Champions comparable only to team of 2004, bury bad news


History will record that season 2012-13 was more successful for Celtic than season 2013-14 but the champions’ league performances this season have been comparable only to those of season 2003-04, when the club completed a 25 game winning streak.

With seven games to go we have already collected five points more than the team which reached the knock out stages of the Champions League last season, and this season we have had a worthy competitor for second place, who are favourites to complete the domestic treble of League Cup, Scottish Cup and Best of the Rest titles.

Kris Commons, Virgil van Dijk and Fraser Forster have correctly gained enormous plaudits throughout the season but the story of Celtic’s success is more nuanced.  We don’t just have a great keeper and a great central defender, we have a central defensive partnership which is better than either of the two partnerships I watched in the Manchester derby on Tuesday night.

In other times the story of our season would be the injuries at right back, but the standard of cover there, with Lustig, Matthews and Fisher, is such that no one really noticed.

The strikers didn’t really get going until Leigh Griffiths arrived in January, and much of our player investment over the summer missed the target.  This had consequences on the autumn, when we came up short of last season’s (over) achievements in the Champions League, but we have a plentiful squad of players, including Forster, Lustig, Matthews, Izaguirre, Ambrose, van Dijk, Brown, Johansen and Commons who are more than capable at Champions League level, with others knocking at the door.

Congratulations to Neil, his technical team, the many who work to keep the ship pointing in the right direction, some behind the scenes and some front of house, and to each of the players who left their mark in the history books.

On the equivalent day six years ago, we recorded that Gordon Strachan had joined Willie Maley and Jock Stein as the only Celtic managers to have won three consecutive titles.  Neil Lennon’s name is now added to that list.

With all this championship coverage, did the phrase ‘Good day to bury bad news’ slip into anyone’s mind?  “There is a reasonable expectation that the Company has adequate resources to continue in operational existence”.

You know when your chairman tells you he has a reasonable expectation the company will continue in existence that there’s nothing to worry about.  All the doubters have been put in their place.

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  1. CorkCelt



    Hiya,Pally.. Pleased tae greet ye..




    Ah am gled that Ye Brought this Up…



    Yes.. McGregor, is an Added.. Spice.. tae the Puddin’..



    He may turn oot tae be anither… Boabby Lennox..then agin. He may No..



    But.. the thought is Intriguin’…Int it???



    Ah saw him few times,when he played fur the Yoofs.. an Ah kin honestly say..



    He didnae Impress Me…



    But that is nae Criterion..fur Didnae Ah Say ,after Ah saw Henryk in that First game.. of his.. that …. A didnae think Much of oor Noo Swede?



    You probably didnae Hear me say that. .



    But, Ah did.



    Owen O’Connell.. Ah Tell ye,pal..



    wull Step intae oor C.B. position.. When Virgil Leaves..



    The Kid is THAT good..



    Ah think that He is a Brammer.



    n.. He is an Irishman.. n.. Ah like Irishmen..n.. of Course .. Irishwummen.. even.. A Loat Bettah!



    Did Ah evah tell ye.. that Ah once met..


    Maureen O’ Hara..?







    Nice chattin,pal






  2. tomtheleedstim on

    The Grauniad Fiver;



    The Fiver invariably gets grief when it pokes fun at Scottish fitba, particularly if we dare to suggest that a league won in March by a team 26 points clear of their nearest rivals is in any way uncompetitive. And you know what? The criticism’s probably fair. After all, in our craven attempts to appear hip, you don’t see us poking fun at the German league, which finished a day earlier and was also won by a team with a lead of over 20 points. And that’s not where the similarities between Queen’s Celtic and Bayern Munich end … oh nae (nein). Both clubs are champions of countries with an intriguing line in national dress. Both clubs look likely to retain their titles every season for the next 100 seasons. And both clubs are managed by chippy former 42-year-old club stalwarts from Norn Iron … apart from Bayern, who are managed by a suave Catalan with no former affiliation to the club. And who is 43.


    “Now we are really stamping our authority on the game in Scotland and want to take it further; we want to take it into Europe,” said Queen’s Celtic manager Neil Lennon after last night’s 5-1 title clincher against Partick Thistle, where plans for a lap of honour were shelved because of a pitch invasion and possibly because of the fact that it might resemble a grave-robber doing laps of a coffin after successfully stealing the pennies from a dead man’s eyes.


    Elsewhere in Glasgow, the warm, neighbourly glow felt by Pope’s Newc O’Rangers fans at seeing their green-and-white hooped friends wrap up their third consecutive championship will have been slightly tempered by news that Gers chairman David Somers has admitted that “material uncertainty” over season-ticket income at Ibrox has cast doubt over the club’s ability to continue as a going concern. Translation for simple folk like the Fiver: we have no money. “Nevertheless, after making the appropriate enquiries and considering the uncertainties referred to above, the directors have concluded that there is a reasonable expectation that the company has adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future,” wrote Somers in the Scottish League One champions’ interim report, which sounds like a real page-turner.


    But the good news for O’Rangers fans (or bad news – quite frankly, the Fiver no longer has a clue which clowns are welcome or unwelcome at that particular circus) is that their former director Dave King has promised to invest £50m in the stricken club, despite having previously lost £20m when everything went belly up for them. It’s even more than the the £43.7m settlement the Scots-born businessman agreed to pay South African authorities last summer, after they agreed to drop lots of charges of money laundering and tax evasion against him. Given his history of tax avoidance and O’Rangers’ history of tax avoidance, it sounds like a match made in heaven. What can possibly go wrong?

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:54 on 27 March, 2014



    It’s coming close to the time now, though, where we need to start ‘hitting back’……. Hard…..

  4. Anybody see the partick thistle statement about last nights game ? Haha mugs need to have a word with there own ‘support’ first HH

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Roll me over and turn me around


    Let me keep spinning till I hit the ground


    Roll me over and let me go


    Riding in the rodeo


    Roll me over and set me free


    The cowboy’s life … is the life for me

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    steinreignedsupreme 15:54



    I’m almost looking forward to Sevco in the Premiership. Just to find out what the MSM say when we are still winning the league by 20 points. And they’re probably struggling to make the top three or four……

  7. O/a The Bobby Russell discussion. I am a member of a golfing club (no actual club!) that travels abroad of which BR the ex Rangers player is also a member. There are a mixture of supporters in the Club but I have to say of them all BR is the easiest to get on with. He is an absolute gentleman and a fair old golfer. Provides a few anecdotes but is always open, honest and fair. I am sure that there are many on here that will have recollections to the contrary but I treat people as I see them. Anyway I am sure that our own CQN BR is also a fine man.

  8. hail to the champions,well done to our bhoys over the course of the season and what a wonderful way to take the championship.I was particularly pleased for Liam Henderson and his joyous celebration on scoring his 1st big team goal.I am not quite sure if he was giving it Henrik or Altobelli,either way I look forward to many years of Liam playing in our midfield.I hope Neil uses the remaining games to introduce more of our youngsters in the remaining games.


    Thanks Neil to you and all the background team at Parkhead for making this year well worth it and as you say learning and improving all the time



    SFTB hope yir ma is gettin better



    Roy Croppie 45-0 like that :-))



    On a lighter side,ignore the Daktari duality I find a smile causes their eye to jitter in


    anger :-))



    hail hail champions

  9. Kojo, You are a gas man, quite what Maureen O’Hara has got to do with things I’m not sure. Anyhow I must say my initial annoyance at some of your posts has long since passed and I now find your posts both amusing and entertaining and in fairness you do talk sense about football amongst the general nonsense that you also go on with. I hope that makes sense to you.

  10. What is the Stars on



    We don’t just have a great keeper and a great central defender, we have a central defensive partnership which is better than either of the two partnerships I watched in the Manchester derby on Tuesday night.



    You cant be serious



    I don’t want to rain on anyones parade,great to win the league,but really a bit of perspective

  11. Here’s my bold prediction for 5 years or so from now, when it becomes totally clear that The Rangers will never compete with us consistently again – it will be decided for ‘the good of Scottish football’ that all club should be subjected to a salary cap, or worse we’ll move to a MLS pool payment system.

  12. Kojo



    Howzitgaun Pasquale?



    Maureen O’Hara eh?



    Née Maureen FitzSimons – born in Dublin. Redhead, and beauty, extrordinaire.



    Still with us aged 93!




  13. Statement from Celtic Football Club:


    Issued 27 March 2014 at 3.50pm.


    It is with great regret that Celtic Football Club announces the suspension, pending further investigation, of Liam Henderson. Having scored his first goal for the Club during the 1-5 league winning victory against Partick Thistle at Firhill on 26th March 2014, Celtic has received reports from Partick Thistle Football Club and Police Scotland that Henderson was seen to celebrate his goal by clearly sticking out his tongue.


    Whilst not prejudging the outcome of our investigations into this alleged incident Celtic Football Club offers an unreserved apology to any Partick Thistle supporters who were offended, particularly those who were only there for ‘the banter’.


    Celtic is a Club for all people, regardless of gender, age, religion, race or acting ability.


    Statement ends.

  14. What is the Stars



    Man Utd’s central defence is terrible, Van Dijk would stroll into that back four.



    Man City have one good centre half in Vincent Company, ergo I agree that if you add in Forster to the mix we have a better spine than those two clubs.

  15. thebhoyfromoz on

    Have to laugh at Partick Thisle Staement about celtic fans obtaining tickets for areas designated for the home support.


    They must be thick at the ticket office if they n’t think that the sudden upsurge in people registring as Thislte fans on their website after 9:30pm on Tueday evening were Celtic fans.


    In my case my Irish sounding surname and password, Glasgowceltic88, may have been a clue to where my alligiances lay.


    In truth they knew who they were selling tickets to and they were happy to take money.


    I obtained tickets for what turned out to be an area of the main stand inhabited by the young thistle casuals and dare I say it hooligans.


    Their songbook was vile and far from being intimiated by the presence of Tims amoung them, they were threaening and aggressive towards a small group of Celtic fans nearby.


    I had spit and insults thrown at me by the poor wee didums.


    Luckily the the ever helpful Plice were filming it all.


    I am happy to accept responsibilty for choosing to buy a ticket in the Thistle area but for their management claiming that they were blamesless is frankly excrement .

  16. quonno



    I believe that there was a bus parade, of the non-open top variety, on the way to CP in order to transfer to the coal lorry. I managed to miss it but the streets were lined to greet the team bus. It was not just a park only event. That bus was not stoned by rabid Rangers fans; it could be done.

  17. Speakin’ o’ Coal Lorriies..



    Reminds me.. of the time. when .. A wiz In Glesca..



    Thur Wurnae Any.. well… Coal Lorries.. at least Ah nevah evah say.. Wan.



    In those Days.. Household Coal Deliveries… wur Hauled by a Horse n a Cart.



    Ah hid a Pal.. a Young fellah.. Who Used tae Help Deliver The Coal…


    fur a Guy.. called.. Eddie..



    This Guy, Eddie, was the Driver…but ,only… Technically…







    ..Ma Pal told me…that,although Eddie ,.. held the Reins… it wiz the Horse ,


    who.. Made awe the Decisions. as tae Whit Close tae Stoap at..


    n ..wance ma Pal..hid finished the Coal Deliveries tae that Close..



    It wiz the Horse.. who Then Made the Decision.. tae tak aff.. fur the Next Stoap..



    N ..this Same procedure went oan.. until , Awe the Coal wiz Delivered.



    So Ma Pal. then Went Hame.. without Sayin a word tae the Driver..


    Who wiz still , Paralytic, n still… Grimly, Haudin oan tae the reins..



    Fast Asleep!



    n.. the Horse. Continued oan tae the Stable..





    N..the reason fur this , wiz because.. the Driver.. wiz..



    Always.. Drunk.. as a Lord.. an usually .. wiz Fast asleep…intae the Bargain!



    Yes, that Horse . ran the Show..



    Sure, Ma Pal. wiz exaggerating , a wee bit..






    but.. Mebbe ,He wiznae..?







    Still ,Laughin’

  18. Craig Gordon not for me, im sure he was keeping his fitness up , at Murray Park, so that itself says not for the hoops.

  19. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    That 14 year auld we signed no ready yet???




  20. Anybody hear tinfoilheid on Shortbread at lunchtime?



    Despite the clear statement in the Sevco interims, he is still pursuing this nonsense about trust funds for SB money with the club handing over security to them.


    Oh, and Dave King is the only hope, there is no plan B.



    What planet is he on?

  21. antipodean red on




    I went to a game at Firhill about 20 years ago, bought four tickets for the Jackie Husband stand, myself, Dad and two brothers. Celtic took the lead early on and we were subjected to similar abuse and threats from many around us. I ended up going out to speak to a steward and we got moved to an area with more Celtic fans in it. I was more worried about my Dad than anything but it goes to show that things have not changed too much in Maryhill in the past 25 years or so.




  22. Dearie me,


    The thistle statement is one of the most bitter and twisted I’ve read for some time.


    They should have just said thanks for the dosh and we hate seeing you b’s win anything.



    A disgraceful effort and one which almost puts them in the other half of same erse as that other glesga mob from Govan.



    Would now love to see thistle drop into the relegation zone. They may then have a Glasgow derby closer to their hearts next season – assuming the other ones survive.

  23. What is the stars


    It may well be yourself who needs to alter your perspective. Just because they play in the EPL does NOT mean they are as good as the media would have us believe.


    Forster,Ambrose and van Djik make a very, very sound unit. IF any EPL outfit has a better unit, it will only be marginally so. I suggest Paul67`s perspective is in fine order.




  24. What is The Stars



    It seems we picked the wrong day to try to bring a touch of realism to the table.



    Ambrose and Van Dijk played in our defeat by Morton just 6 months ago. Now they are better than the mega bucks crew have available.



    The truth, as usual, lies somewhere between two extremes.



    We are not close to being a CL winning team.



    We are not close to recreating the Lions era teams.



    But, we are doing pretty well within our restrictions.



    I am happy with that.

  25. …somebody posted a wee while back about Brora Rangers being turfed out of the Highland League Cup for fielding am ineligible player. Well that’s all resolved now…..






    Meanwhile, Brora stole a 1-0 win away at Wick last night with a VERY soft penalty. Police being required to step in to sort out the fighting in the stands (yes there are more than one) as a consquence of the contentious award.



    Brora now needing 8 points to secure their first every HFL title.




  26. setting free the bears supports res. 12 & oscar knox



    16:33 on 27 March, 2014




    “…….That bus was not stoned by rabid Rangers fans”



    That’s because they were still under their beds. They didn’t emerge again until the 31st May, and when Bayern hammered them 1-0 they went back into hibernation.

  27. squire danaher on

    There was a bus parade of sorts when the Bhoys brought home the Big Cup



    I was placed on top of the powerbox outside Terry Tattoo (Gallowgate/millerston St) for a better view as the bus made its way along Gallowgate



    As i have seen photos of the bus stoping outside the front door of CP, I presume the bus made its way to Parkhead X then down Springfield Rd and right into London Rd

  28. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    CelticFC SLO‏@CelticFCSLO·8 mins


    No trophy this Saturday but players will be doing podium celebration and lap of honour after the match to celebrate 3 in a Row!!

  29. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    You obviously don’t know anything about the Licensing Laws in Scotland. Bhoys at seventeen can legally drink alcohol in the company of adults, as can 14 year olds.

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