Champions, Euro qualifiers and relegation must be decided


What happens in football over the next few months is shrouded in uncertainty, but we know enough to be able to narrow the field of possibilities down.  Uefa meet on Tuesday to discuss the crisis when they will almost certainly cancel the Euros, ending all online betting on Euro 2020, and confirm that no Champions League or Europa League games will take place between now and the summer.

Sorry to mention the dirty little subject, but the worldwide game is facing financial turmoil like never before (more on this later), having lost club and national Uefa games between now and the summer, all parties need to ensure that income-generating European competitions take place next season.  A new timetable will emerge, but basic necessity requires Uefa to come out of Tuesday’s meeting with a plan for next season’s Champions League and Europa League, at the very least.

In order to hold these competitions next season, individual countries need champions and qualifiers from other positions.  Whatever else remains unknown, we can be sure that next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues will be scheduled; champions will be determined by June or July at the latest.

Another fact we can be very sure of, it that epidemiology projections indicate no football will take place until July at the earliest.  This temporary postponement will become permanent before it expires.  National leagues are finished across Europe.

In Scotland and England, clear champions are in place.  If you are a Lazio fan, this looked like being your season, but the league is finished, Juventus’ tiny advantage will make them champions.

Hearts have blown their season but I do not think there is a single Hearts fan who would honestly object to relegation at this point.  When you set aside all the transient bluster, football fans know they need to take their medicine when they are not good enough.  We saw the same attitude in many Rangers fans eight years ago, who wanted Newco to start at the bottom of the pile, despite the financial advantages of getting a hand up.

Dundee United will be promoted.  A play-off between Hamilton Accies, Inverness, Dundee and Ayr United can be held immediately prior to the new season, to determine who plays in the top flight.  The Scottish Cup has three games left, this too can take place prior to kick-off next season.

Less than a week ago, I advocated playing the remainder of the season behind closed doors, but the health tsunami facing society makes that impossible.  Football will need all of the income it can get when normality resumes.  The critical path from that financial necessity determines that all countries need to know their champions and qualifiers for European competitions – and that means we have no choice but to draw the line now.

For years I have played over celebrating nine-in-a-row.  There will be no celebrations this year, in this respect, we have been robbed, but we all have far more important concerns right now.

We will cover the hugely significant financial implications of the crisis in the coming days.

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  1. I pulled up Aidan about taking the piss when breaking the Balls with 1 hand, he was well ahead at the Time.



    I apologised later, about 1 minute.



    Why so serious.



    We need the humour of philvisrereturns to take the stress away.



    Stress is a killer, particularly with this Virus.




  2. I have nae idea – it must have been the wee man getting some channeling frae the VP.



    Uniqueness is the Key.



    He done a good break. Respect.

  3. Truly Magical.



    The pews are empty.



    The Almighty can get attention in an instant.



    His Word is, his Word.



    Old and New Testament.



    Believe for petes sake.

  4. Good morning CQN from a blustery, cold but dry at the moment Garngad



    Thanks for replying last night guys to my question as to why ayers are allowed time off their work and ordinary workers are not.



    Spidey101 – I get what you mean but that is exactly what is wrong with society, in other words their life’s are worth more than ordinary folk.






    D. :)

  5. D66…you were just looking for an excuse to spend more time with yer better half…decorating…admit it lol







  6. TLT – thank goodness we done the “Hoose up before Christmas”



    If we get a break in the weather this year I am going to concentrate on my gardens, front, back and sides it was great when the kids were small but now they are up and I am not getting any younger I feckin hate the site of grass.😂😂😂 that said I keep it good for the grandkids but I need to constantly feed and weed this year as the weeds are strangling the grass.


    Boring as feck i know, but hey ho.



    Regarding COVID -19, so the fittest and richest survive. Might even get my 118 outfit out the cupboard and start getting fit.



    D. :)

  7. By good I mean keep the weed/grass short for a game of footy and all the grandkids toys.



    D. :)

  8. philvisreturns – get Back here if you can.



    Stress is a bad thing.



    We need some Mega Humour over the coming months.



    GOD BLESS every CQNer.

  9. Hopefully the Level of financial disruption will also have a collateral impact on the sleekits who peddle so much guff.



    A reckoning? I hope so……….


    ……for the ( genuine) good of Scottish football.




  10. pineapples and mushrooms.



    Normal everyday food that is good.



    We owe so much to China, Their expertise in containing it.



    Why we Not locking it all down?



    Boris is saying so many are gonnae lose their Loved Ones.



    Every bit of info is mega.



    Just sipping water regularly… Advice.


    Hot Drinks… Advice.


    Checking Breathing 10secs…. Advice



    Praise the Almighty for the ability to converse.

  11. Petec – I got a what’s app message yesterday from a mate saying that some expert in China said to drink hot drinks as hot as you can handle as it will not allow the virus to settle in the throat and wash into the gut where acids will kill it also to keep the throat moist with sips of cold water every 15-20 mins.



    I do not know if it’s true or not.



    For the records I have about 6-7 cups of black coffee a day before 3pm and at least 2 litres of water a day. 😂



    As I say I don’t know if there is any truth in it



    D. :)

  12. The Holy Father has said there will be no public celebration in St Peter’s Square during Holy Week. He obviously doesn’t believe in herd immunity.


    My son and his girlfriend were supposed to be visiting from Cluj at Easter but that will not be happening now as Romania has gone into lockdown and declared a state of emergency with only hospitals, chemists and supermarkets to remain open.

  13. Fairhill bhoy



    Best wishes to your Dad on his 80th


    That’s some gaun





  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on



    Who would win an I.Q. test between Kris Boyd and Alex Rae?





    That’s an easy one Glen.



    The answer is no one.



    It would be a 0-0 draw.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  15. Good morning from a cloudy North Staffordshire.


    Off to Mass – wonder if it’ll be the last time for a while.




    Belated birthday wishes to your Dad!



    Good to see you posting!

  17. `Check back . I didn`t initiate the cheap shots .`



    Not your finest moment, Macjay !


    Like Corkcelt, I feel you simply expressed yourself rather clumsily and, perhaps, some who responded let emotion override tolerance.Not CQN`s finest moment but this unique time can affect people in ways other than physical.



    Right, time for a bit of Picnic Buying at Morrisons.


    PS Congrats to whoever it was who used that expresson last night ( Gene?).

  18. ” PHILBHOY on 15TH MARCH 2020 8:37 AM





    Belated birthday wishes to your Dad! ”



    Good to see you posting!





    ….and a belated birthday to Corkcelt as well !!

  19. There are more appropriate outlets for the Angrier narcissists.



    The smaller WhatsApp types will attract their own fractious element.



    You can only fake it for so long.


    The shutdown will probably call “Time” on some.



    We’ll also see some “characters” take the opportunity to pop-up and re-invent themsels with fascinating stories much beluv’d of the internet-prone.




  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Ibrox Noise suggests the top four in the league, since all are mathematically possible champions, play a semi-finals and final at Hampden. It’s only fair they say😵😱😵



    Who would win an I.Q. test between Kris Boyd and Alex Rae?




    Thur pet ant ;-))



    D66…bit of a fixation on the grass there lol ;-))



    Happy Birthday to CQN’s sanest ;-))







  22. They say it is like a cold or flu in most .


    As someone who gets colds regularly and more flu than most there is another player in this.




    When i normally feel unwell i kind of recognise the symptums and get on with it .


    To bed,to sleep if possible and let it play out.


    However yesterday i got one of my usual bouts only everything in my body was screaming covid19 alert.


    parked up the taxi and went to bed at midday.


    Had the most uncomfortable day in bed with the back of my mind screaming covid19.


    However i recovered by 8pm and was feeling alright and well enough to pick up my children last night.


    [have 50/50 parenting]


    My point is folks that even when you get your normal illnesses it is almost impossible to exclude horrible thoughts of the virus.


    On the verge of completely parking up the taxi now [its quiet anyway] and somehow trying to get thru these next few months with zero income.


    For a start NO bills will be getting paid apart from phone/internet.


    Desperate times for desperate measures.


    Our goverment have let us down very badly.


    With their blind ignorance of the coming threat AND their pathetic outlying response so far.

  23. Morning Bhoys any other CQN’rs on holiday in the Canary Islands ? My wife and I are in Lanzarote , Del Carmen, all bars and restaurants to be closed after midnight tonight for 2 weeks , only supermarkets and pharmacy’s to remain open. We’re due back on 24th with Ryanair but might be back before or after that date , who knows !

  24. PARK ROAD 67 on 15TH MARCH 2020 9:35 AM



    Try getting an earlier flight..im told that operators ARE helping each other out to get peeps home .


    Stay safe mate

  25. Park Road 67


    You have my sympathy.Nine days of holiday with bars and restuarants closed. I hope you like walking !!



    Lazy D


    Although I am not sure if a fear of Covid 19 is irrational, your point re paranoia is relevant in terms of the more than physical aspects of this virus.



    I have just been to Lidl to buy a tub of butter. Nothing else. The woman in front of me had an eighty pounds shopping load.When my butter reached the till, the Massive Shop woman said the butter was hers as well ! I said if that were so, I had just bought nothing and queued to pay for it !!

  26. So many toilet rolls being purchased, there soon won`t be a tree to go behind to use said rolls.


    Cheerio for now.





    We got an e-mail from Ryanair saying they will keep us posted about circumstances so fingers crossed , as I say we could be home earlier who knows ! Fridge is stocked and more importantly we brought enough meds with us !

  28. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Four lads had a dream’ and now it’s a nightmare!!!


    Any normal outfit’s response” Give it to the team who deserve it most,yeah the team that are heading towards 9 in a row,and within grasp of another clean up.Village looking for idiots,would be inundated with applicants…..but


    then we have two beauts in Boyd and Rae,tailor made for the post.

  29. GENE on 14TH MARCH 2020 6:14 PM



    Trump being tested for the virus – perhaps they’ll check for a brain while they’re at it.



    Lol nope.nane there!matched only by the Eton dolt and his cull Nazism coated ideology.




  30. There’s nothing like a quarantine to get people outa their isolation ;-)) Great to see so many auld monicas contributing.



    I share the general concern but not the hysteria…so no bulk buying from me…but I am torn between going to see my folks (who are in the vulnerable demographic) and just phoning….what to do?