Central def, Dempster, don’t mention the EBT


I could make the case that Kilmarnock were better against Celtic on Sunday than Hearts were, when the latter won 4-0 at Tynecastle last year. At Rugby Park, Celtic failed to retain possession to anything like an adequate level. The nuances of the pitch were known in advance, I don’t buy it as an excuse.

Players seemed over-anxious to get rid of the ball, most often by sending it forward to players who didn’t have the space necessary to retain possession. A large part of our conventional system relies on passing and movement from central defence. The early loss of Boyata, then Ajer, did Celtic more damage than the pitch.

You know that ominous feeling you get when media and many in the game are uniting behind a candidate for a top job, before the job is even advertised? Leeann Dempster might be the best administrator in Hibs’ and Motherwell’s recent history, but that is modest claim to fame. The job of CEO at the SFA should go through a conventional recruitment process.

As for BBC news this morning that the SFA are considering Walter Smith* as national team manager, a man who walked out on his contract halfway through a qualifying campaign for a club job! This tells you all you need to know about football in Scotland.

*and I didn’t even mention his EBT, because no one ever mentions “Walter’s” EBT, that would just embarrass the man.  It must be like a sketch of Monty Python whenever he walks into a room of journalists.  Would love to know what it was for……


Neil discusses his early life in Lurgan, signing for Manchester City and then Crewe, before Martin O’Neill entered his life when he took him to Filbert Street in 1996. His time under O’Neill at Leicester and then Celtic is covered extensively, as is his Celtic Park managerial career, which takes in the famous victory against Barcelona in 2012.


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    Can we have a ruling please on moderation?



    I’m getting slightly miffed at having posts moderated/deleted without explanation. And I know I’m not alone.



    The mods,when I point his out,suggest that I contact you,but I’m sure you’re far too busy wi life to bother wi such trivia.



    Yes,I can c&p every post I make. Send them to you,ask if they’re ok. And yes,I know I make some contentious posts on here. But is it fair to censor without explanation?

  2. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 5th February 2018 11:55 am



    We’ve finished on less than 88 points in a 38 game season on 5 previous occasions in the last 12 years, the last being Ronny’s final season (86 points). The lowest points total was 79 (Lennon’s second title season).





    We were rubbish on Saturday. But two injuries in our back three didn’t help.



    Neither did not bringing on a defender.





    Thanks for that. 79 points? Blinkin’ flip,that was when we started wi lead in our boots,15 points behind at one point?



    Oh,bad days yet great days. You couldnae have wiped my smile off my face wi a big Whitbread.

  5. There is no question that Saturday was a strange performance. I have watched the game back in an attempt to analyse what went wrong and honestly I am still baffled by it. I don’t think you can blame the pitch; this Celtic team have played on that pitch and won fairly comfortably for that not to be an issue. The injuries clearly didn’t help the flow but it’s not as if we were pulling up any tress before the Boyata injury. The one thing I did notice at the match and again when I watched the match back is how isolated James Forrest & Kieran Tierney (Scot Sinclair latterly). Olly Ntcham and Charly Musonda seemed like to avoid going wide to double up/create an overlap opportunity. At first I thought this was just Laziness from them both but it happened too often for it to be that, this has led me to believe it was a directive from the coaching team. If this is the case then I would suggest they are as much responsible for the result as anyone. I wouldn’t go over the top in my criticism but I think Brendan and his team should take this one on the chin and accept they got it wrong.





    I think it was just a bad day at the office. A bad day that’s happening too often.

  7. BMCUW



    What a grumpy(er) old man you have become :-)



    Anyone have a date for when Tom and Paddy are back?



    Two guys we need back asap








    Welcome to the blog,mate. Do you think that 88 points is an improvement on 106 points?



    Do you really think that just winning the league is good enough,or do you want to see that team you support improving year on year?



    Just asking

  9. as long as we win the league we will keep getting into europe ,that is where we can improve. i have been on the blog for a while , only post sometimes


    BHOYLO83 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2018 12:42 PM






    What a grumpy(er) old man you have become :-



    Anyone have a date for when Tom and Paddy are back?



    Two guys we need back asa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Less of the lid,ya young whippersnapper. I’ve always been like this.



    I’ve got long memories of Oh The Future Is… aw,fucked. Long memories of us screwing it up when he had them by the throats and the balls.






    Fancy a wee hootenanny in Derry round about mid-June?



    Time we got over there,time we met Aidy and yer guid middle-class self again.



    Wi a dog!!!



    Hoping yer smashing,son. And great to know you still lurk,and post on occasion.

  11. BMCUW



    I have read your last few comments totally understand the frustration and it is hard to argue that performances have been mixed this season so far. Some good, some not so good and a couple pretty drastic.


    Where i struggle is with this concept of year on year improvement, last season was a once in a lifetime circumstance, to improve on that was never likely. What is more difficult to gauge is what level of drop off is normal and what is under performing?


    We don’t have a given right to win any game (not suggesting you think that btw) other teams have improved (i have mentioned before the SPFL premiership has better coaching than its given credit for)


    I think a fair judge on this team will be how they perform (not necessarily the result) over two legs against Zenit.

  12. BMCUW has thrown down the gauntlet to the Mods.



    Question is….why was he carrying a guantlet about???

  13. Paul 67,



    Leeann Dempster may not be the best person for the job, but she is female. A female CEO at the top tier of Scottish football ticks sooooooo many boxes in this PC obsessed society.



    As anybody who has frequented CQN will know, I totally endorse female equality. Equality should mean getting the job on merit and nothing else, not because of gender or a quest to even up numbers.



    Leeann may be the best person for the job and what team she watched shouldn’t come into the equation; merit must be the key factor.



    Hail Hail.

  14. Silver City 1888 on

    Semantics, I know, but the pitch may have caused the injuries to our defenders. I recently heard that Dembele’s recent drop in form was down to a fear of blowing his hamstring again. Maybe the early injuries stopped our players playing to 110% for fear of them injuring themselves.





    I’ve got ugly hands!!!



    Apart from that,you raise a good question,and I thank you for that.

  16. Zenit.





    BMCUW has thrown down the gauntlet to the Mods.



    Question is….why was he carrying a guantlet about???





    Welding ????

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I was assuming the whole Walter thing was a way of paving a path for appointing McLeish who may be seen as more palatable (not by me btw!).


    Steve Clarke is the standout candidate.

  18. Greenpinata on 5th February 2018 1:00 pm






    BMCUW has thrown down the gauntlet to the Mods.



    Question is….why was he carrying a guantlet about???







    Welding ????






    Is that why he keeps singing The Solder’s Song?










    I think it was just a bad day at the office. A bad day that’s happening too often.




    Far be it from me to say anything bad about the manager,but I really put quite a bit of our erratic form down to him.I think he tinkers too much at times.Our forwards have been suffering from this all season.Check their goals tally.I know injuries have played a part,but against Hearts,Dembele and Edourd were excellent,then get split for Killie?.Dropping the excellent Ntcham against the Huns,WTF was that about?


    I said after the game on Saturday,I dont think he should have played Charlie.He had his wee intro,he could have had a full week training with his new mates,then made his full debut in far more friendly conditions against Thistle.Mc Gregor has been through all the plastic pitch crap before,and won,why not again?.


    I love Brendan,but he does things at times,that totally baffle me.

  20. So Dempster appointing her hero as Scotland manager , is her first mission? The wee runt McCall as assistant, just bagged by Bradford.Hibs want us all to move on and forget the scandal all around us.Dempster was an Oldco ST holder for over 20 years. I think we can see where this is going…..

  21. Anyway,we now have probably the longest period since the season started where the team can get together at Lennoxtown,take it a bit easier,avoiding any more injuries,with one game in 12 days.


    Bloody luxury.





    I mentioned McCall earlier. Just too convenient.





    I’m so tone deaf that I was told to shut up when attempting to sing The Soldier’s Song in The Jungle,late 70s.



    Hell knows how they put up wi me for so long!!!



    (It’s just in the wrong key,honest)

  24. We need to have confidence in the Management team and the players. Last season was a record breaking unbeaten domestic treble and a record points total. To match that or even better it was not realistic. The Lions in 67 lost twice to Dundee United so it’s not easy.



    I also question the idea that transfers are the solution to our problems. If we buy 10 new players in a season then they need time to gel and to work out the best team.



    Brendan has also said that he prefers a small squad. so lets not put pressure on the club to buy large numbers of new players.



    Injuries do affect the team selection and I wonder if there is something behind the large number of injuries we have been experiencing. Impact injuries are down to the other team and Johnny Hayes was a good example, but, the majority of our injuries are self inflicted like Griffiths, Boyata and Ajer

  25. the long wait is over on

    Silver City 1888 on 5th February 2018 12:57 pm



    “Maybe the early injuries stopped our players playing to 110% for fear of them injuring themselves.”



    I agree 100% – maybe even 110% :-) – and said that to a few of my mates on Saturday.

  26. International management is not a full time job, it could easily be combined with someone doing a club job in my opinion , the club game is far bigger and more important or is that just me that thinks that.

  27. big packy and wee paddy happy birthday to you both significant ones too !!!!!! biggest smiley ever




    You’ve just reminded me that as a kid I once confused the Deftones with the Wolfe Tones…much to the ridicule of my peers…

  29. BMCUW



    Absolutely buddy, I am away for a few days in June but let me know what date you are thinking and I will do my best to be about




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