Central defenders must be scared to sneeze in front of the manager


Match 31 in Celtic’s domestic season: Motherwell at home, 29 wins, one draw and no defeats behind them. It all looks straightforward tomorrow. Right?

A reminder, if needed, that while Motherwell shipped seven goals during the week, St Mirren did the same to Gordon Strachan’s Celtic before knocking us out the Scottish Cup a week later.

It was also Motherwell, at Celtic Park, who ended Scottish football’s longest winning run of league games in 2004. Celtic had just beaten Barcelona but were held by Motherwell to halt the run at 26 consecutive victories.

Runs like this often end against teams with nothing in their locker but desperate defending. You’ll see that from the visitors tomorrow, whose players will surely have had a word with each other about collective responsibility.

Take nothing for granted. Celtic have worked hard to get into this situation in the league but they will have to work just as hard to maintain momentum.

How does Brendan do that? I suspect by shuffling the pack again. We have genuine competition across the team. The central defenders must be scared to sneeze in front of the manager in case he drops them and they don’t get another sight of the pitch for weeks.

Full backs feeling a little weary late in the game? Don’t show it, Emilio and Cristian are ready and waiting. James Forrest and Patrick Roberts are both delivering at the highest standard of their careers, otherwise they would not be considered.

While Leigh Griffiths is injured, Moussa Dembele will be confident he will get the opportunity to score three consecutive hat-tricks, surely an unprecedented achievement. It’s only Scott Brown and Scott Sinclair who can be confident of being included when fit.

The former, because he is captain and leader of the team, the latter because he has had the most profound impact on Scottish football this season, unequivocally Player of the Year.

You are looking forward to seeing these guys do their stuff tomorrow, I can tell.



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  1. Bada,



    I’m good ta neebs. How’s yourself?



    Who wrote the Norwich centre gag for you? Twas a belter ;-)




  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on



    VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on 17th February 2017 10:03 am




    Me going to a game V the Huns using my season ticket in no way funds them.



    If you’re going to criticise at least do it from an accurate standpoint.






    As I said. Justify it and legitimize it any way you want to make it personally morally palpable to your goodself, but if you are at a huns game you are funding huns.






    Ergo by your logic anyone who buys a season ticket for Celtic Park is funding the huns!



    Strange standpoint.





  3. Margaret McGill on

    VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on 17th February 2017 4:22 pm




    Economics 101.


    They are funding Scottish football which includes the huns.


    The PLC love it, most Celtic supporters want it. Will even pay 50 quid to see it.


    I hope the hun hubris and arrogance kill themselves off because most celtic supporters still need someone to hate and whining and moaning and complaining about the huns fits the bill.



  4. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Happy Birthday ti EDB. Hope the treatment is going well and look forward to sharing a small libation with you in the near future. Lisbon perhaps?

  5. mike in toronto on

    VFR @4:22 … Mag’s view may be unpalatable, but not so strange ….



    BR said, again, this week that he speaks and takes directions from DD directly ….



    DD has said in the past that Scottish football needs a strong Rangers ….(“They’re needed for Scottish football because of their following and the size of the club and especially their history.”)



    And there are competing business models, one of which would suggest that it is good for Celtic’s bottom line to have Sevco as a rival..another says that some other team/competition would, in time, step in to fill the void if Sevco disappear entirely. Personally, I prefer the latter. Even if there numbers dont match up (and I dont know if they would or wouldnt), I prefer the morality of it.



    Celtic/PL has said, basically, nothing about the cheating/stripping of titles/stolen revenue ….



    The Celtic Board will never come out and say they back the OF, and in some respects they probably dont …. but for me, right now, our Board (following DD, to whom PL and BR seem to report) seems to view the Sevco as a necessary part of the success of Scottish football…and so, our business model.



    So, Mags may not always put things in the most diplomatic way (no offence intended Mags), and the point can be overstated, but, while he is not 100% right, he is also not entirely wrong….

  6. “BR said, again, this week that he speaks and takes directions from DD directly ….



    DD has said in the past that Scottish football needs a strong Rangers ….”






    Brendan also said he thinks Warbs is a good manager.



    It’s called playing the game.

  7. I’ve had a SB since the North Stand was built. It’s on automatic renewal and home cup games are on direct debit. I buy all club merchandise from official Celtic shops and sometimes do a wee bit of corporate entertaining at CP.



    For years I’ve foolishly thought that this was to help the team I love be as strong as possible and overcome the odds that are stacked against us.



    Now I find that all I’ve been doing is funding the Huns!




  8. mike in toronto on




    I agree 100% … they are playing a game …. for better or for worse, Celtic are part of the game called Scottish football …



    as many have pointed out (not entirely correctly), Celtic cant do anything about the cheating, but we were just one vote amongst many ….



    but, we cant have it both ways …. either we are just part of the machinery (in which case, Celtic are part of the same team as Sevco), or we arent …



    realistically, we are … and no amount of complaining is going to change that … I accept that … its called reality …



    and, while I may disagree with DD’s conclusion, I at least respect that he had the courage to say what he felt …. at least that way, it is out in the open, and can be debated and discussed ….



    PL and the Board have taken a different approach, and not given the fans and shareholders the courtesy of keeping us informed of their views, so that their views could be debated and discussed .. and if fans dont like them, then as fans, they could stop buying tickets, or as shareholders, have a say at the AGM …. it is that to which I most object.



    I dont agree with DD, but I have more respect for him that PL, who has not had the courage or integrity to speak out, and appears to hope that, as long as we are winning, Celtic fans will all just forget about things and move along … if that is their position, then say so, but be prepared to debate and defend it.



    that’s all I’m asking.

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jude, congratulations to Josh on scoring our winner against Hibs today. Our under 20’s are through to the semi final and will play Motherwell.



    EDB, happy birthday and I hope you celebrate many more in years to come.

  10. Bada,



    Aye I’ve been a bit busy with stuff and the team has been playing so well there’s not been much need for my happy clapping. :)



    Also this place is a bit like a kids roundabout at times. Looks fun from a distance but when ye jump on, it’s not long till you begin to feel sick.



    Choking for the game tomorrow. First weekend game I’ve been at this year.




  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Whatever unthinking stupidity or mental gymnastics that help keep cognitive dissonance at bay is OK by me. It’s Ok that it’s the same stupid gymnastics that keep the Huns thinking they are supporting the same club :)

  12. Geordie



    That’s ok. At least it’s not being squandered on a manager and a team that might deliver a treble.



    Where would we be now if we’d all turn our backs on Celtic and boycotted the stadium, as many on here demanded.



    Bottom 6 of the SPFL at best.



    Play the long game Bhoys. That other mob will self destruct.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Many happy returns, all the best in your fight back to health, wee prayer said.



  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    See that stupid I was referring to, that’s your speculation that is :)

  15. Has The Great Desmondo ever witnessed an Orange Walk?



    In the flesh, not on telly.



    What age was he when he first encountered a hun?



    What does he really know about them?

  16. Canamalar 5:37



    Great post. Sums it up for me.



    Signing off now. Travelling home from Ingerland and need to change trains.




  17. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, thanks for posting that link last night but unfortunately I coudn’t get it opened.



    I really hope you can get satisfactory answers to your questions.

  18. Hoopy Birthday Eldiegobhoy, glad your having a nice day, no doubt the Ghirls are making sure your having a good day.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    An Tearmann, Maestros (or can I call it McStay’s) on Scott Street was quite a good venue as well as a dancin.



    I saw the Fire Engines in there .



    The last time I was in that building, I think it was the Cotton Club by then, was after the Partizan Belgrade game , a bit the worse for wear.



    Davie Dodds was in that night and I had to stop myself doing the song we had for him at the time.

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Saltires, did you go on Biff’s bus from Heraghty’s or fly over to Budapest?



    I was in the Horseshoe a few weeks after the Honved game and bumped into George of the Jungle. He told me Budapest was a great place and apart from the game, it was a great trip.

  21. BFJD confirms Chris Sutton’ s assertion that fatty is just a Sevco mouthpiece by “confirming” that the 3 amigos definitely resigned – through their agent. Apparently you can do this “Only In Scotland”



    No corroborating evidence necessary. Dave King announced it so it must be correct.




  22. I’d like to see Brendam offering the Stupid 3 roles running our 2007’s while all this commotion is ongoing. :@-)))



    Reading BFDJFOFDOB is talking through tangerines on Radio Stupid.



    He does make one larf. Will someone please check with BFDJOODOBF if the agent acting on behalf of the Stupid 3 also signed their original contracts for them.




  23. ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH FEBRUARY 2017 5:58 PM


    Has The Great Desmondo ever witnessed an Orange Walk?




    In the flesh, not on telly.




    What age was he when he first encountered a hun?




    What does he really know about them?



    There is a school of thought that DD , never my favourite person, got a whiff of what the OO and its supporters are all about at the end of last season’s Scottish Cup Final.


    It so impressed him that he called time on Ronny and sanctioned the spending required to get someone like Brendan on board.

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Many Happy returns El Diego Bhoy



    Jude delighted for you and the family and young Josh hope he scores the winner in the final :-)

  25. mild mannered Pedro delgado on




    I work for a co. That think it’s really difficult to get rid of undesirable employees



    I don’t think they,re aware of employment lawyer bfdj . Who says all you need to do


    Is get yourself and a couple of compliant witnesses to witness that the employee had resigned






    No that easy



    God bless Andrew from Wigan by the way

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