderson get runs – both were huge improvements on those they replaced- and Craig Gordon deserves a much better team in front of him though in fairness he usually does.



    Getting through is excellent but the last 32 seems likely to be as far as we goi.



    I gather there have been yet more bizarre occurences in South West Glasgow




  14. Snake Plissken


    11:43 on


    13 December, 2014


    Italia Bhoy



    None of them would – they are too ashamed to admit it and so they all should be





    The 37% YESNP mob should be down on their knees thanking us NO voters for saving Scotland from a full-blown DEPRESSION.



    Just how would you have plugged an overall £20 billion deficit – accumulated £130 billion in foreign reserves to back up your currency – paid high interest rates to the money markets whilst defaulting on your debt – managed the loss all financial and banking jobs to the UK – paid out pensions and welfare benefits – stop the North Sea hemorrhaging 35,00 jobs and had no lender of last resort, or, central bank?



    Truth is you didn’t/don’t know any of the answers – but we did, that’s why we voted NO NO NO NO NO

  15. Neg anon2



    Fair enough. I am not always the best person to talk to about these things. My anger at no voters will never leave me because I believe they have condemned all the people of Scotland to something less than they could have.



    I might be wrong but I resent the idea that because I lost one vote I should just stop believing what I have always believed.



    That is not from you but more from the politicians.



    The Labour Party want all of these things to go away for their own selfish interests and nothing more. They are a political party after all.



    Anyway I’m trying to watch Manhunter and I am looking forward to the crying on the radio of the impartial pundits.

  16. Horrid Henry



    Your Labour party trolling has taken up a couple of hours of my day.



    No more.



    Just you vote Labour, see them lose again and then come back and tell me I was wrong.



    You have no answer to the age old conundrum – what does Scotland do when it votes Labour and England votes Tory?



    I have the answer to that (and that is the only question I needed answered in the referendum) – we get a government we don’t want and we have to suffer the consequences with no ability to ever REALLY change that without independence.



    Now leave your propaganda nonsense and go back to your day as I am going to now.

  17. jimbo67



    The right hand side of our team was embarrasingly bad at this level and I am coming to the conclusion that those who think Kris Commons is finished are right. Big Virgil has obvious ability but is not as good as I thought he was.



    Kris Commons was our best player on Thursday night, with Van Dijk a close second.



    The Ronny cultists will ignore that.

  18. Folks, I’ve just finished reading back, stopped mid morning, out of frustration. Until then the blog had been positive, having a laugh and discussing our club’s progress on and off the park.



    Then the Saturday morning politics was re-introduced. It’s the same boring repeated stuff, by the same condescending, manic and insulting trolls.



    12:49 on


    13 December, 2014







    Then the Saturday morning politics was re-introduced. It’s the same boring repeated stuff, by the same condescending, manic and insulting trolls.




  20. Let me get this right…..the ‘bored’ have to be praised for giving away tickets for seats that would have been empty anyway?



    The ‘bored’ have to be praised for knocking-off £100 from the price of SB’s that wurny selling?



    If, the huns die again(LOL) and the susequent impact on SB-sales will be to fall to about what – 20k?….how much will the samaratans on the ‘bored’ reduce the tickets by? Another £100?



    David Low said earlier this morn that – “Scottish football is heading for the Irish league level.”



    He also said that Scottish football is now back to were it was before the arrival of the ‘beast’ and David Holmes back in 1986.



    From a personal point of view….the crumb of comfort for me is that, it shouldny be too long now until a ‘Jungle’ type of area is built in the new CP that was built by the fans share-issue money.



    It’ll probably be junior players who’ll be wearing the hoops by then, such will be the continuation of the down-sizing.



    All of the above is – imho.



    The only reason that I miss the huns – the Jingle Bells song has died as well :(



    Off oot, bye.

  21. petethebeat



    11:03 on 13 December, 2014


    One for the medical types here.



    I have had this flu type virus for nearly 10 days now and am only getting about 2% better each day.



    Does anybody know if there’s something going around atm ?



    I might get a cold once a year for a couple of days and that’s it but this is the worst I’ve ever had.






    Same as yourself with this virus, I’m going into the fourth week of it, the gp wouldn’t prescribe me antibiotics and told me to take lemsips, wtf. HH