Cenkos involvement worth attention


There is a realisation that the information issued by Craig Whyte last week is only the beginning of what promises to be weeks of salacious details.  Ownership of Ibrox, Murray Park and other assets purchased by Sevco 5088, a company which Charles Green signed a Companies House form for on 27 December 2012, but which Craig Whyte claims to be a significant interest holder in, is in doubt.

This matter could take weeks to play out and months, or longer, to settle.  The evidence provided thus far is interesting but courts are notoriously more concerned by paperwork than recorded conversations.  If Craig Whyte has paperwork to back his claims he will feel by far the more comfortable of the two parties.

Of more immediate concern will be what Cenkos Securities knew.  Cenkos were the Nominated Advisors for Rangers International’s recent Initial Public Offering and Newco’s directors would have been required to inform them of any claim over assets, no matter how spurious or disputed.

City Regulators move quicker than the courts and will want early information on when Whyte’s claims were made, what was revealed to Cenkos and how the board minute-d these matters.  Keep your eye on this one.

Having used David Longmuir to get at SFL clubs in an attempt to sink league reconstruction plans Charles Green, who has made no secret of his opposition to them, turned to St Mirren chairman Stuart Gilmour.  Gilmour, who was incandescent with outrage last year when SFL clubs refused to make a space in their top flight for Newco, plans to acquiesce.

He should reconsider before the St Mirren board meet to discuss this on Wednesday.
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  1. Evening all



    Was going to make some feeble joke about bosoms,my favourite Coronation St actress and the Ibrox leadership but I haven’t got the wit. Who needs jokes when Chuck, Craigy Bhoy and Supersonic Sal are about anyway.




    Anybody know when the post-split fixtures are announced?





  2. the bould bhoys on

    Sorry but I thoughtit only proper I should Balance up my hatred for all things Hunnish.



    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC


    I Love CELTIC




  3. The Boy Jinky on

    First time I have saw the sneak punch the hibs player.



    Another to add to the list of reasons why I detest the pathetic little runt

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Minty, Cardihun, Sally, Ogilvie, Duffield, Traynor, Longmuir, Gilmour, The refereeing fraternity head of BBC sportsound, Head of STV, Constable Corrigan, Duff and Phelps, Lord Hodge. Media house, Daily Record, Glasgow Herald, The Scottish Sun and The Scotsman, Dundee FC and quite a few others are all working together. The same team. There has never been a fall out beteween any of them. All of them playing their parts when called upon. Yes the situation is fluid only because they defecated on Craig Whyte whom was chosen as the Walter Mitty fall guy. Problem is he was chosen by Zsa Zsa. Yet another massive miscalculation on his part. The reason that our hero is where he is just now is down to Sally not being capable in Europe and the Scottish fans preventing them being parachuted into the SPL.



    They are motivated by four things.



    1. They had their snout in the filthy trough



    2. They want to keep their snout in the filthy trough



    3. They dont want to go to jail



    4. They need to maintain their falsely percieved place within society.







    Can we please desist from calling it anything else or adding to the mis information orgy. It only helps them achieve their smokescreen fingerpointing goal of deviation from the truth and insults our collective intelligence.



    For those that cant grasp what I am saying. If Sally had qaulified for the CL or maybe even the EL you would never have heard of Chuck or his Pakistani friend.







    Bomber took the Dundee job two weeks ago ….why ?



    Coincidence ?



    He was au fait with Whytes actions and intentions ?



    Of course not but the brotherhood was and they just started phase 4 or 5 after they were champions meaning disposal of rocket man Bomber. WHO must realise it was folly of him to take that job. He will be the only One they can trust after the eventual fall out.



    So please lets concentrate on the real story here rather than the one that the MSM are feeding you.



    It not the home of helping lazy journalism here especially the palptalk loyal. Your helping them with thier objectives.



    Please I beg you desist.




  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Is Maddan being hauled up in front of his masters for the worst display of refereeing this side of the Clyde? For both sides btw!!

  6. Lhads snd lhassies. Infrequent poster ,however slightly off topic ,would like to wish jackie macs dundee utd all the best for a top 6 finish. Great wee celt delighted for him.


    As for gladys green, a despicable reprobate who is a disgrace to humanity and deserves everything that is surely coming to him and his disgusting hordes.



  7. Jimbo



    Monday sometime according to the SPL. They are taking the views of both the Police and Broadcasters into account, but hopefully common sense will prevail.

  8. Celtic Mac



    Thanks. Hopefully a home game on the Saturday to start off with then





  9. Thistle miss apelty with 2 minutes to go. One of thir guys then nuts someone and a fight starts, then Thistle score with the last kick of the ball!



    Great stuff!

  10. Wow – late penalty saved – head butt – red card – bookings – last kick equaliser for partick v QOS – mini pitch invasion!



    Penalties now on Alba …..

  11. The Boy Jinky on



    Qos player in the penatly missers face… gloating…. big pt man … muirhead… nutted him…


    Good old fashioned fitba… sevco feel at home in that competition

  12. the bould bhoys on




    Ive posted this at least three times before without comment.



    A perfect example of his wretchedness

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Bsr/thomthethim, sadly I expect you’re right, and returning to the source of scrofula ritzy has poisoned Sally’s soul, he should have stuck at question of sport

  14. Nice to see some of you at the rally yesterday



    Lovely to see the huns self destructing once again

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Good evening Paul.



    Cenkos are a third tier City institution who are as spivey as Whyte and Greene put together. They have their fees and will not give a fig about what happens now to The Rangers share price. They will also be little concerned about any reputational damage as they don’t really have a reputation to loose. I may be proved wrong, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to blow the whistle. Caveat emptor.



    This brings me to a more intriguing question – who bought the shares?



    I heard on good authority that Greene was described as a “liar” and a “fantasist” by some who met him on the IPO roadshow. There were/are so many unknowns, uncertainties and imponderables surrounding the future of The Rangers that handing over money was tantamount to nothing more than a punt. Fair enough if your a fan hoping to save your club, but institutional investors have a fiduciary duty towards their clients. I find it difficult to see how any “professional” could justify an investment whilst at the same time fulfilling this duty.



    Or perhaps those fund managers were fans hoping to save their club……….with their clients money. Hopefully when we get to see the shareholder register it will not be jammed full of Scottish institutions run by individuals known for leanings to the dark side.



    All the best.




  16. weeminger – it beggars belief, they got the wrong milliband in my view, nobody to kick these punters in touch

  17. JFH 18.00



    I agree totally.



    Whatever the incarnation is required to be ,it will be born to ensure that there is always some form of Rangers based in Scotland.




    There fans will be back watching a team playing us and hating us ever more,soon enough.




  18. Paul67 et al



    Some great penalty kicks there, League and Cup double for Queen of the South. Hope the Thistle can go on and win Division One, nice to have another Glasgow team in the top division.

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