Celtic’s purpose away in Europe, unprecedented SFA charges


You know the mantra: Give players an opportunity to fail and they will take it.  Don’t look ahead to a game by complaining about the pitch, the footballs, the weather or the referee (hmmm).  Don’t talk about having one eye on the next game, if you do, you have given players an excuse to pull up a little short.

Just because manager, Rini Coolen, told the world he would rest his striker and make early substitutions with an eye on Sunday’s Norwegian Cup Final, does not mean Rosenborg will be anything other than stiff opponents tonight, but at the margins, players need a hunger to push themselves to achieve great results.  Rosenborg might struggle for that motivation against Celtic.

Celtic also have a cup final on Sunday, but there is no looking forward yet.  We are very much still in the Europa League and a win tonight will ask questions of Leipzig, who face Salzburg away.

More than qualification, I want Celtic to start competing properly away from home in European tournaments.  Our record of 2 wins (both in the Champions League) from 60 group stage games on the road needs to be addressed.  We have to find the purpose that a burst Anderlecht team brought to Glasgow last year.

Rosenborg have accepted they are out of the tournament.  This will be our third game at the Lerkendal Stadion in 16 months.  It does not matter what happens in Salzburg, Celtic need a win tonight for its own sake.

Take note of what happens between Newco and the SFA after the club’s intemperate rant over a red card issued by Willie Collum.  Fans felt aggrieved and demanded the club stand up to the Association.  The club obliged with an indulgent but no doubt heartfelt statement.  I’m sure directors and PR officials enjoyed plaudits afterwards.

The SFA responded yesterday with a series of five charges unlike anything I have read before.   Charges are:

Indicating bias or incompetence in a match official.

Bringing the game into disrepute.

Failing to act in the best interests of Association Football.

Failing of the club to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play.

Failure to club officials to observe the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship in accordance with the rules of fair play.

Did Willie Collum get the red card decision right?  It doesn’t matter, there is a cost to playing to the galleries as Newco found out yesterday.  No matter how many of your own people tell you you’re right, accusations of bias or incompetence will leave you isolated and a humiliated loser.  Football will close ranks.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

You can also expect referees to close ranks around Willie Collum.

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  1. The SFA action against Sevco is welcome if a little overdue. It seems to indicate a new relationship where SFA will enforce at least some action against Sevco. This would not have happened under Reagan. in fact did Reagan not pass a draft press release across the desk of Craig Whyte before issuing it after Craigs editing.



    It shows to me that McRae and Petrie are no longer in full control. The unusual wording of the charges could be an indication of the future direction that Sevco’s statement o’clock needs to be careful. It might also show that the recent comments on Celtic players behaviour from Sevco are unwelcome and will be attacked upon.



    I don’t expect much of a punishment but like UEFA, I expect each future charges to be built upon. Fines doubling as each case is raised. It is at least a start and the first time we have seen SFA stand up. I expect the Referee and Disciplinary Committees will go on as usual and all appeals passed as requested.



    I see a poster tagging the Sevco board as lunatics. I don’t believe they are lunatics but they do have a false sense of entitlement and are prepared to spin propaganda to suit their fees. They are the “peepil” don’t you know.

  2. BBC


    `Motherwell have posted a record profit of £1.72m in the last financial year.



    The club, which is owned by supporters through the Well Society, also saw turnover increase to £6.84m.`



    Wow .

  3. Billy Hun becomes emboldened with extremist statements hoping they will give them a relevance they certainly don’t have now ,today or forever, it;s a total side show full of that great word Hun Guffery


    My only concern is that they will incite there more rabid of there support into going full Tonto mode with ever threatening scare tactics against opponents & officials

  4. Does anyone know if old Rangers ever paid the compensation for poaching the national manager? In the way we had to for Tommy Burns?


    And I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why McGregor’s lifetime ban disappeared without a whimper.


    As for the refs supporting Collum, where’s the outcry from the refs? the threat of a strike? Let’s see how Dallas refs the final on Sunday.

  5. MA&H


    Already brightened up our day in seeing you post


    Hope all coming along fine S


    Will drop you a text shortly ( now I have a new phone)



    Refs saving their powder till after Dallas cheats on Sunday.


    Any criticism of his performance no matter how justified will spawn pages of outrage in mssm.


    I expect him to follow the family tradition and show bias.


    Any subsequent action by refs will be blamed solely on Celtic for having the temerity to not accept being cheated.

  7. BSR – should I be surprised by that question ? I think she’s a lawyer and would claim to be completely impartial.

  8. Just a quick question before the Celtic game


    How is the King – long live the King – getting on at Court, has he been jailed yet

  9. Gordon


    Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney


    Forest, Christie, McGregor, Rogic, Sinclair



  10. Emeraldbee


    I also seen that other banned director – No Surrender Johnston, at the Sevco international AGM top table


    Has FtSFA ratified his appointment yet ?


    Or is that another breach ???

  11. NorrieM,



    Court over for today. TOP called 3 witnesses, 2 from within their own ranks and a lawyer expert from South Africa on SA exchange controls.



    Continues tomorrow. King and Blair in the dock.

  12. mike in toronto on




    on more important court news, the judge in my case today told the other side they were wrong – before we even started …. so I got to go home early, and can now watch the game …



    sorry to disappoint all of you who were hoping to watch my big motion to strike a jury notice on Court TV today … you will just have to watch the game instead.




  13. CELTIC: Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney; McGregor, Christie, Rogic; Sinclair, Forrest; Edouard.


    Subs: Bain, Hendry, Gamboa, Hayes, Ntcham, Brown, Griffiths.

  14. Oh No – don’t punish us as badly as the last time you punished us when you done – sweet FA – gesturing, thats all it is, meaningless gesturing, sevco think they run Scottish football, they certainly couldn’t care less about what the SFA think – or do. We are the only ones they pay attention to – because we can (and do as often as we can) hurt them.



    Surprised Paul thought it was worth a mention.

  15. Heading into Glasgow now. City Halls. Hope there is a good match updates to read up for when I get back. C’mon ‘GG

  16. Any trophies stripped yet ?


    Are the Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebels still lying under the Old Firm PLC’s bus ?


    Are 53,000 season ticket holders still filling oot the stadium, to prop up the Old Firm PLC board ?


    Are the died, jiggery poakery, same club, civil unrest threatener’s, still laughing up thur cuffs because, they pulled off the greatest sporting swindle in history, all because Celtic supporters who don’t have the backbone to ‘rebel’ against their own PLC board’s, inaction, or, collusion with the great swindle, but, instead, these supporters will sit idily by, and watch, Res12Rebels, and their mountains of, Supreme Court backed evidence, being swept under the carpet, and the PLC’s slow manoeuvre to the door of Brendan, the ‘fudge’ who was brought in to, make supporters look the other way as the deceitful PLC sneaked the £49:00 Old Firm game back onto the fixture list, and, at the same time, get Celtic’s innocent, but, easily mugged supporters, to rubber stamp, Sevco FC, as being the same club as, Rangers FC, with the purchase of each £49:00 ticket, but, and most importantly, all of this deceitful scheming, was to get the Old Firm PLC board off the hook, in terms of addressing the ‘same-club’ issue.



    The “real” rebels, Sinn Fein, emptied the seats at Stormont, and pulled the house down whilst the ‘crimes’ are being investigated, and Sinn Fein will not return to, a, corrupt, sectarian, bigoted establishment.



    So, why don’t Celtic’s supporter’s, get themselves a board who’ll do the same as, the “real” rebels, Sinn Fein ?


    I mean, is not as if the Celtic supporters don’t have, Supreme Court backed evidence. So, why not ?


    Silently sucking it up, will lead to Celtic eating itself.



    Anywye,…..Weebawbabbity, God bless. √



    Good luck tonight Cellic. √




  17. Emerald Bee- same happened at Poundland this season v St Mirren , i fear the worst when we go there

  18. BigBhoy – the wording of the charges is lifted straight from the Judicial Panel Protocol – it’s a PDF readable on the Disciplinary page of the SFA website. I think the JPP has been around for a while, although it is updated every year to be as current as possible. It’s legalese I’m afraid so not very readable but from Page 49 or so, the rules are listed along with the possible penalties for transgression.



    The CO seems to be completely independent and I believe she is aiming for consistency and persistence. Her role is based on the JPP and having laid charges on Steve Clarke a few weeks ago is showing consistency by laying similar, though more serious charges against Sevco. I think Steve Clarke was fined £1000 (suspended) for the bits he was found guilty on.



    I’ll be very interested in the penalties arising from these 5 charges !

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