Central-mid quandary for Celtic


We know what to expect from Aberdeen tonight.  They will flood (pardon the pun) central midfield, defend deeply and, let’s be clear, they will score any time we allow them the kind of space they exploited at Celtic Park this month.

Question is, what will Celtic do about it?  If Stefan Johansen’s ankle knock keeps him out the central-mid triangle of Johansen, Brown and Biton will be disrupted, and surely Neil Lennon will not revert to a central two after the Scottish Cup lesson.  The picture is further complicated by the injury to Emilio Izaguirre, which forced Charlie Mulgrew back at the weekend.  Mulgrew would be a suitable direct replacement for Johansen.

In 10 years doing this stuff I’ve probably used no more than a few dozen words to praise emerging young talent; it’s been a rough decade in that respect.  Without wanting to go overboard in any way, Darnell Fisher has looked more than comfortable at right back in the absence of Mikael Lustig and Adam Matthews.  Darnell’s problem going forward will be that he has two excellent international players ahead of him in the pecking order, but for tonight, I would be tempted to bring Matthews to left back (if he can do it against Barcelona….) and restore Fisher to the right back slot.  This would allow Charlie to sit alongside Scott Brown and Nir Biton in central-mid.

Well done to Frank McAvennie, who is jumping out of an aeroplane 15,000 feet in the air.  You can play your part in this exercise by supporting the Quarriers run, Chavey Down residential home, in Newton Mearns, which helps young people up to the age of 16.

The need is for sensory equipment, toys and wheelchair-appropriate play areas.  To contribute, go to Frank’s JustGiving page, or text FMSD 89 followed by £1, 2, 3, 5, 10 to 70070.

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  1. Doctor Whatfor –



    Hard day at work and didn’t look out the window once so I’ll have to take your word for that!



    Tomorrow’s report scheduled for about 5.30am as I have a wee trip to Washington.

  2. jobo



    I can confidently state at I will not be on parade for that one tomorrow but I will catch it later.


    Give my regards to Mr Obama. ;-)

  3. On way to Clonakilty via Cork from Edinburgh. Hate to be in air when Bhoys are playing. The “don’t know score” kills me

  4. BRTH



    If you had ‘stuck in’ you could have been a QC by now!



    I rest my case m’lud!




  5. Up over Goal



    Ma Opinion.. is Ma Opinion.



    N.. Ah opine that .. Lee is the Very Man tae Fulfill oor Dreams of Hivin an


    Effective.. Wan Man up Front n Center.



    This Is whit we hiv bin needin fur a Long,Long While.



    But.. So far. we hiv no bin able tae Fulfill this Joab.. well… Effectively.



    Sammi, wiz a Dud.. n Stokesy,is Even.. Dudder..wan of them.



    Like baith you n Ah hiv said..



    Amido.. Wull be a Very guid Candidate fur that Joab..



    At a LATAH TIME..though..



    Right Noo..



    Ah say that Lee ,wid be able tae fulfill that Joab..



    Lee,is whit Ah call.. a wee Nippy Player..



    n.. A wee Nippy Player.. is a Completely Different Proposition fae..



    Jist a WEE PLAYER.. which Ah must Admit. Lee, definitely ..IS.. well.. WEE.






    There is a Mountain Of Difference between a Player being.. well.. Only…Wee..



    Than a Player who is.. well






    Nippy, is as Nippy Diz…



    Think aboot it..



    Wee Jimmy Johnstone.. wiz ALSO.. a NIPPY wee Man..



    n.. He sure could be a Handful.. even Agin…



    Tall. Muscular.. Guys..



    Wee Jimmy, could Handle ’em wi ease..




    Yep.. Ah believe.. Strongly… that Lee…is Similar..in ATTITUDE.. tae Wee Jimmy…



    although, No in Talent,of course..






    ‘As Ah keep oan Tellin Everybuddy oan here..







    That is a Very Important Feature in Any Fitba Player’s. Tool Kit..




    N.. Lee has It.. in Abondanza!



    Nice Chattin





    Still ,Laughin

  6. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    Lawyers, is it.



    Shortly before writing him a cheque for £16,000 for doing precisely nothing other than being a lawyer, my lawyer said to me: “Your trouble is that you confuse two concepts – one is justice; the other is the law. They are different things”.



    An hour previously he had won for me the worst divorce deal in English legal history. He then added: “So you now have to sell your house. I’ll take it off your hands for *derisory sum*.”



    It was cathartic, in a strange way, to find somebody whose profession I could loathe as worse than mine, having been a journalist for 20 years.



    (No offence meant to you, BRTH. I just wish a Punk revolution would sweep away the wigs, the pink ribbons, the £30-a-pop pointless letters and the self-serving horsesh*t.)



    Anyway, a strong midfield tonight and I hope Griffiths is fit enough to play. We owe the Sheep a proper caning, and he is the very Bhoy to administer it, so long as we boss the middy.



    Make it so, the Mighty Celtic, make it so!

  7. Kojo



    Naw don’t know him mate, I did know a Peter Donnelly when I lived I Canada , he was a jock, avid golfer and a good one too, he passed away couple of years ago, doubt if was the same guy mate sorry.

  8. Wee Chic says its bad that all the panelists on Radio Shorty are discussing if Aberdeen can score tonight. Bad for our game that Celtic are so far in front.



    Bad for him more likes.


    Pitiful wee hurting currant bun!

  9. Chick Hun turns FF record into a “why no competitive league ?” Bollix ……love how badly they are hurting

  10. ASonOfDan



    Cheers! :-(



    Have the 5th leg of a 7 timer riding on his decisions………………………..



    and the cash-out in-play is going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow!

  11. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on





    18:28 on 25 February, 2014




    Gollum having a shocker as usual in Europe.


    That was as sure as the Sun rising in the east tomorrow:)))

  12. All this talk of Lord Tyre has reminded me……….



    Lord Tyre and me have previous. When I lived in Washington I kept up to speed with events back home through Twitter. I came across the judge on there when he would post photos of his famous ‘mullet’ haircut. He thought it was the greatest haircut in the world, a very vein man is Lord Tyre. Anyway he assumed himself to be the King of the Mullets. So I would taunt him mercilessly about it on Twitter till he blocked me…………



    Oh Mullet King Tyre, I miss trolling him from D.C.

  13. Kojo



    Brilliant story re Peter Donnelly, told in your own inimitable style.



    Agree also about Leigh Griffiths or Lee Griffiths as you prefer to call him.


    Think that bhoy has the lot and will prove to be prolific for us , even more than Hoops.



    Liam Henderson. I know the bhoy, from a lovely Celtic family.


    He will boss our midfield for years.


    Would love him to get the nod tonight.



    Abdn 0 Celtic 3

  14. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Hope there’ll be none o’ that Gaelic swearing from the GB and the sheepies. It might cause Alba to delay the transmission even longer to cut out the Baa+*+* etc.

  15. That Lewandowski’s no a bad player.



    Could do us a turn if he wisnae goin’ to Bayern in the summer.



    Loan deal?




  16. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Till later all


    Meeting time.


    Just been sent a wee text


    “Enjoy the little things,for one day you may look back and realise they were big things”


    Robert Brault.


    makes sense to me :))

  17. Tallybhoy



    Your comment re the Italian legal system is remarkably kind to the Italian legal system !



    Memories of a big cheese Sicilian lawyer phoning ( I had never and have never met the man ) me and asking ( on the grounds that I was ” Inglesi “) what Attendance Allowance was . I told him . I later discovered that his Inglesi client had paid 750 euros for ” expert advice ” !

  18. Obviously, I hope you’re right regarding Leigh being good enough to play LS.



    We won’t need to play that way until June, so there’s plenty of time for Lenny and the coaching staff to make a judgement.



    The problem with playing lone strikers is that Celtic do it so rarely (only in European games) that it’s a difficult system for the whole team to adjust to.



    I’ve always liked the diamond midfield Lenny plays – no doubt there are very good reasons he abandons it for European games, but would it hurt to try it just once? After all, we played an unfamiliar 4-4-1-1 v Barca and got slaughtered, so what the hey?

  19. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 21s



    Celtic team to play Aberdeen: Forster; Matthews, van Dijk, Ambrose Izaguirre; Brown, Biton, Mulgrew, Commons; Griffiths, Stokes (MH)

  20. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Celtic Football Club ‏@celticfc 46s



    Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, Boerrigter, Balde, Pukki, Fisher, Forrest (MH)

  21. Tony donelly,while I understand your skepticism about the demise of rangers,you seem so certain that they will not be allowed to do it again,let me ask you this,would you have believed,ten years ago,that they would ever see them go into admin or liquidation?,yet,they did,and, having seen it once,I see no reason to be so sure it wont happen again,to quote the great man,”the times they are a changing”.

  22. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley


    18:25 on


    25 February, 2014



    My Dear Boy.



    No offence taken whatsoever.



    However, can i suggest that you consider the following…… at least for a little light relief given the circumstances you describe.



    Worth watching to the end.




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